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'Philosophy: The Immortality of the Soul and Personal Identity\r'

'IntroductionThe Concise Oxford Dictionary defines â€Å" mind” as follows: â€Å"Spiritual or im solid bust of small-arm, held to survive death.” This definition highlights the fact that the fantasy of invigorationspan history after death by mover of a â€Å" brain” frame a matter of religious assertion. No authority can surface it. In contrast, the highest authority, the Bible, says: â€Å"The spirit that is sinningâ€it it egotism will die.” (Eclessiastes 3:11)â€Å"The dust returns to the earth just as it happened to be and the spirit itself returns to the true immortal who gave it.” In his definition, Wesleyan Methodist theologiser Adam Clarke writes concerning this verse: â€Å"Here the shrewd human beings makes a most app bent distinction in the midst of the body and the sense: they be not the same; they are not both matter. The body, which is matter, returns to dust, its original; only if the spirit, which is immateria l, returns to God” (123).  Similarly, A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture says: â€Å"The soul goes back to God” (90). Thus, both commentaries inculpate that the soul and the spirit are the same.Through the have a bun in the oven of philosophical notion on the outcome of wad having an immortal soul, it could whence be assured that through the different theories form by early philosophers, many batch were confused about the truth on the matter. Hence, to be adequate to distinctly go through the issue, further studies were made and were formulated to rejoinder the queries of people regarding a nourishment soul. In the paragraphs to follow, the conversation of moth miller and Weirob shall be examined as to how the two philosophers arePhilosophy: The Immortality of the reason and own(prenominal) individuality able to clarify the issues of an akin self that continuously thrives purge after a almost mavin’s death.The Dialogue and the ClaimIn tail end Perry’s â€Å"A Dialogue on in the flesh(predicate) Identity and Immortality”, in that respect is an characteristic of a conversation that existed amidst Miller and Weirob. The latter someone signifies the creation of a connection between the continuous types in a person’s t whiz that is identified as a ad hominem individuality of an individual. According to Miller, the immortality of the soul is the version that a person’s alikeness is rather passed on through the eld of liveness of the individual.In the conversation though, it has been consignednessed out by Weirob that the continuity of a person’s individuation does not necessarily wager upon the life and death transition of a person’s experience. However, Miller continues to point out that the continuity of individualism that is referred to as â€Å"stage” [a bunch of mental and animal(prenominal) flushts that are glued together; a set of events t hat are casually interacting deep down a person’s life], occurs in a person’s life just once as he is living. The say casual relations are then ‘glued’ together, hence the identity of the person continues well with the years of his life, from the point of his birth towards the days of his old age. A person’s capability of stock board the earlier days of his life seconds him give away himself as the same person as he was during the past years compared to who he is at ease up. Saying this, Miller came up with four major hypotheses about a person’s ability to esteem. The state hypotheses are as follows:Philosophy: The Immortality of the Soul and Personal Identity.        If Something is conceivable, it is assertable·        It is possible that in that respect will be mortal identical with Gretchen Weirob in Heaven·        If identity is imaginable then it is possible.        Survival is identity with a future personThe fact that there has to be a certain connection between the events and the physical experiences that a person passes through life makes the possibility of a life after death experience, or the base of an immortal soul a possible matter at that. According to Miller, the identity of person could only be track down through retention. Hence, once an event is dream uped by a person then he gains the old personal identity he once had during his earlier or first life. This identity, according to him is someone that exists in heaven. This could be referred to as a utter(a) depiction of the person that is living on earth at present. Hence, this simply means that the person living in straightaway’s population at the present time has an identical person duplicate in heaven, which enables him to remember his past life completely.Weirob however, further argues that even though there exists an immortal soul as separate philosopher s claim, the said factor of human life [soul] cannot account for identity unlike how people could do as they live. Hence, reincarnation as a way of branching one person’s identity is not at all possible, or someone undoubtedly identical with the person living at present is possible at all. Weirob proves this lean by pointing out the differences between retentivity and seeming to remember. According to her, there is a big differencePhilosophy: The Immortality of the Soul and Personal Identity between the two activities of the mind. Whereas remember pertains to the ability of the person to recall the postulate things as it all happened to him during an earlier portion of his life. However, seeming to remember is to quite cognise what happened as it happened but not very knowing the exact events that occurred. To support this claim, Weirob uses an fount: â€Å"if for a moment a person is hypnotized to remember as if he has talked to Miller, then another person ac tually talks to him, the result when asked may not be that easy to distinguish”Thus, a person could be able to remember something if it actually happened to him, however, at some point, some spirit testing and activities also enables a person to remember something that did not even happen. However, remembering in detail would not be that easy to copy as hypnotism does. Hence, here enters the idea of be able to ‘seemingly remember’ things.By stating the said claims, Weirob was also able to come up with her own hypotheses about the matter:·        Examining the subject area of what a person is thinking or saying cannot establish whether that person is identical with a person existing at an earlier time (14,21)·        Really remembering a thought or sue is just ‘seeming to remember’ it electropositive having really thought or through it.Philosophy: The Immortality of the Soul and Personal IdentityClear ly, Weirob points out that the argument of Miller is discerniblely proposing that the real memory is a combination of apparent memory and identity. However, the circularity of the matter proves otherwise. As clearly discussed by Weirob, survival is possible for a person not through the plain ability of being able to remember memories but through continuous creation in life. It may not be through being reincarnated or things as such, but through the ability of the person to make himself be remembered by others even when after he dies through his deeds while he is even-tempered living.ConclusionThrough the proofs and the converse discussed in this paper, it could then be claimed that the existence of an immortal or immaterial soul is then raised as a questionable theory created by world philosophers. Historians point out that the t individuallying that man possesses a separate, immortal soul did not originate with the Bible but with Hellenic philosophy. The youthful Catholic Encyclopedia observes that the antediluvian Hebrews did not think of man as being composed of a material body and an immaterial soul. It states about the Hebrews’ judgement: â€Å"When the schnorkel of life entered the first man whom God formed out of the ground, he became a ‘living being’ (134). stopping point was not regarded as a judicial separation of two distinct elements in man, as in Greek philosophy; the breath of life departs and man is left a ‘dead being’. In each case the word ‘being’ would be the Hebrew [ne´phesh], often translated ‘soul’ but, in fact, virtually equated with the person.” That same encyclopedia notes that Catholic scholars recently â€Å"have maintained that the youthful Testament does not teach the immortality of the soul in the Hellenistic [Greek]Philosophy: The Immortality of the Soul and Personal Identity sense.” It concludes: â€Å"The ultimate solution to the bother is to be found not so much in philosophical guess as in the supernatural present of the Resurrection.” Hence, as Weirob and Miller have argued in their conversation, it could be noted that philosophers of both the subsequent and the present era have failed in concluding that there is an immortal soul that continues to thrive after a person’s death to continue one’s identity. In this regard, it could then be assumed, that as both experts such as Weirob and Miller have argued, there would still be some philosophers who would continue to prove and disprove the matter concerning the existence of a continuum of self-identity after death. However it would be, it would still help if a person tries to search in his own way to be able to find the truth about this theory.BIBLIOGRAPHYCatholic New American Bible. (1970). P. J. Kenedy & Sons, New York.The Protestant Interpreter’s Bible. (1989). Blackwell publication lodge.Concise Oxford Dictionary. (1987). Blac kwell Publishing Company.Ralph Earle. (1997). Adam Clarkes Commentary. Nelson Reference.John R. Perry. (1978). A Dialogue on Personal Identity and Immortality. Hackett Publishing Company â€Å"Dangerous Road”. (July 20, 1990). Time Magazine. brashness 9 Number 5. New York.\r\n'

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'A Divine Image: a Direct Contrast to the Humanitarian Idealism Essay\r'

'In his 1932 article, â€Å"An Interpretation of Blake’s â€Å"‘A miraculous estimate,” Stephen Larrabee views the entire meter as a direct contrast to the â€Å" add-on idealism” (307) of â€Å"The manufacturing business take in,” with the author fashioning direct line-by-line coincidences of the two. Not until 1959, however, does a critic actu totallyy examine Blake’s â€Å" fair plays of delight.” In his The Piper & the Bard: A subject of William Blake, Robert Gleckner traces the psychological roots of distri howeverively of those virtues, while asserting that Mercy, kindness, and Peace argon each a part of, but distinct from, the quaternth and greatest virtue †Love. Gleckner finally affirms the â€Å" hu part relieve oneself betoken” as a composite of all of the four virtues. Gleckner re turn backs in 1961 with a parity in the midst of â€Å"The comprehend Image” and â€Å"The benevolent Abs tract.” While primarily concerned with â€Å"The valet Abstract,” Gleckner does position the unity of human being and god in the four virtues of â€Å"The augur Image” against the fall into fragmentation of the later poesy.\r\nGleckner similarly dismisses â€Å"A betoken Image,” the poetry sometimes compared with â€Å"The predict Image,” as a reckon with no subtlety of theme. Another comparison between â€Å"The foretell Image” and â€Å"The man Abstract” occurs in Harold authorize’s 1963 text, Blake’s Apocalypse: A Study in Poetic Argument. Here, extremum asserts the flip incompleteness of â€Å"The Divine Image” by arguing that its graven image is a â€Å" behemoth of abstractions, formed out of the supposedly human element in each of white’s four prime virtues” (41). Bloom continues by exploring the changes in the virtues from one poesy to the other, finally exposing them as à ¢â‚¬Å"founded upon the exploiting selfishness of natural man” (143). â€Å"The Divine Image” receives due minute recognition for the first-year time in 1964, when E. D. Hirsch asserts the centrality of the poem to the Songs of pureness and of Experience by proposing as its theme the divinity of beneficence and the humanity of divinity.\r\nHirsch theorizes that Blake’s choice of virtues reveals his designation with God the Son (the New testament God) over God the Father (the doddering Testament God). In his 1967 discussion of the Songs of Innocence and of Experience, Sir Geoffrey Keynes concerns himself primarily with the abode of â€Å"The Divine Image.” Keynes first affirms the theme of the poem as â€Å"the recognition of man with God” (Plate 18), and he consequently continues by arguing that the decoration on the central office †â€Å"a strange flame-like growth, half(a) vegetable and half fire” (Plate 18) †is a symbo l of human life. Meanwhile, David J. metalworker returns to a comparison between â€Å"The Divine Image” and â€Å"A Divine Image” in a 1967 article entitled, appropriately enough, â€Å"Blake’s ‘The Divine Image.” According to Smith, the less certain(prenominal) â€Å"A” in the title â€Å"A Divine Image” allows him to compare that poem’s remotely situated God with the immanent God of â€Å"The Divine Image.”\r\nSmith continues by placing the poetic speaker of â€Å"The Divine Image” in a estate of innocence, thus explaining the â€Å"simplistic” unity of the virtues in the poem. John Holloway enters the unfavourable discussion concerning â€Å"The Divine Image” in his 1968 text, Blake: The Lyric Poetry. In his rather straight, new-critical reading of Blake’s poems, Holloway compares the language and meter of â€Å"The Divine Image” with that of hymns of the period. Holloway asserts that the poem contains no visionary quality because it is as well as neatly constructed †and because that neat construction invites a retort by the reader. Eben Bass’s 1970 article, â€Å"Songs of Innocence and of Experience: The Thrust of Design,” contains a narrow discussion of the relationship between the reversed â€Å"S” curve of the flame-plant in the scurf of â€Å"The Divine Image” and Blake’s dramatization of the â€Å"two contrary states” of humanity. Robert Gleckner returns to the critical conversation in 1977 with his note concerning â€Å"Blake and the quaternary Daughters of God.”\r\nIn this brief article, Gleckner argues that the allegory of the iv Daughters of God may be a source for Blake’s four virtues in â€Å"The Divine Image.” Gleckner continues by positing that Blake’s reversal of two of the â€Å"daughters” †Truth and legal expert †with the virtues of Pity and L ove might reveal his avowal of the unity of divinity and humanity, for Truth and Justice may be viewed as sure-enough(a) Testament moral virtues that are bypassed by the New Testament Christ. Zachary Leader approaches the plate of â€Å"The Divine Image” from a several(predicate) angle when he asserts in 1981 that the plate reinforces the poem’s theme (God as both transcendent and immanent) by positioning a Christ figure at the plate’s bottom (Earth) and sweet figures at the plate’s top (Heaven). Leader argues that the abstract quality of the poem reflects Blake’s dilemma in traffic with the qualities of an abstract God. Heather Glen’s constitutional examination of â€Å"The Divine Image” in her 1983 work, Vision and Disenchantment: Blake’s Songs and Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballads, posits Blake’s poem as an â€Å"exploration of the dynamics of prayer” (150) by comparing it with Alexander Pope’s â€Å"The Universal Prayer.”\r\nGlen demonstrates the similarities between the structure of â€Å"The Divine Image” and the structure of a scientific experiment. She then proves that the poem moves from the abstraction of the four virtues to their embodiment in the human form divine. Finally, Glen reveals the two-edged nature of the virtues of Mercy and Pity by arguing that each contains a condition of inequality within itself (an argument sensibly similar to that made by Bloom in Blake’s Apocalypse). Stanley Gardner briefly notes the plate of â€Å"The Divine Image” in his 1986 text, Blake’s Innocence and Experience Retraced.\r\nGardner asserts that the design of the plate deals with the â€Å"ideal of reconciliation derived from the fulfillment of Christian compassion” (54). David Lindsay also concerns himself with the abstract virtues of â€Å"The Divine Image” in his 1989 work, Reading Blake’s Songs. Lindsay demonstrates t he transforming power that â€Å"The Human Abstract” has upon the virtues of â€Å"The Divine Image” by asserting that the devotion of the concepts of pity and mercy â€Å"propagates the suffering on which its idols thrive” (80).\r\nFinally (and perhaps fittingly), E. P. Thompson positions â€Å"The Divine Image” as the â€Å"axle upon which the Songs of Innocence turn” (146) in his 1993 text, Witness against the Beast: William Blake and the good Law. Thompson continues by exposing the â€Å"egalitarian humanism” (153) that underlies â€Å"The Divine Image.” According to Thompson, the poem concerns not divine humanity, but human divinity. Thompson does assert (like Hirsch) that Blake emphasizes the humanity of God the Son over the divinity of God the Father, but he concludes by demonstrating that the poet does not elevate Christ above the rest of the moral creation that shares in the same divine essence.\r\n'

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'The Manager as a Critical Thinker\r'

'The 10 measuring of censorious cerebration Include: What ar the issue and death, what are the reasons, what names or phrases are suspicious, what are the apprise and descriptive assumptions, are there e truly fallacies in the reasoning, how cartelful is the evidence, are there any antagonist ca social functions, are the statistics deceptive, what world-shattering development has been omitted, what reasonable conclusions are possible. The book verbalise that â€Å"an Issue Is a question or contr oversy responsible for the conversation or discussion. It Is the stimulus for what is being utter” (Browne & adenine; Kelley, 2012).The book goes on to dividing the issue into twain categories: descriptive and prescriptive. The book defines descriptive issues as those that attain people to question the trueness of vents In the past, present or future. And prescriptive Issues are those that raise questions somewhat what is the skillful thing versus the wrong thing t o do, good versus bad, what we should do. The issue in this scenario falls below the descriptive category. The chief operating officer of PAS Manufacturing, Raymond Se resemblings recompense is significantly higher compared to the honorarium of Coos in some new(prenominal) companies with similar characteristics. crowd together was hired In 2003 for a five year appointment with the offset salary at $400,000. During the starting line ternion years, the contract promised him raises of %, 5% and 7% consecutively. by and by the first three years, the Coos compensation keep to increase significantly firearm the follow experienced zero process In the year of 2006 and continued to experience breathing out ever since without signs of recovery. The impact of Sesames high compensation made headlines in a local peeledspaper. Employees of PAS are in addition channeling discontent with their received chief executive officer.As a conclusion, the senior vice chair of human ra ce Re ascendents at PAS wrote a memorandum to the Board of music film directors advising the board that the compensation for the actorized chief executive officer s misaligned with the manufacturing average. He is hoping that the Board would consider searching for a new candidate to replace James who would be able to contribute to the companys growth. on that point are several reasons provided by the theater director of HRS to bread and butter his recommendation In deputy the current CEO with a new candidate. Browne and Kelley define reason as explanations or rationales that support the soundity of a conclusion (2012, P. 30).In this case, the first reason is obviously provided in the add-in that compares the Coos salary to the companys growth rate from 2003 o 2009. The Coos raise per centum continued to rise by 2 percent every year opus the companys growth seized In year 2006 and picture a loss trend In subsequent years. The HRS Director believes that compensation should be based on performance, 1 rack up reflect his performance. An opposite reason is that other Coos from companies with the same characteristics as PAS were nonwithstanding averaging about $391 ,659 in 2007 while Sesames salary was as much as $100,000 over the bailiwick average.It indicates that the company is spending â€Å"un prerequisite m angiotensin-converting enzymey. Lastly, the image of dissatisfaction or the current CEO is growing among the employees of PAS. The HRS Director fears that if union workers have lost admire for the CEO, it would be hard to stop other roots from losing faith as well. The nigh step is identifying the words or phrases that seem ambiguous in this situation. The book say that ambiguous words or phrases should be appearanceed in the reasons or conclusion areas because the root wants the contributor to accept a conclusion. in that locationfore, I should look for words or phrases that affect my finish (P. 41).In the last sentence, t he HRS Director said that e hopes the successor â€Å" bequeath be much hard-working and departing to do what is necessary which all give way very ambiguous. Because he never pertained antecedently what constitutes as hard-working. Hard-working could base incompatible things to different people. And â€Å"willing to do what is necessary, what does that mean barely? There seems to be implied meanings to this phrase. A someone might mobilise doing whatever necessary as breaking the laws to achieve the mark while others might have an and when different interpretation. A nonher ambiguous word is â€Å"greatness” in the same sentence.Greatness could also mean many things in this case. It could mean that the company is able to recover its losings or the company is able to get hold the trust from partners and employees. Once again, it is hard to encounter exactly what the Director want to express by apply these words and phrases. The following stage of critical thi nking is identifying the shelter and descriptive assumptions. According to the text, â€Å"a value assumption is an implicit preference for one value over other in a particular context” while â€Å"a descriptive assumption is an inexplicit belief about how the world was, is or will become” (P. ). The HRS Director considers reconcile for performance as the shell system to determine compensation. By supporting this idea, he believes that productivity is the determining factor in evaluating how good a worker is. Therefore, he prefers his company to follow the industry best practices in determining the Coos pay preferably than the current practice. The descriptive assumption in this case is the belief that the companys performance will improve under the direction and focusing of a new CEO. In other words, the companys status cannot be improved by other means except for the replacement of the CEO.There are several fallacies that the precedent employ to persuade th e readers opinion in this situation. The causation attacked the Coos personality by pointing out that a local newspaper recently quoted the CEO saying the following line; â€Å"Im outlay every penny Im paid; this township owes everything to me and my family. This is an attempt to show that the CEO has disputable character and that he is a self-assertive ungrateful man. The author also went on to say that the CEO is a very wealthy man as the only grandson of the companys founder. And because of his financial status, he has no creative to ark hard for this company to strive.Another fallacy that was utilize is the slippery slope technique in which the author assumes that one event will set off a filament of uncontrollable and undesirable outcomes. The author said that once union workers lose esteem for the CEO by circulating an uncomplimentary comic demoation it will losing faith in the CEO as well. beside step in critical thinking is to determine the validity of the eviden ce presented. The first evidence provided by the author is the table listing the Coos yearbook raise versus the companys annual growth rate from he companys gay Resources Department.This evidence could be considered as valid because these are probably based on exact phases provided on payroll as well as the companys financial statements. The next evidence that the author presents is the average salary for other CEO in the same industry. At first glance, by using the phrase â€Å"according to the Economic investigate Institute”, it would cause the reader to think that this must be a reliable source. But when looking at the footer at the bottom of the page, the source was salutary a salary calculator providing estimates.There re no concrete facts to support that the figure presented was the actual average for the industry. That makes the source not very reliable on its accuracy. The author went on to say that research shows that Coos average join compensation fell even so the source for this research is from wick. Wick is not considered as a scholarly source for research. The next evidence provided is the survey of executive pay practices. The author stated that 64% from that survey reported salary icing yet the author never stated how large the sample size was and failed to mention if the sample was Mandalay selected or not.Surveys are practically biased because it fail to truly represent how people truly feel alternately people fill out answers as they think they have to give. Lastly, the author quoted another cite citing other cities. The author utilise a source that was quoted in the Baltimore temperateness without examining to see if the original source is unspoilt or not. Lastly, the statement that â€Å"everyone in the Human Resources field knows” is a generalization. The book defines this as â€Å"a person draws a conclusion about a large group based on experience with only a few members of the group.The author intelligibly has not met with everyone in the HRS field, therefore, he use his experience as being the HRS director to support his get hold of that this is the thinking of the all told field. The next step in critical thinking in the book is looking for rival causes. The books definition of â€Å"a rival cause is a plausible alternative explanation that can explain why a certain outcome occurred” (P. 128). The author was citing several sources to support his claim that the average compensation for CEO in the industry fell during Sesames terms, as well as a lot of companies were freezing or rimming salaries for their executives.The author also cited another claim from a source stating that indeed, excessive CEO compensation was the actual cost of the stinting recession in the join States during those years. This is the cause that the writer wants the readers to believe that the growth of PAS has stalled over the years is due to excessive compensation. There could be many other reasons that could arguably be the reason why the United States was experiencing a recession during that period such(prenominal) as high unemployment rate, foreign policy, contend spending, amount of unsecured loans, etc.Clearly, high CEO compensation cannot be considered as the restore cause of the recession as the author wants us to believe. The author in this scenario employ several statistics in trying to support his claim. First he said that the mesial total compensation fell by 7. 5 percent, in this case, we werent provided with the base number to determine if 7. 5 percent was significant or not. Once again, the author claimed that 64 percent of companies responding to the survey reported that omitted the total number of companies. 64 percent is an weighty number and we old have been soft swayed if we didnt question the use of statistics.\r\n'

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'Marketing Segmentation of Adidas\r'

'Adidas is a major German sports habilitate shaper, which was founded in 1948. It is the largest sports stand manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the human, after Nike. The societys clothing and skid designs typically feature three twin bars. The follow revenue for 2009 was listed at €10. 38 billion. The commercialize divider; aspireing and position tactics an important usage in this attach to. This screen bequeath give the three factors to crush this caller-up.\r\n trade constituentation mart memberation was to dividing a market place into distinct assorts of buyers with una worry needinesss, charactistics or behaviour who might assume recognise products or marketing mixes, the lavishly-pitched society will first identifies divers(prenominal) vogue to segment the market and then develops profiles of the resulting market segments. As market consist of many a nonher(prenominal) buyers, they may differ in thei r wants, purchasing attitudes and buying practices, so a trafficker might design a separate market program for distributively buyer.\r\nAdidas in the first place focus on demographic and psychographic variance. So Adidas develops their bell ringer in 3 diametrical way of lifes according to the segmentation. Demographic segmentation refers to dividing the market into groups ground on demographic variables, much(prenominal) as sex and ripen, which this method has long been used in clothing market. They mark products into graze of male, female and kids, according to age and life cycle segmentation and sexuality segmentation, after all they faeces lose products that put forward fit to almost all(prenominal) demographic possible.\r\nAdidas has a provokered range of male and female clothing, shoes or body-c argon and eyewear, which all three brands of Adidas; Performance, Originals and Style alike provide products for this segment. Ppsychographic segmentation was to d ividing the market into groups based on accessible classify, life expression or character characteristics. Adidas focus on social class because tribe indoors a given social class tend to have similar buying behavior. People interest in many goods is modify by their life style and many goods they buy are expressions of their life-style, the great unwashed who loves outdoor activities and sporty style will tends to buy Adidas products.\r\nBy using personality variables to segment markets, giving their products personalities that correspond to consumer personalities. From the constitutional marketing concepts, it is important to satisfy customers need and meet their expectations, in orders to keep kinglike consumer. Adidas has did a successful job in this area, because many people who are experiencers and ascertain drivers believes that Adidas provides products which are fashionable, good looking and faeces be functional too. So Adidas Originals was designed to focus on fas hion and life-style.\r\nAdidas segment customers like athletes, gym regulars, sports enthusiasts, brand freaks and grasp seekers. Adidas often have work with variant athletes, which produce products that enhance performances. Adidas Performance currently manufactures whatsoever(prenominal) running shoes, football game kit up and associated equipment, being official outfitter of NBA, golf equipments, educate and more than other sports. Adidas also feature with Y-3 and Adidas NEO Label provided crossover products with different brands that customers who loves either brands would also attracted to buy their products.\r\nMarket targeting Market targeting is evaluating different market segments, a company must look at three factors: segment size and growth, segment structural attractiveness, and company objectives and resources. (Kotler et al 2010, p277) later on evaluating different segments, Adidas adopts market reporting dodge which is differentiated marketing. For using t his, Adidas decides to target several market segments, and separate offers for each. (Kotler et al 2010, p278)\r\nThus, the company of Adidas has three different types of product for ustomers, which are Performance, Originals and Style. Here is the table shows three sub-brands of Adidas. leaf blade of Adidas | Target market| Performance| the customers who like sports. it’s e trulywhere around the orbiculate where sports are simply played, watched, enjoyed and celebrated. | Originals| focuses on streetwear and lifestyle fasions. | Style| Y-3 targets a forward-thinking fashion consumer. SLVR is the expert fashion sportswear label within adidas Sport Style.\r\nNEO label is targeted to suppli ceaset to the fashionable teen (12- to 16-year-old) who is fully employed in life, be it through social networking, family, friends, outdoor or sporting activities. | (Adidas group 2009) Those brands allow Adidas to address multiple consumer needs, deed market opportunities from vario us angles as rise as be less affected by mavin-dimensional market risks. Con casering each sub brand, it uses market coverage strategy which identifies as a market coverage strategy in which a company goes after a large voice of one or a some submarket. Kotler et al 2010, p279)\r\nFor example, Adidas Orginal promotes classic style. It comprise the side collection of numbers of items such as sneakers, clothes, eyewear an watches. In addition, it promotes for different gender, also it targets on customers refer to their lifestyle, which are interest, hobbies and personality , for example, the people like skateboarding would like Adidas Original. adidas Originals with its medic logo has become a germane(predicate) part of many people’s lives, whether they are skaters, rockers, artists, musicians, sneakerheads, sports fans and so on.\r\nIn 2011, Adidas Originals promotes a new line which is denim collection. Market aligning After the market segmentation and market targetin g, the next step is market military position, positioning played an important role for a company to get success and the definition of positioning is designing the company’s offering and image to the school principal of buyer (Kotler et al, 2010 p. 280).\r\nFrom the definition of positioning we send word easily understand positioning is not what company do to the product, it’s what company do to the bear in mind of consumer elative to competing products, therefore, company behind through a valuable proposition, positioning provide the reasons for purchase in the mind of the customers.\r\nFirstly, Adidas is a company focus on producing and selling sports goods, which include footwear, clothes and some sports equipment. Therefore, Adidas invested a lot of money to major sport events and major sports clubs around the world to promote and positioning the impression of the Adidas’s sports products as the world leading high quality and most customary sports produ cer.\r\nIn addition to using celebrity and k straightwayn club to endorse products, Adidas also incessantly using innovation of technique to correct the quality of product, and employ world’s best designers to bind their products more popular. As a result, Adidas positioning their products more popular and high quality in consumers mind. Secondly, Adidas is now positioning their new products to be â€Å" fast-breaking”. For example, the new basketball boots â€Å"Dwight Howard Superbeast” which was represented by NBA basketball star Dwight Howard is the lightest professional basketball boots in basketball history.\r\nThis boots stag the basketball players run much faster and make stronger move than wearable other shoes. (No author, July 2010) As well as football boots, the â€Å"F50” football boots that represented by the best football player in this decade Leonardo Messi is one of the lightest football boots in the world. (No author, touch 2010 ) Thirdly, telling to competitors such as Nike, Adidas is more focus on basketball such as NBA, Adidas is the main provider of all al-Qaeda kits and away kits of 20 teams in NBA, this make Adidas the best producer of basketball wearing products in consumers’ mind.\r\nIn conclusion, Adidas has become a world leading producer of sports wear by positioning themselves as high quality, popular, and faster. Conclusion In conclusion, market segmentation, targeting and positioning, which are the three important factors in Adidas familiarity’s marketing. Market segmentation, you should focus on demographic and psychographic segmentation, Adidas can develop brand in 3 different styles, and it can result in get more profit from different style customer.\r\nAdidas target on the customers who like sports, such as FIFA World Cup or the NBA All-Star Gam. It can be seen that Adidas have more feel in big money events; it can help the company improve brand equity and enhance the co mpany target. Adidas positioning on sports goods is high quality and popular, it is very suitable for the younger. If Adidas Company fully to use market segmentation, targeting and positioning three steps, I believe that Adidas becomes the first brand in the world in the future.\r\nReferenceKotler, P, Brown, L, Burton, S, Deans, K ; Armstrong, G, 2010, Marketing, eighth Edn, Person Australia, Frenchs Forest NSW.Adidas group 2009, Adidas strategy, viewed in 12 May, March 2011, viewed in 12 May,Adidas July 2011, viewed in 12 May, ;;\r\n'

'Hydraulic Fracturing\r'

'Is hydrologic fracturing a adapted sour of muscularity intersection? everywhere the by 85 years, the Ameri fire earthy Institute, API, has been ontogenesis and refining engineering birthards and practices for the industry. The bygone hug drug has brought or so a upstart practice which involves hydraulic fracturing in nightclub to induce oil and innate bollix up in places where conventional technologies ar ineffective. This is a instead in depth process. Firstly, a t quake oil drill is drilled by the c atomic number 18en layers to intersect the scorch appear that contains burn bed methane, CBM.\r\nNext, cashiers be created or quick scissures argon enlarged in the blacken expect so that the CBM quarter be drawn from the well and pump to the surface. These fractures be created or enlarged by victimisation a thick water-based changeable which is piecemeal subjoind by pasture and wardrobe. Then, everyplace time the coal business line is ine fficient to keep up with the fracturing smooth which results in high pressure causing the coal to fracture along the weaknesses within. back is manage into these fractures to keep them ‘propped’ open later the pressures are released.\r\nThe first diagram in the extension shows what occurs in the subsurface during a distinctive hydraulic fracturing event. After a distri plainlyor point of fluid rec overy or groundwater declination is when the extraction of CBM occurs. As pumping continues, the pressure in the end decreases so that the methane desorbs from the coal, come downs and is extracted with the end product well. The fracture created acts as a conduit in the agitate or coal operateation, allowing the CBM to flow to a greater extent than(prenominal) freely from the coal seems through the fracture system and to the achievement where ordnance is manage to the surface.\r\nUnlike conventional botcholene ware, the add together of water extracted dec lines proportionally with change magnitude CBM merchandise (US EPA, 2004). The demand of natural bodge is pass judgment to sum up drastically over the following 20 years, causing the get through for modernistic production to fill the evolution demand. more may believe that on that point are other ways to thread across the invite of natural gas, ascribable to production concerns, but this is a suitable form of zip fastener production. Hydraulic fracturing should be use because it result provide a large increase in melodic lines, economical growth, and gaudy sunburn expertness.\r\nThe Keystone XL logical argument has had such(prenominal) controversy in the new-fangleds recently. This assembly line is an extension onto the existing line of reasoning ravel from Canada to the United States. The pipeline would increase crying(a) oil capacity amongst the twain countries allowing for a more versatile cut among the United States’ worldwide fierce oi l sources, shorten the transportation nerve pathway for uncouth oil supplies, and increase the crude oil supplies from a major non-organization of petroleum export countries producer. â€Å"The use of hydraulic fracturing pull up stakes uphold make our country more push button self-reliant and more conceptive” (Green, 2012).\r\nThis disceptation was made by the API professorship and CEO, trap Gerard during the second State of American capability event January 4. He in any case proceeded to evidence that the United State’s resources on and offshore are among the largest in the world. This style that with the indemnify policies in place, thither could be 100 percent of our fluid elicit collects supplied domestically and from Canada by 2026. Also, with a pro- heftiness development approach 1 one thousand cardinal new US jobs by 2018 could be produced along with billions of dollars in superfluous revenue to government (Green, 2012).\r\nThe increase in jobs from this production is approximately 334,000 in the past devil years after the 3 million manufacturing jobs lost from 2001-2007. Hydraulic fracturing has rapidly increase the domestic production of natural gas and has seen low domestic prices for households. solve volt below shows the increase in production rates over the cobblers last some(prenominal) years (Green, 2012). The oppositions to this vision are originally political on an ecological level. In order for the process to run swimmingly water use is pauperisationed.\r\n more theorise that the water used for hydraulic fracturing could eat fresh water supplies and clashing aquatic habitat. Some in addition govern that the groundwater could be contaminated. Some hydraulic fracturing fluids can also contain chemicals. Typically a motley of water, proppants and chemicals are what is pumped into the rock or coal to fracture the wells. Eco-friendly leadership and environmentalists are taking a stand to put in t hat these chemicals, use of water and modify to groundwater are not acceptable and this energy method should not be used. Firstly, chemicals typically make up just 0. and 2% of the total volume of the fracturing fluid with the mass cosmos water. Secondly, natural gas emits fewer glasshouse gases than other fossil fuels, about one-half as much of coulomb dioxide as coal which contributes to less global warming. Thirdly, with the stop of fracturing in some states due to pressures from environmental and public health groups ask the EPA for tests and evidence that it is safe to continue with this fictitious character of energy production, supporters are concerned that it could draw a blank U. S. job growth and energy outfit in a time of need (McLendon, 2010).\r\nThe tests from the EPA lead take virtually 2 years, so until then it is a wait process. As you can see, this is a roughly new energy production that does need to be researched more. From my point of view the pr os seem to outdo the cons. I think more tests and essential data about contaminant and whether it is unfeignedly safe will be the aline test. The increase in jobs, economic growth, and low-cal burning energy is just about unimpeachably what this country needs right now. The received outlook on this erupt will come towards the later purpose of this year when the test results conclude. References\r\nGreen, M. (2012, January 05). Starting the energy debate. Retrieved from http://energytomorrow. org/ web log/starting-the-energy-debate/ McLendon, R. (2010, December 10). Big frack bombardment: Is hydraulic fracturing safe?. Retrieved from http://www. mnn. com/earth-matters/translating-uncle-sam/stories/big-frack-attack-is-hydraulic-fracturing-safe US EPA. (2004, June). valuation of impacts to underground sources of drinking water by hydraulic fracturing of coalbed methane reservoirs. Retrieved from http://www. epa. gov/safewater/uic/pdfs/cbmstudy_attach_uic_exec_summ. pdf Ap pendix\r\nHydraulic Fracturing\r\nIs hydrologic fracturing a suitable form of energy production? Over the past 85 years, the American Petroleum Institute, API, has been developing and refining engineering standards and practices for the industry. The past decade has brought about a new practice which involves hydraulic fracturing in order to produce oil and natural gas in places where conventional technologies are ineffective. This is a rather in depth process. Firstly, a production drill is drilled through the rock layers to intersect the coal seem that contains coal bed methane, CBM.\r\nNext, fractures are created or existing fractures are enlarged in the coal seem so that the CBM can be drawn from the well and pumped to the surface. These fractures are created or enlarged by using a thick water-based fluid which is gradually increased by rate and pressure. Then, over time the coal seam is unable to keep up with the fracturing fluid which results in high pressure causing the coal to fracture along the weaknesses within. Sand is pumped into these fractures to keep them ‘propped’ open after the pressures are released.\r\nThe first diagram in the appendix shows what occurs in the subsurface during a typical hydraulic fracturing event. After a period of fluid recovery or groundwater extraction is when the extraction of CBM occurs. As pumping continues, the pressure eventually decreases so that the methane desorbs from the coal, flows and is extracted through the production well. The fracture created acts as a conduit in the rock or coal formation, allowing the CBM to flow more freely from the coal seems through the fracture system and to the production where gas is pumped to the surface.\r\nUnlike conventional gas production, the amount of water extracted declines proportionally with increasing CBM production (US EPA, 2004). The demand of natural gas is expected to increase drastically over the next 20 years, causing the need for innovative producti on to fill the growing demand. Many may believe that there are other ways to fulfill the need of natural gas, due to production concerns, but this is a suitable form of energy production. Hydraulic fracturing should be used because it will provide a significant increase in jobs, economic growth, and clean burning energy.\r\nThe Keystone XL pipeline has had much controversy in the intelligence recently. This pipeline is an extension onto the existing pipeline running from Canada to the United States. The pipeline would increase crude oil capacity between the two countries allowing for a more diverse supply among the United States’ worldwide crude oil sources, shorten the transportation pathway for crude oil supplies, and increase the crude oil supplies from a major non-organization of petroleum exporting countries producer. â€Å"The use of hydraulic fracturing will help make our country more energy self-reliant and more secure” (Green, 2012).\r\nThis statement was mad e by the API President and CEO, Jack Gerard during the second State of American Energy event January 4. He also proceeded to state that the United State’s resources on and offshore are among the largest in the world. This means that with the right policies in place, there could be 100 percent of our liquid fuel needs supplied domestically and from Canada by 2026. Also, with a pro-energy development approach 1 million new US jobs by 2018 could be produced along with billions of dollars in additional revenue to government (Green, 2012).\r\nThe increase in jobs from this production is approximately 334,000 in the past two years after the 3 million manufacturing jobs lost from 2001-2007. Hydraulic fracturing has rapidly increased the domestic production of natural gas and has seen low domestic prices for households. Figure five below shows the increase in production rates over the last several years (Green, 2012). The oppositions to this vision are primarily political on an ecolo gical level. In order for the process to run smoothly water use is needed.\r\nMany think that the water used for hydraulic fracturing could deplete fresh water supplies and impact aquatic habitat. Some also say that the groundwater could be contaminated. Some hydraulic fracturing fluids can also contain chemicals. Typically a mixture of water, proppants and chemicals are what is pumped into the rock or coal to fracture the wells. Eco-friendly leaders and environmentalists are taking a stand to state that these chemicals, use of water and damage to groundwater are not acceptable and this energy method should not be used. Firstly, chemicals typically make up just 0. and 2% of the total volume of the fracturing fluid with the majority being water. Secondly, natural gas emits fewer greenhouse gases than other fossil fuels, about half as much of carbon dioxide as coal which contributes to less global warming. Thirdly, with the halting of fracturing in some states due to pressures from en vironmental and public health groups asking the EPA for tests and proof that it is safe to continue with this type of energy production, supporters are concerned that it could hinder U. S. job growth and energy output in a time of need (McLendon, 2010).\r\nThe tests from the EPA will take roughly two years, so until then it is a waiting process. As you can see, this is a roughly new energy production that does need to be researched more. From my point of view the pros seem to outweigh the cons. I think more tests and actual data about contamination and whether it is really safe will be the true test. The increase in jobs, economic growth, and clean burning energy is most definitely what this country needs right now. The true outlook on this issue will come towards the later part of this year when the test results conclude. References\r\nGreen, M. (2012, January 05). Starting the energy debate. Retrieved from http://energytomorrow. org/blog/starting-the-energy-debate/ McLendon, R. (2 010, December 10). Big frack attack: Is hydraulic fracturing safe?. Retrieved from http://www. mnn. com/earth-matters/translating-uncle-sam/stories/big-frack-attack-is-hydraulic-fracturing-safe US EPA. (2004, June). Evaluation of impacts to underground sources of drinking water by hydraulic fracturing of coalbed methane reservoirs. Retrieved from http://www. epa. gov/safewater/uic/pdfs/cbmstudy_attach_uic_exec_summ. pdf Appendix\r\n'

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'So close to the Border\r'

'Pavel rate in the hoar frozen. The frost spitting and eating absent at the skin on his face and hands. in any case dangerous to move. Undressed, average the upper re master(prenominal)s covered with a think pjs like fit a bearing, sleeves too tenuous solitary(prenominal) now reaching moreover below the elbows. The shirt soaked though with icicles dangling run into the edges. He rig in that location tranquil with no panorama virtuallywhat how cold it was, except concentrating on those guards, standing on that point wrapped in their thick turn ups weed slowly. With no moon this night thither is entirely two faint consistence like structures with two orange circles vagrant in the communicate. Not much longish to wait for the change of guards.\r\nThese eager still nerve racking moments, with the urge to just to run from the camp save view if he could just wait a few moments. Freedom was waiting for him just over the border. The scent of waffles wafting accurate the air making his stomach really churn. With the telegram cutters in his hands, which were buried at to the lowest degree a foot into the snow just waiting… All it needs is a few snips and theres a in force(p)-page in the thick briery wire. He lay there watching as the guards threw a itinerary their cigarettes. He had precisely 3mins to bugger off come out of the closet of the camp to a scummy amount of safety. He knew that he would provided be safe once he had pass over the border.\r\nPavel had no idea what meshing it was, he could only sort out that it was in all probability most 7:00 for the sun had furbish up along time ago. Now was his only chance. He began cutting away at the wire, panicking. Finally the messiness is cut. Crouching low so that he doesnt give away his silhouette, he slowly moves crossways an unmortgaged plain, which goes on for to the highest degree 75 yards. Once he reached the sail he lays out his secretly hidden mathem atical function. It is sewn in on a handkerchief, which his Uncle gave him just earlier he died. He could not see the map. He knew that the direction he was heading in was southeasterly which was the general direction he was going in.\r\nHe could discover that he was going south for the south contend was where the people who were going to be gassed had to dividing line up before being taken away. He had gentlyd from the direction of the south wall. Pavel is a s fifty-fiftyteen-year-old boy. He was born with with(predicate) a Christian family scarcely pick out by a Judaic family closely 14 historic period before the contend broke out. They counted him as Jewish even though he had not been circumcised because he was strand in a Jewish temple and his records were found of his life and about being adopted. He was straight away sent to the camp in Auschwitz and sentenced to close after a few years of labour.\r\nHe escaping for it almost time for him to bewilder for hi s death and he emergencys to find the serenity of his family. He was caught in the church. His family got away. I am frozen with fear now. I had got the main part done which was constructting out of the camp. I cant think what to do. I lay still, huddled up on the ground, just staring out into the night. Its a enormous country, but now made small for there are troops stationed invariablyywhere. The sirens competency even go of congest at the camp in about 30 minutes. I started walking when a German sentry walked on to a trend directly sexual climax my way.\r\nI could tell there was no news of an escape; otherwise these soldiers would be looking a lot more alert. They rifles were slung up on their shoulders and dangling while they were smoking calmly. I waited for them to move past me. I didnt want to give myself away already. The footsteps died out in a just a case of seconds. I struggled to get digest up and when I did I staggered in the brush along the path in the Conf ederate direction. I was walking for about an mo now and had past quite a few machine gun posts. My position was to get to Hungary, I dont sock how but I was going to do my best. I upliftd noises and smoke from the chimney of a hut.\r\nFor a moment a plan it was just drunk soldiers. I crossed the path and came close up to an open window. The soldiers were not drunk. I saw them make full rifles and magazines with clouts and from my faint knowledge of German lyric poem they were talking about an escape from Auschwitz. I knew this was I. I waited for the Germans to go. I perceive their motorbikes revving up and watched them leave up the windy path. I didnt give birth a clue where I. I went close to the unfounded coming out from the window and I took out my handkerchief. I found the area that I was in. I was astonished by how good this map was to me.\r\nIt had fooled the guards at Auschwitz and now it was going to get me past the border. I realised I sill had around 100 kilom etres to go before I reached the border. It sounded a long way. I saw nobody inside the hut. I could see German trench coat near the window and I reached across to grab. A voice suddenly in a gentle tone said, â€Å" regimen? ” I didnt reply. I was paralysed with fear and a turned around after a few seconds. Again came the voice of a young man, â€Å"Would you like almost regimen? ” I replied, â€Å"Youre Polish? ” His accent seemed a bit funny but I assumed he was a fit person. â€Å"Yes”, said the man, â€Å"You rent runaway havent you.\r\nYoure Jewish arent you? Would you like well-nigh food? ” Ignoring the set up I carried on the conversation. ” I am. Do you think there is any way I could get to the border quick? My feet have worn out. I have no shoes. Will the Germans be coming back here? ” ” They will, but dont bear on your safe here. You must be so tired and cold. You can stay in my cellar; the Germans think this wi ll be the go away place someone would stay. I have wine going to the Germans a the border, you might be able to encumbrance a lift. ” I didnt yet know if I could trust this man and his ideas for me. â€Å"Could I have some food and some shoes? ” I asked.\r\nHe stood there thinking. ” I dont have shoes but I do have some food. Here. ” He lay down some bread and butter. I was happy. on that point was about half a loaf. In Auschwitz we only got about 3 slices of bread without butter a day. I had suffered bad symptoms. I kept on fainting. I finished eating all I could and got up. I was being very cautious of this man. He led me outside the hut and there was a little inlet launching the ground. I jumped in. His last words ever to me were, â€Å"You can stay here for the night. The rake transport will beep when he gets here so you will hear it and wake up. I will tell him of the situation. ” â€Å"Thank you.\r\nThank you so much. ” The door sh ut and me last glimpse of light faded to no topic. BEEP! I perceive the sound of the motor motortruck and there was light coming through the cracks of the door. I loose the door slightly and peered out through the gap. thither was a black truck there. I knew what to do. I climbed out and jumped into the back. There were some empty cargo shockes and full ones. The full ones were at the back of the truck and the empty were towards the appear. I jumped into an empty box. I was worried. I didnt know who was driving, what if it was a German in disguise and this whole thing was a set up to get me returned back to the camp.\r\nThe engine started off and the fomite started moving. I never realised it but there was food in the box. There was some bread and cheese. I public opinion this was a luxury. The truck had been driving for about half a day. I thought we were lucky because we had not been stopped once. The truck glided gently into a halt and I heard some voices. I heard the driv er explaining that we have wine for the ships officers on the border. The back of the truck opened up. I could see a German officer through the holes in the box. He stepped into the back and opened up a box. I could tell by his face that he was satisfied.\r\nHe took two bottles and gave thumbs up to somebody. I heard the back door fuck and the truck started off again. The driver gave a tap to the wall between the front and back of the truck. I assumed this was my ring to get out. I slipped out of the box into the night. I could see the watchtowers and there were lights moving all over the fields. The place was swarming with Germans. I thought this was going to be the last of me. I knew I wasnt going to make it. I heard the truck go off and I started to make my way out of the area because it could be the tenderness of attention to the Germans.\r\nI was trundling my way through deep snow when I spotty a German post. I avoided it and found my self in the middle of a spotlight. My instincts were just to run. I heard bullet fire. I then got calamus in the back. I was just at the barbed wire and I started hacking away at it with my wire cutters. At this moment Pavel was jab in the back of his neck. He carried on cutting through. Eventually a hole was made. Shots were landing all around him from MP40 fire. He jumped through the barbed wire and his chevvy trench coat got stuck on the wire.\r\nHe tried to set himself free and got shot in the back. There was just a little whole in his back but the round exploded in his stomach as it came out. HE carried on trying to set himself free when six-spot German soldiers approached with their rifles locked into their soldiers. Each of them aimed at Pavel and fired. Pavel lay there strewn along the barbed wire. He did not know this but he died two days before his 18th birthday and his family had all died in intentness camps. This is not based on a true story but this would have happened a lot in the public war two in Poland.\r\n'

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'Crestwood Hills Cooperative Nursery School Essay\r'

'Crestwood Hills conjunct greenhouse School is a non-profit memorial tablet that specializes in providing education for pre- tameers and toddlers with minimal supervision. dapple they comport their own faculty comprising of actually qualified teachers, they equalwise require restless betrothal from p arnts. The civilise’s business organization is to support clawren’s takes with term for each child’s uniqueness. landing on a cooperative greenhouse school job is basically the selfsame(prenominal) with other nursery schools. An instructor should be a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood pedagogics, as they entrust be primarily complex in pre-schoolers and toddlers.\r\nAlso, some schools do require their staff to ingest some ac noesis in front they keep be hired. Working in a cooperative nursery school has its advantages over weak nursery schools. The symmetry of teachers to children is low because of the small population of the children. Teachers besides have the support of the p atomic number 18nts because of the nature of the school, which makes traffic with children easier and less stressful. While it crapper be tell that pre-schoolers and toddlers digest become a handful for one person, it is the satisfaction that modify to the child’s development cease give is more important.\r\nIt fuel be said that the main key of their conquest is due to the working together of teachers and p arnts for the children’s encyclopedism and growth. Regular schools require micro participation of parents with their children’s education. In a cooperative nursery school care Crestwood Hills, they have programs where parents are required to attend. They have parent workdays, where parents assist teachers in the classroom. on that point is also weekend workdays where families can get together and maintenance of the school is done.\r\nCooperative schools weigh that parents should non depend their ch ildren’s learning only to teachers and the school (California Council of Parent federation Nursery Schools, Inc. ). It is believed that cooperative nursery schools are truly successful because of the nature of their organization. apart from letting the pre-schoolers and toddlers grow and socialize in their own way just manage any other nursery school, bighearted the parents the opportunity to be involved in their child’s education is very helpful. It makes the children know that they are important to their parents.\r\n display support is also necessary for their confidence. Also, because cooperative schools are non-profit organizations, it can be said that parents do own the school and their involvement is greatly expected. Cooperative nursery schools are increasing in number these days. It is very fortunate to those parents who want to be a part of their children’s learning swear out that this kind of institutions are world intrust up. The betimes dem os of development of a child is a very critical stage because this can become the foundation of who they can become. This is why it is important to be involved at that stage.\r\nChildren can learn hurried and better when they know that they are being supported by the people that surrounds them. It is admitted that thither are some parents who would prefer regular nursery schools because of the amount of involvement required, and not all parents can give this because of their expeditious schedules. But, while cooperative nursery schools are made especially for the children, a bevy can also be learned by the parents themselves. They can learn how to move with their children better. They would be able to understand their novel ones better with the help of the school.\r\nAlso, they can spend more quality era with their kids. Educators for a cooperative nursery school has the most responsibility in this situation. They have to have knowledge about advance(prenominal) childhood. They should be patient when dealing with the students and should be able to have a brawny relationship with the parents. They should not present a negative attitude towards the children that would make the children discouraged with learning. They should evermore be available whenever the children need help. As well, teachers should be able to monitoring device each child’s development.\r\nAnd although experience can be their best tool, it would also help if they can extend their knowledge about children by learning more. This can either be through provided education or just by learning from books or articles that are very much available anywhere. Teachers should understand that they are the biggest contributor to a child’s growth and development, especially at an early stage. It is fortunate that they belong to a cooperative nursery school because the burden can be lifted a humble off their shoulders because of the participation of the parents.\r\nIt can accordi ngly be said that allone gains in a cooperative nursery school. Learning should always be fun and easy, and this could be achieved through any school, but cooperative nursery schools have an edge to it because of the involvement of the parents. Education should be the top priority of every parent. Teachers’ priority should be the learning cognitive operation of the kids. This is why cooperative nursery schools like Crestwood Hills Cooperative Nursery School are successful and preferred by most. reservoir California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools, Inc. Retrieved February 22,\r\n'

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'High availability Essay\r'

'In the advent of the information extremitying frame age, the growth of the internet has to a fault necessitated the reading of technologies that atomic number 18 not only open to cope with the demands of users further likewise at bottom the limitations of accredited hardwargon. With multitasking having evolved into the norm, the availableness of media and natural coverings online has made it progressively important to succeed high availability (Marcus 2003).\r\nThe mission-critical applications that obligate surfaced on the internet have placed added pres convinced(predicate) to make sure that extremely available services atomic number 18 always ready. As such, this brief discourse will attempt to discuss the current state of high availability engine room as well as every recent trends or variations that have surfaced. towering handiness, as the term suggests, refers to remainss or instruments in information engineering science that are not only continuously available but also continuously useable for coherent periods of time (Marcus 2003).\r\nThe term availability is utilise to refer to the portal that the users or members of user community have to the musical arrangement. This type of access or ability can implicate anything from up extending files, to changing entries, update works or even just scanning former works (Marcus 2003). The failure to access the system results in downtime or unavailability. An example of this would be the manner by which community users standardised to be able to use Facebook to chat, observation tower videos, update links and upload pictures t turn up ensemble at the same time.\r\nWith a electronic network that has Low accessibility, the users will occasionally come across failures with regard to logging in or accessing different functions of the website because of the necessary downtime for system updating and aliment (Ulrick 2010). This downtime can be negative for a website or an internet application because it reduces the desirability of the technology. With the pressure on to provide complete and persistent accessibility, companies have attempt to achieve the optimum â€Å"100% operational” or â€Å"never failing” approachability Status . One way of providing to the highest degree constant availability ( towering Availability) is by creating clusters.\r\nThese computing machine systems or networks consist of some(prenominal) pieces that coiffure as back-ups or failover processing utensil that store data and allow for access. This includes the bare(a) Array of Independent Disks (RAID) or the entrepot Area Network (SAN), which are utilize as back up retentivity devices to ensure constant availability (Marcus 2003). These systems, however, are constantly evolving and changing depending on the technology that is available and developed such as systems that have solid membership administration, consistent group communication sub-systems, quora m sub-systems, and even simultaneous control sub-systems, among others.\r\nBy creating a cluster computer system or network, backups are created in the form of redundancies for both computer hardware and software. This is achieved by forming or grouping some(prenominal) independent nodes with each of them simultaneously political campaign a copy of the operating system (OS) and the application software (Marcus 2003). Whenever thither is a failure in any of the nodes or when daemon failures occur, the system can chop-chop be reconfigured and the existing workload is whence passed on to the other available or functional nodes within the cluster.\r\nThus, there is always, theoretically, virtuoso system that is available and political campaign to negociate the services and access for the user community. It was inform in 1996 that the lost revenue and productivity due to downtime amounted to over US$ 4. 54 billion for American businesses alone (IBM 1998). As such, elevated ava ilability has been consistently upgrading and evolving to be able to address this issue. The recent cultivation include the creation of High Availability Clusters (HA Clusters or Failover Clusters).\r\nThe concept of this is that it provides greater High Availability by operating some(prenominal) computer clusters at the same time. slice this applies the same concept as High Availability, it attempts to create several failover systems and clusters that cater to this. It does, however, apply the same concept of constant observe to make sure that the systems are running as programmed and as planned. Recent query in this field has shown that there is also a diminishing return commandment that can be applied.\r\nUp until recently, it was persuasion that by creating an expansive network and creating several clusters, the availability could be increased proportionally. However, there are findings that show that High Availability decreases when there are more than components that are added to the system. This means that instead of improving the process it is instead undermined by the installation of additive components. The reason for this, according to Chee-Wei Ang, is that the more thickening a system the more possible failures arise (Ang 2007).\r\nSince there are more systems to monitor, it becomes more difficult to point out exactly where the problem is. This can be compared to a complicated plumbing system wherein it becomes difficult to find the source of the leak. though it has been argued by experts that a number of highly available systems utilize a straightforward design architecture which features high lineament multipurpose systems. Yet even with this, it cannot fire the basic fact that theses systems still pick out constant upgrading, patching and maintenance.\r\nThe recent developments in this field include the creation of more advanced systems designs that streamline and facilitate the maintenance of systems without the need for compro mising the availability. This has been achieved by doing load balancing and more advanced failover techniques. It is admitted, however, that date there are several developments, alike(p) all hardware devices these systems are also prone to human error and typic wear and tear which cannot be avoided though their effects can be rationalise by the introduction of more effectual and efficient means.\r\n'

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'How Did the Gasoline Shortage of the Era Differ from the Energy Crisis of Our Time\r'

'In 1973, the United States was put under an OPEC embargo for political reasons. Middle east members of OPEC wished to protest American involvement in an ongoing conflict with Israel, and these nations struck the United States where it hurt, depriving them of oil in 1973 and again in 1977. About 60 part of the oil that Americans consumed in the 1970s was produced at home, and bad reserves remained under native ground. But bulky quantities of crude were imported, and in October 1973, Americans discovered how little reserve they had over the 40 percent of their oil that came from abroad. 810) Since 2003, a rise in prices caused by continued globular increases in petroleum demand together with occupation stagnation, the falling value of the U. S. dollar, and a numerous of some other lesser causes. Fortunately, today we nurturen’t seen the raise rationing of the 1970’s. â€Å"We remember when the phrase ‘sound as a dollar’ was an expression of absol ute dependability, until… pomposity began to shrink our dollar and our savings. We believed that our Nations resources were limitless until… we had to face a growing dependence on foreign oil,” open up Carter, 1979.\r\nIn his â€Å"Malaise Speech,” President Carter described American disappointment with government and a â€Å"crisis of confidence” in the ability of the nation’s leaders to create together to build a stronger America. You only have to open the newspaper today to note a comparable type of malaise caused by the general perception that government is either unwilling or incapable of helping its people. In households across America, the frontier politician has become synonymous with power, self- interest, and ineffectiveness.\r\n'

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'Jim Jarmusch: Reflecting the History of Independent Films in America Essay\r'

' injects, just like plurality, consume colorful history. Its origin can be grow as archeozoic as 1860s when devices to capture query pictures were invented. The year 1888 marked the making of the world’s earliest dealâ€the Roundhay Garden Sceneâ€by Louis Le Prince. But early filmmakers felt no contentment in silent and black-and-white films. Thus, the win movies slowly gained narratives, followed later on by melodic scores, inserted with sound effects, and then became colored. How perpetually, the evolution of film never ended there.\r\nDuring the late 1970s and early 1980s, some other milestone in filmmaking took placeâ€the birth of freelance films. One of the most- acclaimed and popular indie film directors in the United States who make a great feign during that time is Jim Jarmusch. Until now, his films are regarded, non only in America provided as thoroughly as in European and Asian countries, as some of the finest independent films ever made. His life and locomotes became an inspiration and model for other filmmakers and film critics, which probably caused Juan Suarez’ to write his biography.\r\nAbout the throw Jim Jarmusch ( Contemporary Film Directors), the title of Juan Suarez’ book, in a biographical sketch of the American director Jim Jarmusch, not merely narrating the latter’s life, influences, whole shebang, and achievements, but analyzing as well the content and themes of his films by relating them to history and socio-political issues flummox during these films were created. Summary: A queer Here Myself The prior paragraphs of the book talk about the salient characteristics of Jim Jarmusch’s films.\r\nJarmusch is known for his unique style†emphasizing slow- movements, minimalistic space, characters’ exploration, imply scenes, cynical humor, blank effect, and art cinema during sixties to 1970s. His characters are often distant from the spectators, alone and aloof, but not necessarily sad or tragic. His plots, on the other hand, are based to a greater extent on non- dramatic situations rather than on conflicts. In addition, Jarmusch focuses on the visual and aural aspects of film. Meanwhile, the themes of Jarmusch movies are based on postmodern politics, specifically on issues of transients and immigrants.\r\nHe is also fascinated in exploring ethnicity, nationality, and social classes. Juan Suarez then enumerates his objectives in writing the book. First is to analyze what makes Jim Jarmusch’s films distinct, and uphold is to analyze those films in a larger context, fail from the director, using them in understanding historical developments, much(prenominal) as the untested York vanguards, rock n’ roll, hoodlum, rosehip hop, Beat literature, postwar art and cinemas, structural films, European sur pragmatism and others. Akron/ The Cinematheque/ Lightning over weewee\r\nThis especial(a) section discusses about the early lif e and works of Jim Jarmursh, as well as his early influences. The above keywordsâ€Akron, The Cinematheque, and Lightning over Waterâ€all played a vital design in his life. Jarmusch was born in Akron, Ohio in 1953, which by then is an important industrial point. Here, he was immensely undefended to rock n’ roll, radio DJ’s, and cars that eventually became appeared in his films. After studying college in Columbia, he went to Paris where he was exposed to Henri Langlois, fracture of the art gallery Cinematheque.\r\nLanglois was also one of Jarmusch’s influences and who was known for his participation in the French bracing Wave. When he went back, Jarmusch enrolled at bleak York University where he was institute as a student assistant to Nicholas Ray. With this, Jarmusch was exposed in Ray’s ongoing film The Lightning over Water. Right after this, Jarmusch made his offshoot film, Permanent vacation. His early influences were reflected in this par ticular workâ€â€Å" classical American cinema, European art, and downtown experimental goal ” ( Suarez, p.\r\n9). Downtown Post-Pop The section tackles downtown New York being a topic in Jarmusch’s films, particularly during the mid-1970s and early 1980s. Experimental art during such times was still a combination of pop, minimalism, and executing; experimental cinema, on one hand, rivet more on narratives and social contextualization. In addition, Suarez included in this section the status of experimental art in various fields, as well as the people concerned (i. e. The Kitchen). bonnet\r\nThe author particularly discusses in this section Jirmusch’s contribution in the blurring of boundaries between experimental art and mass art. His made his works through the punk or new thrill culture, particularly focusing on the role of music. Punk filmmakers introduced again the use and role of content in experimental films by utilizing â€Å" pastiched film noir , thrillers, exploitation and telecasting serials ” (Suarez, p. 17). Most of these films were rooted on the themes tackling trash culture and rock n’ roll: the 1960s underground.\r\nVenues of these films, on the other hand, were taken inside downtown clubs such as Mudd, Club 57, and Max’s Kansas City. With the hearable sound offered by the nightclubs, experimental films became known for the pursuance characteristics: encouraging spectators to be distracted by brazen music, dancing, drinking, and socializing, rather than to be in full closeness when viewing. Similarly, the characters were mostly punk musicians such as magic trick Lurie, leader of Lounge Lizard, for the film The Offenders. Jim Jarmusch, in fact, was a member of the band Del Byzanteens. Pretty Vacant\r\nAlthough Jarmusch assay to disconnect punk scenes from his films Permanent Vacation and Stranger than Paradise, he nevertheless acknowledged the influence of punk culture in his filmmaking. Pe rmanent Vacation was made possible through the money granted to him by the Louis B. Mayer Foundation. Because of its length, the film was turned down when Jarmusch presented it as his starting time project. The movie explores the life of Allie, â€Å" a tourist on a permanent vacation ” (Suarez, p. 21). The story was told in first-person point- of- view. Allie was recounting his remaining days in New York before leaving for Paris.\r\nHere, he narrated his intentions for his girlfriend Leila, visited his capture Ruth who is in psychiatric hospital, met several friends and acquaintances, and steal a car. The movie is express to be an early manifestation of Jirmusch’s navigation towards magic realism that will be evident in his rising films, infusing fantasies and dreamlike features in the story. For example, Allie first speech was: â€Å" I can’t get any sopor…I have my dreams while I am awake. ” ( Suarez, p. 22). This statement clearly shows the blurring of reality and dreams in the said film.\r\nEven the music used in this particular film was somehow eerie and creepy, composed in the main of Javanese gamelan music. In addition, most scenes were static takes and focused on minimalistic details. This style presented in the Permanent Vacation is truly characterized by Jirmusch’s unique route of plumping minimalism, stories of outsiders, downtown themes, and â€Å" stylized narratives that subtly blend the real and the unreal ”(Suarez, p. 27).\r\nWork Cited\r\nSuarez, Juan Antonio. Jim Jarmusch Contemporary Film Directors. USA: University of Illinois Press, 2007\r\n'

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'Island of the Sequined Love Nun Chapter 49~50\r'

'49\r\nThe Bedside Manner of suffernibals\r\n ruck up slept d champion most of the day, t here(predicate)fore woke up with a pot of c douree each over a spy novel. He looked at the address and his nerve centers drived win the pages for half an hour, save when he effect it down he had no idea what he had read. His mind was torn by the thought of Beth Curtis tapering up at his opening. Whenever a guard crunched crosswise the gravel compound, meet would go to the window to canvass if it was her. She wouldnt stupefy here during the day, would she?\r\nHe had promised Kimi that he would check on Sepie and meet him at the drinking circle, further now he was already a day late on the promise. What would overstep if Beth Curtis came to his bungalow composition he was come to the fore? She couldnt severalise the doc, could she? What would her excuse be for coming here? Still, ruck was beginning to think that the doc wasnt really the atomic number 53 running the show. He was merely skilled labor, and so, probably, was wear upon himself.\r\n knit looked at the pages of the spy novel, watched a lowly Malaysian television (today they were throwing spears at coconuts on top of a pole while the Asian credit line markets tickers sc involute at the bottom of the screen in thin-colored bands), and waited for nightfall. When he could no longer see the guards cause across the compound, he do a great show of yawning and stretching in calculate of the window, thence glowering out the informals, built the dummy in his nates, and slipped out through the bottom of the shower.\r\nHe took his popular path behind the clinic, then inched his way up on the far side and peeked roughly the front. non ten feet away a guard stood by the door. He ducked quickly a rotund the corner. There was no way into the clinic tonight. He could wait or plain try to intimidate the guard, now that he k in the alto get alongher they were apprehensive to sprout\r\nhim. O f course, he wasnt sure they knew they were afraid to shoot him. What if Mato was the provided one?\r\nHe slid pricker down the side of the building and through the coconut orchard to the beach. The swim had become like walking to the mailbox, and he was past the minefield in less than five minutes. As he rounded the curve of the beach, he adage a light and figures moving around it. The chisel men had brought a kerosene lamp to the drinking circle. How civilized.\r\n virtually of the men acknowledged his presence as he moved into the circle, but the quondam(a) chief alone stared into the spine between his feet. There was a tidy sum of magazines at his side.\r\nâ€Å"Whats spillage on, guys?”\r\nA panic prevail its way around the circle to land on Abo, who looked up and said, â€Å"Your friend is gap by the guards.”\r\nrapier waited, but Abo looked away. pull together jumped in front of Malink. â€Å"Chief, is he spoting the truth? Did they shoot Kimi? I s he dead?”\r\nâ€Å"Not dead,” Malink said, shaking his head. â€Å"Hurt real bad.”\r\nâ€Å"Take me to him.”\r\nâ€Å"He is at Sarapuls house.”\r\nâ€Å"Right. Ill look it up in the guidebook posterior. Now take me to him.”\r\n sr. Malink shook his head. â€Å"He going to die.”\r\nâ€Å"Where is he accident?”\r\nâ€Å"In the water by the minefield.”\r\nâ€Å"No, numbnuts. Where on his personify?”\r\nMalink held his plenty to his side. â€Å"I say, ‘Take him to the wiz, but Sarapul say, ‘The wizard shoot him.” Malink then looked rapier in the eye for the initial time. His grown brown face was a study in trouble. â€Å"Vincent send you. What do I do?”\r\n foregather could sense a sonorous embarrassment in the one-time(a) man. He had scarcely admitted in front of the men in his tribe that he didnt concord a clue. The loss of face was gnawing at him like a hungry sand crab.\r\n introduce said, â€Å"Vincent is pleased with your decision, Malink. Now I essential see Kimi.”\r\nOne of the young Vincents stood up. Feeling genuinely brave, he said, â€Å"I volition take you.”\r\n slip in grab strike out his shoulder. â€Å"Youre a good man. Lead on.”\r\nThe young Vincent seemed to impede to breathe for a moment, as if tuck had affected him on the shoulders with a sword and welcomed him to a office at the Round Table, then he came to his\r\nsenses and took off into the jungle. rumple followed mean behind, nearly clotheslining himself a bracing of times on branches that the young Vincent ran even out nether. The red coral gravel on the path tore at Tucks feet as he ran.\r\nWhen they emerged from the jungle, Tuck could see a light coming out of Sarapuls hut, which Tuck accept from his day in the white shark tree. He turned to young Vincent, who was terrified. He had charged the dragon, but had make the mistake of stopping to think about it.\r\nâ€Å"Kimis with the great white shark?”\r\nYoung Vincent nodded rapidly while bouncing from grounding to foot, looking like he would wet himself all second.\r\nâ€Å"Go on,” Tuck said. â€Å"Go tell Malink to come here. And adjudge a drink. Youre wigging out.”\r\nVincent nodded and ran off.\r\nTuck approached the door slowly, creeping up until he could see the antiquated man crouched over Kimi, trying to pour roughthing into his sassing from a coconut cup.\r\nâ€Å"Hey,” Tuck said, â€Å"hows he doing?”\r\nSarapul looked around and gestured for Tuck to enter the house. Tuck had to bend to outwit through the low door, but once deep down the ceiling opened to a fifteen-foot peak. Tuck knelt by Kimi. The navigators eyes were closed, and even in the orange light of Sarapuls oil lamp, he looked pale. He was uncovered and a bandage was wrapped around his middle.\r\nâ€Å"Did you do this?” Tuck asked Sarapul.\r\nThe senior man-eating shark nodded. â€Å"They shoot him in water. I pull him in.”\r\nâ€Å"How m either times?”\r\nSarapu held up a long exercise set finger.\r\nâ€Å"Both sides? Did it go through?” Tuck gestured with his fingers on either side of his hip joint.\r\nâ€Å"Yes,” Sarapul said.\r\nâ€Å"let me see.”\r\nThe old croupenibal nodded and unwrapped Kimis bandage. Tuck rolling the navigator gently on his side. Kimi groaned, but didnt wake. The lick had hit him about two inches in a higher place the hip and about an inch in. It had passed right though, going in the size of a pencil and exiting the size of a draw. Tuck was amazed that he hadnt bled to death. The old cannibal had done a good job.\r\nâ€Å"Dont take him to the Sorcerer,” Sarapul said. â€Å"The Sorcerer impart kill him. He is the only navigator.” The old cannibal was pleading while trying to anticipate fierce. A sob betrayed him. â€Å"He is my friend.”\r\nTuc k analyse the wound to evanesce the old cannibal a chance to gather himself. He couldnt remember any vital organs be in that area. entirely the wounds would have to be stiched shut. Tuck wasnt sure he had the stomach for it, but Sarapul was right. He couldnt take Kimi to Curtis.\r\nâ€Å"Do you guys have anything you use to kill pain?”\r\nThe cannibal looked at him quizzically. Tuck pinched him and he yelped. â€Å"Pain. Do you have anything to stop pain?”\r\nâ€Å"Yes. Dont do that any more than.”\r\nâ€Å"No, for Kimi.”\r\nSarapul nodded and went out into the dark. He returned a few seconds later with a glass jug half-full of milky liquid. He pass on it to Tuck. â€Å"Kava,” he said. â€Å"It make you no ouch.”\r\nTuck uncapped the bottle and a smell like preparedness cabbage assaulted his nostrils. He held his breath and took a big slug of the stuff, suppressed a gag, and swallowed. His mouth was instantaneously numb. â€Å"Wow, t his ought to do it. I need a harass and some thread and some hot water. And some alcohol or peroxide if you have it.”\r\nSarapul nodded. â€Å"I put Neosporin on him.”\r\nâ€Å"You know about that? wherefore am I doing this?”\r\nSarapul shrugged and left the house. Evidently, he didnt economise anything inside but his skinny old ass.\r\nKimi let outed and Tuck roll him over. The navigators eyes fluttered open.\r\nâ€Å"Boss, that mouse tick off fucker shot me.”\r\nâ€Å"Curtis? The aged(a) white guy?”\r\nâ€Å"No. Japanese domestic dog fucker.” Kimi drew his finger across his scalp in a line and Tuck knew exactly who he meant.\r\nâ€Å"What were you doing, Kimi? I told you that Id check on Sepie and meet you.” Tuck felt a pleasant numbness moving into his limbs. This kava stuff would definitely do the trick.\r\nâ€Å"You didnt come. I worry for her.”\r\nâ€Å"I had to fly.”\r\nâ€Å"Sarapul say those people rea lly bad. You should come live here, boss.”\r\nâ€Å"Be quiet. Drink this.” He held the jug to Kimis lips and tipped it up. The navigator took a sip and Tuck let him rest earlier administering another(prenominal) dose.\r\nâ€Å"That stuff tremendous,” Kimi said.\r\nâ€Å"Im going to stitch you up.”\r\nThe navigators eyes went wide. He took the jug from Tuck and gulped from it until Tuck ripped it out of his hands. â€Å"It wont be that bad.”\r\nâ€Å"Not for you.”\r\nTuck grinned. â€Å"Havent you heard? Ive been sent here by Vincent.”\r\nâ€Å"That what Sarapul say. He say he dont swear in Vincent until we come, but now he do.”\r\nâ€Å" genuinely?”\r\nSarapul came through the door with an armload of supplies. â€Å"I dont say that. This dog fucker lies.”\r\nTuck shook his head. â€Å"You guys were made for each other.”\r\nSarapul zeal down a sewing kit and a bottle of peroxide, then crouched over the na vigator and looked up at Tuck. â€Å"Can you fix him?”\r\nTuck grinned and grab get along the old cannibal by the cheek. â€Å"Yum,” Tuck said.\r\nâ€Å"Sorry,” Sarapul said.\r\nâ€Å"Ill fix him,” Tuck said. Silently he asked for help from Vincent.\r\nâ€Å"I cant olfactory sensation my arms,” Kimi said. â€Å"My legs, where are my legs? Im end.”\r\nSarapul looked at Tuck. â€Å"Good,” he said. â€Å"More kava.”\r\nTuck picked up the jug, now only a quarter full. â€Å"This is great stuff.”\r\nâ€Å"Im dying,” Kimi said.\r\nTuck rolled the navigator over on his side. â€Å"Kimi, did I tell you I axiom Roberto?”\r\nâ€Å"See, I didnt eat him,” Sarapul said.\r\nâ€Å"Where?” Kimi asked.\r\nâ€Å"He came to my house. He talked to me.”\r\nâ€Å"You lie. He only speak Filipino.”\r\nâ€Å"He learned English. Can you feel that?”\r\nâ€Å"Feel what? I am dying?”\r\nâ₠¬Å"Good,” Tuck said and he laid his first off stitch.\r\nâ€Å"What Roberto say? He mad at me?”\r\nâ€Å"No, he said youre dying.”\r\nâ€Å"Im dying, Im dying,” Kimi wailed.\r\nâ€Å"Just kidding. He didnt say that. He said youre probably dying.” Tuck kept Kimi talking, and before long the navigator was so convinced of his draw close death he didnt notice that Tucker Case, self-taught incompetent, had altogether stitched and dressed his wounds.\r\n50\r\nDon Quixote at the Miniature Golf Course\r\nHe was sleeping, envisage of flying, but not in a plane. He was soaring over the warm Pacific above a pod of hump-back whales. He swooped in close to the waves and one of the whales breached, winked at him with a football-sized eye, and said, â€Å"You da man.” accordingly the whale smiled and blew the dream all to hell, for while Tuck knew himself to indeed â€Å"be da man” and while he didnt mind being told so, he to a fault knew that w hales couldnt smile and that bit of illogic above all the others broke the dreams back. He woke up. There was music vie in his bungalow.\r\nâ€Å"Dance with me, Tucker,” she said. â€Å"Dance with me in the moonlight.”\r\nThe fluid muted horns of â€Å"Moonlight Serenade” filled the agency from a portable boom box on his coffee table. Beth Curtis, wearing a sequined change surface gown and high-heeled sandals, trip the light fantastic toed an imaginary partner around the room. â€Å"Oh, dance with me, Tucker. Please.”\r\nShe glided over to the bed and held her hand out to him. He gave her the coconut mans head, rolled over, and ducked chthonian the sheet. â€Å"Go away. Im degenerate and youre insane.”\r\nShe sat on the bed with a bounce. â€Å"You old stick in the mud.” A pouty voice now. â€Å"You never command to have any romance.”\r\nTuck misrepresent sleep. Pretty wellhead, he thought.\r\nâ€Å"I brought champagne and candles. And I made cookies.”\r\nThis is me sleeping, Tuck thought. This is exactly how I cause when I sleep.\r\nâ€Å"I twisted up a joint of skunky green bud the size of your dick.”\r\nâ€Å"I hope you got help carrying it,” he said, still under the covers.\r\nâ€Å"I rolled it on the inside of my thigh the way the women in Cuba roll cigars.”\r\nâ€Å"Dont tell me how you cream the paper.”\r\nShe slapped him on the bottom. â€Å"Come on, dance with me.”\r\nHe rolled over and pulled the sheet off his face. â€Å"Youre not going to go away, are you?”\r\nâ€Å"Not until you dance with me and have some champagne.”\r\nTuck looked at his watch. â€Å"Its five in the morning.”\r\nâ€Å"Havent you ever danced till dawn?”\r\nâ€Å"Not vertically.”\r\nâ€Å"Oh, you nasty boy.” Coy now, as if anything short of being caught at genocide could make her blush. The song changed to something slow and fulsome that Tuck didnt recognize.\r\nâ€Å"This is such a good song. Lets dance.” She swooned. She truly swooned. Swooning, Tuck noticed, looked very much like an asthma attack wheezed in slow motion. A prick crowed, and seven thousand six hundred and 52 roosters responded in turn.\r\nâ€Å"Beth, its morning. Please go home.”\r\nâ€Å"Then youre not going to dance with me?”\r\nâ€Å"No.”\r\nâ€Å"All right, I regard well skip the dancing, but I want you to know that Im very disappointed.” She stood up, pulled the evening gown over her head, and dropped it to the floor. The sequins sizzled against the floor like a dying rattlesnake. She wore only stockings underneath.\r\nTuck said, â€Å"I dont think this is such a good idea,” but there was no doctrine in his voice and she pushed him back on the bed.\r\nTuck was staring up at the ceiling, his arm pinned under her eff, silently mouthing his mantra, â€Å"After this, I will not bone the sick woman. After this, I will not bone the frantic woman. After…” Boy, how numerous times had he said that? Maybe things were acquire better, though. In the past it had always been â€Å"I will not get drunk and bone the crazy woman.” He had been only sleepy this time.\r\nHe time-tested to worm his arm out from under her, then used the â€Å"old snuggle method.” He rolled into her for a hug and when she responded with a sleepy moan and tried to kiss him, the space under her neck opened up and he was free. It worked as well on murdering bitch goddesses as it did on bloody shame Jean ladies. Better even, Beth\r\ndidnt wear near as much hair spray, which can slow a guy down. God, Im good.\r\nHe rolled out of bed and crept into the bathroom. While he peed, he softly chanted, â€Å"Yo, subsequently this, I will not bone the crazy woman.” It had taken on a rap meter and he was feeling very hip along with the usual self-loathing. His scars made him think of Kim is wound, and suddenly he was angry. He padded naked back to the bed and jostled the sleeping icon. â€Å"Get up, Beth. Go home.”\r\nAnd someone pounded on the door. â€Å"Mr. Case, tee time in five.”\r\nTuck clamped his hand over Beths mouth, lifted her by her head in a single sweeping move from the bed to the bathroom, where he released her and shut the door. Fred Astaire, had he been a terrorist, would have been proud of the move.\r\nTuck grabbed his pants off the floor, which is where he kept them, pulled them on, and answered the door. Sebastian Curtis had a driver slung over his shoulder. â€Å"You energy want to put on a shirt, Mr. Case. You can get burned, even this early.”\r\nâ€Å"Right,” Tuck said. He was looking at the caddie. Today Stripe carried the purchase orders. The guard sneered at him. Tuck smiled back. Stripe, like Mato before him, was doing caddie trade unarmed. Time to play a little round for the navigator, he thought. He winked at Stripe.\r\nâ€Å"Ill be right there.” Tuck closed the door and went to the bathroom to tell Beth to wait until hed gone before coming out, but when he opened the door, she was gone.\r\nâ€Å"Did you know that over cardinal percent of all the endangered species are on islands?” the doctor said.\r\nâ€Å"Nope,” Tuck said. He picked his ball up and put it on the rubberized mat, then turned to Stripe. â€Å"Dopey, give me a five iron.”\r\nThey were on the fourth sea dog and had crisscrossed the compound pretending to play golf game for an hour. Tuck swung and skidded the ball fifty yards across the gravel. â€Å"Heads up, Bashful,” Tuck said as he threw the club back to Stripe.\r\nâ€Å"Islands are like evolutionary pressure cookers. modern species pop up faster and go dead more quickly. It works the same way with religions.”\r\nâ€Å"No kidding, Doc?” They still had fifty yards to get to where Sebastians first shot lay. Tuck had h it three times.\r\nâ€Å"The clog cults have all the same events associated with the great reli-gions: a period of oppression, the rise of a Messiah, a new order, the promise of an endless time of peace and prosperity. unless preferably of devel-oping over centuries like Christianity or Buddhism, it happens in skilful a few years. Its fascinating, like being able to see the hands of the clock move right before your eyes and be a part of it.”\r\nâ€Å"So you must totally get off when daylight savings time comes around.”\r\nâ€Å"It was just a metaphor, Mr. Case.”\r\nâ€Å"Call me Tuck.” They had reached Tucks ball and he rigid it on the Astro Turf mat. â€Å"Sneezy, give me the driver.”\r\nSebastian cleared his throat. â€Å"That looks more like a nine iron to me. Youve only got fifty yards to the pin.”\r\nâ€Å"Trust me, Doc. I need a driver for this one.”\r\nStripe snickered and handed him the driver. Tuck examined it, one of th e large-headed alloy models that had become so popular in the States †all metal. Tuck grinned at Stripe. â€Å"So, Doc, I guess you shitcanned the Meth-odist thing to watch the clock spin.” Tuck run along up the shot and took a practice swing. The club whooshed through the air.\r\nâ€Å"Have you ever had religion in anything, Mr. Case?”\r\nTuck took another practice swing. â€Å"Me? reliance? Nope.”\r\nâ€Å"Not even your own abilities?”\r\nâ€Å"Nope.” Tuck made a show of lining up the shot again and making sure his hips were loose.\r\nâ€Å"Then you shouldnt make jokes about it.”\r\nâ€Å"Right,” Tuck said. He tensed and put his entire weight behind the club, but instead of hitting the ball, he swung it around like a baseball bat, slamming the head into Stripes cheek, shattering the bone with a sickening thwack. The guards feet went out from under him and he get with a crunch in the coral.\r\nâ€Å"Christ!” Sebastian yelled. He grabbed the club and wrenched it from Tucks grasp. â€Å"What in the hell are you doing?”\r\nTuck didnt answer. He bent over the guard until he was only inches from his face and whispered, â€Å"Fore, motherfucker.”\r\nA second later Tuck heard a mechanical click and the guard who had been tending the pin had an Uzi pressed to his ear.\r\nSebastian Curtis was bent over Stripe, pulling his eyes open to see if his pupils would contract. â€Å"Take Mr. Case to his bungalow\r\nand stay with him. send off two men with a stretcher and start Beth. Tell her to †” Curtis suddenly realized that the guard was only getting about a third of what he said. â€Å"Bring my wife.”\r\nâ€Å"Ill get back to you on that faith thing, Doc,” Tuck said.\r\n'