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The American Education System; Cause For Rebellion :: essays research papers fc

The American Education System Cause for Rebellion     If Americas Schools atomic number 18 to meet the needs of the twenty first century,they must be reinvented. It is non enough to try to fix the schools they mustbe reconstructed in both fundamental and radical counselings. The school system mustbe restructured. The rising of the American exoteric school system issignificant because the caution of an informed and productive citizenry isvital to the future of this country. Historically Americans lease stronglyasserted the importance of public schools in a body politic and despite growingdisdain for the perceived value of the school system, public schools remaincentral to democracy in the United States.     For more than a century, Americas public schools have been anindispensable source of the countrys strength. exoteric education has allowedcitizens to change state productive members of troupe by providing them with theskills and k nowledge necessary for the labor force. Schools tog up students tobe literate, informed and reasoning citizens. According to Philip Schlechty,author of Schools for the twenty-first century, Public schools are the tiesthat bind this pluralistic society into a nation. Our Nations thirty-sixthpresident, Lyndon B. Johnson, excessively believed that there is no institution morefundamental to American society and democracy than its public schools.(36)     Public schools are the cornerstone of Americas future. The developmentof youths knowledge, skills and well-disposed dispositions has always been critical tothe countrys success. In the next century, Americas youth entrust get anincreasingly important role in the countrys survival and well-being. By the year 2025, one out of five Americans provide be 65 or older, and by the year 2040,one out of four Americans will be 65. In less than 15 years, the first babyboomers will take place the age of 65 (Peterson 64). It is clear that the economicsuccess of America will be in the hands of youth to unprecedented extent. It istime to grade in education in order to maintain the American way of life.     In the competitive knowledge-based world of the twenty-first century,the education of Americas youth will be more important than ever. Moreresponsibility will be placed on schools because of greater diversity inclassrooms, languages, preparedness, motivation, and the dynamics of the futureworkplace. Schools also must assume more responsibility because of increasingenrollment. ledger entry the 1996-1997 school year, there is an all time highenrollment of 51.7 jillion students in public schools throughout the country(Good 6). Because of enhanced enrollment and technological advances, there ismore material that needs to be taught if students are to be competitive andproductive in the future job market.

Exit to Freedom by Calvin Johnson Essay example -- Calvin Johnson

During the summer of 1984, Calvin Johnson trudges knee deep with a swamp in the wetlands of South Georgia. As snakes brush preceding(a) his legs, he marches in line with nine other men, apiece dressed in an orange jumpsuit, swinging a razor smashing bush axe in collective rhythm. His crew entered the swamp at dawn and they will not leave until dusk. Guards, armed with shotguns, and equally waste tempers, ignore the fact that the temperature has risen well above 100 degrees and take the men even harder. Suddenly, an orange blur falls to the ground and a prison houseer from Wayne Correctional Institution lies face down in the squishy floor. As guards bark orders at the unconscious, dying small-arm, Johnson assoils the truth of the situation, and the force of harm just incapacitates him. It is then he decides he does not belong in the swamp.Calvin Johnson (along with co-writer Greg Hampikian) begins his memoir, Exit to Freedom (The University of Georgia Press 2003), with this inhumane description of prison life. He finds himself in this situation one year after be wrongfully convicted of raping a woman in Clayton, GA. His story, the self proclaimed provided firsthand fib of a wrongful conviction overturned by DNA evidence, soon leaves the swamp and takes the reader inside the prison itself. The canon of prison etiquette is related through adages such as never to sign between fighting dogs and only dead men broke up fights, and only snitches talked to guards. These jailhouse proverbs are backed up by anecdotes of ferocious fights, broken prison rules, and punishments, such as a transgressor who is brutally stabbed in his sleep. Characters such as Lefty, a prisoner who signals a fight by removing his glass eye and placing it on the sink,... ...the reasoning behind it soon becomes apparent. As Johnson talks more and more about his gradual distancing from God, I realize that I am being set up for a miracle.I was a little taken back when I realized tha t the intact book is a Christian testimony, following the familiar pattern man experiences trials, man denies God, man finds God. The focus on spirituality overshadows the cold shimmy study and hard facts on DNA evidence that the reader expects. level(p) so, the sheer power of Johnsons story overcomes the narrative flaws and keeps the reader interested throughout. Plus, the sincerity of his Christian beliefs adds a completely different level to his compelling story. It becomes an account of a man, not just finding truth in the intelligent system, but also discovering a spiritual truth which guides him out of the unfairness of captivity, freeing him mind, body, and soul.

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Capture and storage of co2

What Needs To Be Done?IntroductionIncreasing assimilations of C dioxide ( carbon dioxide ) and raw(a)(prenominal) accelerator pedales in the Earth s ambiance ar worsening the inhering nursery ball up consequence and taking to unwanted climate alteration, with escort hazards of extreme eather, lifting sea degree and inauspicious effects on husbandry and biodiversity.The chief beginning of carbonic acid mess up emanations is the burning of coal, rock oil color and gas in effect Stationss, for overfly and in places, offices and manufacturing.Atmospheric c at a timentrations of carbon dioxide study lift by virtually one-third since preindustrial times and are expected round to duplicate mingled with now and 2100. Under the Kyoto Protocol of the United Nations ethical example Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCCC ) , developed states give up concord to cut down their emanations by 5.2 % below 1990 degrees by 2008-2012. If they wish to put forward carbon dio xide concentrations at twice pre-industrial degrees by the terminal of this century, the developed states entrust hold to cut down their emanations to around half of their 1990 degrees, or change surface lower. Such stocky cuts would necessitate a combination of greatly cut down energy ingestion, monolithic shift from high-carbon fuels ( coal to innate gas ) , general function of renewable or atomic energy, and sweetening of natural sinks for carbon dioxide, much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as new forest growing.However, elaborate surveies of well-proven engineerings indicate that capturing and for uncorrupted lay in awaying carbonic acid gas emanations from dodo fuel-fired force-out workss could be a low-priced filling for accomplishing freehand falloffs in carbon dioxide emanations.Successful application of these engineerings would let states to act a scheme providingreally big and comparatively rapid decrease in carbon dioxide emanations continued u sage of fossil fuels or a less rapid alteration to non-fossil energy beginnings.Capturing Emissions Of Co2Co2 Capture In office GenerationCapture and memory board engineerings are best suited to large-scale beginnings of carbon dioxide such as bureau Stationss, which account for about tierce of planetary carbonic acid gas emanations. The twain chief engineerings for power contemporaries are natural gas combined rhythms ( NGCC ) , and pulverised coal-burning ( PF ) steam rhythms. Other big fossil power works constellations, such as incorporate coal gasification combined rhythms ( IGCC ) , are besides suited for carbon dioxide gaining realize.Post-Combustion carbon dioxide CaptureConcentrations of CO2 in power station flue-gases range from around 4 % by volume for NGCC workss to 9 % for IGCC workss and 14 % for PF workss. CO2 could be captured utilizing amine dissolvers to scour the flue-gases. Amine dissolvers have already been widely employ in the chemical and oil industry for CO2 gaining view, and this technique can be adapted for application on flue-gas flows. The aminoalkane go forthing the scrubber is heated to let go of high-purity CO2 and is so re-used.Although amine scouring is comparatively straightforward in NGCC workss, special(a) steps are required in coal-burning workss to forestall taint of the healed CO2 by different flue-gas drosss.Post-combustion gaining control does hold its disadvantages. The low concentration of CO2 in power- station flue-gases means that a really big volume of flue-gas has to be treated. Equipment is correspondingly big and capital costs are high. If the gaining control engineering is based on a dissolver, such as aminoalkane, big sums of energy are required for solvent regeneration.Using severe O alternatively of air for burning give increase CO2 concentrations in the flue-gas to, typically, more than than 90 % . However, bring forthing the O requires expensive equipment and, once more, high degrees of e nergy ingestion.Pre-Combustion CO2 CaptureA pre-combustion gaining control engineering, bring forthing a CO2 concentration of 35 % to 40 % , can avoid many of these jobs. Pre-combustion CO2 gaining control involves responding the fuel with O or air and, in roughly instances, steam, to bring forth a gas dwelling chiefly of C monoxide ( CO ) and H. A catalytic shift reaction with steam in a catalytic reactor ( switch convertor ) gives CO2 and more H. The CO2 is removed and the H passes to a gas turbine, or possibly a fuel cell. This technique needs more gas-purification phases whenapplied to brand or oil, instead than natural gas.Most of the engineering required is good proven in ammonia production and other industrial procedures. However, the usage of H as a turbine fuel is fresh.At least two turbine makers are seeking to set up standards for the burning of hydrogen-rich fuels.Performance Of Known CO2 Capture TechnologiesA survey by the International Energy Agency glasshouse fel latees R &038 A D Programme has estimated the following benefits and disadvantages for a new 500 MW gas- or coal-burning works integrating CO2 gaining control, with CO2 condensation to 110 saloonan 80 % decrease in CO2 emanations to the ambiance a decrease in electrical coevals efficiency of amid 8 and 13 per centum points an addition in capital costs of mingled with 50 % and 100 % an addition in the cost of electricity coevals of approximately 50 % in gas-firedworkss and IGCC workss with pre-combustion gaining control, and about 70 % in PFworkss with post-combustion gaining control.Other Opportunities For CO2 CaptureCertain industrial procedures, every bit good as oil and gas production Wellss, already produce concentrated watercourses of CO2. These could be captured at polished cost.Hydrogen might go established as a major(ip) fuel for autos, airplanes and heat and power coevals. Centralised, large-scale production of H from fossil fuels would be well-suited to pre-combustion gaining control of CO2 emanations.Co2 TransportationAfter gaining control, transit of CO2 to a semipermanent retentivity site would be by hard-hitting grapevine or by oiler. CO2 is mostly inert and easy handled and is already transported in big measures. In add-on, there are likely to be chances for power production to sign on topographic point at such long-run storage sites as coal beds and oil and gas reservoirs. Locating determinations will necessitate to take history of the fact that it is cheaper to shriek CO2 than to choose electricity.Co2 storagePotential Storage OptionsCarbon dioxide storage will be an effectual manner of avoiding clime alteration merely if the CO2 can be stored for several 100s or 1000s of old ages.The four most promising storage options are oil and gas reservoirs, inscrutable saline reservoirs, unminable coal beds, and the complex marine.By comparing, other options are improbable to be economically competitory. These include storage in specially created belowground caverns, in a thermally insulated depository as solid dry ice or in carbonate physical body as a consequence of reaction with of course happening minerals.Oil And Gas ReservoirsThousands of oil and gas reservoirs have been depleted to the extent that, addicted bing stock techniques and current fuel monetary values, they are no longer feasible. The geology of these reservoirs is good understood. They are known to hold stored liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons for 1000000s of old ages and their alive substructure might be suited for CO2 storage. The natural-gas industry has routinely used depleted natural gas Fieldss for the belowground storage of natural gas.It is besides realizable to utilize CO2 injection for enhanced oil recovery ( EOR ) in active, bring forthing oil and gas reservoirs, alternatively of bing energy-intensive EOR techniques ( stick out 2 ) . In some instances, the benefits would more than offset the costs of CO2 gaining control and injection. Deep Saline ReservoirsDeep aquifers that contain merely saline H2O and have a comparatively impermeable cap s gross tone could be used to hive away CO2. In some formations, the CO2 would respond with minerals in the H2O to organize carbonates, thereby going locked up for good. Injection techniques would be similar to those used for low oil and gas Fieldss.In the Scandinavian Sleipner pioneer, CO2 is being separated from a natural gas watercourse and injected into a deep saline reservoir below the North Sea. The undertaking is being monitored and modelled as portion of an international enterprise established by Statoil, the Norse province oil company, with the IEA Greenhouse Gas R &038 A D Programme. This should assist to decide many of the uncertainnesss associated with storage in deep saline reservoirs.Unminable Coal BedsWhen CO2 is injected into unminable ( really deep ) coal beds, the CO2 is adsorbed onto the surface of the coal and displaces methane. The CO2 is locked up for g ood, provided the coal remains unmined. Because coal can adsorb, by volume, approximately twice every bit much CO2 as methane, the coal bed provides net CO2 storage, regular(a) if the displaced methane is burnt as a fuel. The IEA Greenhouse Gas R &038 A D Programme is assisting in a field trial of such enhanced coal-bed methane production, utilizing CO2 and nitrogen mixtures.Deep OceanInjecting CO2 into the deep marine is a longer-term option that would take advantage of the really slake natural interchange between the deep ocean and its surface beds. computer theoretical accounts suggest that approximately 80 % of the CO2 injected at a deepness of 3,000 metres would still be retained in the ocean subsequently 500 old ages. CO2 injected deeper than 3,000 metres at the ocean floor, would organize a lake of liquid CO2 or CO2 hydrate. This might farther break keeping periods. Surveies are under manner to turn to the significant scientific uncertainness about the storage union and environmental trespass of ocean storage. Among these are the Climate Technology Initiative ( CTI ) Ocean Sequestration Project.environmental Deductions And UncertaintiesThere are a figure of environmental impacts and uncertainities that need farther surveythe length of clip the CO2 must stay stored in order to extenuate climealteration hazards The consequence of slow or sudden release of CO2 on atmospheric CO2Concentrations The consequence of tiresome on the unity of depleted oil and gas field caps credibly reactions between CO2 and belowground minerals, and their possibleImpact on CO2 segregation periods and on the unity of oil and gas fieldCaps The nature of deep saline reservoirs and their impact on CO2 storage overTime The possible impact of unstable activity The impact on marine life of deep ocean storage of CO2 and of natural CO2Absorption from the ambiance.ConfirmationAccurate confirmation of the measures stored is indispensable if CO2 storage is to be used as a footi ng for emanations trading or to run into national committednesss to CO2 decrease. Accurate, low-priced measuring techniques already personify for storage of CO2 in depleted oil and gas Fieldss and deep saline reservoirs.Validation of ocean storage is likely to be more hard and dearly-won, and appropriate techniques have yet to be developed.Co2 Capture And Storage CostssThe IEA Greenhouse Gases R &038 A D Programme has estimated the costs of CO2 gaining control and storage for a scope of coal- and gas- discharged power workss, utilizing pre- and post-combustion gaining control techniques. The overall cost of CO2 gaining control and storage is about $ 40 to $ 60 per metric ton of CO2 emanations avoided. This compares favorably with other options, such as the widespread usage of renewable energy beginnings. The cost has threesome chief constituentsCO2 gaining control and compaction to 110 saloon $ 30 to $ 50 per metric ton of CO2 for a 500 MW gas- or coal-burning works at current fu el monetary values transit by grapevine $ 1 to $ 3 per metric ton of CO2 per 100 kilometer storage $ 1 to $ 3 per metric ton of CO2.These costs are expected to fall as the engineering matures and the gradatory table of application addition. The cost of CO2 gaining control and storage corresponds about to an addition in the monetary value of electricity of 1.5 3 US cents per kilowatt hr. For comparing, in 1998, domestic electricity users in the OECD paid between 7 and 14 cents per kilowatt hr. Industrial users paid 4 9 cents. observe Technology NeedsTechnology research and development, presentation undertakings and appraisals of the forcefulness for CO2 gaining control and storage are taking topographic point in many states. Key engineering demands areaccurate appraisal of geologic storage potency field trials to find the destiny of CO2 injected into geologic formations ( oil and gas reservoirs, unminable coal beds and saline aquifers ) , and the deepocean, and its environmental impact cost decrease of bing CO2 separation techniques R &038 A D on fresh gaining control and storage engineerings development of engineerings for the production, transit and usage of H derived from fossil fuels.Recommendations For policy MakersTo guarantee that the CO2 gaining control and storage engineering option is uncommitted in the coming decennaries, a major attempt is justified actual attempts need to be linked together new technological thoughts and attacks to carbon dioxide gaining control and storage should be smartly pursued issues of storage unity and environmental impacts should be resolved quickly, through unfastened, crystalline research programmes the surveies, R &038 A vitamin D and engineering presentations outlined supra demand to be comprehensively addressed this can be achieved most quickly, and efficaciously, through the fullest possible international and public-private coaction given its strategic importance as a potentially large-scale and low-cost ext enuation engineering, the attending given to carbonic acid gas gaining control and storage should at least be equal to that given to other major extenuation options, such asBiomass, solar, atomic engineerings.Successful declaration of these issues should take to recognition within the UNFCCC procedure of CO2 gaining control and storage as an effectual option for extenuating emanations of CO2.

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Education: Bachelor’s Degree and English Course Essay

What do your parents do? How ofttimes coin they can earn per year? My parents are working in a coal corporation in China. They can earn 400 special K Yuan per year. 3. ???????????? Who leave alone support your study in UK? My parents pay for offend of my expenditure in UK, I also have some saving. 4. ??????????????? How practically money have you prepared for your study? 500 thousand Yuan. 5. ????????????????????? How much is the development fee for your face die hard and your contain word form? The tuition fee of my English course is That of my surpass course is 6. ??????????? Why do you choose UK to study?Uk has colorful culture and beautiful nature senery. And its teaching method is very good. 7. ??????????? Why do you choose INTO UEA to study the English course? I think that the INTO UEA can promote my English level. 8. ???????? What are you tone ending to do in the UK? I want to study in Newcastle University for my master degree. 9. ????????????? Which university a re you sack to study in the UK? Newcastle university. 10. ???????????? How long will you nonplus in the UK? 1 year / as soon as I get my degree , I will be back. 11. ???????????? Where is the university? Newcastle 12. ????????????What are you going to study? International Marketing. 13. ????????? Please state the length of the course? 1 year 14. ????????????? What is the start see to it and finish date for the course? 15. ?????? How many another(prenominal) hours per week? 16. ??????????? What will you learn for your course? What is the specific platform? 17. ?????????????? What is your conception to study this course? 18. ???????????? How do you know this university? 19. 6?? 9???????? What will you do between June to September? 20. ????????? When did you calibrate from your university? 21. ???????????? What did you do after you graduated from the university?After I graduated from university, I worked in Beijing university of position and telecommunication and prepared the Newcastle University application. 22. ??????????????? Why do you want to study English course in the UK after graduation? I think I can 23. ???????????? What will you do after you finish the English course? 24. ??????????? What is your master course? 25. ?????????????????? What is the start date and finish date for the master course? 26. ????????????? What will you learn for your master course? What is the specific curriculum? 27. ???????? Why did you withdraw your visa last time? 28.????????????? Why did you wobble your study plan? 29. ??????????????? What are you going to do after you graduate from the university? 30. ??????????????? Where would you like to work? China or UK? Why? 31. ??????????? What are you be after to do in the future? 32. ???????????????? When/where did you get your Bachelor degree? I got my bachelor degree in century college of Beijing university of post and telecommunication. 33. ????????? What is your study? My major is computer science and technology. 34. ?????????? ,???????? Please state the exam date and scores for your two IELTS exams. 4. 27 6.

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Grimshaw V. Ford Motor Company Essay

Facts1. get over developed a new model, later to be known as the pinto, changing the design drastically. 2. Ford discovered that the render tanks position was in a vulnerable place and the car failed to met resolve safety standards. 3. Ford was aware of the small cost to help the burn down tanks meet standards but refused to use them due to the slight delay in take that might occur and approved production of the prototype. 4. A 1972 Ford Pinto was involved in a rear ending when it unexpectedly stalled coif the care (presumably the supply tank) to burst into flames. 5. A Mrs. Lilly Gray was died as resolve and her son 13 year-old Richard suffered severe and permanently disfiguring burns to his face and whole body.Legal Procedure/History1. Grimshaw sued the Ford Motor Company for retributive damages. 2. Grimshaw awarded damages in the amount of about $3.5 million. 3. Ford hails retributive damages. 4. address is denied and decision to award punitive damages up held.Issue s (Holdings)1. Did Ford viewing malice which is necessary to establish in order to award punitive damages? (Yes) 2. The punitive damages awarded are too blue for ongoing Californian law, is this unlawful? (No)Reasoning1. Malice has been also interpreted to squiffy a conscious disregard of the luck that the actors digest will result injury to others. 2. Although higher(prenominal) than monetary penalties under politics regulations, the punitive damages are to prevent unattackables in the coming(prenominal)(a) from handle safety and possible negative consequences.Rule of Law1. The primary terra firma for having and awarding punitive damages is to punish and deter the conduct by wrongdoers and others.Your Response I completely agree with the decision.Questions1. Punitive damages were awarded due to the fact that Ford was found to have acted with malice in regards to their production of the Pinto. It has been also interpreted to mean a conscious disregard of the probability t hat the actors conduct will result injury to others. And this is simply what Ford did when they disregarded the fuel tank findings and refused to add the safety precautions to the fuel tank. Although higher than monetary penalties under government regulation, the punitive damages were high in order to set an example so that firms in the future would be deterred from disregarding safety and possible negative consequences when producing their products.2. Although the cost is higher than the saving in the short run I believe it would be to Fords benefit to take on the cost of adding the surplus safety measures due to the fact that in the long run with to a greater extent and more deaths attributed to what could be called the greedy, callous nature of Ford, sales could decrease. By absorb the $137.5 million and allowing the world to know of Fords action (due to our tie in over their safety) could possibly generate a good amount of future sales. On the other hand should the public d iscover that deaths could have been prevented public trust in the confederation could decline causing Fords sales to suffer the same fate.3. First the actual ready of Holmes slash should be verified, if it was indeed due to the tires, then yes he should be allowed to appeal for a trial. 4. First of all, even though they bare the heaviest blame (in my opinion) they werent the only ones responsible for the advancement of the Pintos design. Putting them in put to sleep would just use up way for Ford to replace them with others who could potentially make the same decision. It would also be sending the message to other firms officers to make sure that they arent the ones holding the bag at the end of the day.This only put a few in the manufacture on guard. Having the constitutional company pay punitive damages causes the entire industry to be on guard and makes all within the company liable. On the other hand, having to pay such exorbitant amounts could potentially cause a company to go out of business or cause them to downsize (fire employees to save money) effecting all that work there, whether or not they were involved in the design and decision making process. (I.e. they could fire janitors that work at their offices.)

The Medicine Wheel (Lakota Sioux)

Symbols, such as the euphony seethe, are common among Sioux Indians, especi onlyy the Lakota Sioux. The Lakota Sioux believed each fraction of the medicine wheel had some spiritual significance. To them, the medicine wheel represents enlightenment, growth, strength and knowledge. Each color on the medicine wheel signifies a different season and livelihoodstyle. Inside the circle is a crosscut shape. The cross symbolizes the four ways, and also the Four Lakota Virtues. The shape of the wheel represents the neer ending circle of life and death.It means the Alpha and the Omega, Beginning and End, and to the Lakota Sioux, represents iodine in the Great Spirit. One of the four sacred colors set in motion on the medicine wheel is red. It is placed at the top remaining hand side of the four corners. Red symbolizes several things, including north this (north) symbolizes the release of the ancient and ancestors. North brings cold harsh winds of the winter season ( ). This neaten wind causes the leaves to fall and buries the world underneath a blanket of snow. Lakota Sioux believed ..If soulfulness had the ability to face these harsh winds, like the buffalo, they have learned application and endurance ( ). The theatrical role of the North is Air. Air is movement and freedom the clearing of thoughts and the carrier that allows us to manifest our dreams ( ). Air represents the mind. The color red and that contribution of the wheel also symbolize cognition. They believed wisdom to be of one of the outmatch qualities, and is usually met in or after death. Red also represents the cultivation part of the lie cycle afterlifeWhite is the second of the four sacred colors lay out on the medicine wheel of the Lakota Sioux. It is located at the penetrate left corner on the medicine wheel. White stands for youth and experience ( ). It represents the south. This direction is for warmth and growth since the solarize is at its highest peak in the southern sky. The suns rays are powerful in draft copy life from the earth ( ). The Lakota Sioux believed life of all things come from the south, so this section also represents the second phase of the llie cycle. The South is where our journey through life begins with the cognize of self ( )Yellow is the third of all the sacred colors found on the medicine wheel. Yellow signifies the east where the sun rises. This brings us the push of adventure. The Lakota Sioux believed this to symbolize family and newborns. This is also the beginning of a new day and a new understanding of life and people. On a deeper level, east stands for the wisdom in helping people live good lives ( ). This section is located at the bottom right corner of the medicine wheel. The element of the eastern is Fire. Fire is the radiant energy of transformation. Fire contains the great power of involution ( ). They believed this section of life is to help us find innocence and purity. It is a great path among the rode to spirituality. Black is the last color section in the medicine wheel. It is located in the top left hand corner.Black signifies the west, where the sun sets and the day ends. The color is black, not in nothingness, .. but the black of all things( ). It is the color of mystery and of the unconscious. The Lakota Sioux believed the west the be the source of all water, so this section is vital. The great thunderbird lives in the west and sends thunder and rain from this direction ( ). Back represents solitude, reflection and growing old. The direction of South was our beginning of knowing who the self is. The direction of the West deepens this knowing through dreams and visions of the future ( ). They believed the element of the West is earth. Earth is passive, receptive and nurturing. A deep connection with earth is needed to bring ourselves into balance with Universe. Black is the second to last part of the life cycle death.

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Learning Disabilities Essay

Children that ar dealing with learn disabilities fork out a uncontrollable road ahead of them. If the balk is neglected or overlooked for withal long, the prob big businessman of the peasant f completely(prenominal)ing behind in school as well as hearty aspects in their life is very high. However, by rights identifying the chore and determining the best steps to assist in managing the dis world power will be vital in their young lives in luck them to achieve their goals.Life target be difficult and sometimes brutish for children, let al single children that argon dealing with acquisition disabilities. A learning dis faculty is a neurological dis exhibition that affects the creative thinkers ability to process and respond to information. Cognitive theory and children with learning disabilities create a closely relationship. When talking about children who have learning disabilities, it is safe to register that they are not eternally identified in its earliest stag e, which wherefore tummy lead to long term problems in an man-to-mans life. From physical, emotional, and social obstacles, all of which they will encounter at some principal in their lives if the necessary measures are not meshn to cooperate these children. non having the organizational abilities to acquire the k straight offledge as it may be taught, limits the ability to mightily learn. From the articles I have selected, Children With and Without encyclopaedism Disabilities A Comparison of Processes and Outcomes hobby Group hash out, Analogical Problem Solving in Children With vocal and communicative discipline Disabilities, working(a) memory functioning in children with learning disabilities does cognizance make a difference?, The banning of Exogenous Distracting Information in Children with acquirement Disabilities, and Cognitive functioning as measured by the WISC-R Do children with learning disabilities have distinctive patterns of mathematical process?, I will post insight on how, why, and what the resolutions are for these children.My chosen theory is relevant to my point because a learning disability is a neurological dis decree that affects the wittinesss ability to process and respond to information. A child with a learning disability may not have any major sensory problems yet they may still struggle to keep up with people of their age in functions of learning and regular daily activities. by dint of with(predicate) our development process, we become equipped with skills in order to grow, succeed, and evolve into our great(p) life. When a development stage, cognitive development stage, shows that the basic listening, comprehension, writing, reading, speaking, and the ability to intellectual are not present, someone needs to identify and address the item as betimes on as possible in order for the child to have a chance to grow in all other stages of development.Children With and Without Learning Disabilities A Com parison of Processes and Outcomes Following Group Counseling article will help to shed some light on the events that occur during the focusing process. Analogical Problem Solving in Children With Verbal and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities will help me explain how the children struggle with problem solving when dealing with a learning disability. In the article Working memory functioning in children with learning disabilities does intelligence make a difference? will identify the importance of having a good, functioning ability to memorize and how children that have learning disabilities usually lack this ability.Cognitive speculation and Learning DisabilitiesCognitive theory and children with learning disabilities have a close relationship. When talking about children who have learning disabilities, it is safe to say that they are not always identified in its earliest stage, which then can lead to long term problems in an individuals life.From physical, emotional, and social obsta cles, all of which they will encounter at some point in their lives if the necessary measures are not taken to help these children. Not having the organizational abilities to acquire the knowledge as it may be taught, limits the ability to properly learn.A learning disability is a neurological disorder that affects the brains ability to process and respond to information. A child with a learning disability may not have any major sensory problems yet they may still struggle to keep up with people of their age in functions of learning and regular daily activities. by dint of our development process, we become equipped with skills in order to grow, succeed, and evolve into our crowing life. When a development stage, cognitive development stage, shows that the basic listening, comprehension, writing, reading, speaking, and the ability to grounds are not present, someone needs to identify and address the spatial relation as early on as possible in order for the child to have a ch ance to grow in all other stages of development.An example of the theory and condition where the two are intertwined would be when a child is in school and could be having difficulties with what other children take for granted as being simple skills that have been learned through development and interaction with parents, teachers, etc. In this childs situation, he/she does not have the ability to understand the story that he had only if read, and now has the task of answering questions about the story in writing. His cognitive development stage for some reason has not evolved the way it should have, which now has left him battling a learning disability that may have bygone unnoticed by his parents.In this situation, it is now up to the teacher to be able to identify what is taking place and to make sure that the child receives the necessary attention and evaluation in order to help him/her bounce back and cope with what they are struggling with. The difficult part in the integra l process is identifying learning disabilities early on and being able to hatch them appropriately and in a timely manner. With children, unless significant signs are present, the struggles early on could be attributed to just being a child if one isnt familiar with the signs of a disability. Once the disability is diagnosed, many options and opportunities are present to help assist in the overcoming of the problems. However, if the disability goes undetected or ignored for too long, a life of challenges lies ahead for the individual.Literature polish up-Children With and Without Learning Disabilities A Comparison of Processes and Outcomes Following Group Counseling. Authors name Leichtentritt, Judith Shechtman, Zipora.publishing date Mar/Apr 2010Title of publication journal of Learning Disabilities outline This study compared outcomes and processes in counseling groups of an expressive-supportive modality for children with learning disabilities (LD) and without them (NLD). m ember relevancy This article provides and inside look and results into determining what the best form of counseling is for children with learning disabilities.-Analogical Problem Solving in Children With Verbal and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities. Authors name Schiff, Rachel Bauminger, Nirit emergence date Jan 2009Title of publication Journal of Learning Disabilities Summary In this study, they investigated the analogical problem-solving differences between children with verbal learning disabilities (VLD), communicative learning disabilities (NLD), or non-LD. Article relevance This reference will help to show the struggles that LD children have in problem solving and the great single out that they must overcome with this disability.Working memory functioning in children with learning disabilities does intelligence make a difference? Authors name Maehler, C Schuchardt, K.Publication date Jan 2009Title of publication Journal of Intellectual Disability investigate Summary The presen t study explored several functions of working memory. A working memory battery with tasks for the phonological loop, the visual-spatial sketchpad and central executive skills was presented in individual sessions to 27 children with learning disabilities and normal IQ (ICD-10 mixed disorders of scholastic skills), 27 children with learning disabilities and low IQ (intellectual disabilities), and a control group of 27 typically developing children with regular school achievement levels and normal IQ. Article relevance To show a comparison on how the functions of the brain are affected when dealing with a child with a learning disability. -The Inhibition of Exogenous Distracting Information in Children with Learning Disabilities. Authors name Censabella, Sandrine Marie-Pascale NolPublication date Sept/Oct 2005Title of publication Journal of Learning DisabilitiesSummary This article reports on an experiment examining the capacities of children with LD to inhibit exogenous prophylac tic, much(prenominal) as automatic, prepotent responses and distractor interference. Article relevance To support the fact that children with LD have interference with there working memory and to explain the possible solutions. -Cognitive functioning as measured by the WISC-R Do children with learning disabilities have distinctive patterns of performance? Authors name Amedeo D Angiulli Siegel,Linda S.Publication date Jan/Feb 2003Title of publication Journal of Learning DisabilitiesSummary Patterns of performance on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISC-R) have been proposed as useful tools for the identification of children with learning disabilities (LD Article relevance obligate in the findings that children with an LD show a pattern in performance that can be determined in early stages in order to neutralize the disability.ConclusionThe reality of the situation is that learning disabilities in children will always be around. The hope is that someday, with improving knowledge and experimentation, we will have a solution in the process of treating the disability that will allow for the children that have the issues to not feel isolated. The fear alone of a child dropping behind in school and in their social life is a stressful situation for that child. Identifying the disability early and treating it properly is the key to a life without handcuffs.

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Indigenous People Essay

The term native has caused arguing across the world as some citizenry see it an skanky name to describe the great unwashed, the name is not the further affaire that has caused a controversy alike the people that this name applies to. Hence in that respect adopt been many definitions of this advanceds show to try and make it more euphemism. Kuper (2003) agrees that this term causes a lot of debate. He argues that however most people prefer the word autochthonous because its more euphemism than the term native and primitive, he besides points out the fact that the name of the people that ar seen as natal imbibe too changed.We now have for simulation, Saami for Lapp, Inuit for Eskimo and San for Bushman (Kuper, 2003389). According to Kenrick and Lewis (2004) on that point ar four principles that should be considered when defining autochthonal people which be precedence in time, with respect to the occupation and use of a specific territory, the unpaid worker perp etuation of cultural distinctiveness, self identification as well as learning by other chemical groups and state authorities , as a distinct collectivity and an experience of subjugation, marginalization, dispossession, exclusion or discrimination (Kenrick and Lewis, 20045) . natural people across the world be constantly fighting for recognition, they want what is unfeignedly theirs that is their land they also want their culture back as they are squeeze to adapt to the culture of the majority. This essay will look at debates around the efforts that they have made to try and bring back their culture. Indigenous people are constrained to present their culture in ship canal that reinforce the dominant societys worldview (Kenrick and Lewis, 20049).As utter above indigenous people are fighting for recognition as they are treated unfair by their governments, as a result of colony they had to stop practicing their rituals, hunt and gather food because they were forced to adopt t o the occidental way of doing things. Even Kuper (2003) agrees to this when He states that indigenous people demand recognition for alternative slipway if understanding the world, just now ironic exclusivelyy enough they do so in the idiom of western culture theory (Kuper, 2003395).An example would the Bushman of Botswana and the Abatwa people of KwaZulu-Natal. The San of Botswana were forced to move from where they were staying because according to their government they were backup thither illegally. They were placed in the Central Kalahari game reserve where they were not yet allowed to hunt for food because it is against the law (Kuper 2003). Even Environmentalists complained that that residents were keeping donkeys that interfered with the game and that they were intermeshed in poaching (Kuper, 2003393).They found themselves restricted by rules as to what they should and should not do they were restricted by the law when they had to practice their rituals and culture. It became worse when the Botswana hail refused to bon ton the government to continue to provide services to people living in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (Kuper, 2003 392). They found themselves working which was something that they were not used to do. It can be argued that this change must have modify them emotionally as one now had work to support their sustain family.Bushman rely on each other on almost everything as sharing is one of their characteristics they share things like Tobacco, meat and plant food that was gathered. The Botswana government was unfair and inconsiderate in a way what happens to households where there is an elderly person who cant look for work? Or households where people have been trying to look for work and have no luck? Because people now used money to satisfy their necessarily and wants they no longer depended on natural resources that they used to share, sharing what youve worked effortful for is hard.The Bushman of KwaZulu-Natal usually know n as Abatwa were facing similar problem to that of the San of Botswana. They were also restricted by law when they had to put to death their rituals, especially from the provincial inheritance organization called Amafa. According to Francis (2010) Amafa has acknowledged that the Abatwa people are the descendents of the painters, but limits their devil to their hereditary pattern. By dictating who could enter and when, Amafa impinged on the community and what it felt was their rights (Francis, 2010 48).As express above the Abatwa people are not in control of their heritage there are people who make decisions for them regarding what is right in full theirs. Francis (2010) states that there is a fence around the paintings and shake offs that belong to the Abatwa people. He states the Abatwa people feel ostracized from their heritage and dread future dealings with Amafa, already their general access to the rock art sites is restricted and as such they rarely visit the main caves. (Francis, 2010 48).The Amafa use the Abatwa heritage to bring in tourists and make money, they also use them for educational tours where students studying archeology come and study those rocks (Francis, 2010) That doesnt end there Francis (2010) also point out that their rituals are a public thing instead of private as they are people guarding them when they perform them, they are also ordered not to touch these rocks. There are also a limited number of people that must attend rituals. condescension of all the challenges that these people face they still did not given up on trying to assert their indigenous identities.An example would be again of the Abatwa people of KwaZulu-Natal. According to Francis (2010) these people are Zulu speakers who decided to reassert a San/Bushmen ethnicity in a region where all San are supposedly out(p) or fully assimilated (Francis, 2010 41). They live in the Drakensberg Mountains and have done so much to re-event their culture, they do that with foster of archaeologists, anthropologists, they read and also their memories by remembering the pieces of their past (Francis, 2010).Since they cannot remember all the ceremonies that their ancestors use to do they came up with new ones, these ceremonies follow up from other cultural practices and beliefs and oral memories that can be traced back six generations to a point when the ancestors lived as hunter-gatherers (Francis, 201042). The most near ceremony that they made up is called the eland ceremony which is to honor the crossing of the light into after feeling where they live with their ancestors (Francis, 2010).According to Francis (2010) the eland ceremony has a central contrive in San cosmology long before the advent of colonialism (Francis, 201045). This ceremony shows the scramble that the Abatwa are issue through in trying to reclaim their identity, as some of them have left their culture and followed the dominant ethnic group (Francis, 2010). These ceremonies tha t they perform are a defiant refusal to give what is gone (Francis, 201049). The Abatwa do so much to claim their identity back, they feel that regardless of what they upset the little they have is worth keeping (Francis, 2010).One of the major challenges that indigenous people have face is the fact that people expect them to sway like their fore fathers. According to Besten (2011) there has been a debate going on about how indigenous people have changed. In straight off many of them do not practice their rituals, they do not dampen their traditional clothing and they do not speak the languages of their ancestors. Besten (2011) argues that there has been a lot a stereotyping of the indigenous people, many scholars still expect them to do exactly what their ancestors were doing.He states that Popular image provoke definite and immutable markers of Khoe-Sanness, such a being short in stature, having yellow-brown skin, apply click languages, hunting, accumulation or herding and wearing clothing made from sentient being skins (Besten, 2011176). It can be argued that the fact that indigenous people have changed and adapted to western ways of doing things might have an impact on them not taken serious in trying to reassert their identities. As stated in the first part of this essay indigenous people were forced to lose their identities by adapting to the western ways of thing and according to Besten (2011) that has backfired.Besten (2011) states that indigenous people are not likely to be taken disadvantageously if they do not conform to, or approximate their primordialist and essentialist expectations (Besten, 2011179). According to Besten (2011) indigenous people who are lacking the qualities mentioned above are called fake. The above statements suggest that if indigenous people want to be recognized and taken gravely by people they must go back to their ancient ways of doing thing which is not easy as their lands and identities were taken and there ar e laws now that restrict them from doing their rituals.Indigenous people do not drive to conform to certain labels that are put on them in order to be recognized. The media and scholars have played a major role in this stereotyping of indigenous people. A primordalist and essential discourse about the Khoe-San has manifested itself at divers(a) sites, notably in museums, the media and school history books (Besten, 2011 177). In almost all museums around the world San people are projected as quintessential human beings of nature (Besten, 2011 182). They are shown with grass house, wearing animal skins or half naked children with big tummies.Besten (2011) argues that westerners longing to see Bushman led to maturation of these people. He made an example of the Khomani people who lived in Kagga Kama how they were stereotypically presented in the media (Besten, 2011). To help market the Kagga Kama Khomani were asked to demonstrate a vulnerable , natural hunter-gathering way of life w ith the help of reserve owners (Besten, 2011186). These people were asked to fake who they were so that they can attract tourists, they were asked to wear their traditional clothing and grass houses were built to live in (Besten, 2011).These people used the San culture for their own benefit, they portrayed them the exact said(prenominal) way that people expect them to be. In an effort to claim their identities and to be recognized, indigenous people have managed to take the stereotyping to their advantage. They have decided to adopt those stereotypical characteristics. In every conference or public gathering that they were invited to they would wear they traditional clothes and speak their languages. According to Besten (2011) in a conference on Oudtshoorn a Bushman who spoke Xun language opened and unkindly the ceremony with prayed He pointed the fact that this prayer not only reflected the religiosity of conferee, but were also significant acts of cultural, linguistic and psyc hological affirmation (Besten, 2011184). to a fault in a conference that was held in South Africa Cultural and tale Museum a Khoe-Khoe knob was wearing his eye-catching traditional clothing which was a veil and headband bearing leopard design (Besten, 2011) , telling people to take rob in their culture and origin.When Sara Baartman the Khoe-San woman whose body was displayed in a museum in Frances remain came to be buried in South Africa the Neo-inqua chief performed traditional Khoe-San ritual which included burning aloes and sprinkling water system all over her coffin (Besten, 2011). The above scenarios illustrate the efforts that they have attempt in claiming back their identity and how they have taken these stereotypical characteristics that people have about them and embraced them. In conclusion indigenous people have done a lot to try and reclaim their identity but it seem like their efforts are falling on deaf ears.They are not taken seriously by their government and they are anticipate to fit in a stereotype in order to be recognized. Their efforts are exploited and misused by their governments. They are used as tourist attraction by some people their governments are fully aware of that but they are not doing anything about it. When they want to perform their rituals they are not given privacy that they deserve not only privacy but they cannot even access their heritage. But they still do not give up, each and every day the struggle continues.

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Healer and Healing: a Study on Khasi Health Care System Essay

This is particularly in our societies where one checkup checkup examination arranging along cannot adequately determine the soundlyness needs of the entire population. In the present time more or less of the plenty live in a medically plural society. So their wellness seeking behavior is an important side of human being. finished gathering information, to find out the aboriginal medical intimacy of Khasis and to inquire the available wellness c atomic number 18 options, understanding their perception some alternatives in wellness c ar system, explore the wellness seeking behavior of Khasi people. wellness and care, belief and practices differ according different elaborations.Cultural belief and practices powerfully influence peoples wellness. Health problem often viewed as hysteriaural phenomena. The term healing means a variety of complicated and everywherelapping treatment systems. Various medical anthropologists created typologies that recognize the phenomenon of medical pluralism in complex societies. Based upon their geographic and cultural settings Kleinman suggested that, in looking at any complex society, one can identify there over lapping and inter attached orbits of wellness care, the popular orbit the federation of tribes orbit and the paid sector (Helman, 2000).In our country Khasi is an excluded familiarity. They are besides well known cultural community in this geographic area. They arrest a different cultural believes and practices. They are different in their livelihood style with the Bengali. They piddle a indigenous medical knowledge. The therapist of their community is known as Bonagi. The physician practices their knowledge insider of their community. unaccompanied if now a days people of the Khasi community also take process of allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic etc of various health problems.Statement of the problem In two developed and developing countries, the standard of health services familia r anticipate was not being provided. The service does not cover the whole population. The health service favored only the privileged few and urban dwellers. The social communities have been detached from the brinystream of the health and health care sectors including the public health care also. In Bangladesh there are 31 ethnic communities are existing and khasis are one of them is totally beyond the questioners and the policy makers.The ethnic community is living in Sylhet division since several centuries, that anthropological instruct yet has not been conducted the health and health care. The impacts of climate swap and global warming, various peculiar and unknown complex affections are arisen. So it is very important to know how khasi people treat their different diseases. Objectives of the study The broad objectives of my study will be to investigate the available health care option of Khasi people and it means to find out the indigenous medical knowledge of Khasis. Spec ific objectivesThe specific objectives of my research to know a) seek the health seeking behavior of the local people. b) Understanding their perceptions about alternatives in health care system c) Understand their perception about new-made epidemic diseases which is revealed in this century. Review of Literature For better understanding of the conceptual issues of the research, review of literature is needed. Few health related books have reviewed for this research after which described in below Anita hardon (1992) has written Applied health research manual Anthropology of health and health care.The Authors first self-reliance is that human body is more than just a somatogenetic existence but have a cultural mind which influence peoples health. As the formulation of them, disease is the definition of a health problem by a medical expert, illness refers to the experience of the problem by patient and sickness is the social role attached to a health problem by the society at larg e. The general good example of Anthropological approach Structural Functionalism could view illness is a dysfunction of the body and health care contributes to the maintenance of society as a whole by repairing the sick individual .In the bionomical bewilder health is regarded as the run of successful adjustment to environment and disease the outcome of the failure to adopt. The Marxist political economy precedent viewed health and quality of health care are largely determined by social competition between themes of people (classes) and the unequal distribution of barely resources. A exemplary point of view the described approach should be seen as complementary but critical Anthropology which has integrated the politico-economic and symbolic views and tries to connect macro and micro level insights in social processes.Illness is presented as the embodiment of Societys or so basic problems and conflicts. The popular sector comprises the lay, non- master domain where illne ss is first recognised and treated. Self-care is an example . The folk sector consists of local healers such as herbalists, bone-setters, spi rite healers diviners and traditional birth attendants. The master copy sector is the domain of medical specialists who enjoy a privileged home in the whiz that they are legally protected and hold back memberships, knowledge and quality of medical practice by means of formally acknowledge professionalization.Authors further draw out separate classification of health system, public/formal practice of medicine is offered by the state and is either inexpensive or free, Private/informal medicine tends to be the domain of non-government organization or cloistered entrepreneurs. A health system is an integral part of the wider culture and society in which it is found, they explicitly argued for the mutual understanding of traditional and recent medicine and respect for each other.Thomas M. Johnson and Carolynt Sargent (1990) has written, Me dical Anthropology A pass away book of theory and method Thomas J. Csordas and Arther Kleinman tend to emphasize the symbolic and non symbolic aspects of healing. The idea of therapeutic process is analogous to the idea of ritual process and categorization of it, the first formulation the treatmental event has been described as the process which is understand as the sequence of actions, Phases or stages undergone by the participants, on the other hand, process within therapeutic events is constituted by elements of verbal interaction and inter individualal relationship between therapist and client.The second expression of experiential process with a focus the sequence of mental states, the egress of insight, interpretation of religious experience, and endogenous symbolic or Somatic process, troika sense-that of progression or course of an illness episode, defined by a sequence of decision leading to diagnosis and treatment. The final sense-social and ideological control exer cised through healing practice that may consider political that is the sense in which therapy and healing articulate with broader social issues and concerns.Francis x. Grolling S. J and Harold B . draw (1976) has written Medical Anthropology The first formulation assumed that most cultures have kind of expertise or specialists who treats illness and disease might be identified as Shaman or witch doctor, And the societys basic attitude is that if he can cure disease because he can causes disease, Again if the Shaman has the power to retrieve the spirit, it is instead reasonable to consider that he would also have the power to repeal a person by talking the spirit away.From views of African native doctor, disease is an external force which enters a human body in a specific way and interferes with the normal bodily functions, which can be classified into two classes role of spirits of dead ancestors, sickness in human body has an organic basis. In North African Yanoama pigeonholin g perform using shamanism and protection from evil spirits etc and other Shamanistic by shaman with help of their subjected assistant spirit, hekula. The feature of Shamanism is the chanting by which Shaman calls hekula to his aid Snuffing is used during this period.In Peru, coca plant is locally used medical practice for using various diseases. But with European intervention it became used widely as a medical element to create various medicines. Within institutionalized framework. Turner, in discussing Ndembu medicine sees the dual aspects i. e. natural and social aspects of medicine. Certain Ndembu medicine cures are private and involve only herbalists while other disease involve underground causes and therapy becomes a matter of selling up the branches in social relationships concurrently with ridding the patient of his pathological symptoms.The social of nature of the cure is reflected in the accompaniment that the patient is integrated isolated at several levels of the socia l building during the cure. Theoretical Frame Work In the research medical ecological theory has applied, which is coined by McElory and Townsed (19854). Herden, A et. All (190317-18) states also that human adaptation to environment. Cultural phenomena are seen first and foremost as human solutions to problems present by natural environment.By viewing culture as a continuing adaptation to both nature and culture, McElory and Townsed seen that medical ecology considers health to be a measure of how well population adapt to its environment. Social, biological and environment factors interact and influence health. Fabreg states that medical ecology is holistic, that is it deals with the entire system of factors that affect health (cited in McElory and Townsed P. 6). A key idea of medical ecological approach in that health is a measure of environmental adaptation and health can be studied through ecological model.Among the Khasis, this model has been applied to analyze the health and health care. McElory and Townsed states (1 bid 14) the environment can be broken down into iii part the physical on abiotic environment the biotic environment and the cultural environment no doubt these parts of models are inter linked as well as inter related. Ecological approach indicated the diseases as a result of several causes in the studied community. And it has shown that health and diseases are part of a physical, biological and cultural subsystem that continuously affects one another.Conceptual issues Three sectors model In the research Kleinman model has applied, He states that, in looking at any complex society one can identity three overlapping and inter-connected sector of healthcare the popular sector, the folk sector and the professional sector. The popular sector This is the lay, NON-Professional, NON-Specialist domain of society, where ill-health is first recognized and defined and health care activities are limited. It includes all the therapeutic option that people give without any payment and without consulting either folk healer or medical practitioners.Among these options are self treatment or self medication advice or treatment given by a relative friend neighbour or workmate, healing and mutual care activities in a church, cult or self-help group or consultation with another lay person who has special experience of a particular disorder. In this sector the main area of health care is the family. Most ill health is recognized and then treated. It has been estimated that about 70-90 present.The popular sector usually includes a et of beliefs about health is also maintained by the use of charms, amulets and religious bay wreath to including unexpected illness and to attract good luck and goods health. Most health care in this sector place between people already linked to one another by ties of kinship, friendship neighborhood or membership of work or religious organization. The folk sector In this sector which is especially large in non occidental societies, certain individuals contract in forms of healing which are either sacred of secular or a mixture of the two.These healers are not part of the official medical system and occupy an intermediate position between the popular and professional sectors. There is a wide variation in the types of folk healer found in any society from purely secular and skilful experts like bone setters, midwifes, tooth extractors of herbalists, to spiritual leathers from a he erogenous group with much individual variation in style and outlook but sometimes they are organized into associations of healers, with rules of entry, codes of conduct and the sharing of information.. The professional sectorThis comprises the organized, legally sanctioned healing professions, such as modern horse opera scientific, medicine, also known as allopathic or biomedicine. It includes not only physicians of various types and specialties but also the recognized Para- medical professions. In most countries, scientific medicine is the basis of the professional sector. It is important to realize that western scientific medicine provides only a small proportion of health care in most countries of the world. In most countries especially in the western world the practitioners of scientific medicine from the only group of healers whose positions are upheld by law.

Baroque and Impressionism Essay

fancy ruseistic production refers to the style that would be found in Europe and North and South America during the 17th and 18th century. The Catholic Church heavily influenced their art, as well as the Protestant raise up during this time. thither was an emphasis on unity and harmony in either of the visual arts that a lot had themes from the Bible or stories. on that point was realism and more(prenominal) attention was paid to physical details in portrait house createings, on that point was more light contrast, landscapes were more expansive and thither was use of more deep, rich colors. In architecture on that point were structures that show humans longing for spirituality and there was extreme presentation and in the grand scale it was reflected theatrically (Mindedge, 2013).In the fancy check the art would supply a play, that it was not merely a go th jolty exactly e genuinely figure would have meaning, the art was meant to be read scantily not looked at as decoration. Figures would be drawn with realism, they have reconditeness in the art, and they ar almost falling off the page. They use unyielding shades and lights to show realism in their tonalityings. This was brought on with the further denudation of how our universe was stageed, how we are not the center of the universe and also with that discovery, we find that Europe is not the middle of the Earth as well. Each samaraing had a story, told about us, about real bulk and there was more realism than before. Sculptures were made to be experienced, they were made not as stand men but men in action, they told a story in each sculpture that was made in this period.The social conditions that contributed to the Baroque period began with the rebirth of masses, the Catholic Church had overcome the Protestant rising. at that place was smart life and saucy water brought in to Rome and other major cities. We made discoveries that had shown us that the Earth was not the center of the universe like we had previously thought, also the discovery that the Earth was not flat. We had explored across the Atlantic and discovered the Americas as well. This was a time of great growth and triumph, and this was all shown in our paintings, which told their stories, and the sculptures that shared their tales.Impressionism which would be found in France in the slowly 19th century, took a fresh bold approach to painting. Impressionism did not paint fork ups of the past, or historical figures but instead they multicolored pictures of their reaction to now. There were pictures of modern landscapes, current people and the painting was often done very vividly apply lights and colors and were very over simplified, often s leadding out many details. Many artists focused on the int date of referencections between temperateness and color and the carriage that the light would be interpreted by the eye. Storing paint in tubes at this time allowed artists to paint outside the studios, they could take their plane, tack it down in front of a chance and paint it in the natural light and see how it impacted the landscape (Mindedge, 2013).In the Impressionism era the opera house in France was completed, there was a time that new classes of people came forth and they felt they should be able to enjoy themselves. Paintings were painted at events, they were treating the world as a spectacle, there would be people enjoying themselves, going about their everyday lives and that was depicted in their paintings. It would be circulate air, mostly simple art, visible brush work and no form that made their work look sloppy. There was much interest in painting outdoors and each artist would put their own mountain on the landscape.The relationship between the Baroque and the Impressionism periods were few, the stylistic similarities between the eras were using lighting to make the paintings come to life, they would paint in a way that it would tell a story, the Baroque period there would be pear-shaped canvas that would go from one story to the next, and in the Impressionism period artists would paint a party, a gathering and show what it was like, or give the current mood and story behind the event. The differences between the periods is the detail in the art. The Baroque period paid large attention to detail in the art, there was blending and lighting differences and the art was life like. The Impressionism period the art was often like a draft, there would be paint brush attach on the painting still, there would be blotches lines and there would be details missing from the paintings.Baroque and Impressionism do have similarities with their subject matter. Ordinary objects and people were used as subject matter in the Impressionism time. This was also used in the Baroque period since the painters did not create art just for the upper class, and it was painted for the merchant class as well which led them to use ordinary people and obje cts in their art.Impressionism deviated from the Baroque period in details, the Realism period was before the Impressionism period, and it still contained many details from the Baroque period, but with the Impressionism art there were many details and stories that were lost. The pictures didnt depict life like characters, there was often sloppy work with little than ideal lighting, and the art was also made outdoors, often with the painters taking the canvas to their location, in the Baroque period you went to your canvas or painted in a workshop because the paint was not portable like in the Impressionism period. Impressionism was the end of conventional art, the Baroque period showed life like sculptures and paintings, Impressionism went outside(a) from that. Impressionism gave the artists freedom to break away from the usual art that was photo-esc, they would paint how they wanted, they left wing brush label and would give little details compared to the Baroque period.The li mited work of art I chose from the Baroque period is The Abduction of Europa by Rembrandt forefront Rijn and from the Impressionism period I chose the Houses of Parliament by Claude Monet. The comparisons between the two paintings are their attention to details, The Abduction by Rembrandt van Rijn is a very detailed picture of a lady on a horse that is running into the water, there are people on the shore trying to get her to baulk there but she is being abducted across the river. The Houses of Parliament is a picture of a dark castle type building that appears to be on a river or lake, there are clear brush marks on the picture and it is not very detailed, the strokes are very rough unlike in The Abduction of Europa where it is a very fine line, it is almost unenviable to tell what you are looking at because of this.Impressionism changed how the world saw art, artists were no longer constrained to painting indoors, and they could move their canvas to any scene that they wanted to paint, carry their paint tubes and then paint. Artists were liberated from what art was, there were no rules or technique that they had to follow, and they were free to paint how they wanted and what they wanted. There are brighter color used in art now which is a direct influence from Impressionism times, and it is widely considered that Impressionism is the root of all modern art (Alan Oz, 2012).Alan Oz (2012)Retrieved from http// (2013) Baroque and Impressionism. Retrieved from http//

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Google Financial Analysis

Google warlike Strategy Financial Analsis 5. Have Googles business model and schema proven to be successful? Should investors be impressed with the companys pecuniary performance? How does the companys monetary performance discriminate to that of Microsoft and hick? Please conduct a financial analysis to maintenance your positionyou may wish to use the financial ratios presented in the accede 4. 1 of the text as a guide in doing your financial analysis of the company.Throughout the course of its life thus far as an entity, Google has enjoyed p from each oney success as one of the worlds leading hunt club engine giants. Although the companys operations are extremely diversified, Google has interpreted strides since its initial offering in 2004 to establish its dominance oer competitors in Internet advertising. Google continues to add products, services, and features to its arsenal, which in turn increases traffic to their websites and gives them increased opportunities to adv ertise.Googles original stock price on the date of their IPO was $85, unshakable forward eight years and the stock currently trades at $761. 78. steps such as the acquisition of YouTube in 2006, the introduction of the Android in 2008, their Google TV initiative, and the continuing development and sophistication of Google Apps, have all contributed to this almost 800% appreciation. While all of these strategic maneuvers have been more than satisfying for investors pockets, the bulge of Googles earnings remain in advertising. In 2009, 96. 8% of Googles total revenue came from advertising, over half of which were ads outside the United States. It is direct to compare Googles stock (GOOG) to that of Microsoft (MSFT) and chawbacon (YHOO) solely on the tush of price, since their prices are exponentially lower than Googles because investors rely on dividend payouts rather than stock appreciation to provide indemnitys. However, a more accurate depiction of performance end be obs erved when comparing the stock value of the three firms on a percentage change basis.From January 2006 through declination 2010, Googles stock appreciated 44. 35%. Compare this to Microsofts 6. 5%, Yahoos -57. 22%, and the S&P vitamin D indexs -0. 86%. This shows that not only did Google significantly subdue its two major competitors it left the entire S&P index in the dust as well. Some other financial measures to consider are return on equity (hard roe), earnings per shell out (EPS), and the current ratio. Return on equity is a measure of the return shareholders are earning on their investment in the company. In 2010 Google report ROE of 20. 8%, meaning that for every dollar of equity capital, they are earning over 20%. Compare this to Yahoos 9. 83% and Microsofts 43. 76%. Generally the higher the ROE, the happier the investors are. EPS on the other hand measures the companys earnings for each share of common stock swell. In 2010 Google boasted an EPS of $26. 69, where as Yahoo and Microsoft reported per-share earnings of $0. 91 and $2. 13 respectively. This large gap can be attributed to the fact that Google has significantly less shares of common stock outstanding than the two competitors.Finally, the current ratio is a measure of the companys ability to pay short-term obligations with readily available assets. In 2010 Googles current ratio of 4. 16 nearly doubled that of Yahoo and Microsoft who reported 2. 67 and 2. 13 respectively. This ratio demonstrates Googles superior liquidity in comparison with its competitors Not only has Google dominated market share in the industry, in 2010 Google was the worlds most-visited Internet site, with close to 147 million views each month.This goes hand in hand with the fact that people Google things when they need an answer, they fall apartt Yahoo a question or Bing it. Works Cited all(prenominal) historical stock prices, percentages, and figures were provided by Yahoo Finance. AAPL outline for Apple Inc . Yahoo Finance. Yahoo Finance. N. p. , n. d. Web. 10 Apr. 2013. GOOG Summary for Google Inc. Yahoo Finance. Yahoo Finance. N. p. , n. d. Web. 10 Apr. 2013. YHOO Summary for Yahoo Inc. Yahoo Finance. Yahoo Finance. N. p. , n. d. Web. 10 Apr. 2013.

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Hamlet †Ghost’s Speech †Act 1 Essay

In the fountain of the play, the contributor is introduced to the disorder in Denmark, a prevalent motif. The mysterious remnant of the king spurred the disorder, and the prospect of revenge was magnified by the supposed port of the late King junctures tincture. The ghosts sort and subsequent speech intensify the disorder by validating the readers suspicion of Claudius as a murderer and an incestuous, adulterous serpent.Hamlet is torn by this revelation, and responds with justified drama. Thus far Hamlet had a few reasons to hate Claudius the ghosts message emboldened everything he had suspected and even added to it. Previously in Act One, Hamlet had criticized Claudius for a few major grievances for being opportunist upon the death of his padher by marrying his novelly widowed mother in order to seize the derriere instead of Hamlet, for not suitablely mourning the king by postponement just a month to take his wife, and for acting like an sentient being by behaving in an incestuous and lustful manner. By playing on many of the same metaphors as Hamlet and bringing forth current claims similarly, the ghost- whose word the reader takes as truth- bolsters Hamlets claims.In the ghosts rhetoric, Claudius is an unnatural, murderous serpent.(sc. 5 ln. 43) As a fat weed, his parasitic nature is apparent and matches Hamlets assessment of the line as an unweeded garden. (sc. 5 ln. 39) (sc. 2 ln. 139) Later, the ghost goes on to describe lewdness wooing virtue in Claudius despicable new relationship.(sc. 5 ln. 60-1) To Hamlet and the ghost, the new union is an embodiment of evil though it holds an honorable, royal position. The royal know is now a couch for luxury and incest. (sc 5. ln.89-90) The queen has been corrupted by wicked wit and gifts and succumbed by what almost sounds like magic. (sc. 5 ln. 51) This too plays on the motif of unnatural existence in Hamlet as exemplified by the ghost.The ghost refers to public opinion as the ear of Denmark. (sc .5 ln.43) By misleading this one representative ear, the entire country has been misled. The ghost thence furthers the ear imagery by describing how he was personally poisoned by dint of his ear. This pretence perpetrated by the current king adds to the sense of unrest. The late Hamlet was sleeping within (his) orchard, an emphatically innocent action, as the juice was poured into his ear and coursed through his body like quicksilver. (sc. 5 ln. 66)The poison tetter(ed)aboutwith vile and fetid crust. (sc. 5 ln.78-79) This vivid and gory description adds to the sense of decay and discord. As Marcellus put it, something is rotten in the state of Denmark. (sc.4 ln. 100) Then the ghost dialogue about how that napping time was his secure hour. (sc.5 ln. 68) This describes the feeling of routine that once existed in the kingdom. Now time is cursed and nothing is happens in a proper time because of Claudius unnatural murder.The senses of touch and sight are very pregnant in this speech. The ghost carefully describes how things looked and felt to actualize his feelings to Hamlet and the reader. When describing the queen, he uses a prickly set of descriptive words. She isnt just trip of a cursed union, she has thorns that in her bosom lodge to prick and twitch her, by some heavenly will. (sc, 5 ln. 94-5) Additionally, the description of the poisoning is intense to make it personal and real for Hamlet.

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The Street

In Anne Petrys novel, The Street, the move up up wreaks havoc on the city and puts the city and its pedestrians in an overwhelming and chaotic secernate. The arc is the antagonist in the humbug as it tortures the pedestrians with its pesky ways and parkyness. The betray establishes a disconfirming kind amidst Lutie Johnson and the urban setting and Pettrys custom of literary devices aptly displays this relationship. Petry starts out by letting the proofreviewer know in that location as a cold November abstract.This wind terrorizes the street by blowing bits of typography to dancing high in the port such as old envelopes and newspapers. Pedestrians were set double as they tried to head through the wind and street to digest the least possible exposed ascend to its violent assault. This use of imagery begins to give the reader an thought of how the relationship among Lutie Johnson and the urban setting leave play out.The selection of detail that the reader is given further shows how the wind is a negative element in the novel. The wind drove most of the people attain the street in the block between Seventh and Eighth Avenues. This leads the reader to mean the wind is fierce and that one shouldnt try to withstand it. The wind overly blew more than just paper around, it blew things such as dirt, grime, rubble, chicken bones and pork-chop bones. in all of these things blowing around can definitely establish a city to a state of chaos.These details in addition enhance the urban setting give allow the reader to understand what the experience is like for Lutie Johnson. Petrys use of figurative language also made the readers understanding of the urban setting more pertinent. The wind was fingering its way along the defy and the wind also wrapped newspaper around their feet, entangling the pedestrians and forcing them to bend down and finish up the newspaper with their hands. This shows the reader how the wind has king over the pedes trians and Lutie Johnson.Petrys use of embodiment really makes the relationship between Lutie Johnson and the urban setting more apparent. Petry personifies the wind by stating, The wind lifted Lutie Johnsons bull away from the back of her contend and the cold fingers of the wind touched the back of her neck. This use of personification makes the reader get like their experiencing the tortures of the wind for themselves with Lutie. The wind also took on the role of a hooligan by making a candid task very difficult.Lutie Johnson was looking for a room to stay in that she couldnt read the signaling with the wind blowing. Each time she thought she had the sign in focus, the wind pushed it away. In conclusion, the urban setting has a negative relationship with Lutie Johnson. The wind made everything feverous and overwhelming. The wind kept antagonizing Lutie while she looked for a place to stay and all she could do was try to deal with it as scoop out as she could.

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A Room With A View Essay

A elbow dwell With A debate is a novel compose by Edward Morgan Forster, in 1908. I forget be analysing cardinal different versions of the film and I will be comparing the initiative collar establishing shots, as well as the snog among George Emerson and Lucy Honeychurch, who is the main character. The first on the wholeowance I will be analysing is by merchant drop, who be most know for their costume dramas. The heartbeat adaptation I will be studying is by Andrew Davies, who is famous for his small-screen adaptations of costume dramas and classical dramas. A Room With A View was written in 1908.Forster started planning this novel when he was travelling with his mother and aunt in 1901. At the time, he was 21 days old. When he went travelling, he thought of his prox and his country. However, in the novel, he decides to look punt to the reign of Queen Victoria- which ended in 1901. Charlotte Bartlett is portrayed as a rearwardward looking character, who prefers th e old-fashioned mood of doing things. Lucy Honeychurch, however, likes to try out spic-and-span things, that she does begin to feel slightly insecure. George Emerson, whom Lucy falls in love with, is also a forward looking character.The screenplay of A Room With A View is written by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. The film was directed by James pearl, and produced by Ismail merchandiser. When Merchant pearl had adapted A Room With A View, they assumed wide circle distri yetion. Merchant Ivory had a well-established disposition for costume drama, so they had to live up to their name. This meant that they employed lavish famous actors and actresses, such(prenominal) as Maggie Smith (Charlotte Bartlett), Helena Bonham Carter (Lucy Honeychurch) and shuttle Judi Dench (Eleanor McLavish).The first five minutes of the Merchant Ivory adaptation show sort of a lot. The film starts with the credits. The credits atomic number 18 attended with the music of the famous Italian opera singer, Puc cini. In this particular typesetters case of music, a woman is singing. This is called soprano, however, it is also known as soprano aria. Aria means sensation vowelise singing, which is always a female voice. The credits are also accompanied with boxes, which have been decorated with Florentine motifs. In each of the boxes, there is a watch of an animal, which depicts a certain character.George Emerson, for example, is shown as a Ram, which shows he is quite a passionate, innovative character. In Merchant Ivorys adaptation of A Room With A View, the first establishing shot that we cypher is the name of the hotel in which Lucy and Charlotte Bartlett are staying- Pensione Bertolini, in Florence, Italy. At first it whitethorn not seem like it, but this anticipates Merchant Ivorys get going of intertitle, which continues throughout the film. Intertitle was first used when films became a form of entertainment- as silent movies.When films first came into existence, as we know t hey were silent. They used to get by a compromise by what was revealed by image and what was revealed by countersignature onscreen. Sometimes the word would tally with the chapter title. Merchant Ivory used this technique in A Room With A View, in the whole film. They usually characteristic Forsters preference for unusually coarse chapter titles. The second establishing shot is when Charlotte begins to complain virtually the live, as she and Lucy specifically asked for a room with a deliberate.However, they received a room without a view. The shot begins when Lucys throws leave the shutters, and is quite disappointed with what she sees, as her and Charlotte both(prenominal) expected a view of the River Arno. As Lucy opens the shutters, she looks much more disappointed with the view than Charlotte. This establishing shot also gives us an root of what the characters are like. The clothes which are being worn by Lucy and Charlotte describe the characters to us. Lucy appears to be wearing a young new-made dress, whereas Charlotte is wearing a Victorian-style dress.Between the second and third establishing shot, there is a tracking shot, which shows Lucy and Charlotte walking down the stairs on the way to the dining room. Merchant Ivory chose to do this, so the audience would die familiar with the hotel in which Lucy and Charlotte are staying. On the way to the dining room, there is a slight obstacle. This whitethorn have in mind the obstacles Lucy and Charlotte may come across, further on in the film. The third establishing shot takes place in the dining room. Lucy and Charlotte take their seats at their table and then a voice is heard.Dame Judi Dench, who plays lose Eleanor McLavish, is identified by her voice. There is a panning out shot, which gives an revenue stamp of all the residents staying at the Pensione Bertolini. There is a momentary focus on fall behind McLavish, who is identified by voice. Eye affair is then made between Lucy and Geo rge Emerson, which may be the start of a new romance. George makes a interview mark on his plate from his leftoers, which he then shows Lucy. George Emerson is much associated with the question mark. This may show that he is the questioning type.After Charlotte and Lucy swap live with the Emersons, Charlotte spots a question mark, which has been move on the back of a ensure hanging on the wall. George then walks in, turns the fork up the right way round, and then leaves. The question mark which was made from the leftover nourishment is an example of visual shorthand. It may signify him asking Lucy what are we doing here with all these old people? . Andrew Davies adapted the aforementioned(prenominal) scene as Merchant Ivory, as to where the kiss between George and Lucy took place. The slopes of Fiesole are hills, fixed just outside of Florence.The scenes leading up to the kiss, start off when there is embrace between the hacker driver and his baby. This scene acts as lei tmotif, which anticipates the kiss between George and Lucy. When they arrive, the women are separated from the men. Lucy, Charlotte and Miss McLavish palpate a spot to sit down. Miss McLavish and Charlotte engage in deep conversation, which is the work of the producer. Lucy goes off to find Mr Beebe. As she does so, the quixotic music by Puccini starts up again. Lucy goes back to the cab driver and asks him to take her to Mr Beebe.However, Lucy is not very good at speech production Italian, therefore when speaking to the cab driver, she haply asked for the good men. The cab driver and Lucy then walk onwards. Because of the slopes, Lucy uses her rolled-up umbrella to serving her walk on the hills. Merchant Ivory deliberately focus on the rolled-up umbrella, which functions as a phallic symbol-male potency. Lucy then realises that the cab driver has accidentally taken her to George. She walks over to George to ask him of Mr Beebes whereabouts, but he grabs her and kisses her.

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How does Priestley express ideas about Eric Birling in ‘An Inspector Calls’ Essay

Erics crapulenceOne explanation for Erics drinking perhaps is the hypocrisy of his family, and Eric feels he has to meet in with the male dominated kitchen-gardening in society. For example when Gerald adumbrates he is overtaking to be gondolaeful Eric expresses his amusement Eric shortly guffaws. His parents look at him this is the strongest suggestion even so that Eric is aware of Geralds affair, if non the claim specifics. When asked by Sheila what was causing his amusement Eric replies I take for grantedt cognise really. short I felt I nonwithstanding had to laugh this shows how Eric defends the male and shows how Eric has to defend the male power not the female power. This could suggest that the hypocrisy of Gerald who is highly esteemed by his family had lead to Erics frustration and led him on a path to alcoholism.Evas Sacking + CapitalismEric clearly shows ofttimes more sympathy to Priestleys images than that of his stupefy. Discussing Eva smiths death, Eric suggests Why shouldnt they sweat for higher wages? We try for the highest assertable prices? you said yourself she was a good player this shows how Eric is questioning not single the ratiocination making of his father but overly Mr. logrollings view on society. Mr. Birling is a keen inspire of everybody looking subsequently himself but when a lower class workers attempts to improve their living throws Mr. Birling is contradictory and fires Eva. Showing how Erics rhetorical question of Why shouldnt they try for higher wages? shows how Eric is intimately representing Priestleys views of the selfish, aggressive form of capitalism, which Mr. Birling represents.AffairWhen Erics affair comes to light, his preference of language leaves ambiguity to the reader healthful-nigh the nature of Erics affair. Did Eric force himself upon Eva? Or was Eric present sympathy and attention to an not guilty girl? Eric states to the inspector She wasnt the habitual sort. plainly w ell, I suppose she didnt k instantaneously what to do by suggesting she wasnt the usual sort suggests that it is Eva innocence and hopelessness that causes Eric to be attracted to Eva, this could lead us to fork out sympathy for Eric. As if here were to devour on Eva not purely as a prostitute but also as somebody who can change and improve shows a more sympathetic nerve to Eric that every hotshot can change.However the ambiguity comes from the argumentation well, I suppose she didnt know what to do this sounds strongly like delight from Eric. That he has clearly forced himself upon her with Eva not knowing how to react. Again highlighted in the following(a) remark Yes, I insisted it seems again suggesting how Eric was the one dominating the situation. Although Erics guilt is straightforward when he tries to express doubt on his wrongdoing with the quote it seems showing how Eric is not comfortable with the sin he has committed.If this were to be the case it paints a muc h darker moving-picture show of Eric suggesting he had no genuine car for Eva, but was only interested in the need to fulfill his chargeual desire.Sexism/ prostitutionErics relationship with Eva continues to lack whatever real substance and highlights Priestleys thoughts that fair sex have little choice some their choices in order to survive. As Eric continues to let on his relationship with Eva he describes And this time we talked a bit for a couple to only talked a bit is hardly a ro domaintic statement, and suggests that Eric pretty much had sex with Eva straight away. The fact that Eric also couldnt remember her name or where she lived shows how from Evas point of view Eric was someone who was scurrilous with her, and didnt seem to look after her. The only reason for Eva to continue to boyfriend with Eric would be because of the extreme poverty she faces and showing how despite the abysmal way she is treated she has no choice but to pack the dominance of men.Learning Hi s LessonAfter the examiner has left, Priestley does give the reader an opportunity to take a more optimistic view nigh what Erics future whitethorn hold. After his mother has condemned Eric outraging Im absolutely a dishonord of you Erics resolution shows a sign of maturity and of a genuine capacity to change responding, Well, I dont blame you. But dont forget I am ashamed of you as well yes both of you the fact that Eric is now admitting shame on himself could suggest he is now in the frame of mindset to change his ideals and values. The way Eric also condones his parents also sounds signally mount up saying But dont forget I am ashamed of you as well this shows how Eric is condemn his parents in a very unequivocal way, and turning the tables on his parents using mature demeanour.Eric continues to ridicule his parents, particularly expressing doubts over his fathers viewpoints. In one of his utmost lines Eric remarks You told us a man had to shop his own wayand then one of those cranks walked in The Inspector (laughs bitterly.) I didnt notice you told him its every man for himself the way that Eric uses repetition of his fathers notion about every man for himself shows how Eric ridicules Mr Birlings views on Priestleys behalf to show how some of the beneficiaries of capitalism believe in that corpus except those who need to be looked after the most. The message from Priestley that no matter how flaw or wealthy the character everybody has the ability to change.

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Website report

However, the sample computer compute provided In the lecture notes is in C. Therefore, this mall depute is divided into the following sub-tasks Port the SSP code to Java Implement missing timekeeper related classes and licks The following sections will recompense these three sub-tasks. Porting the code Minor changes were do in order to change the phrase structure of the code to Java. As see_nor was not qualify in the given files, it was replaced with into type. In the cowcatcher code, to declare a frame named s, it employ the following syntaxHowever, to create a frame object in Java, the code was modified accordingly. The same change was draw in to the following code The resulting code was shown below. The out_buff and outcome were not declared here because they were pre-set in the given code. In order to make the piece of code below work, credit were added as parameter. As a result, it was changed to NOR_BUFFS was the uttermost buffer size (window size) that could be he ld to evacuate redundant retransmission. Therefore, It was put In as credit to Initialize the network point with the same number of buffers. Implementation of classes and functionsTwo horologe related classes were Implemented for different timekeeper purposes. D Peacetimes Peacetimes was to monitor and time how yearn had passed since a mailboat was transmitted. Cacciatore Cacciatore was to monitor the death of an cite horologe. Both of them extended from the timepiece Task class and overrode the run system to generate cacciatore_event. On the other hand, flipper functions were implemented to complete the protocol. Private null start_ horologe(into see) The start_timer started a timer function for apiece packet transmitted. If a packet timer already existed, it was cancelled.When the timer of a packet had expired (time_out), that packet would be require to resend. Private debar stop_timer(see) The stop_timer was to cancel the timer of a packet when it was called. Priv ate void start_jack_timer() The start_jack_timer was to set a timer for an citation. This was to watch that the sender could receive an realization indoors a reasonable time constraint. Originally, an acknowledgement should take advantage of piggy thorning to travel to the sender. However, when thither was no outgoing packet back to the sender, retransmission might take place. This caused redundant retransmission.Therefore, his timer was created. If it timed out, a separate acknowledgement would be sent to the sender to fate the packet was received successfully. If there was already an acknowledgement timer, the current timer would be cancelled. Private void stop_jack_timer() The stop_jack_timer was to stop the acknowledgement timer if there already existed one. However, in order to get the timers work, two files were imported. Inc(mum) This Inc function simply growinged the input parameters value by 1 . As there implemented as (mum + 1) % (MAX_SEE + 1). This would ensure that the number would increment in a circular manner.