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EU Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

EU Law - Essay ExampleAccording to the inquiry Non-Profit Orgnizations such as Animal Protection Association (APA) can non be considered an unconditional entity inside the context of word 34 since it receives substantial funding from Sagolands Ministry of Environment geared to set ahead spielivities having as their object glass and kernel to reduce the demand for wares sourced from another Member State. The measures were attributable to the Sagoland primarily because APA initiated the Animal Protection Mark (APM) at the behest of the Sagoland its failure to arrest members of the APA found to have committed illegal acts such as threats, coercion, blockade of roads, impetuous of lorry and other similar activities. The enactment of Sagoland of a national policy prohibiting fur farming and confining the entry of fur products in its territory is indeed a hindrance to competition. It is separate that its intention is to impede, anticipate or reduce patronage of products source f rom other Member States which is contrary to the EUs objective of a single and integrated market. This would promote locally produce products giving it undue economic advantage. Thus, the act of Sagoland falls within the prohibition of expression 34 TFEU. Measures of another Member State to protect the wellness and life of the animals found in the other Member State cannot be justified under Article 36 TFEU. National law of Sagoland intended to protect the life and health of animals found outside its jurisdiction do not have extra-territorial application. Scandonia likewise violates the principle of mutuality because the member state cannot use their valued restrictions and laws in another state. Another basis is the principles of proportionality were not fulfilled where the means employed to reach the objectives must not go beyond what is necessary. Lastly, public morality is not a sufficient apology to restrict the importation of goods to and from another Member State. III a.) In the case of Mr. Zack, and Henrietta Ls relationship, it is clear that the promoter contract governs the relationship of the two. Mr. Zacks action of purchasing additional products from Henriettas website will not transform that relationship since the obtain of the product supports the promoter contract. As its ambassador Mr. Zack is compelled to only use and accept Henriettas products, purchasing Henriettas product from its website supports this relationship since as the endorser Mr. Zack cannot use or purchase other products. b.) Henriettas website was meant to only cater to customers within Scandinionia. The websites disavowal declared and intimated as often and the use of the LAX currency as the only currency entertained by the websites absolutely proves this pose not to mention the use of Scandinionian as one of its language. The use of a primary domain work by the website and the use of English is of no moment since the content and intent of the website is only meant t o cater to customers within Scandinionia as proven by its disclaimer and the use of LAX as the only means of payment. The disclaimer is sufficient in form and in substance, therefore it cannot be considered as an unfair item in a binding contract. It should be noted that the disclaimer was not ambiguous and it was conspicuously displayed within the website. PLEADINGS FOR HENRIETTA L I. a) GOVERNMENT ACTION IN FAVOR OF APA ESTABLISHES PUBLIC MEASURE Animal Protection Association (APA) is a non-profit organization founded according to the Law of Non Profit Associations in Sagoland. Although it is established denoting a social objective, it cannot be considered an independent entity within the context of Article 34 since APA receives substantial funding from Sagolands Ministry of Environment geared to promote activities having as their objective and effect to reduce the demand for wares sourced from another Member State. The issue arose when Sagoland implemented a measure to ban fur fa rming and to dismantle existing fur farms in its territory. Following the effectuation

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W7 OM Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

W7 OM Discussion - try on ExampleLambert and Cooper (2000) identified several major components of SCM, including planning and control, work structure, organizational structure, solicitude methods, product flow facility structure, and power and leadership structure. By implication, for effective SCM to be said to cast off taken place, supply chain managers must be in a position to adequately coiffure management processes in every last(predicate) of these components together. It is for this reason that SCM has been considered to be a shared province, involving the coordinated efforts of several departments and custody within the organization (Meredith and Shafer, 2014).Once SCM is used, there are a number of benefits that the organization practicing can get. harmonise to Mentzer, J.T. et al. (2001), SCM helps in ensuring efficiency by ensuring that supply chain managers are able to respond quickly to all issues and changes that take place within the supply chain. This way, chan ces of delays are well catered for. SCM has also been noted to have the wages of ensuring information transparency due to its open ended approach and the fact that it functions on the shared responsibility

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SQL database paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

SQL informationbase paper - Essay ExampleThe customerID field is a unique realm because each customer will have their unique customerID thus the reason for its use as the particular key. The newly go intod bows allow us to have several booked charms associated with a customer thus increase the flexibility of the system. It also reduces the storage space required. The tour1NF tables are added to allow customers to make several orders (Informix Guide, 1998).A table that keeps tours sold and tour customer data, holds, address, customer name, city, zip code state, tour(s) selected, total amount give and the number of persons in the tour. Therefore, the structure will be able to show the customer in encase he/she books more than once.Data modelling refers the process of examining data-oriented structures, in that you single out entity types into which attributes are designate to. The conceptual model can be used to represent the data above.To make the table2NF compliant we introd uce the customerID field as the primary key of the customer table and the foreign key of the newly created table in 1NF tours selected table. This makes the table 2NF compliant.Using the salesperson table that was described earlier the most appropriate depart would be a Data Modelling Language (DML) innovation. The trigger is initiated every moment the salesperson sales a tour. In the new data model the customer information is subsidiary to sales information, the trigger is identified as for each statement type and is an additional data set for the salesperson each time the tour booking triggers the event.Using the salesperson table described the appropriate trigger would be a Data Manipulation Language (DML) trigger and would be initiated each time a tour operator sells a new tour. Under the new structure in which the client information is stamp down to sales information, this trigger would be identified as for each statement type and would add data set for the

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Managers & Organisations - Reflective Portfolio Assignment

Managers & Organisations - Reflective Portfolio - Assignment ExampleThe objectives of this report is to generate a pass water understanding on circumstantial issues an individual can face while performing those tasks. In addition, the paper also provides an insight about how to deal with the problems regarding get laidment of clients, inventory and staffs. Summarising Learning admonition During the work kick upstairs in my profession, I had confronted with several issues which helped me to gain valuable experience. I had showed good performance on maintaining coordination with staffs on with other stakeholders in the comp either. My knowledge and expertise had helped me to deal with the clients and to manage other operations such as supervision, monitoring and analysis of documents among others. I always endeavour to provide rapid response to any grade of problems within the organisation so that it does not turn out to be much worse. I cause two study characteristics which influence my decision making which are activist and quick learning ability. The study gaps I had identified during reflection were ineffective planning and communication. Due to this gap, I often faced difficulties in managing the clients and the staffs. Above all, I am a reflector in learning and can put surmisal and idea into practice and I always pursued for learning new things in my professional life. Reflection on Practices Scenario 1 The first-class honours degree workplace scenario of my work experience is related to management of client. In any business organisation, it is significant to manage the clients effectively. Client management is concerned with appealing to new clients as tumefy as retaining the existing clients of the company. It is critical for every manager to maintain good associations with clients so that they... During the work tenure in my profession, I had confronted with several issues which helped me to gain valuable experience. I had showed good pe rformance on maintaining coordination with staffs on with other stakeholders in the company. My knowledge and expertise had helped me to deal with the clients and to manage other operations such as supervision, monitoring and analysis of documents among others. I always endeavour to provide rapid response to any smorgasbord of problems within the organisation so that it does not turn out to be much worse. I experience two major characteristics which influence my decision making which are activist and quick learning ability. The major gaps I had identified during reflection were ineffective planning and communication. Due to this gap, I often faced difficulties in managing the clients and the staffs. Above all, I am a reflector in learning and can put theory and idea into practice and I always pursued for learning new things in my professional life. Scenario 1The first workplace scenario of my work experience is related to management of client. In any business organisation, it is significant to manage the clients effectively. Client management is concerned with appealing to new clients as well as retaining the existing clients of the company. It is critical for every manager to maintain good associations with clients so that they conduct business with the company regularly and for the pine run. In present days competitive business environment, losing a valuable client can cost heavily on profitability.

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Nat Turner Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nat turner - Essay practiceHe was the property of Benjamin food turner, a plantation owner. Nat Turners mformer(a) and grandmother had been brought to America from Africa and hated the concept of thrall from the bottom of their hearts. Nat grew up deeply religious and intensely sharing his mothers views of slavery. He gradually believed that He was immortals illusionist chosen to lead his people out of slavery.An annual solar eclipse convinced Turner that God had signaled from the Heavens above to start a revolution and with seven other of his associates or friends who were also slaves launched a rebellion. The rebellion began with the house of Nats new master Joseph Travis. Al well-nigh 50 white people were killed. Contrary to what Nat had aforethought(ip) the rebellion was crushed within 48 hours and he himself was captured several days later.Naturally this insurrection had incited reality fury and led to a thousand idle exaggerated and mischevious reports (Thomas R. Gray). I t heralded the beginning of a series of upsurges of open rebellion of the slaves which eventually led to the Great Civil War. Everything was shrouded in mystery till the confession of Nat Turner was brought to light.Thomas R. Gray met Nat Turner in prison and recorded his account of the slave rebellion .Nat Turner was regarded as the Great Bandit. Thomas Gray claims he found Nat willing to make a amply and free confession of the origin, progress and consummation of the insurrectory movements of the slaves of which he was the contriver and head. (Thomas Gray)The Confessions of Nat Turner like all other confessions cannot be held to be a document of Absolute Truth. It is definitely a revelation of several facts most of which can be corroborated further but every convict even during the last confession of his smell will be in fear of his captor even if faced with the gallows. Moreover, what he utter has been create verbally down by Thomas Gray in the prison cell. Just as what Turn er said whitethorn have been directed by emotion so also what was finally written may have been tainted by the writer of this confession to satiate the greatly excited public sound judgement. The mind is fraught with the very pertinent question did Turner voluntarily make these confessions The Confession remains a subject of intellectual debate , both praised as a brave look into a seldom represented life, and maligned for what many saw as a clichd conception of a black man.. (NAT TURNER A Troublesome Property, Styron 1967)Nat Turners rebellion marked a year that also saw the rise of the abolitionist movement, increase tensions over states rights and the arrival of the steam locomotive.1831 proved to be a watershed year in American history (Louis P. Masur, author of 1831 Year of Eclipse). The hysterical climate that followed Turners revolt, blacks from as far away as marriage Carolina were accused of being part of the insurrection and even executed. Harriet Ann Jacobs, who later escaped to freedom, describes this climate of fear and worrying in her memoirs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by Herself.Nat s confessions regarding his visions were probably correct and await to be the words of a prophet who is convinced about his convictions. He sincerely believed that the Holy life-time which spoke to prophets of earlier times actually spoke to him. He claims unabashedly that the Spirit told him Seed ye the

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Nursing research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nursing research - Essay Example consort to World wellness Organization (2009), nipple milk is the perfect natural food for babies. According to this article, booby milk is represent of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that are perfectly mixed appropriate for the development of physiology in babies. Breast milk according to this article, contains protecting(prenominal) substances that earmark the baby with immunity to diseases. This article shows that during the early stages of the life of the baby, breast milk meets virtu ally all the nutrients required by the baby and there is no other fluid including water is required noting that breast milk is composed of 88% water which is enough to satisfy the thirst of an infant. This article summarized research covering that infants need to be breastfed exclusively for the first sextette months. This article indicates that those babies who are exclusively breastfed for period of six months have on average 8.6 times lower riskinesss o f the diarrheal illness. In this same article it is recommended that breastfeeding should keep open along with the solid food introduction such as complimentary feeding for not slight than 23 months. This implies according to this subject that the minimum period that is needed to adequately nourish a growing child is 2 years though some parents dexterity wish to continue with breastfeed for a period beyond this. Moreover, the article recommends that breast milk provide at least 50 pct of calories for a child between 6 and 12 months of age, and one- trio of calories between 12 and 24 months of age. According to Arifeen et al (2005) deaths that occur due to diarrhea and pneumonia can be reduced by one third among the infants if infants were to be exclusively rather than partially breastfed for a period of the first four months. Unfortunately, 35 share of infants are exclusively breastfed for a period of six months. According to this article, breastfeeding, as well confers long bourn and intermediate benefits on both the mother and the child which includes aiding in protecting the child against various knowing and chronic disorders. This article indicate that at 6 months of age, increased energy demand of an infant fetch to exceed the amount of energy that is provided by the breast milk and that is the time to start introducing foods. Arifeen et al (2005 noteworthy that it might not be proper for a mother to continue breastfeeding exclusively beyond this point. This study indicated that the breastfeeding process involve to be proceeded on demand throughout the entire complimentary feeding period. This is tell so because breast milk often provide higher quality of nutrients as compared to the complimentary foods. Moreover, breast milk is a protective factor guarding against childhood diseases and it helps in reducing on the risks of chronic diseases that might come later in life. In this article, the author indicated that at six months of age, the incr eased energy needs of the infant start to exceed the energy provided by breast milk, so thats the time to generate to introduce foods. It is not okay to continue to breastfeed exclusively at this point.At the same time, breastfeeding should appease continue on-demand throughout the complementary feeding period (up to 2 years of age) (Arifeen et al, 2005). Breast milk continues to provide higher quality nutrients than complementary foods, and also protective factors that guard against childhood illness and reduce the risk of chronic diseas

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Examine the stock returns for both Pfizer and AstraZeneca during the Essay

Examine the stock returns for both Pfizer and AstraZeneca during the bid work and provide possible reasons for changes in price on key dates - Essay Example7.36). Comparing by the revenues, Pfizer is a larger company than AstraZeneca both the companies being products of the merger.Pfizer made four approaches earlier in 2014 terminating the bids in a full and final offer of 55 sterling pounds per share valuing AstraZeneca at 69 one million million million pounds (Battersby & Grimes 2014, p. 7.37). The current debt to equity proportion at Pfizer is at 0.49, a low and a below bonny industrial average. The low figure is an indication of good management of debt levels within the firm. Pfizer had a quick ratio of 2.03 demonstrating their capability to cover and settle short time liquidity needs.The gross profit of Pfizer during the bidding sour span was a high figure of 85.18 percentage with its network profit margin accounted at 22.92 percent. The net operating cash flow had a sligh t increase to $4,087 million, a figure equivalent to 6.71 percent comparable to the same quarter one year ago (US. Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report 2014, P.15).AstraZeneca rejected Pfizers final offer on grounds that the takeover may pose a risk to its pharmaceutic operations. In addition, the fear of the uncertainty that could arise led to the collapse of the bid process. It became hard for AstraZeneca to evaluate Pfizers final bid given the uncertainty over the total standard that Pfizer could trim off its tax income bill by venturing in Britain.Pfizer offered a final bid of 69.4 billion sterling pounds, an equivalent amount to $ 117 billion terming the figures full and final. Lack of a proven parameter for evaluating a company with a outgrowth and attractive growth prospects led to changes in prices on the final day. Pfizer failed to factor in AstraZenecas future tense prospects in terms of sales and market base.The concerns on whether Pfizer would eliminate jobs after the merger and diminish Britains standing in life sciences indicate the political influence

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Ryle on Monism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ryle on Monism - Essay ExampleThe body has physical existence and consists of matter. Evidences adduced by Freud suggest that some of the thoughts of a person differ from the thoughts which he really acknowledges. However, the common understanding is that a person is aw be of his own thoughts. Regarding others, a person can only make inferences from the observed deportment of the other person. But Ryle argues that this common sense understanding based on Descartes theory is unsound and skirmish with whole body of knowledge that we know ab reveal mind. According to Ryle, the source of such double emotional state theory is because of category mistakes. It is like somebody asking where the university is after seeing, various departments, libraries and research facilities. The university is in position just the way everything is organised. The same is the mistake when a child after witnessing the march past of batteries, squadrons, etc .asks when the region is going to appear. He mu st be explained that battalions, batteries and squadrons constitute a division. Descartes regards human body as a complex organised unit and mind as just another complex unit. Like body, minds are also things. Mental processes are causes and effects. The mind governs the bodily engine although nothing is known of how it governs the bodily engine. Ryle points out that such explanation given by Decartes rests on a batch of category mistakes.

Revenues and Fair Values Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Revenues and Fair Values - Assignment ExampleQuestion 1, Part I Outline the appoint requirements of IAS 18 RevenuesIAS 18 prescribes the accounting treatment for taxation arising from certain types of transactions and events. It defines revenue as the gross inflow of economic benefits, much(prenominal) as cash, receivables, and other assets, arising from the ordinary operating activities of an enterprise, such as sales of goods or services, interest, royalties, and dividends (IAS 18 7). Revenues are different from gains, a type of income which also submit increases in economic benefits but may not arise in the course of the ordinary activities of an enterprise. The key requirements of IAS 18 are reliability, recognition, and measurement of revenue. Revenue should be measured at the fair value of the love receivable (IAS 18 9). An exchange for goods or services of a similar nature and value is not regarded as a transaction that generates revenue, which only applies to exchanges o f dissimilar items (IAS 18 12).IAS 18 has the following basic principles to designate accountants on the timing of revenue recognitionSignificant risks and/or rewards of ownership are transferred to the buyerNo continuing involvement nor control associated with ownershipAmount of revenue can be measured reliably

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Influence of bullying on society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Influence of blustery on society - Essay ExampleHuman beings develop or capture by observing the contacts and so they are called as social animals.Bullying is non what which is imbibed by birth, the situations and people around them make children harass whoever comes in contact with them. Children at young maturate dont have that much understanding to differentiate between genders or elderly people, teachers, family members and friends are the easiest scapegoats.The beginning of strong-arm may start from people surrounding the child start interfering in their matter and attempt to alter their thoughts and at the same date molding them in a way what their parent or guardians need their wards to grow. This noble effort may be a good weapon to blend their children into a multi-talent adolescent, but it may have serious consequences if the child is already preoccupied by thoughts of his own. At this time if someone tries to interfere with their thoughts and intentions, emotions t hat may burst paving a way of bullying whoever tries to bother them.Children at tender season cant differentiate between teaching and strict discip military control. Their lies a very thin line between teaching and discipline. If the child experiences this he/she may get disturbed and may get opposed to the situations and will react unruly.The g... One of the intellectuals for children and adolescents is suspected easyness in themselves or in others. They try to counterbalance up their weaknesses by aggressive behavior and showing the power personally. If a student is found weak mentally or in aspect of human or common intelligence then the surrounding adolescents whoever are aggressive in nature start bullying. This can be a stepping-stone to the child or adolescent to start bullying their immediate or fellow students and their teachers. Children bullying at tender age may just tease their fellow student, neighbors and teachers but when they grow up with such mentality, bullyi ng exclusively take a different meaning and as it expands, date violence, sexually harassing girls. The very beginning of bullying at tender age should be checked and corrected so that it may not stretch forth up to adult hood. Not checking and correcting at tender age is also a specific reason for adolescents and adults bullying, once children and adolescents taste the sarcastic magic of bullying, it entices and tempts them to whip out their natural behavior by re namement aggressive and power full behavior in to their character. The combination of power and aggression makes them fell supreme. slackly adolescents look to their peers for help all times. If their peers are noble enough then such behavior do declaim in adolescents. But if they are not, then adolescents become most notorious and when they continue to grow which such behavior up to adult hood then bullying will be separate component of sexually harassment, gang attacks, date violence critical assault, marital viol ence, child abuse, work place harassment and elder abuse, another

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Compensation issue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Compensation resultant - Essay ExampleCompensation issueDepending on the job functions, various workers under the form _or_ system of government ar assigned certain classifications which determine the premiums paid for compensations. The policy will accord compensation to workers regardless of duty period by negligence. The state laws regarding workers compensation provides benefits such as medical coverage and treatment, disability whether permanent or temporary, vocational rehabilitation and death benefits (Hargreaves v Telstra Corporation Limited). The policy also covers bodily injuries by adventure or injuries resulting from disease that occur within the policy period (Deneault & Mullins, pg.89). These diseases must however be intensify by the conditions in the workplace for it to be covered. The compensation policy may however not moderate where willful misconduct is committed, an employee is employed in violation of the law, safety and health regulations are not observed , and obsession and discrimination against employees are done violating the compensation policy.The manager breaks his leg whilst at work rendering he incapacitated. This constituted further employment as a replacement to ensure continued operations in the enterprise. Despite the fact that Gino is the manager and owns the business, he can claim compensation under the workers compensation policy or the Corporations Act 2001. This is to ensure that he attains compensation for his broken leg from the company which he suffered at work in the course of his duties.

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Theology Judas Iscariot Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Theology Judas Iscariot - Essay ExampleFor that reason I chose to have Judas Iscariot, their treasurer who was also the man who in the end sold him to the Romans for a mere 30 pieces.In the film industry, Judas is portrayed in traditional terms - as a betrayer and an factor of Satan. This is in line with the belief of many modern Christians, whether laity, theologians or clergy, who consider Judas as a treasonist and a synonym for betrayer - a belief which has perpetuated Christian society for hundreds of years. Yet there be some scholars who argue that Judas was merely acting as a negotiator in a prearranged prisoner exchange. Judas is said to have acted and betrayed Jesus with full knowledge and consent of his master.It is in light of this controversial tax return that I will be analyzing what the scholarly world and the film industry has to say regarding the character of Judas as compared to what the Gospel of John has to say. I will be starting with a discussion of the way ca rdinal films, The Gospel of John and The Last Temptation, portray Judas and proceed to a historical and cultural analysis of wherefore the character of Judas is being reevaluated.The Gospel of John directed by Philip Saville was a brilliant and an appealing pictorial matter of the last moments in Jesus life because of the use of imagery and symbolism. The language was a little unconventional in comparison to todays over-glamorized film making styles and was noticeably scripted from what seemed chunks of the bible save in spite of these, it was still very enlightening. The way the collaboration of images was accomplished was very effective in explaining the parts of the story that were slow to understand. I found it amazing the way the television camera shots would slowly pan out and we could see in all his disciples surrounding him, gazing in awe. Great respect towards him was evident when some wouldnt look him in the eyes or question some of his actions. The lighting too pla yed a huge role in lay the mood for the film- the somewhat dim lighting that may have lasted throughout the entire film gave the touch sensation that it was set in a much earlier time period, and the remarkable costumes corroborated this as well. The camera decease on the imagery and the centering of the movie on Jesus Christ was magnificent. He is all knowing, view by his disciples and full of faith, although not everyone has full faith in him. The people question his holiness because he is the son of Mary and Joseph who are humans just as everyone else is. He confidently assures them I am who I am, Jesus of Nazareth, a teacher and the only Son of God. From the film as well as the bible readings in the book of John (664-71), Jesus makes it clear to his followers that one of them has ulterior motives, save he does not mention who it is for the time being. Here I began to notice further use of the camera to give an idea of who it may be. For someone that is familiar with the sto ry of his betrayal we already know it is Judas, but to others it gives a small hint of who it may be because in some instances the frame freezes on two or three of his disciples. Furthermore, since many of them have the same hairstyles, body types, eye color and such, it could be a little hard to keep up with at the beginning, but this effect

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Modern techniques and methods of management Term Paper

Modern techniques and methods of management - Term idea ExampleMark uses an automobile washboard to bring out the point that the system should be satisfactory to predict the result of the score prior to the daily keeping of records. According to the article, the clarity and dynamic consanguinity is clearly illustrated between the process measures and result measures. Pertinently, it is not only important to identify the process of the net score but also the final score in its exact outcome at the lay off of the process. The measured process is vital in the evaluation of the whole process and procedures in an organization, which is pertinent since single, is able-bodied to change the direction of the process to suit his or her expectations. In conclusion, Mark Henderson rates the accuracy of the dashboard as follows (Doshi, 2008.p.123). He says, the dashboards are not accurate machines to prompt the user on the specific problem. sort of it gives directions or assumptions on w hat might be wrong. On the other hand, Gary Lockwood directs his arguments still on the dashboard as the measurement of effective management. Therefore, the article argues that the dashboard is the best system in the measurement of the organizational profit. ... He adds that, with its consistence use, the dashboard shows the weakness of the organizations operation (Drucker, & Maciariello, 2008.p. 321). In summary, Gary Lockwood recommends the above phenomena to the entrepreneurs in that, he urges them to use dashboard consistently in order to coerce their business directly. According to Jim Clemmer, he affirms that before long there are too m both measures formulated to solve the internal needs of an organization. In one room or another, the above measures can be used to serve satisfactorily the managements control and command paranoia. Notable is the fact that many measures are used to gauge several departments including the homophile resource as well as other supportive departm ents. Despite the fact that many managers verify on the measurement of finance in an organization, as the basic indicator of the health of an organization, it is advisable to stupid on history, which is the bottom line for a healthy organization. Here, history means the todays consequences, results from yesterdays decision of management (Epstein, 2004.p.201). He argues that what is expected to be measured is the usefulness of the information and not data, as argued by Mark and Gary above. In summary Jim puts it that, regular measurement does not in any way change the situation, in addition, he takes his own example and demonstrates that when he weighs himself ten times daily, that exclusively wont change his current weight. Therefore, the measurement is only indicators of what is happening but not a way of evading the reality. Moreover, with correct data, one is capable to further improve and transform of the organization effectively. Therefore, it is advisable to first get the right tool, then

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Cape Breton Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

cape Breton - Research Paper ExampleOne has to plan a comprehensive excursion in severalise to truly enjoy the drive around Cape Breton.The trail, according to locals, loops around the Cape Island. It further cuts crosswise the island, from the top, following the islands western and eastern coastlines. Most scenic route is following the clockwise direction of the trail. Drivers and passengers who be uncomfortable with driving close to steep slopes much use this direction. This inside lane, as it is ordinarily known, gives tourists the pleasure of viewing the full extent of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The other direction, counter-clockwise, gives tourists the opportunity of viewing the big ocean vistas on the trails path. Many do not favour this direction it is often left to the brave drivers and tourists who dislike slow traffic.The Cabot trail excursion is fulfilling to say the least. During our trip, we experienced memorable autumn-flowering weather and an eye-ca tching coastline. The fall colours provided an almost perfect backdrop to the inlets and lakes. The trail was paused regularly by the various stopping points that gave us the opportunity of taking photos, like the one above. The anticlockwise, despite not existence favoured, is the best route to experience the beauty of the trail. In my opinion, the ride from Baddeck to Cheticamp is the best as it gives one a once in a lifetime opportunity to view the magnificent scenery.The Destination Cape Breton reproach is My Heart will never leave and the photo captures this brand to the letter. The experience, that is Cape Breton, stays permanently with anyone who visits the place. The finale resonates with all tourists who visit the beautiful island. Despite its beautiful scenery, it has fewer tourists compared to other tourist attractions in northerly America. Cape Breton is more ample, in terms of sites and scenery, compared to other tourist attraction sites. In

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Kant's Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals Essay

Kant&aposs Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals - Essay idealThe moral worth is determined by the principle acted upon. Therefore, as a Kantian, taking coffee from the automate machine to meet the addiction is morally worth since the airline pilot is on duty and he or she works for the airline. Taking coffee from an machine-controlled machine that belongs to the airline for his safe(p) and of the passages is morally good.In addition to that, Kant argues that true inclination of purpose must be to yield a depart that is sincere (Kant and Allen, 31), in otherwise words, Kant that the actions d peerless by a man should serve another purpose that is good. The principal(a) intention of the airliner is to be sober while piloting the plane. His intentions and motives are clear. He does not want to feature the coffee to satisfy his natural pleasure. Therefore, according to Kant, the action of him taking coffee without paying is morally accepted. in conclusion as a Kantian, it is g ood to seek assistance and permission from any attendant who is around. By doing so it one creates a channel of order or law in which other people would pass if cornered by such a situation. Kant observes that I should never act apart from in a way that my maxim had better become a law that is universally accepted, (Kant and Allen, 74) Kant is arguing one should do something with the understanding that whatever they are doing can become a law through which other people will be allowed to do the same thing. As a Kantian it is therefore good to use the right channels in obtaining the coffee. The airline pilot can look for an attendant to the automated machine and present his request. In doing so, he creates a law in which other people in a situation like his will follow to be helped.As to conclusion, a person has the uncaring will to do anything one wants, however according to Kant in Ground Work for the Metaphysics of Moral the will of a person is bound by moral law if that will is free. This is to say that a Kantian should do

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The Iroquois myth Essay Example for Free

The Iroquois novel EssayThroughout time there have been many novels about creation and the sense of equilibrium of cheeseparing and evil in the field. Examining an Iroquios, Penobscot, and Christian myth there are striking correspondingities. By taking a look at the beliefs behind these myths we are also taking a look at how pile have viewed creation, the balance of well and evil, and human ritual killing over time.The Iroquois myth, Skywoman, shares beliefs about the creation of the world. It initiatory speaks of the domain above and the miraculous conception of Skywoman. Skywomens father is the first to die in this world and she in only able to be consoled by visiting his body or grave. Fathers spirit tells her to take a dangerous journey to the village of her soon to be husband. Once there she, manage her mother, becomes pregnant without having intercourse. Her husband becomes extremely jealous and kicks her through a hole to the next world. She is saved by flyin g ducks and a turtle and gives birth to a missy.This daughter grows and becomes pregnant with twin boys to the spirit of the turtle. The boys play the beginning of good and evil. The evil twin kills his mother in birth. The grandmother believes the good twin killed her daughter and he is exiled from their home. The good twin creates a new world consisting of mortal humans, straight rivers, edible plants, and animals who sacrifice themselves for human consumption. The bad twin does everything he can to make life hard for the humans including do maize hard so it has to be ground before it can be eaten, making most animals predators to humans, and making rolling hills and winding rivers to make travel harder. The Penobscot myth is also about creation. In this myth the people are innate(p) from the elements of the earth the man is born from the ocean, the foam of the wave and his wife is born because a drop of dew fell on a leaf and is warmed by the sun. The husband and wife have children, who have children, and the people survive by hunting. One day the animals are gone and the family is starving. The wife tells her husband that she must be sacrificed if the family is to survive. She gives him specific instructions and she is sacrificed. Her body is used to nourish the land and by and by seven moons there are edible plants and tobacco at her resting place. There are many myths end-to-end the world and throughout history about the creation of the world as we know it. It is interesting that so often these myths from many different cultures and religions have similar ideas. I find one of the most common stories of creation to be that of Christian nature with the story of Adam and eventide. In this story Adam and Eve are living in the Garden of Eden, a pure world. In this world there is no shame and plenty of food and water. The world as we know it comes to an end when the evil snake travel in and creates temptation. Thus the world as we know it is now is created with good and evil both compete a role. I find it fascinating that across time, oceans, and cultural boundaries people have had such similar ideas about creation, the presence of good and evil in the world, and sacrifice. In many myths about creation the world is created from heaven and hell, or in the case of the Iroquois myth from the sky world and the underworld, or from the earth as seen in the Penobscot myth. In the Iroquois and Christian myth there is always a struggle to find the balance between good and evil, the Iroquois twins or the snake tempting Adam. There is also the reoccurring theme of sacrifice. In the Iroquois myth the twins mother was sacrificed at birth. The animals in this myth originally offered to be sacrificed for human consumption. The first mother sacrificed herself in the Pencobost myth to the earth and to create food for her children. I believe that it has been known for instead a while that once these necessities are finished then we can move on to fulfill our psychological needs such as acceptance and love. Human nature crosses generations upon generations of people. In essence I feel that people have always known what they need and want out of life. The balance of good and evil comes into play because of the ways of which people choose to go about obtaining their wants and needs.

Leading speaker Essay Example for Free

Leading speaker EssayAlthough neonates can detect and manoeuvre toward laterally presented sound soon after birth, motor behaviour eliciting procedures should take into consideration the immaturity of the cortical structures of the auditory system, which is believed to be involved in complex temporal processing. For instance, Clifton et al 46 tested the antecedency arrange phenomenon on newborns, in which a sound is presented from two loudspeakers nail downd in opposite sides of the babe and one speaker is leading the other by a few milliseconds, normally listener locate the sound of the leading speaker. Clifton et al 46 proved that newborn babies were non responsive to the precedence effect as to single blood stimuli. This inability seems to improve as the infants get r areer, so by 24 weeks of age infants were prove to orient reliably to both precedence effect and a single source stimuli. 57 In addition to the lack of ability to orient to precedence effect, newborns also showed irresponsiveness to brief sounds i. e. cholecalciferol msec and below. 55Using acoustic stimulation to promote bms has also been documented in the literature. Presenting auditory stimulus in the form of both bell sound or speech by womanly voice was found to increase the general body movement of newborn babies of 1 to 5 age compared to the effect of pure tone 69. Four to 12 months old infants were found to be more kindle in manipulating rejects with sound when compared to the same objects with no sound68.Older infants have been found to theatrical role auditory and proprioceptive information to guide their reaching behaviour in the dark and they manage to do that fairly headspring 64-67 . Although the reaches were found to be successful in 70% 66 to 77% 64 of the trials, Perris and Clifton 64 found that the chances of eliciting or promoting reaching movement increase if there was prior motor engagement i. e. manipulation of the sound object, and /or prior visua l experience. At the time of birth the sense of vision is the least highly-developed sense compared to other senses.Anatomical data shows that newborns peripheral vision is more shape up than the central vision 70 . Using preferential looking to evaluate the human monocular visual pungency in the first three months of life, Courage et al 71 found that central as rise up as peripheral visual avidity are poor in the first month of life. At birth visual acuity was found to be around 20% of adult visual acuity 72 . A retinoscopic study estimated the focal distance of newborns when fixating an object is around 9 inches 73 .Finally, near behavioural studies found that newborns are able to detect stimuli presented in their peripheral visual field as far as 30-35 74, 75, 76 from midline. Their ability to discriminate objects in the peripheral visual fields is not developed until around the 4 month after birth 77. Although newborns have not developed spring up vision, several behaviour al studies showed that newborn babies have the ability to process some visual information and use it to lead off motor behaviours.For instance, from the first days of their lives, newborn infants are capable of imitating simple motor actions such(prenominal) as opening and closing the mouth, tongue protrusion, opening and closing of the hand, and index finger movement 78-82 . faux of facial gestures has also been observed in babies as young as 45 minutes old 83-84. Recently Nagy et al raised the possibility of the presence of cortical mirror neuron system that whitethorn contribute to the emergence of early imitation in newborns 78.Several behavioural studies found that newborn infants are not nevertheless able to perform simple motor acts but also able to initiate motor behaviours that are voluntary, controlled and resemble reaching movement. Bower et al 89 and McDonnel 90 found that when newborn infants were presented with an object in 5 different positions, infants changed the direction of their reach to match the direction of the presented object.Bower et al 89 found that 70% of their reaches were within 5 and approximately 1. 5 cm of the object. Their reaches were not just considered oriented but also intentional because when they were presented with a virtual rather than a real object they became frustrated. Furthermore, van der Meer, et al 91-92 have found that newborn infants can deliberately adjust their arm movement to correct for a force applied to it, but only if they can see their arm either directly or through a monitor 91-92 .In a further study, van der Meer 93 also showed that neonates have the ability to change direction and control the velocity and deceleration of their arm to go under the hand within a 7 cm cross light beam 93 . Interestingly, they discover that approximately 74% of newborns decelerated the movement of the arm before entering the light, which provided an indication of expectation of light and therefrom further evidence of an ability to control the arm movement.

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Conformed Dimension Essay Example for Free

Conformed Dimension EssayConformed dimensions are a crucial component of the successful dimensional design. With the right dimension design and content, it is possible to compare facts from different fact tables, both within a subject area and across the opening move. They can do more than enable drilling across they see as the focus for planning enterprise analytic capability. Dimensional design is usually implemented in parts. Regardless of the style, it is impractical to organize a single project that get out encompass the entire enterprise.A realistic project scope is achieved by subdividing the enterprise into subject areas and areas into projects. At a logical level, when a series of stars share a set of common dimensions, the dimensions are referred to as conformed dimensions. Identical dimensions ensure accord, merely can take several other forms as well. Fact tables and conformed dimensions can be planned and documented in matrix format and serve as the blueprint for incremental implementation. Dimensions tables can conform in several ways.Shared dimensions, degenerate dimension and conformed rollups are three ways. A fourth style of conformation is less commonly accepted it allows for overlapping dimensions. Tables that can conform when the dimension attributes of one are a subset of another are known up as a rollup dimension and a base dimension. They will not share a common surrogate key, but the common attributes must possess the like twist and consent. Degenerate dimensions can serve as the basis for conformance. The corresponding columns should consistent in the structure and content.But it is not required that every fact table share the same set of suit combinations, as to do would force violation od sparsity. Overlapping dimensions can also conform. Some designers prefer to avoid this situation, since it requires that multiple processes load equivalent dimensions columns in the same way. Conformed dimensions are the key to enter prise scope, religious service as the infrastructure that integrates subject areas. This means that the dimensional design, including a conformance plan must be conducted as a strategic, upfront process.The conforming dimensions are best illustrated through matrices since the number of criss-crossing relationships can considerably clutter a table diagram. The matrices can describe conformance within a info grocery store or across the entropy marts. They are a central feature of dimensional data store architecture, produced as part of strategic design effort. It allows individual implementation to proceed individually, ensuring they will fit in concert as each comes online. In a Corporate Information Factory, information is extracted from the enterprise data warehouse and organized for departmental use in data marts.Because the data marts of the Corporate Information Factory communicate their information from an integrated repository, the challenges of maintaining conformance are reduced, at least from the perspective of the dimensional modelers. The burden of convey together disparate source is still present, nut it falls to the designers of the enterprise data warehouse. Designers of the dimensional data marts need only concern themselves with a single view of information that provide by the enterprise data warehouse.Conformance is still a necessity with the data mart and conformance across data marts can help avoid the need for additional data marts to cross subject areas. Stand-alone data mart lacks an enterprise context. They do not conform and the associated risk can partially mitigated by planning for conformance of a few key dimensions. The stand-alone data may exhibit conformance internally, it is likely to be incompatible with other data marts. Stand- alone data marts may be retrofitted to school with existing conformed dimensions, but this process is not trivial.

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The New NYSE Essay Example for Free

The New big board EssayThe year 2006 witnessed dynamic switch overs in the structure of the New York Stock Exchange. For the first time in 214 years, the not-for-profit big board transformed itself into a for-profit, public company. This occurred following NYSE sort let on Inc.s acquisition of the electronic rival, Archipelago Holdings Incl. in early 2006. It feels good, remarked John Thain, chief executive of NYSE Group and the creator of the craft to change NYSEs status. He added Now, of course, we have to demonstrate to our sh argonholders that theres real value to be had here. (Martinez, 2006)Unsurprisingly, investors expressed widen delight in the knowledge that they now would be given the chance to take out great boodle with NYSE. In fact, the welcome received by the new status of NYSE as a public company, saw shares of the newly public stock swap up thirteen percent in its first trading session alone. The company began trading under the ticker symbol, NYX.Both Th ain and NYSE Group Chairman Marsh all in all Carter happened to be the first to purchase 100 shares each at $67 in ceremonial first trades. The price of shares was up $2.75 from Archipelagos close before the status of NYSE was changed. by and by this, the stock continued to climb, and by midday was up $8.11. Moreover, the volume of trading at the for-profit NYSE was tenner times that of Archipelagos average daily trade (Martinez).The benefits of NYSEs change of status are overwhelming as well as self-evident. In the stern quarter of 2005, the largest United States equities exchange had go by into a loss of $20.3 million. However, following its change of status, NYSE showed a massive profit of $45.5 million in the quadrupletth quarter of 2006. According to The Financial Times, the new earnings of NYSE Group Inc. serve as a progress report following its transformational year during which the exchange went public through its reverse coup detat of Archipelago, in the process elimi nating its long-standing cap on fees, gaining United States options market share, and making its largest round of job cuts in a decade (Gangahar, 2007). In other words, the new for-profit public NYSE is expected to continue reaping the benefits of its mussiness with Archipelago in the times to come.The total revenue of NYSE in the fourth quarter of 2005 was $425.5 million. In the fourth quarter, 2006, the total revenue of the exchange was $658.5 million. Financial analysts expect NYSEs earnings to go on increasing in the coming years, seeing that the year 2007 is expected to witness the finalization of the roll out of NYSEs hybrid market, a continual of the exchanges integration of the electronic exchange, Archipelago, summation the completion of the Euro adjacent deal. As a matter of fact, the Euronext deal is expected to be the next big intimacy to change NYSEs life as a stock exchange. Shareholders have already canonical of NYSEs deal to merge with the pan-atomic number 63an exchange Euronext, creating the first transatlantic equities exchange in the process. The deal costing $14.3 billion is expected to close as early as April 2007 (Gangahar, 2007).NYSE has in like manner inform its terms for an alliance with the Tokyo Stock Exchange in order to cooperate in a variety of business areas. Recently, the NYSE was further seen purchasing a five percent stake in the National Stock Exchange of India. Next, the exchange is eying China for a new deal to meet its culture of forming a 24-hour, sincerely orbicular exchange (Gangahar, 2007). Still, analysts are eying Euronext as the next biggest hope of NYSE to make gigantic profits.The shareholders of Euronext NV, a stock exchange incorporated in the Netherlands and based in France, have also approved the acquisition of Euronext by the New York Stock Exchange. And, in fact, NYSE has also launched its first convolution for Euronext shares through the new NYSE-Euronext entity. In January 2007, The Financial Ti mes reported that NYSE has already begun to offer 0.98 of a share in the new transatlantic exchange, for each Euronext share held before this time, in addition to $27.75 in cash. Alternatively, the first transatlantic equities exchange allows Euronext shareholders to opt for 1.2633 shares in the new company for each existing share, or to take a straight cash equivalent of $123.76 per share (Flaherty, 2007 Sliva, 2007).The completion of the Euronexts deals with NYSE depends on the latter acquiring at least fifty percent of all Euronext shares (Sliva). Seeing that only two percent of Euronext shareholders have disapproved of the idea of the creation of the worlds first transatlantic equities exchange, in all probability the deal will go through (Gangahar, 2006).Regulators in both the United States and in Europe have signed an agreement on the question of market oversight of the new transatlantic equities exchange (Flaherty). According to a news report published in The Financial Times , the new deal truly is a clear signal that isolationism is an untenable stance amid the rapid consolidation of global stock and differential coefficient exchanges. The deal has additionally been described as a slap in the face for those who claimed aforetime that such deals are possible only between European nations, and a transatlantic merger would result in a regulatory creep from the United States to Europe (Gangahar, 2006).NYSE Euronext, the next big thing on NYSEs business agenda, is expected to have a market capitalization of $27 billion. And, the combined global market capitalization of companies that are listed on NYSE Euronext, is expected to be $25,800 billion almost four times the combined market capitalization of companies that are listed on the London Stock Exchange (Gangahar, 2006).The next big thing about to happen to NYSE is further expected to alter the dynamic of a rapidly changing industry. In the past, the NYSE and its main rival, the Nasdaq, had been losing t he battle for new listings to Hong Kong and London. Besides, smaller companies, especially from Russia and China, were seen to fringe to Londons Aim market, attracted by cheaper listings and easier standards (Gangahar, 2006). NYSE Euronext is expected to change these market dynamics, if for nothing else, because for the excitement it has engendered among those who trade in equities around the world.The NYSE and Euronext have both agreed to proceed as separately regulated entities. To put it another way, even if the United States regulatory regime is found to be too harsh by European companies, NYSE Euronext would present them with the option to list on Euronext alone. In so doing, the combined group is expected to benefit (Gangahar, 2006). What is more, analysts expect all investors of NYSE and Euronext to benefit through the deal (Bruno, 2006). Only time will tell the exact value of these benefits from year to year.References1. Bruno, Joe Bel. (2006, December 15). separate Inves tors Stand to Benefit as NYSE closes in on Euronext deal. The Financial Times.2. Flaherty, Anne. (2007, January 26). SEC, European Regulators Agree On Market Oversight of NYSE Euronext. The Financial Times.3. Gangahar, Anuj. (2006, December 23). NYSE and Euronext Recast an International Dynamic. The Financial Times.4. . (2007, February 2). Archipelago jam Lifts NYSE Profit Stock Exchanges. The Financial Times.5. Martinez, Michael J. (2006, March 8). NYSE Goes Public After Two Centuries As Not-for-profit Exchange. The Financial Times.6. Sliva, Jan. (2007, January 10). NYSE Opens Offer for Euronext Shares. The Financial Times.

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Secret Life of Bees in-Class Writing Assignment Essay Example for Free

Secret Life of Bees in-Class Writing Assignment EssayHow would you describe Lilys feelings about her draw? Do they change throughout the novel? Lily loves her mother truly much and misses her lot, especi every last(predicate)y when she cant sleep. The transgression she feels for her role in Deborahs death haunts her. Later when Lily learns that her perfect, fantasy mother abandoned her she quickly grows to begrudge her mother for leaving her with T. Ray. Finally she comes to terms with her real mother, a flawed, complex, very real person. As a result of all these revelations, Lilys relationship with her deceased mother, Deborah, is very complicated.When the Secret Life of Bees starts, Lily loves her mother very much and blames herself for her mothers death. As stated on page 52, My mothers constitute was Deborah. I thought it was the prettiest name I had ever heard Lily spends a lot of sequence mentation about her and fantasizing. She creates a perfect mother in her mind, a mother who would make her pretty and happy. When she finds almost of her mothers gloves in the attic, I feel foolish about it now, but one while I stuffed the gloves with cotton balls and held them through the night. (p. 5)Because nobody in her community is willing to talk to her about her mother she is clinging on to whatever part of her she can get, horizontal if it is just a pair or sure-enough(a) gloves. The guilt of her mothers death is also present when she says, This is what I know about myself. She was all I wanted. And I took her away. (p. 40) She is overwhelmed with emotions and has no way to effectively deal with them other than let her feelings boil and release inside of her. This combination of unlimited love and regret reflect how Lily feels for about the first half of the novel.Later, Lilys feelings for her mother change drastically when August admits that Deborah abandoned her with her abusive father instead of taking Lily with her to Tiburon. As she puts it , Unwanted, I thought. I was an unwanted baby (p. 628), and, My mother had left me. (p. 634) This admission and realization throws Lily into a whole world of hurt. Instead of the glorious, perfect, loving mother she though Deborah had been, she is appalled to find that her mother is farthest from flawless. Lily realizes, Id spent most of my life imagining all the ways shed love me, what a perfect specimen of a mother she was.All of it was lies. I had completely do her up. (p. 635) In accompaniment Deborah was suffering from severe depression. As August put it, When I picked her up at the bus station, she didnt even look like herself. She had gotten so thin and had these dark circles under her eyes. (p. 633) In shock and feeling betrayed, Lily finishes her converse with August hating her mother. Finally, Lily had to come to terms with her mothers abandoning her and with the new, flawed image that is now emerging.As she says, Id traded a pack of lies for a pack of truths, and I didnt know which one was heavier. (p. 25) She is preoccupied and stuck between hating her mother for leaving her and being disgusted with herself for feeling this way. She describes it as I felt my softheartedness in my chest. It hurt so badly. Like it had been stepped on. (p. 655) However when August gives Lily a collection of her mothers possessions, she finds a photo of her and Deborah that allows her to finally begin to move on. In it, her face was tipped toward mine, our noses just touching, how commodious and gorgeous her smile was, like sparklers going offI figured May mustve made it to heaven and explained to my mother about the sign I wanted.The one that would let me know I was loved. (pgs 693-694) In a way Lilys feeling about her mother, however complicated, come almost full circle. bit she starts off with loving a fantasy, her dreams are soon crushed when she learns the bitter truth about her mother. With time comes acceptance however, and Lily soon begins to allow herself to love and lose the new version of Deborah, flawed yes, but keep mum a version filled with love and hope.

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Ethics in the Workplace Essay Example for Free

Ethics in the Workplace EssayThe cause study provided in Craig E. Johnsons book, Ethics in the Workplace , is a moral and valuable lesson regarding the blurred vision surrounded by a for profit and a not-for-profit. This example, while it whitethorn be considered severe, is an excellent one that leads the reader to more important questions. The question of whether nonprofits should manipulate as businesses encourages the reader to think about the pros and cons of each. If a nonprofit were to wreak as a business, it would basic all in ally eliminate the unending concern about funding. Nonprofits, operating as a business, would be able to reap the benefits of for profit companies making more money for the organization yet not necessarily the mission. However, this would ultimately lead to more expenses as the budget would have to include higher amounts in staff pay, marketing, and benefits. Another con of operating as a business is taxes. Nonprofits would no longer be exempt from paying taxes and once again, the cost would greatly increase the budget.Probably the most dangerous opinion of a nonprofit run as a business is the loss of the mission and vision. One may be concerned that the need for money and greed will usurp the original mission of the nonprofit. Should businesses feed more like nonprofits? This question is a difficult one to answer. Nonprofits exist for social justice, in near(prenominal) cases nonprofits pick up where the government has left off. While our economy is based on supply and demand, in that location is societal pressure to be charitable and giving.If businesses were to be as charitable as a nonprofit, they would doubtlessly lose money and perhaps close due to lack of funding, yet, their sense of social justice would be fulfilled. Since there will always be consumers, thus a demand for goods and services, businesses should not operate as nonprofits. As cited in the case study in the introduction by Johnson (Johnson, Ethics in the Workplace, 2007), the gracility dissever in Portland, Oregon does compete on the same level as businesses in the argona.The Branch pays their top staff over $100,000 with the CEOs salary at a whopping half(a) a million. Yet, because they are registered as a nonprofit, they are exempt from paying taxes on goods and services, people utilizing the nonprofit get services for free, and they are able to pay their staff lower than competitive wages. If, as cited in the case study, a nonprofit competes on all levels with a for profit business, then the competition must(prenominal) be fair. Either the nonprofit has to begin to pay taxes or taxes for the business should be eliminated.It is important to note, however, that the excretion of taxes would devastate the economy. When it comes to salaries, businesses definitely have the upper hand. Because businesses operate to make money, they can afford to hire that the best in the fields. Nonprofits, relying more on government fundi ng, are unable to afford those astounding costs. Furthermore, nonprofits operate under the definition of social services. For a nonprofit to lose sight of that and pay top dollars for staff, is a vision they can not afford to lose.Thus, executives of nonprofits should in no way be compensated or expect to be compensated at the same rate as their business counterparts. The services offered are meant to be taken advantage of by disadvantaged citizens and pay rates should reflect that mission. In the case study previously mentioned, Michael Miller, the CEO of the Goodwill Branch in Portland Oregon, is receiving a salary of $500,000 not including benefits and expenses. Moreover, some of the workers at that same branch are making below minimum wage. It is immoral for Mr.Miller to prevail such a high salary, not only because his staff is making considerably less but more importantly because the salary is not in line with the overall charitable mission of Goodwill. It is absurd to believ e that staff pay will remain the same as a nonprofit expands. However, authentic standards must be in place to substantiate higher salaries. Standards may include overall budget of the nonprofit and allocation of funds, effective service of the nonprofit based on data taken from all available programs, how the nonprofit compares to others in its region or state, and how well they are fulfilling their mission.The question as to whether this author would charitably donate to the sight mentioned in the study can best be answered by measure morals against greed. This writer believes that they would not donate to the sight unless there was documented proof that at least 90% of the donation was going to the people it was intended to help. Since this branch is more likely to document magnified salaries such as the CEOs, it is unlikely a donation would be made to that particular branch.

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How Media Influences Antisocial Behavior Essay Example for Free

How Media Influences Antisocial Behavior EssayIn this modernistic generation research Indicates that many young people today spend a lot of clock time In front of the TV or on computer plot of grounds and indeed leading to the Implication that media Influences antl-soclal behavior. Psychologists crap researched Into business relationships on medias influence on unsociable demeanour, one of these explanations being the social learning theory (SLT). This advocates that we copy our behaviour on behaviour that we observe whether its antisocial or pro-social behaviour.Children can be expected to follow behaviour illustrated through the media that is successful in gaining the models objectives. Further jut outing this explanation, evidence from natural experiments are use as authentication to the link that media Influences not lust antisocial behaviour but savage behaviour as well. One Psychologist, Phillips (1983) reinforced this theory by analysing crime statistics for the 10-day period following the publication of behemoth boxing contests shown throughout the nation.The research exhibited a significant rise in the number of murders during that said period, thus highlighting how media influences antisocial behaviour. Through further interpretation on the social learning theory this explanation could e questioned, Despite all the psychologists experiments on the theory there Is no real evidence to support it. For instance, in 1993 two boys murdered James Bulger and were said to be inspired by the video Childs Play, save later it was conducted by Cumberbatch (2001) that no known link was ever found.It should also be taken into experimental condition that if two young influential boys were able to play such a violent and Impressionable game what type of parental figures they had on a dally basis and attachments they had with their primary care giver. It can be advocated hat the children had other outside affects that caused they to indue such a c rime and that media was not the only apprehension and thus concluding that the media isnt the only cause for antisocial behaviour. Further much, another explanation for medias influence of antisocial behaviour is defense.This vindication implies that violent behaviours may provide a Justification for a childs own violent behaviour, or perhaps even go as far as providing moral guidelines regarding what Is acceptable and unacceptable. It Is suggested that children who act more aggressively watch violent elevision programmes In order to relieve their guilt and Justify their own incursion and thus advocating that the media allows them to channel that emotions and making their actions acceptable in their own mind. On further evaluation it should be prominent that programmes have mixed prc-social and antisocial messages.For example, the 198ffs television series The A Team portrayed the regular heroic figures as behaving violently and so signifying that the negative effects of such pro grammes support the concept of Justification as Illustrated by Liss and Reinhardt (1979). Concluding that the use of aggression by pro-social characters provides an impression of moral justiflcation to their antisocial and violent behaviour, with which children already identify. Moreover, an alternative insinuation of explaining medias influence on antisocial behaviour is Cognitive Priming.This refers to the activation of already living aggressive thoughts and feelings. It highlights why children observe one variety of aggression on television and commit another type of aggression after. imprinting the shown behaviour and recall the memories in a later arousal in the resent. The magnitude of cognitive priming was established by Josephson (1987). The psychologist looked into this by using hockey players as participants who were deliberately frustrated and then shown a violent or non-violent film where an actor held a walkie-talkie.This resulted in throughout the hockey game the pla yer who had seen the violent clip behaved more aggressive in proportion to those whom where shown the non-violent clip. Josephson advocated that the walkie-talkie held by the referee acted as a trigger for aggression within the hockey player. And so through his it is demonstrated how media can influence behaviours by acting as a catalyst to existing aggressive thoughts. Additionally, another explanation for medias influence on antisocial behaviour is desensitation.This contention underlines that under traffic pattern conditions, anxiety about violence inhibits its use. It suggested how media violence may stimulate aggressive behaviour by desensitizing children to the effects of violence. This therefore results in the child being more accepting for aggressive and antisocial behaviours. up to now this is contradicted by Comberbatch (2001) who rgues that people might get used to screen violence but that this does not needfully mean a person will also get accustomed to violent or ant isocial behaviours in their everyday life in the real world.It is claimed that screen violence is more likely to influence children frightened then frightening thus contradicting the indication that the media desensitises the public to violent and antisocial behaviour. Overall, these explanations conduct valid explanations into how media influences antisocial behaviour. We are able to determine that media does in fact affect the way in which a person behaviour but to what extent is questionable.

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A comparison of the Ideas of William James and the Teachings of Christ Essay Example for Free

A comparison of the Ideas of William crowd and the Teachings of Christ EssayWilliam James had an incisive insight about a procedure of intellectual and psychological dealings. He was a t precipitatefalled medical doctor yet he excelled in the field of philosophy and wrote enormously about his eyeshots and ideas. Pragmatism, Meaning of Truth as a Sequel to Pragmatism, pluralistic Universe, and Varieties of Religious Experiences are considered as the major philosophical premises proposed by William James. The ideas of Pragmatism demand conscientious attention to understand.As per William James, the meaning of an idea or a proposition or a thought lies in its observable practical consequences. Hence the idea under proposition must exhibit this timber of direct practical results. He believes that a thought or an idea must always be based on the verity of faith. He writes A fact may non come at every(prenominal) unless a preliminary faith exists in its coming Faith in a fact provoke help create the fact. (James, The Will to Believe, 1897) Therefore trust and idea are sometimes inter-reliant and may ofttimes cease to exist without each other.He opines that the truth or falsity of a judgment depends on the obtainment of the expectations that follow the judgment under question. For a judgment to comply with this, whiz needs to be pragmatic = as a matter-of-fact in his approach towards the events which are going to be judged. We can to a fault see a contrast between his thoughts when he constantly vacillates between science and religion. The general credence that spectral experiences involve a wizardly domain, on the whole, is somehow remote to science.However, to the individual human cosmos these remote things are accessible as their driving force is faith and not empirical examination. James tries to bridge this gap between science and religion. The difference between the scientific principles and religious beliefs are interweave to arrive at a mu ltip prowess thinking procedure which we can c al superstar as the Science of religion. He wrote about this as follows Religious experience, in other quarrel, spontaneously and inevitably engenders myths, superstitions, dogmas, creeds, and metaphysical theologies, and criticisms of one set of these by the adherents of another.Of late, impartial classifications and comparisons have become possible, alongside of the denunciations and anathemas by which the commerce between creeds use exclusively to be carried on. We have the beginnings of a Science of Religions, so-called and if these lectures could ever be accounted a crumb-like ploughshare to such a science, I should be made very happy. (James, The Varieties of Religious Experiences, Lecture XVIII) These thoughts point towards that thoroughgoing(a) question of can thither be a God who created this universe?A pragmatist, such as James Williams, would say Yes, there indeed must be an empirical God who made all this universe provid ed the consequences are proved or the relations established. That, simply put, is another state of astonishment where the vision of identifying the Cause and Effect may cease to exist. Now let us examine what gauzy religion and religious thoughts or philosophies (sans James Williams ) say about such perplexities of life. The Bible and the preaching of messiah Christ and other religious foundations categorically decline the right to question.They demand absolute surrender in order to get absolute delight. The teachings of Jesus must be quoted here Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.The rain came down, the streams ro se, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash. (Matthew 724-27) The teachings of Christ demands unquestionable faith in the supernatural in order to attain absolute delight. This absolute delight or state of freedom is in total contrast to what we have seen so far in the flow of William James ideas. However there is one similarity That both the schools of thoughts agree to the fact that humanity is something which, neither needs to be by trial and error analyzed nor pragmatically genuine.The laws of both pragmatism and religion bend and tend to converge at one solitary point and this point of convergence is diligently referred to as Kindness. Historically, William James lived in the nineteenth Century. (January 11, 1842 August 26, 1910) During this period of time America was witnessing the industrial revolution and started emerging as the international power. It was to a fault that phase of the history when the country was reeling under after effects of the Civil War and the laborer strikes.The ideas of William James were widely accepted from both laymen and intellectuals alike. The very concepts of Pragmatism, Will to Live, Pluralistic Universe and A Study in Human Nature were regarded as the new hopes amidst turbulent times. Even though the dynamics of the contemporary club have changed immeasurably, I still feel some of James ideas would be contentedly accepted. Economical imbalances (Read The Recession), and religious conflicts (Read Fundamentalists/Extremists) have rendered a sense of cynicism.The thoughts of William James will surely be a respite if understand and implemented diligently. The astute adoption is the key as James writes The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook. (William James The Principles of Psychology, 1890) Let us hope better sense prevails upon the humanity and the thoughts of William James describe us through the testing times. References William James, The Will to Believ e, 1897 William James, The Varieties of Religious Experiences, Lecture XVIII Bible, Matthew 724-27 William James The Principles of Psychology, 1890

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Person and Accepted Practice Essay Example for Free

Person and Accepted Practice EssayLying generally is a disconsolate habit. Sometimes, lying helps people to avoid problems without harming other while in other cases it causes disastrous effects. In this try I will explain why do people lie and what are the effects of this braggart(a) habit on individuals and society. Reasons of telling lies are wide and complicated. People start telling lies because that gives them a specialty. They dirty dog pretend that they know things nobody else knows in inn to receive something in return. For example an employee lies to his boss in order to get a promotion or a wife lies to her husband in order to take his money. Other people lie to avoid getting into trouble or punishment.see more(prenominal)explain how person centred thinking can be used within a teamThis lovely of people does not harm others but they cover embarrassing facts in front of others. For example, a take in lies to his mother in order to avoid her anger. Whatever the reason, lies have negative impact on individuals and society. prevaricator mystifys a mistrusted person and his long-term credibility is at risk. Consequently, he is less likely to be believed in future if he was found out.Persons who are lied to also suffer if they found out because they sense of smell they were deceived and treated as person who does not deserve the truth. As a result they may render revenge. Social cohesion will be affected also from this bad habit. Lying may become an accepted practice in some places. It becomes harder for people to trust each other or the institutions of society. As a conclusion, although some lies do not affect individuals or society, telling lies becomes easy habit and consequently people start telling harmful lies.

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Urdu and Free

Urdu and Free Encyclopedia scallywag EssayPremchands parents died young his mother when he was seven and his father while he was fourteen and passive a student. Premchand was left responsible for his stepmother and step-siblings. Early in brio, Premchand faced immense poverty. He earned pentad rupees a month tutoring a lawyers child. He was married at the early age of fifteen only when that marriage failed, later he married again, to Shivrani Devi, a balavidhava (child widow), and had several children. She supported him through life struggles. Premchand passed his matriculation (//simple. wiktionary. rg/wiki/matriculation) exam with great effort in 1898, and in 1899 he took up school-teaching job, with a monthly net income of eighteen rupees. In 1919 he passed his B. A.Page 2 of 4 When asked why he does not preserve anything intimately himself, he answered What greatness do I put one across that I throw to tell anyone about? I live just like millions of people in thi s country I am ordinary. My life is also ordinary. I am a poor school teacher suffering family travails. During my whole lifetime, I have been grinding away with the hope that I could become free of my sufferings. But I have not been able to free myself from suffering. What is so special about this life that needs to be told to anybody? . During his coda years,he became terribly ill.The money his wife used to give for his treatment was used in running his cheer The Saraswati. He was also writing a book Mangalsutra which would never be completed. All this had serious continue on his health leading to his early death on 8th October 1936, at the age of 56. 1 penning style The main characteristic of Premchands writings is his interesting story-telling and use of simple words. His novels describe the problems of the rural tike classes. He avoided the use of highly Sanskritized Hindi (as was the common practice among Hindi writers), and also Spanish languageLiterary works Premchand h as written about 300 short stories, several novels as well as many essays and letters. He has also written some plays. He also did some translations. Many of Premchands stories have been translated into English and Russian. Godaan (The Gift of a Cow), his last novel, is considered the finest Hindi novel of all times. 2 The hero, Hori, a poor peasant, urgently longs for a cow, a symbol of wealth and prestige in rural India. Hori gets a cow just now pays with his life for it. After his death, the village priests demand a cow from his widow to bring his soul to peace.

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Academic performance Essay Example for Free

Academic per classance EssayPurpose of projectOver the grades at male monarchs Royal College I admit seen t all(prenominal)ers having stern conversations with students for r separatelying to school modern habitually. These students are confront with consequences such as in-house suspension or community service for regular deep coming. I myself have been a victim of these punishments. It is believed that students who are frequently deeply are indiscip course of study, and this canful spill over into their get habits, hence affecting their overall performance in their internal exameninations. On the other hand, some dower different views that punctuality has no effect on a students performance.Reason being, students do extra studies at home, hence making up for lost time at school. In that setting I would like to de nameine through a statistical study whether or not in that respect is a correlation between students punctuality and schoolman performance in queens Roya l College. I chose to study the present fifth form year group because this is the year they will be heading into the CXC CSEC examinations, assuming at this point, their attitude towards their school work will be serious.See more Strategic Management Process EssayVariablesLet X be the fundamental sum of form 5 students turning of generation late Let Y be the centre sum of form 5 students average end of bourne examination tonsOther educationseldom number of times lateexcessive number of times late30% 49% bad average sum up50% 69% just average score70% 89% nice average scoren is the number of students in the sample sizeLet x work the sum of all the times late by the form 5 students Let y represent the sum of all the form 5 students end of term exam averagescores Let xy represent the sum of the multiples of form 5 number of times late and form 5 end of term exam average scores Letx2 represent the sum of the squares of the form 5 students number of times late Let y2 repres ent the sum of the squares of the form 5 end of term exam average scores Let represent the sample mean of XLet represent the sample mean of YMethod of selective information collection1. I collected a simulate of the roll books for the various form 5 classes for term 1 (September to December) from the various form teachers. 2. The average score for each student was obtained from the dean of the form 5 year. 3. I counted the number of times late for each student and totaled it. 4. Then I sampled the data. To do this, I used systematic random sampling, I used the lottery method. I wrote each of the student numbers for a particular class (R first) on a separate little piece of paper and put them all into a hat.Then I picked out 10, wholeness at a time without replacement, and for each one I chose, I wrote tear the number of times late and the identical average score. 5. I repeated this for the classes O, Y and L. So in the end I had a sample size of 40, 10 from each class. 6. Afterw ards I make the data, making lists of the student number and their corresponding number of times late and average end of term exam scores for from 5 classes R, O, Y and L and put it into a table.Presentation of data physical body 1.1Fig 1.1 is a table showing n of forty form 5 students chosen and their corresponding punctuality and average score obtained at the end of the term. Of the forty students chosen twenty-five were seldom late and fifteen students were excessively late. It also shows that, eight did bad in the end of term exam, twenty-one did grievous and eleven did excellent. Of the eight that did bad 2 were excessively late and 6 were seldom late. Of the twenty-one that did good 12 were excessively late and 9 were seldom late. Of the eleven that did excellent 1 was excessively late and 10 were seldom late.Fig 1.2Fig 1.2 is a bar graph showing performance aim attributed to students who were seldom late and excessively late. Of the eight that performed badly see Table 1.1 , 75% were seldom late and 25% excessively late. Of the twenty-one that performed good 43% were seldom late and 57% were excessively late. Of the eleven that did excellent 91% were seldom late and 9% were excessively late.Fig 1.3Fig 1.3 is a dot plat showing form 5 students average end of term score in relation to the number of times they were late.Analysis of dataChi-square turn up of independenceA 2- prove of independence at the 5% level of substance will be used to reconcile whether the form 5 students number of times late and average end of term scores are in leechlike of each other, or if there is a descent between them. H0 represents the null hypothesis H1 represents the alternative hypothesis O represents observed frequencies E represents expect frequencies represents the level of significance v represents the number of degrees of freedom H0 A students form 5 end of term average score is independent of his number of times late. H1 A students form 5 end of term average score is dependent on his number of times late.In Fig 1.4, from the points a regression line was drawn which passes through the mean of both sets of data, . The line shows y tends to decrease extremely gentltly as x, increases. Also, the points are scattered about the regression line. This shows that there is a very faint-hearted negative correlation between X and Y.Discussion of findingsMy purpose was to investigate the family relationship between students punctuality (X) and academic performance (Y) in a form 5 year group in Queens Royal College. After I collected my data and sampled it, I put it into a table (Fig 1.1), and then decided to put it in a scatter plot (Fig 1.3) and a bar graph (Fig 1.2). This made the relationship between X and Y easy identifiable. It was also now easier to compare them both. After appropriately representing my data, I chose to do a Chi-square test of independence. This was to determine whether X and Y are independent of each other or not. My decis ion, at the 5% significance level was to reject the alternative hypothesis, meaning that X and Y are not dependent of each other, and so a students form 5 end of term average exam score does not depend on his punctuality record. However, that was not the case and the Chi-square test proved that X and Y are dependent of each other.After determining that X and Y are dependent on each other in the Chi-square test another test was carried out. Details of the relationship were necessary, and so r, the linear product importee correlation coefficient, and the equation of the regression line were calculated. The linear product moment correlation coefficient goes from 1 to -1 and indicates the strength of the linear correlation between two variables. In this experiment, r was shew to be -0.141. This value is negative and very low i.e. near to 0, indicating that there is a very weak negative linear correlation between X and Y. Therefore, from this test, it is safe to say that there is no re lationship between X and Y. r also indicates the strength of the to the lowest degree squares regression line that was install.A least squares regression line of Y on X minimizes the sum of the square of the y differences, therefore it is the intimately accurate representation of the data in the scatter plot, and i.e. the best fit line. The equation of this line was found to be y = 62.12 + -0.2x, and the point ( lies on this line, this was demonstrated on the second scatter plot (Fig 1.4). Since r is very low, this regression line is very weak, and therefore the predictions made from it will be inaccurate. The value of b, -0.2 represents the derive by which y decreases for every unit increase in x, i.e. the number of supererogatory marks in form 5 end of term exams that a student will lose for every additional number of times they were late. The value of a, 62.12, would represent the score a student wouldget in form 5 end of term exams if he is late 0 times for the term.Limitat ionsThis sample was only interpreted from one year group, and so it does not necessarily accurately represent future year groups. This test was done using only scores from one specific examination, there may be errors out-of-pocket to this because students may not have performed at their usual abilities for various reasons, such as an illness or a family problem and also students varying choice of subjects in that some may be doing comparatively easier subjects than others and some may be doing less subjects than others. While collecting my data I observed that it had a lot of students who were absent. Therefore, besides punctuality, absenteeism could have affected their end of term average scores.ConclusionIn this study, one test proved that X and Y were dependent of each other while the other test proved that there was no correlation between them. Therefore no clear cut endpoint can be made as to whether or not a students academic performance depends on their punctuality record in Queens Royal College. This study however, can be improved by collecting data from a larger sample to increase truth of data and carrying out the test for different year groups.ReferencesJ. Crashaw J. Chambers, A Concise Course In advance Level Statistics, Nelson Thornes Ltd, 2002 H. Mulholland J.H.G. Phillips, Applied Mathematics for Advanced Level, Butterworths 1969 http//archive.bio.ed.ac.uk/jdeacon/statistics/tress9.html

Performance Measurement System Of Tm Berhad

Performance Measurement System Of Tm BerhadPerformance billhookment establishment is defined as a set of measurable criteria and methodology to enable murder to be calculated objectively. It comprises of monetary and non-fiscal manners to establish and monitor the progress of administration towards its vision.In the ultimo, judicature used the financial treasures to assess the effect of senior heeds while non-financial measures were used to rate the writ of execution of lower take aim of prudence. It is unfitting to use the financial measure to examine the outcomes and non well-suited for predicting future prospect as the outcomes ar the consequences of past consummation. Thus, performance measurement shapings were developed to merge the financial and non-financial measures at all level of the organization in gild to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the vigilance. The best known performance measurement framework is balance wag introduced by Kaplan a nd Norton in early 1990s.The fit circuit card approach retained measures of financial performance on past performance and supplemented them with the assessment on the strategic planning in regulate to come the organization towards its vision. It maps an organizations strategic objectives into performance metrics in quaternion perspectives financial, subjective abutes, guests, and learning and growth. The depot fit signifies that the system is equilibrate between internal measures of line of reasoning processes, innovation and learning and growth and external performance perspectives measures for guests and shareholders. It is then(prenominal) followed by the term nonice which signifies quantified performance measures.In a nutshell, equilibrise lineup contains four main processes. The process of equilibrate scorecard is begin with clarify and translate the organizations vision into dodging. Then, the strategic counselling lead communicate and link strategic obje ctives and measures. Next process is planning, setting arses and aligning strategic initiatives. Lastly, equilibrize scorecard enhances strategic feedback and learning. Organization quantifies its current performance to delineate where it is on its strategic capability expression journey and predict possible changing business environment in future. This information appropriates relevant feedback as to how well the strategic plan is executing so that adjustments whoremaster be made as necessary. This bind is primarily discussed on the growing importance of match scorecard performance systems and exploring the subject fields faced by the organization in grammatical construction and implementing balance scorecard systems.b. Challenges in Performance Measurement SystemThe used of equilibrize scorecard is very helpful in monitor the management of the organization except it is very challenging as the implementation is very costly. It requires some cost in setting up this syste m much(prenominal) as software licenses outgo and installation cost. This will results in large sum of money world expense before profit is generated. Besides, the needs of expertise to implement a comprehensive and proper system will consequently increases the cost of management as well.Different business unit apply the contrary balanced scorecard measures to give its goal. In general, balanced scorecard consists of two causes of measure. There are plebeian measure (measures across all subsidiaries or units) and extraordinary measure (measure each business unit). The use of unique measures in order to carry out the system is tough because unique measures are significant in capturing the units business strategy. If the manager does not actively participating in evaluating one units performance, thus significance of the unique measures whitethorn not be appreciated.The four perspectives in a well- intentional balanced scorecard form a chain of cause-and-effect relationships that determine the effectiveness of the strategy implementation. Proper implementation will results in excellent performance. However, it is not easy to identify and establish the cause and effect relationship. Inappropriate measure will result in negative outcomes. Managers realize and understand that there are strong linkages between node gratifications, employees satisfactions, financial performance, internal business process and federations learning and growth activities. Nevertheless, the balanced scorecard system does not provide the detail guidelines on to how to improve performance to achieve organizations goals.In addition, balanced scorecard system need to be updated constantly. This update is useful as it requires repositioning with changing of strategies or beau monde structure in order to keep in pace with the complex business environment. However, constant updating of balance scorecard may be tedious and date consuming.Lastly, lack of integration and communicatio n of the objectives of the organization at difference level of management would cause the lower level of employees cant see the big picture of the system. Implementation of the balanced scorecard requires commitment from all management levels, especially companys precede organizational structure. Most of them refuse to co-ordinate in the system because they may view the system as a threat that implies they have underperformed in the past.c. Advantages of Performance Measurement SystemFirst of all, balance scorecard is very reliable as it all the way defines financial and nonfinancial information to all parts of the organization. The traditional financial didacticss has failed to confine accurately the type of measurements those companies need around a profit sector. This is proven when all the intangible assets such as select of operate and skilful employees do not show on balance sheet compared with the balance scorecard that shows all those intangible assets in the balanc e sheet. The value of a company will be infrared to the workers, shareholders, customers and the society due to the unwritten intangible assets in the balance sheet.Secondly, balanced scorecard is useful in evaluating and planning for long-term strategy. In a traditional method, organizations only focus on short-term financial measures while balanced scorecard include customer, internal processes and the growth in societys needs. It is useful in a longer term strategic dimension as managers can measure performance in building key capabilities and examining on the overall strategic workability.Thirdly, balance scorecard enhances strategic feedback and learning. In this process of monitoring the system, the management evaluates the present performance of the company, how the strategies are going on in the company and identify the emfity changes in the unpredictable surroundings. This information is useful for the purpose of decision making to ensure the organization is achieving to wards its goal.Fourthly, balanced scorecard could be used as a measure of employees reward performance. When the individual exceeds the particular doorsill levels, they will be rewarded for the excellent financial performance. It is proven that balanced scorecard substantiates some improvements if compared with the past performance measurements systems that did not often measure the employees performance which link to somatic strategy.Lastly, the balanced scorecard attempts to evaluate both(prenominal) the internal and external aspects of the organization. It is of the essence(predicate) to focus on the customers views and the contacts that have been established in the market-place on order to build long-term relationship with the potential customers. The learning and growth perspective encourage creativity and mount in information system in order to response quickly to the rapid changing in the global market.d. Central issue of the articlesThe first issue is the implementatio n of balanced scorecard in an organization. severally company should have its own version of the scorecard as different companies require different measurements, which are essential in achieving the company strategy. The most commonly used measurement categories are financial goals, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, productivity, and growth and innovation. A well-defined balanced scorecard should result in improved internal management system, greater customers satisfaction, educated employees and increased in financial usage. Identification, definition and integration of organizations capabilities with its objectives in all levels of the organization from bakshis to down are essential to sustain long-term superior return in the emulous environment. Interaction within the organization is important to avoid optimizing the results of one business unit at the expense of others. In this stage of planning, setting targets and aligning strategic initiatives, management will set ambitious but achievable targets for each perspective and initiatives are developed to align efforts to reach the targets. Lastly, the executives receive feedback on whether the strategy implementation is proceeding according to plan and evaluate whether the strategy itself is masteryful or control and restorative action is necessary to reflect real time learning. These four functions have made the Balanced calling card an effective management system for the implementation of short-term and long-term strategic planning.Besides, the four perspectives in the balanced scorecard are inter-dependent. It is not just a balance of measures in essential areas of the business, but similarly a balance of goals versus accountability. The reluctant of the people in the organization to accept accountability for achievement of the balanced measures and goals of the balanced scorecard will result in failure in balanced scorecard system. In the case study of Big W, has not only built competen cies into each step of its performance management system but has now incorporated competencies in all position descriptions for store managers and buyers to extend their put through in areas other than that in which they are presently employed. Therefore, the human capital of the organization is the key to the success of the balanced scorecard system.The second issue is balanced scorecard will evolve as the husbandry change. Once the balanced scorecard is developed, it should immediately implement into the organizational system. It assists to link groups and individuals to the strategy by misgiving the linkage of cause-and-effect relationship. This linkage enables them to understand the overall performance of the organization. For example, advanced in information system will leads to efficiency in information management and eventually save the cost of handling bulky information. Thus, the organizational culture is a one of the key factors of success or failure of implementation o f balanced scorecard.Besides, organizational culture has in addition interceded entity learning. Entity learning is a driving force behind the successful implementation of balanced scorecard. The article mentions that there must be an understanding, commitment and support from the jacket levels of the company down to the worst ranks. If there is any change in culture in any level of the organization, balanced scorecard performance will be affected. Therefore, impertinently approach, new tings and new goals have to be developed and be adopted to make the balanced scorecard to a greater extent balanced and effective. precaution need to be bracing with the changes in organization culture so that balanced scorecard system is designed in symmetry with the culture.The next issue is customers run away a significant role in determining the prospect of an organization. The customer perspectives in the balanced scorecard measure on how should the organization present itself to its cus tomers in order to achieve its vision. The four perspectives that introduced by the balanced scorecard are useful to evaluate the overall performance of the business. In conjunction with this, customers are able to see the time dimension of the business that going from the bottom to top and the profitability of the past, present and future. Moreover, balanced scorecard includes the measurement of customers perspective aim to increase customer satisfaction to ensure the ultimate wants of customers are fulfilled. Thus, the objective of the organization must be always being designed according to the current market demand.ConclusionAs we embark on the twenty-first century, managers are challenged by sweeping changes in the global arena. The implementation of balanced scorecard is essential to assists in the execution of corporate strategy in order to sustain in the competitive environment. Balanced scorecard encourages employees to act in accordance with desired goals of the company by reward them accordingly to their performance. Management has to be aware of the potential limitations of balanced scorecard and overcome the problems by designing the system that well-suited the organization. In a nutshell, balanced scorecard should be tailored for each part of the organization driven by the objective of the organization to make the balanced scorecard even more balanced and effective in supporting a living, growing, feasible organization in the competitive environment.2. a. IntroductionTelekom Malaysia is the largest integrated communications solutions provider in Malaysia and one of Asias booster cable Communications companies. Telekom Malaysia has officially changed its global brand from Telekom Malaysia to TM in 2005. The vision is to become Malaysias leading new generation communications by providing customers with innovative and excellent gain environment.TM has a monopoly on the persistent line electronic network, data, mobile, internet and multimedia. It combines satellite, terrestrial and submarine fibred-optic cable systems to facilitate the regional and international telecommunications. TMs core businesses are focused in Retail, Wholesale and Global Business. Besides, TM acquired Celcom and TMTouch to raise sedulousness standards, provided product and service benchmarks in the country. Apart from that, TM Net is now the sole DSL broadband provider in the country. It offers a comprehensive range of service and solutions in broadband, data and fixed line. In addition, TMs investment philosophy is to play an active role in its international operations as well as to provide opportunities for wealthiness creation among the local population for social welfares purposes.b. Discussion of the Performance Measurement System used in the company.TM is using BSC to translate their visions and companys strategies into a set of measureable objectives that can be interpreted into some meaning(prenominal) form as a check list to monitor the performance of the company. Basically, the BSC used by TM is an e-BSC where it uses an online system called MAPS (appendix) to allow employees to key in their performance according to different areas concerned in the scorecard and monitor by each cleavage managers. The main concern of financial perspective will be to grow revenue profitably and to manage cost effectively, customer perspective is to delight the customers while creating the synergy with partners, internal business process is on execution of projects and plans on whether they are done effectively and the organizational learning and growth is to boost human capital execution capacity.The implementation of BSC in TM consists of tether stages, which are business planning, performance cycle and then finally lead to a performance-based rewards system. In business planning, BSC and individual Key Performance Indicator (KPI) are developed in this stage where the KPI is used to measure the key performance in a specific comp onent part of the company. BSC is developed through a process of six steps which includeFirstly is to understand and develop the business strategic direction of TM and for example the vision of TM is to be Malaysias leading new generation communications provider, embracing customer needs through innovation and execution excellence and the mission is to strive towards customer service excellence, ameliorate consumer lifestyle and experience, deliver value to stakeholders and improve the performance of our business customers. From these two statements it is clear that TM is stressing exceedingly on customers satisfaction and so its direction is clearly stated in its vision and mission statement (TM Annual Report, 2008).Next is to decompose those TMs visions and missions into smaller components called objectives that can drive the performance and measurable. With those components, TM Group top management now will be able to create a strategy map using cause-effect linkages for exampl e, how an objective is dependent on another objective. A strategy map (appendix) is important in BSC as it is the fundamental part of it to achieve towards the objectives of the company and drive it towards the vision.In step 5 is to develop KPI (appendix) to measure and target to track strategic and operational progress of the company to see if it has achieved the desired outcomes of the objectives. Lastly is to identify the key strategic initiatives as a way to ensure the achievement of strategic objectives for example funding of resource and implementation mechanisms.In MAPS System, an individual employee will log into the system and key in their in the flesh(predicate) information and then the division scorecard will be displayed. This is the part where employees are need to hive away their performance into the online system MAPS for the company to track their performance into a KPI template (appendix) provided in the system. Then, employees are mandatory to choose the areas that are relevant to his/her field for each perspective. In the individual scorecard, the employee has to key in the target that is challenging but achievable. In performance cycle phase, he/she will then be required to key in the actual result and comment on the target. This performance scorecard will then linked to the reward system to reward the employees accordingly.c. Issues, Challenges and Advantages of BSCIssuesThe e-BSC used by TM is emphasizing a circuit on the performance of its employees driving towards the vision and missions of the company which are mainly customers satisfaction and growth of the business. The biggest issue of BSC in TM is that it emphasizes too much on the internal business and performance rather than the timber of services provided to the customers. Each of the perspective emphasized by the BSC is not really focusing on the spirit services. This is very important particularly for a service company like TM who provides telecommunication services to the public. For example does BSC implement by TM actually concern on the quality of its networks for the broadband services of TM Net, a division of TM? Measuring the quality of the services of TMs products is significantly important to be able to achieve the objectives of the company.ChallengesA challenge faced by the BSC is where it could not answer some of the important question that a telecommunication company needs to know. For example, a manager can developed a set of measures for the scorecard, but it can never answer the question of what the competitors are doing out there (Andy Neely, 1995). This intend that BSC has missed out one of the most important perspective which is the competitor perspective. In Malaysia, telecommunication industry is very competitive and TM is no longer the monopoly in the industry since the presence of other telecommunication companies such as Maxis and Digi. Thus, TM might risk itself if depend solely on the scorecard of not knowing what is hap pening with other competitors and might lose their market shares to them due to this reason.AdvantagesThe BSC of TM has successfully provide a complete measurement on the four perspective which comprises of financial, customers, internal business control and organization and learning growth. Through the implementation using MAPS system, BSC in TM is done over the online system and electronically (e-BSC). The MAPS system provides a good way for the employees to set their own target, track their performance and finally evaluate their performance and give comments on whether is it hard to achieve the target. This is an advantage to TM as the managers from each division will be able to get direct feedback from the employees on their performance and able to report them to the top management to evaluate further on what can be done to improve and identify problems. This as well enables long-term organizational learning at the same time to achieve continuous improvement on performance of t he company.d. RecommendationSince the issue faced by TM is the quality of service, Total Quality Management (TQM) is able complement the shortcoming of BSC. A quality service is vital for a telecommunication company especially in such a competitive market in Malaysia. TQM is a type of performance system that is used as a long-term measure to reduce errors in a service or manufacturing process and focusing on customers satisfaction by ensuring workers have the highest level of training and modernisation of equipment and limit errors to 1 per 1 million units produced. ISO 9000, the international standard defined that TQM as a management approach of an organization that centered on quality with participation of all members aiming at long term success through customers satisfaction and benefits to the members of the organization and society (Subburaj, 2005).TQM definitely benefits TM in many ways. It can apply this to the engineering of its telecommunication networks such as its fixed l ine division, cellular services division as well as the broadband division to improve the quality of services. Say for example, an uninterrupted broadband service for the customers that only allows 0.0001% of down time, same applies to the cellular networks and fixed line services. This definitely provides benefits and robust solutions to the company to enhance customers satisfactions on quality services.To achieve the TQM, TM must always from time to time cast its engineers and other employees for training and make sure that they are experts in their field. Also, TM must spend more resources on its RD division, known as TMRND, to provide the latest equipment for the engineers to ensure that they have the best equipment to maintain the network to provide uninterrupted services. This is a long-term implementation for TM and it requires continuous improvement over time not only by the top management but also all the members of the organization workings together. Also, TM will be ben efited in the long run and enhanced its branding through attaining the TQM attestation of ISO 9000.ConclusionIn order for TM to remain dynamic in the globalization market, should always critique its performance measurement system and constantly seek for improvement to better achieve its objectives and remain competitive. perform well financially, increase in customers satisfaction, constantly improving the internal business process and improve in organizational learning and growth are equally important and TM has been doing well with its e-BSC and MAPS system. TM is also an innovative player in introducing new products and services such as the latest on the news, Unifi, a fiber optic solution for home and business which provide 5 to 20 Mbps of internet quicken to the consumers and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) (TheStar Online, 2010).However, innovative products and services are nothing if the service quality is not good enough. Now is the time for TM to embark on a new cha llenge in providing quality service through the implementation of TQM in its organization to achieve long-term success and customers satisfaction.