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Does Technology Make Us More Alone? Essay

Technology is supposed to make us more(prenominal) connected. We hind end stay in touch with our supporters all the time on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, and obviously by texting or messaging. But are our smartphones actually get in the way of real socializing? Could technology be qualification us more solo? Even though technology helps us to communicate with mint around the world exclusively it also can make us become more isolated. Get connected is a phrase that we fill grown accustomed to hearing and seeing in the 21st century. With technology developing faster than ever, the digital world is at our fingertips. Some might say that the introduction of social networking has helped to bring people closer together all around the world.Though our online communities may have a likeness to real-life societies, they are in fact nonhing but numb conceptions of our day to day humps fuelled by self-pride and egoism. With our reliance on social media sites such as Facebook actu ally cutting us from real-life society, it is a sad truth that mankind is looking at a in truth forlorn and pitiful future. Instead of meeting someone in individual and hanging out with them more, we tend to text or utilize our smartphones to talking to to people. Technology makes us more alone because we are always depending on our phones and other technology when we swallow to get too attached to our gadgets, we start to compare our life with the lives of others, and we just ourselves with the amount likes and followers someone else has. Besides, organism lonely is a big deal. research revealed that being lonely is yet more dangerous to your health than being overweight.Loneliness can change magnitude your risk of dying by 26%. According to The Independent, Recent search indicates that this may be the nigh biggest public health issue on par with obesity and substance abuse. Technology is great if we use it aright with a certain limit, if we do not it is going to tear our lives apart if we become too attached to it. We are more focused on talking to someone thousands of miles away rather than someone who is right next to us. When we use technology constantly it makes it harder for us to interact with people in real life. The more time we spent on our phones and televisions the harder it will be for us to interact and talk to people in the real life. Research has shown that people who have lots of friends tend to be happier, healthier and they live longer than the ones who do not have mevery or any friends in real life.Many people build relationships online and for a while, they would not see lonely but over time we will feel frustrated because we cannot interact with the other person face to face. We scroll through and through our Instagram in silence when we are in the car with your family. We text our friend instead of meeting them in person. It is easier for us to make friends virtually than in real life. This shows how attached we are to techno logy. Being too focused on a screen makes you forget the difference between being alone and being lonely. Technology negatively influences our social interaction, it makes people more socially awkward and lonely. In fact, a study by greater skilful suggests that smartphone use may be taking a toll on our biological capacity to connect with other people. Technology is modify our society in a negative way, but that does not regard as that we are going to stop using technology, it has come to stay. But it is up to us to decide how much we let technology dominate our lives. At the end, it is always our decision if we want to see the world through a screen or your own eyes.

Spinal Cord Lesion Problem Solving Health And Social Care Essay

Scenario A complete transverse spinal anaesthesia anaesthesia anesthesia pile prejudice occurs at degree T11/T12 vertebrae. See the worst instance scenario of complete lesion to acidulate to the undermenti singled issues.A ) Describe which sections of spinal stack provide be affectedT11/12 lesions ( withal c exclusivelyed parap offsetia ) cause damage or remotion of the connexion between the Lumbar explode and the mental capacity. The sections above T11 ( C1-T10 ) provide fluent be adequate to work decently. The lumbar sections ( Below T12 ) of the spinal pile will non be able to ask sensory signals up towards the mentality through the vacuous affair in the spinal cord, ensuing in lack of aesthesia in that classify. Descending piece of lands ar as well damaged this consequences in loss of heftiness overtop in that furcate because the encephalon earn non direct encephalon signals. Then comparison and descent at 1 twenty-four hours and at atomic number 6 yearss later on the lose the followersB ) loss of sensitiveness aft(prenominal) a twenty-four hours of the hurt the diligent role will non hold any centripetal abilities from the legs. This is because the go uping centripetal signals tummy non be sent towards the encephalon. After 100 in that respect will be no alteration from twenty-four hours 1.C ) sinew subroutineThe pervert caused by the lesion does non let the musculus to work decently. daylight 1 the uncomplaining will non survive anything and his encephalon stomach non direct signals to the musculuss leting controlled motion of the legs. After sidereal day 100 the patient s leg will hold a decrease musculus tone compared to sidereal day 1. The patient may besides see uncontrolled spastic physiologic reactions ( explained underneath ) .D ) leg physiological reactionsAfter the lesion occurs on the spinal cord, the spinal cord goes into spinal jar, all of the leg musculuss innervated bu the lumbar part below T12 become flaccid. 100 yearss after the incident, the patient might fuss down to acquire spastic physiological reactions. Compared to twenty-four hours 1 the spinal dazzle disables the automatic discharge in the spinal cord precisely in twenty-four hours 100 the physiological reaction discharge activates. hitherto because of the harm, the centripetal signals do non go to the encephalon to let voluntary control from the encephalon, the signals merely traveling in the automatic Ark below the site of harm this causes the spastic physiological reactions.Tocopherol ) continencySmooth musculus map is besides affected. The control of the vesica and sphincters which throw in micturition will be impaired. T12 flat lesions cause flaccid vesicas, this is when patient will non be able to state when the vesica is full and can take to pulling of the vesica. At twenty-four hours one the patient will non be able to experience when their vesica is full, they will necessitate incite from the phy sician who will besides prove them and take the patients through a bladder direction plan. After 100 yearss the patient will be used to cognizing the clip when they are required to empty their vesicas due to following(a) the bladder direction plan.This act counts towards the concluding twelvemonth test. A upper limit of 10 % is addressable from this study.Maximum reply length one A4 page. Pay attending that you register what people in wheelchairs experience.Announced 11.2.2011Deadline for entry 4th March 2011. To be handed in to Teaching Office- Harborne BuildingSpinal Cord Lesion Problem Solving AssignmentSpinal cord hurt is when the spinal cord is damaged to an extent that its communicating with the encephalon is either impaired or removed. The most common causes of spinal cord hurt is through injury ( falls, auto happenings etc ) or diseases such as infantile paralysis. Overtime gilal cicatrixs incorporating astrocytes and macrophages start to develop. Glial cicatrixs beside s contain chondoitin convert proteoglycans which inhibits the regeneration of axons forestalling the aaE?rewiringaaa? of the nervousnesss in the spinal cord ( Bradbury et al 2001 )Patients enduring from complete cross spinal cord T11/12 lesions ( besides called paraplegia ) will lose their connexion between the Lumbar part of the spinal cord and the encephalon, nevertheless the sections above T11 ( C1-T10 ) will still be able to work decently. The deficiency of communicating will forestall the lumbar sections ( Below T12 ) from directing sensory signals up towards the encephalon through the white affair in the spinal cord, ensuing in deficiency of sensitiveness in that part. Descending piece of lands are besides damaged this consequences in loss of musculus control in that part because the encephalon can non direct signals to the motor neurones.After a twenty-four hours of the hurt the patient will non be able to direct go uping centripetal signals towards the encephalon, this ni tty-gritty that they will non hold any centripetal abilities from the legs, the sense of hurting is included. argumentation flow is besides affected, the sympathetic tracts of the fringe system will non be able to increase telephone line flow of the arterias in the legs, and this affects the overall blood force per unit area of the organic structure. At twenty-four hours one the patient may still be in spinal daze and his encephalon would nt be able to have and centripetal information from his legs, unluckilyThe harm caused by the lesion does non let the musculus to work decently. At Day 1 the patient will non be able to voluntarily travel the musculuss controlled by the lumbar part. This causes complications with blood flow because the musculuss in the leg can non impel the deoxygenated blood against the force of gravitation through the vena. This plus the deficiency of sympathetic stimulation may take to ischemia. After Day 100 the patient s leg will hold a decreased musculus t one compared to Day 1 due to miss of musculus motion. The patient nevertheless may still be able to notch utilizing abdominal musculuss to travel the legs and either braces or clasps for support.During spinal daze, all of the leg musculuss innervated below T12 become flaccid. During twenty-four hours 1 the spinal daze will disenable the automatic discharge in the spinal cord but during twenty-four hours 100 ( after the daze ends ) the automatic discharge activates and the patient might get down to acquire spastic physiological reactions. The spastic physiological reactions are caused because action potencies reflex discharges are madSmooth musculus map is besides affected. The control of the vesica and sphincters which allow micturition will be impaired. T12 flat lesions cause flaccid vesicas, this is when patient will non be able to state when the vesica is full and can take to pulling of the vesica. At twenty-four hours one the patient will non be able to experience when their v esica is full, they will necessitate aid from the physician who will besides prove them and take the patients through a bladder direction plan. After 100 yearss the patient will be used to cognizing the clip when they are required to empty their vesicas due to following the bladder direction plan.There are still overall alterations that the patient will hold to travel through. There are medicines that are addressable to assist patients get by with their state of affairs such as Muscle relaxants ( baclofen, Flexeril, Valium Etc ) and Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to handle hurting. The patient will besides hold to set their life style because they will be utilizing a wheel chairBradbury, E. J. , L. D. F. Moon, et Al. ( 2002 ) . Chondroitinase ABC promotes functional recovery after spinal cord hurt. Nature 416 ( 6881 ) 636-640.McLachlan, E. M. and J. A. Brock ( 2006 ) . Adaptations of peripheral vasoconstrictive tracts after spinal cord hurt. Advancement in Brain Research. C. W. Lynne and P. Canio, Elsevier. Volume 152 289-297.mimushasho4ever, Nacho s accident T11-T12 Com, Jul 21, 2010, Online picture cartridge holder, Youtube, Accessed 01 March 2010

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Collapse of the Housing Market.

Collapse of the Housing Market. The purpose of self-governing is to make presidential term work better by allowing plurality to admirer govern themselves. And the multitude do that by electing Representative to talk for them, to protect life, liberty and in-person properties. The absolute h geniussts of individuals may be resolved into the right of personal security, the right of personal liberty, and the right to acquire and enjoy property and that consists in being protected and governed by laws do, or assented to, by the representatives of the mountain, and conducive to the general benefit (James Kent, Commentaries on American Law, Lecture XXIV).Yes I believe that the congress lived up to protect life, liberty and personal properties, because they employ provideeral financial supervisory agency to use its authority when examining financial institutions, to encourage such institutions to help meet the assent needs of the local communities in which they are undertake c onsistent with the safe and sound operation of such institutions (Community dominatevestment enactment, October 12, 1977) They did this so everyone could describe a dramatic art. They likewise wanted to get to a greater extent hoi polloi into hearth so the thrift could move.Because of that the demand for houses change magnitude and so did the prices and most people were not satisfactory to afford and could not get a add pains the bank. Because of that the government in 1995 gave the CRA serious teeth regulators could promptly cut through a bank with a low CRA rating approval to flux with another bankat a beat when the arrival of interstate banking made such approvals especially valuableor even to coarse new branches. Complaints from community organizations would now count against a banks CRA rating. (Lawrence H. White, How Did We Get into This Financial Mess? Cato Institute, November 18, 2008). HUD also actively pushed Fannie Mae and Freddie mackintosh into comp uter tail endup the vast expansion of the nonprime mortgage commercialise. To fund their enormous growth, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had to borrow huge sums in wholesale financial markets. institutional investors were voluntary to lend to the government-sponsored mortgage companies cheaply because they thought that the exchequer would requite them should Fannie or Freddie be unable. (Lawrence H. White, How Did We Get into This Financial Mess? , Cato Institute, November 18, 2008).Congress tried and true to help the people by putting aside to a greater extent funds like The American Dream Down havement Initiative (ADDI). ADDI helped first time house bargainers by paying their down payment or the closing cost. This helps more people to buy a house. The American Dream Downpayment Assistance Act authorized up to $200 million annually. Funds were appropriated for fiscal days 2004-2008. ADDI helped first-time homebuyers with the biggest hurdle to homeownership downpayment and closing costs The original purpose of the president was to take away out any decisions that congress made, but the president was not self-reliant of Congress.Congress still remained completely in charge of how their decisions were carried out. The president is part of the executive who was to look up to congress so there is not a person making all the decision. All the powers of government, legislative, executive, and judiciary, result to the legislative personify in the Virginia Constitution of 1776. The concentrating these in the same hands is precisely the definition of commanding government. It will be no alleviation that these powers will be exercised by a plurality of hands, and not by a single one. 73 despots would surely be as oppressive as one. (Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the posit of Virginia, Query 13, 1784). exclusively when it came to the housing market the president/ executive incision and agencies did not live up to their purpose in their actions in the celes tial orbit of housing. For example President Bill Clintons HUD agreed to let Fannie and Freddie get affordable-housing trust for purchase subprime securities that included loans to low-income borrowers. The mentation was that subprime lending benefited many borrowers who did not check for conventional loans. (Carol D.Leonnig, How HUD Mortgage Policy Fed the Crisis, Washington Post, June 10, 2008). In 1999 the Clinton disposition viewed Fannie Mae as a hazard trying to prevent the housing cockle and collapse. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers issued a warning, saying, Debates about systemic risk should also now include government-sponsored enterprises, which are large and growing rapidly. It was a steer moment. An judicature official had said in public that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could be a hazard (How Washington Failed to Rein in Fannie, Freddie, Washington Post, phratry 4, 2008).The Clinton administration really didnt like Fannie because they tried to discouraged F annie and Freddie from buying predatory subprime loans. Department of Housing and Urban Development called for Congress to enact legislation to prohibit the purchase by each of these entities of predatory loans. Fannie Mae was intentional to help people. The sole purpose of them were to get banks to treat loans to people that would not always be able to get loans and then Fannie and Freddie would buy those loans form the bank giving back the money back to banks. The U. S. government had created Fannie Mae in 1938 to buy mortgages from banks that loaned money to homebuyers. It was a Depression-era creation designed to ease finance costs for borrowers still recovering from the economic devastation of the 1930s (Gretchen Morgenson, rash Endangerment, 13). To establish compotation and have verity the government created Freddie Mac so more loans could be bought and more people would invest. from an agency of the government into a partly private entity that issued common stock to pu blic investors.The presidents idea was to get the companys liabilities off the governments repose sheet (Gretchen Morgenson, Reckless Endangerment, 13). To get Fannie and Freddie get going on it own, they would sell stock where people would be able to by one of loans that Fannie and Freddie would buy form the banks, but the good thing was if the person was not able to pay back to Fannie and Freddie, the person who bought the loan would get paid back form the government. That got more people to invest in Fannie and Freddie. To fund their enormous growth, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had to borrow huge sums in wholesale financial markets. Institutional investors were willing to lend to the government-sponsored mortgage companies cheaply because they thought that the Treasury would repay them should Fannie or Freddie be unable. (Lawrence H. White, How Did We Get into This Financial Mess? , Cato Institute, November 18, 2008). Around 1999 Fannie and Freddie became so big that the govern ment was losing more money then making money.The exchequer did not like that they had to pay back to the people who invested in Fannie and Freddie. They went in public saying that they are hazard. In the fall of 1999, Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers issued a warning, saying, Debates about systemic risk should also now include government-sponsored enterprises, which are large and growing rapidly. It was a signal moment. An administration official had said in public that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could be a hazard (How Washington Failed to Rein in Fannie, Freddie, Washington Post, September 4, 2008).After this one could see how strong Fannie and Freddie has become and more people decided to examine but were never able to bring it up and who did were sued and lost a lot. Gensler and other Treasury officials feared the companies had grown so large that, if they stumbled, the damage to the U. S. economy could be staggering. Few officials had ever publicly criticized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but Gensler concluded it was time to urge Congress to rein them in.The bill failed (How Washington Failed to Rein in Fannie, Freddie, Washington Post, September 4, 2008). When the economy downturn in 2001 referable to lots of mortgages not paid and more foreclosed houses, the Federal reserve tried to bring it up by expanding the U. S. money supply the goal was to bring up the economy by putting money into the economy and people start spending. In the recession of 2001, the Federal Reserve System, under lead Alan Greenspan, began aggressively expanding the U. S. money supply.The expansion was accompanied by the Fed repeatedly lowering its target rate for the federal funds (interbank short-term) refer rate. The federal funds rate began 2001 at 6. 25 percent and terminate the year at 1. 75 percent. (Lawrence White, How Did We Get into This Financial Mess? , Cato Institute, November 18, 2008). But this did not help, low pertain rates affect the behavior of investor s. They halt buying bonds and The Federal Reserve Boards decision to solidus interest rates to propel the economy was hurting investors who lived on the income generated by their holdings. In 2001, mortgage lenders understood that the low interest-rate environment was driving investors to securities that yielded more than Treasury bonds and other relatively conservative layed-income instruments. Due to less people-buying bond, the federal reserve made the interest rate low but they had to grind away the house price to balance it. That way people saw this as in opportunity to buy a house with low interest rate. Example form 26D. In 2005 federal reserve desperately made the discount form 4. to 6. 5 to help get the house market rolling again. In August 2005, the Federal Reserve Board increased its discount rate to 4. 5 percent, up from 2 percent the spend before. The Fed was finally trying to tap on the brakes of a runway real estate market (Gretchen Morgenson, Reckless Endanger ment, 286) What the feds tried to fix by getting more blacks to buy because of people getting on them form being racist kicked them in the butt when more than half(prenominal) had there house foreclosed. In October 1992, Mortgage Lending in capital of Massachusetts Interpreting HMDA Data was published by the Boston Fed. Its authors were Alicia H. Munnell, Lynn E. Brown, and Geoffrey M. B. Tootell. Racial warp by mortgage lenders, Munnell and her colleagues wrote, not only existed it was pervasive. The HMDA data showed that black and Latino loan applicants were far more likely to be rejected by banks than were whites. The rejection ratio for minorities was 2. 8 to 1 compared with white applicants. There was only problem.The methods used by the Boston Fed researchers to prepare their report were flawed. The summary did not consider whether an applicant met a lenders credit guidelines I was happy that congress wanted to help anyone who wanted a house, there intensions were good by creating Fannie and Freddie but when people figured out that they can buy loans form Fannie and Freddie will be payed back when they hit the hay the owner of that mortgage will never be able to pay back. More community lost there value due to this.

An Accident from My Memory Essay

The cold numb feeling was freezing every part of me as I sat quietly inner the cable car that was gyrateing in the middle of the risqueway. Sitting there and patiently hold for the airbag to explode and cover me as if it was my moms arms took some fear forbidden of me moreover my body unbosom shivered as if there would be no tomorrow. Even though its been al nigh four years, I drive out cool it rec on the whole that day as clear as crystal, yet most of me wished it would just turn into thin air and disappear. As I put liquid today, I think of what would have happened to me if I had lost a loved ane in that incident. That night make me realize rough two important concepts in life. First, to respect what we have and make the take up of our time because we never k without delay when life so-and-so take it all away and second, to respect nature because when nature prevails itself, it can either execute us or save us.My hands were shivering as I went to go lock my front door, as I was turning the mainstay I felt a large breeze of air thrust me tolerate as if god himself did non want me to leave. As I moved towards the car I felt as if something was weird, it seemed as if I had a dj vu unless I assumed that it was because of the circumstance that I did not eat anything the entire day. Slowly I undecided the door to the car and sat in the front seat, as I sat down I heard a man on the radio saying that today would be the best day we atomic number 18 pass to experience the entire winter, hearing that made everyone glad as we left towards Ottawa. With time we realized that the experience we were going to have is not going to be the best barely the worst.As time passed we headed towards Ottawa, going the house hindquarters and not knowing what to expect next. While ruinous the music in the car I thought about how nifty this weekend would be and how much fun were going to have with the scenic weather. At first everything seemed to be perfec t as my dad was cruising along the smooth pavement at 110 km/hr but thusly things begun to change when the car started fashioning a very napped yet annoying sound, hearing the sound my dad pulled over. Being on the side of the passageway and staring out the window amazed me because I saw hundreds of cars going by every second. Watching the cars fly by fascinated me but at the same time they also terrorized me, era I sat still I thought about how one of the car might crash into our and destroy us all, thinking that I condemnable asleep.As I was sleeping I felt mortal tapping my shoulder. The feeling of that tapping on the shoulder made me get up and as I looked over I saw my dad standing still saying wake up Ankit, wake up. Hearing the sound I woke up and as I looked up at the sky I saw total darkness and I noticed that I had been sleeping for three hours. As I walked towards Pizza Hut to eat I felt small water drops falling on my head and hands, at first I thought it was a s mall drizzle of lead by the nose that would stop in a few minutes but later on I figured that the snow would get worse. As we finished eat we saw large amounts of snow falling on the road and making the roads more slippery. As I walked back to the car I looked into my moms eyes and noticed that there had been something frightening she saw, perhaps it was the large amounts of snow, I thought. Disregarding the snow we kept going and driving at high speeds towards Ottawa.At first everything seemed so beautiful because the pellets of snow slowly fell upon one another but with time they started getting big and bigger just like the terror in my moms eyes. Giving my mom good-will and telling her we are going to make it to Ottawa safely helped her to pipe down down but there was still some terror that I could see. Talking to my mom surely made her feel better but at the same time it distracted my dad. When my dad had gotten distracted he lost his controls on the car which caused it to go out of control and twirl around in the middle of the highway.Luckily, when the car was twirling in the middle of the highway there was not a lot of traffic so the ones behind the car had stopped. However, other cars on the side of the highway kept going as I stood in the front seat tightly captivating my belt I thought to myself that I would never see a tomorrow. As the car slid I looked at my family because they were the last people I would see before the airbag would explode and take me far away from this planet.My poise were popping out of my skin as I held the grip tightly. facial expression out the front window and watching cars drive by fright me even more because I knew if any one of those cars were to crash into ours then our chances of survival would be very low. As I sat still in the car I thought about how Iwould die, would it be in the hospital or would it be a simple death. At that moment my thoughts were not very positive and all that went through my encephalon was one question. Would I live or die? But accept in myself I decided to face my fear and bring back my senses just like my dad. Once my dad had gotten his senses back he had shifted the car into lower gear and pressed on the break frequently which at long last made the car stop. My dads consciousness gave me a second life and made me learn some important concepts that I would have never tacit if I hadnt been a part of that incident.As time passed my wounds healed but the incident left me with a scar that may never be removed. Now that I look at my car I can recall those exact moments that made me more fearless. I have now learned that people should never challenge nature because nature can easily make a dramatic change and kill us all.Biographyhttp//

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Kwality Walls vs Dinshaw

MANAGEMENT THESIS ON FACTORS INFLUENCING TO PURCHASE KWALITY WALLS ICE CREAM OVER DINSHAWS IRRESPECTIVE OF demographic PROFILE IN THE ROURKELA By (PRANAB MISHRA) E-No. 0801215708 (INC Rourkela) T ABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Acknowledgements. 2. opening a. Objectives. b. Limitations. 3. Research Methodology. 4. Findings. 5. Conclusions. 6. Append nut cases. 7. References. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Any accomplishment requires the effort of many an(prenominal) peck and this educate is not different. I am thankful to my faculty Supervisor Mr. C. P. Giri for keep me and guiding me throughout the intention. This report would not film been possible without her help.I am equ every endure(predicate)y thankful to the Principal, INC Rourkela, Mr. D. P. Das for encouraging me and inspiring me to do my project with full dedication. PRANAB MISHRA INTRODUCTION HISTORY OF ICE CREAM Ice beat is the most famous delicacy all everywhere the world. People of all ages love trumpery ointment and frequently enjoy it. Here be any(prenominal)what amazing facts about scum slam Nero (37-68 A. D. ), The Roman Emperor, is tell to subscribe to eaten a sort of water- icing the puck. The Chinese claim that they adopt been do and consuming Ice convulse since ages. Supposedly, Marco Polo (1254 1324) carried the Chinese Ice Cream recipes covering with him to Ven trumpery.These were then introduced to the French by Italian chefs retinue of Catherine de? Medici when she married Henri II of France. Royal Ice Cellars were built in Mesopotamia in nearly 2000 B. C. These were use to cool wines and foods During the late 1600s, The French King Louis XIV was know to read feasts with colored water- glassful and liqueurs. Nicholas Lemerys Recueil de curiositez r bes et nouvelles de plus admir satisfactorys effets de la nature, published in 1674, contained the counterbalance recipe for flavored ices. The Quaker colonists who brought their ice batter recipes with them introduced ic e skim to the joined States.It is said that Ice Cream was regularly consumed by Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. During the eighteenth century, the spread of ice pails and cookery books with ice recipes, almost everywhere around the globe, resulted in the delicacy becoming more common. Robert Green, in 1874, is supposed to have invented the Ice Cream Soda, which took ice option consumption in the States and different parts of the world to great heights. The twentieth century proverb an explosion of sorts in the popularity of ice cream owing to availability of cheap refrigeration.Italian confecti unrivaledrs made Gelato, their take form of Ice Cream, which became immensely famous collec delay its texture and lightness. During the St. Louis Worlds Fair in 1904, cones were used for the root time to serve Ice Cream. A chemical research team in Britain came up with the soft ice cream, which had more air in it. It became immensely popular because of its cream y yet light texture. To sidereal day, it is popularly known as the Softy ice cream. In the 1980s, the obsolescenter, thicker ice creams made a comeback and were referred to as Premium Ice Creams. Basically the ice-cream business organization comes downstairs FMCG sector.In India, the condition of FMCG sector is very well and challenging. India is an important market for FMCG players. The Indian FMCG sector is the tetradth largest sector in the economy with a contri un slighte market size of around US$ 18. 1 bn. Ice-Cream atom of FMCGIce-cream is one of the most important part of FMCG sector. It comes under Food and Beverage segment. The join market value of Ice-cream trade in India is more than Rs. 20000 crore. It is increasing day per day. During the year of 2002-02, at that place was very little affect of Ice-cream in India but as the time passed away, the demand of Ice-cream is excessively increasing in India.Now a day, there are six national aim companies engaged in dealing with Ice-cream including two MNCs. The demand of Ice-cream is also increases in India. As the demand of Ice-cream is increasing in India but the market of Ice-cream is not as some(prenominal) as its share in US and some opposite foreign countries. According to the deal of Motilal Oshwal, in the present time, the per capita consumption of Ice-cream in India is US $0. 2 which is US $49 in USA and US $33 in Germany. We can see it in the spare-time activity tableTABLE 1- PER CAPITA CONSUMPTION OF ICE-CREAM (IN US $)-As given in the preceding(prenominal) table, the per capita consumption of Ice-cream in India is tho US $0. 2 which is much littler than the same in USA, but the main thing is the increasing opportunities for Ice-cream trade. major(ip) FACTORS1. The broad market of semi urban market. 2. Least no. of competition. 3. enlarge in consumption level of people. 4. Favorable climate for ice-cream in India. 5. gross domestic proceeds kindleth and growth in per capit a income. We can get all the datas regarding the per capita incoma of India from the undermentioned tableTABLE 2- PER CAPITA INCOME OF INDIA SINCE 2000 As given in the table, the gross domestic product of India is increasing in the last 5 years.It has brought a remarkable motley in the spending ha fightings of consumers it has moved the consumers preferences from economic to premium products. In those days, people unhasitantly wants to spend money on corking and timbre products. It has been a gain for food and beverage indus demonst rank. As the result the ice cream indus effort is also improving and it develops at an increasing rate. THE THREE STAGES IN CONSUMPTION PROCESS OF ICECREAM Pre- corrupt- Brand motion-picture show, Health issues, suitability Brand image of the ice cream The consumer considers the kind of image the soft touch that he is issue to purchase depicts.It has to suit certain status symbol, character reference and any other personal distinguish requireme nts that the consumer may have. It is important that the injury maintains good pull up stakes, hunky-dory to the consumer Health Issue to ice creams relating-The modern consumer is juicyly health witting and is becoming aware of the rising health issues and its impacts. It is important that the brand satisfies this impoverishment of the consumers and ensures health related gains rather than loss. About which we will be discussing get on in this report. Suitability The product should suit the taste, flavor and ingredients that is in profligate with the consumer needs and wants.Purchase-Price, Environment, Service Price of ice cream -Price should be low-priced and the product should provide moneys worth in foothold of quality, quantity and consumer rejoicing. as kids also form a main segment of our section a proper care should be given as far as pricing is concerned. Environment-The environment should be such(prenominal) that the consumer wants to stick there and spent som e quality and quantity time. Service- The service should be fast so that the node waiting time should be less and leads to their expiation and results in formation of good brand image. Post-purchase- step, Satisfaction, Store experience flavour of ice cream the quality of the ice cream delivered certainly plays a lively role in determining whether the customer will re purchase the brand or not. The quality and taste of ice cream determines the satisfaction level of the customer and hence plays a vital role in determining his approach towards the product. Satisfaction from ice cream- well satisfaction is a holistic picture the original experience of the customer with the brand considering miscellaneous factors as mentioned above and then concludingly arriving at a coating saying whether he is satisfied or not from the product.OBJECTIVES Explore the catchout of the consumer towards ice-cream. Understanding the get expression and thinking about Kwality debates and Dinsh aws ice cream. Find out the preference of the consumer regarding the two brands. Investigate the purchase of Kwality Walls over Dinshaws ice cream irrespective of demographic structure in Rourkela city. Have comparative study of value of products of both the brands. Determine the customer awareness regarding both the brands. LIMITATIONS Since ice-cream being an entertainment retailers are not able to highlight the exact attributes. gadget sampling used here has its own limitations. There have been some inaccuracies due to non cooperative and rude behavior of the respondents. Due to unavailability of accurate secondary data, my reliance was made on the primary data. When I interviewed children and teenagers, sometimes they use to give answers under the run of their parents or elders. Dinshaws ice cream has no homepage. Few outlets for Kwality Walls ice cream. RESEARCH METHOD SAMPLING METHOD Convenience sampling was used by the researcher because it is easy and cheap to watch data.Moreover the population size was very large to cover so it was outmatch to use convenience sampling. DATA COLLECTION Both Primary as well as Secondary Research Method has been included for preparing this final report. PRIMARY SOURCE Observation Personal Interviews OBSERVATIONS It is the methods of nothing and recording selective instruction without asking specific psyche from the respondents. The advantage of this method is that it is highly potent to provide information asked for. PERSONAL INTERVIEWS In this method I asks the question from the performa in the order questions are listed and record the replies.SECONDARY SOURCE Google search engine. early(a) web links. COMPANY PROFILE KWALITY ICE CREAM Kwality Ice Cream is the pioneer in the Indian ice-cream manufacturing industry and in 1956 became the first gild in the country to use imported technology for manufacturing ice-cream on a commercial scale. As the ice-cream industry exploded in India, in 1995 Kwa lity conference joined hands with Hindustan Lever Limited and then there was no looking back. The Indian consumer market was introduced to KWALITY WALLS the result of a collaboration mingled with global brand Walls and the leading Indian ice-cream brand Kwality.Though the two giants at long last parted ways, the collaboration made Kwality a household name and created latterly in roads for the brand in the consumer market. Today, Kwality is not just a brand it is the ice-cream associated with the Indian summer its the first choice in ice-cream for any child or adult during the scorching Indian summers. Kwality ice-creams are believe not completely for their rich, creamy flavours, but also for their trusted quality and nutritious food value. PRODUCT PROFILE Type pick Tiramisu Nochiola Caramel Crunch Cookies n Cream Fruit n glob Mocha Brownie shelve Paddle Pop Black pipeline Jelly Candy Cake XplosionChoco Berry Nova Choco vanilla Feast Choco acidulate out, Chocolate, alm ond Fudge, Fruit n Nut, Moo Stick Sandwich Multi Cornetto Snackers Filrty hemangioma simplex Choco Fudge Butter evade Italian Gelato DINSHAWS ICE CREAM stock Early 1930s Two enterprising brothers, DINSHAW and ERUCH RANA, started a small dairy business in Gittikhadan, on the outskirts of Nagpur. Their obsession with quality and transparent business practices, brought prosperity and confidence to the young businessmen. When opportunity knocked in the form of an Englishman who suggested that they try manufacturing ice cream, the idea was readily translated into reality. DINSHAWS ICE CREAM was born(p) in 1933 when Nagpurians came to know the creamy, hand churned delicacy. INTIAL offset An alien concept, ice cream eating was considered a luxury, which could only be indulged in, on very modified days during the sweltering heat of Nagpurs grueling summer. The conviction of their supreme success, and the vision of these young entrepreneurs, far outweighed the difficulties of running a purely seasonal business with its vagaries of demand . By mid forties, Nagpurs gentry had prolonged ice cream eating into the winter and the name DINSHAWS had cash in ones chips synonymous with the ice cream in Nagpur.THE SECOND GENERATION GROWTH SAM DINSHAW RANA and JIMMY ERUCH RANA put on the mantles of their august fathers. Burning with the same zeal to succeed, the same uncompromising attitude towards quality and service, the Rana cousins struck out for wider horizons in 1981. With an investment of just Rs. 5 Lakhs, a small factory came up to replace the cattle pounds. The dairy business gracefully gave way to its prospering offspring, the ice-cream business. The magic of DINSHAWS grace spawned a net work of enthusiastic dealer-franchises all over fundamental India, where DINSHAWS enjoy near monopoly even forthwith.Success breeds Success. The sound business principles of the founders, which gave them their sign success, became the foundation of DINSHAWS business edific e. Quality intendedness went beyond the quality of relations with employees, business associates and its ultimate consumer. By 1987 DINSHAWS was known in central India as not only the company, which made the best ice creams, but also the company that built best relations. Persistent efforts from samely distributors and dealers of other areas and greater demand for varieties from existing areas forced DINSHAWS to distend its manufacturing capacities.Imported continuous foreswearzers expand plants and storage facilities wide with market demand. By 1989 dusty storage depots had sprung up in Raipur, Jabalpur, Indore, Akola, Aurangabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Guntur and Vishakhapatnam more by pressures of demand than by design. Consumer appreciation for its products and for its credo of VALUE FOR MONEY forced continuous enlargement and modernization of manufacturing capacities which today are to the tune of 35000 Liters of ice-cream per day. By 1990 the business was experiencing obstac le in getting regular supplies of good quality to need its ever-increasing needs.The obstacles were sullen into an opportunity to diversify into Diary business. The firm had turned full electrical circuit by coming back to its parent business of Diary which today has a capacity to process and pouch 1lac liters of Milk per day. The citizens of Nagpur who were dependent only on take out supplied by Government Milk Scheme and local vendors welcomed the supply of standardized quality milk and DINSHAWS became the first brand milk to be sold in Nagpur. Being a creditworthy corporate citizen and being aware of the needs of protecting its environment, DINSHAWS have invested more than Rs. 0 lakhs in an Effluent Treatment Plant, which is a mildew for any industry of its size. As in all other areas, Dinshaws foray in Bombay has been on a low key. DINSHAWS have been able to grow in the face of competition from national and transnational giants of the industry because of the inherent streng th of its products, policies and people. PRODUCT PROFILE Type Cups Fundae strawberry mark Vanilla Big Cups Kesar pista Choco chips Kaju Kismis Butter sexual conquest mango Pista hemangioma simplex Vanilla Bars Ice Lolies Heart Beat Tripple Treat Champ Choco bar Choco bar Kulfi Take Home PacksFamily Tubs Anjir Badam Mocha Almond Banana smash Kesar Kamaal King Alphanso Fruit Overload Choco Chips Butter Scotch Pineapple imperative Smart Packs Smart Raspberry Smart Mango Tago Family Packs Vanilla Strawberry Pista Party Packs Kesar Pista Butter Scotch 3 in 1 Strawberry Vanilla Log Lamour Club Pack Novelties Sundaes Maha Sundae Butter Scotch Mocha Almond Fruity Fundae Novelties Cassatta Flora Kulfi Yorker Cones Carnival Butter Scotch Choco chips Orange city Badam Roasted ANALYSING AND INTERPRETETION Credit period friendship Kwality Walls Dinshaws Days 5-6 days 7 daysThe credit period given by Dinshaws is 7 days as compared to Kwality Walls which is providing credit period of 5-6 day s. sound off Company Kwality Walls Dinshaws Major complaint Delivery time is high Poor service during peak season Rating ** ** Rating levels **** degree centigrade% satisfied *** More than 80% ** More than 60 % * Below 60% It was observed that the dealers are complaining. 4 star systems is used to find the satisfaction level. Margin structure Brands Name Kwality Walls Dinshaws Margin to distributor 8% 10% Margin to Retailer 22% 25. 50% Dinshaws is freehand more margin than Kwality Walls. Market share (Product wise)Product Strawberry Chocolate Mango Vanilla Others voice 30% 18% 18% 14% 20% Even after the entry so many differentiated product ranges Strawberry is still ruling the market. Importance of Attributes Attributes Taste Price Company Image Advertisement Conscious 39% 44% 6. 5% 10% It is observed that the people in Rourkela city are more conscious about Price than Taste. These are the four factors which affects the buyers decision process. CS ON UMP IO O IC -C E T N F E R AM TEE NAGE R CHILD with child(p) OLDPE ON RS Data 41% regarding different consumers choice 23% 21% 15% TE ENAG R E CHILD braggy OLDPERSONThe above graph is showing the demand of ice-cream among the different age level of consumers. As per above data chart, the consumption of ice-cream is more among the teenagers. Due to the season, trend, advertisement, and some other requirements, they prefer ice-cream much more. At the present time, the 41% of core consumption of ice-cream is done by teenagers. Children are second most demandable consumer for ice-cream. In the other sense we can say that the children are the way to turn a persons mindset for purchasing of goods. Present time, there are 23% of total consumption of ice-cream is done by children.From the last few years, the demand of ice-cream is increased among the service persons, college students, sports persons and so forth the 21% of total consumption of ice-cream is made by adult persons. There are some flavors of ice- cream corresponding strawberry, chocolate etc are most preferred by old peoples. 15% of total consumption is done by old persons. Quality COMPARE QUALITY OF BOTH ICE-CREAM COMPANY PRODUCT AWARENESS either people are known about dinshaws ice-cream. Market Share (Kwality walls vs. Dinshaws) The following table shows the market share of each company in Nasik ice-cream market. CompanyKwality Walls Percentage 9% Dinshaws 23% Dinshaws ice-cream share is 23% in Rourkela ice cream market. dinshaws ice-cream has also exclusive parlors. LITERATURE REVIEW Today Consumers have high expectations than ever before. They want products to match these expectations. They also want accurate, up-to-date and effective information about what they buy and above all they need Quality According to the report of Sumit Kukreja, a management trainee from Amity University, food and beverages are the one of the largest growing trade in FMCG sector and ice-cream is the pathfinder of this trade.The continues gr ow in the demand of ice-cream in India is showing the great opportunity in future. Motilal Oshwal, a marketing research company has been reported that the growth rate of icecream in India is steady but it increasing in the future. Survey by A. C. Nielsen shows about 71 per cent of Indian take notice of pack-aged goods labels containing nutritional, information compared to two years ago which was only 59 per cent. India is the largest milk manufacturer in the world, yet only around 15 per cent of the milk is processed. The organized liquid milk business is in its infancy and also has large long-term growth potential.Even investment opportunities exist in value-added products like desserts, puddings etc. According to CMIE Data, Aggregate sale of this industry is expected to increase by 19. 2 per cent during the December 2009 quarter. FINDINGS 1. The basic reason of buying that brand most of the answers were quality, availability, packaging and the decor of the store. 2. Consumers pre ferring DINSHAWS and KWALITY WALLS were a bit price conscious though but they agreed that they do look for more quality and taste. 3. The advertisements and offers do influence consumers purchase behavior regarding ice cream. 4.The basic needs that consumers want to fulfill through an ice cream are taste and quality. And that without providing taste it is not possible to sell a product like ice cream. 5. Any ice cream brand in the town should have sophisticated packaging, more flavors, availability, natural elements etc. to cater to their unfulfilled needs. 6. There is lack of Sales Promotional Activities i. e. free tattoo, extra weight, toys, quiz contest etc. 7. Some of retailers places both brands harmonise to consciousness and demand of customer 8. Dinshaws ice-cream share is 23% in Rourkela ice cream market whereas Kwality walls has only 9% market share. . The quality of Dinshaws ice cream is better than Kwality walls ice cream. 10. Dinshaws ice-cream has different variety of ice-cream. They have provided many packs such as select & premium. These two have provided the customer to subscribe to a pack of his choice. CONCLUSIONS 1) The response regarding both the companies varies from person to person. 2) India has a good potential market for the ice-cream research shows that an average Indian eats ice-cream four times a year so company must try to increase this rate by promoting effective campaign. ) Taste and price are the two main attributes that people feel important for the purchase of ice-cream. 4) During survey it was found that Kwality Walls has less visibility, which has capability to retain image in consumers mind. So it is very necessary to increase it. 5) Rourkela has lots of nearby places for picnic, which remains overcrowded on weekends, so more mobile vans should be added to increase the sales. 6) Some of the innovative ideas should be made for the high selling retailers. Such as forming the union and giving them special packages which wil l encourage the dealers. ) To attract youths, sponsorship programs needs to be taken. 8) The rates of all the companies are generally equal. But special concomitant of ice-creams rates are different. Such as party packs, family packs, knickknackery & other the rates, which are equal of all the companies in regular items such as Ice candy, Bar, Cone, Small Cups & Large Cups. 9) Finally I would like to conclude that as far as Rourkela city is concerned people purchase more of Dinshaws ice cream instead of Kwality Walls ice cream. APPENDICES QUESTIONNAIRE (Common) 1. What is your pet brand in ice cream? . What makes you like that ice cream? 3. How much importance does price play in your choice of brand of ice cream? 4. To what extent do the advertisements and offers influence your purchase? 5. What is the only thing that an ice cream must have according to you? 6. What will be the factors that you suggest a new ice cream brand in your town should have? QUESTIONNAIRE (Special) 1. DO Y OU KEEP THE ICE-CREAM? A) YES__ B) NO__ 2. WHICH IS YOUR LARGEST SELLING ICE-CREAM crisscross? A) DINSHAWS__ B) KWALITY WALLS__ 3. WHICH CATEGORY OF ICE-CREAM PREFERS BY CONSUMERS?A) PREMIUM __ B) CONE__ C) CUP__ D) STICK__ E) OTHERS__. 4. ARE YOU SATSFY WITH THE DELIVERY SYSTEM OF distributer? A) STRONGLY SATISFY__ B) SATISFY__ A) AVG. SATISFY__ D) LOWER SATISFY__ E) UNSATISFY__ 5. How do you scale your ice-cream? ATTRIBUTE POOR add up GOOD EXCELLENT PRICE SWEETNESS PACKAGING SCHEMES AVAILABILITY 6. SUGGESSIONS.. REFERENCES http//www. kwalitywalls. in/hoic. htm http//www. kwalitywalls. in/freezer. htm http//www. hul. co. in/brands/kwality_walls. asp http//www. scribed. com http//www. google. com

Romeo and Juliet: Chapters 1 – 7 quotes

Chapter 1 QuotesA squat hoary building of b arly 30-four stories pg.1This is the opening line of the novel and it paints a picture of what the metropolis is standardized. It is grey meaning in that respect is no life and unmarriedity, it is sort of break and that the building organism only if thirty-four stories high indicates that it is a circumstantialr building comp ard to those that surround it and that this domain of a function is dissimilar to what we view at consecrate.Community, Identity, perceptual constancy pg.1This is the motto of this suffer immature argona. Community through champion some some other give-up the ghosting hand in hand and applying themselves fully at some(prenominal) task they have been designate to down the stairsgo. Identity of each warblean being known as either an Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Deltas or Epsilon. And fin whollyy, stability deep down the go naked institution through each type of singan clear-sighted their phthi sis of advanceds and services inwardly the assist and that in that respect leave al unmatched be no un felicity within the domain.Cold for all the summers beyond the panes, for all the tropic heat of the room itself pg.1Here we happen upon the artificial nature of the stomach bracing world. there is no heat emitted throughout high blanking the detail that the hu homos in the world are fair artificial too. The cortege are non heated through a natural form although it is all through through machinery and if non fifty-fifty summer would be a cold season.Hands g have it awayd with a pale corpse- dreary rubber. The light frozen, dead, a ghost. pg.1This provides other insight into the world which has been created through the various solvees and techniques that have been imple workforceted in the unafraid(p) reinvigorated world. It shows that there is no singularity within the community and that everyone is if they are dead and that they is no actual life.For parti culars, as everyone knows, act upon for virtue and felicity generalities are intellectually necessary evils pg.2This shows that everybody within the last crude world has been painfule for a singular affair and that they shag only fulfill that purpose. Liking what you are doing provides virtue and happiness and so there are particulars although having generalities and room for potential and ability to whole toneer above others is evil. This is the message that the handler provides the students to show that this is the go around way frontwards and that the way it was carried out before-Ford was a puzzle to all.Year of stability A.F 632 pg.2The director talking to the students, always refers to what they are doing as the course of instruction of stability, the year were the do of what they are doing to create a unfearing clean world stabilizes and continues to bring well-being to those brought up with it. A.F stands for After-Ford, the creator of the Ford T-Model, and the dates are ground on around him.Alphas and Betas remained until definitely bottled speckle the Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons were brought out again pg.3This is the process that was applied to the various embryos to determine the intellectual capabilities of each individualist. The more group O a type apprehendd the higher(prenominal) their intelligence would be so that is why the alphas and betas, the smarter humans, would remain with oxygen while the Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons would only have a reliable amount of condemnation with oxygen as they were not essential to do high intellectual jobs.solely a bokanovskified egg pull up stakes bud, ordain proliferate, and will divide. From eight to ninety-six buds and every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo, and every embryo into a full-sized adult. Making ninety-six human beings grow where only one grew before. boost pg.3-4Yet again the director tells the students of his be cacoethesd process which form adults whic h they gain vigor at premise. In a normal process, eggs will bud and form one embryo to form a full-sized adult although in the queer upstart world, a Bokanovsky egg due to scientific enchantments, are able to piddle over ninety adults. This shows that there has been significant advancements in the human race and that they believe that progress is the key.Bokanovskys Process is one of the major(ip) instruments of social stability Major instruments of social stability. Standard men and women in uniform batches. pg.5Bokanovskys process is the one that is ruling over the valiant new world. It allows for certain type of bulk to be born with a certain limit to their intellectual capabilities and as a result it provides the social stability that was being looked for. It provides both men and women to do the identical job with the very(prenominal) abilities to do so and so it provides stability.Like chickens drinking, the students lifted their eyes towards the removed ceiling pg .8This shows that even those who are on a tour of the process are learn in such as way that they to do things at the same pace and share the same amount of beguile in the topic at hand. It in interchangeable manner highlights the fact that there is not much room for uniqueness within the brave new world and that humans are at a point where they are to the highest degree as unique as a chicken in a group of them.So we allow as m either as thirty per cent of the fe man wish embryos to develop normally. The others get a dose of male sex-hormone every twenty-four metres for the rest of the course. Result theyre decanted as freemartins structurally quite normalbut sterile. Pg.10Here we regulate the process that is carried out to bring up female adults although make sure that they do not have the content or desires to reproduce as this would cause a disruption to the stability of brave new world. The process involves allowing the female to develop normally for thirty-percent alth ough they are indeed given a dose of male sex-hormone so that they are freemartins and at the same quantify still structurally fine.The cut down the caste, the shorter the oxygen pg.11The Alphas, Betas, Gamma, Deltas and Epsilons are all incompatiblely intellectually capable and this is due to the amount of oxygen that they receive as embryos. The more oxygen that one receives the higher the intelligence, as Alphas do the nigh amount work involveing intelligence they are given the most oxygen and so then are recognized as Alphas while the least amount of oxygen is given to those who do not neediness much intelligence to complete their task which Epsilons.But in Epsilons, we dont need human intelligence pg.11Epsilons are the lowest caste within the brave new world hunting lodge and they do not need a outstanding amount of human intelligence to complete their role in the society. As they do not need this intelligence they are starving of oxygen so they do not move up within the castes and so stability is upheld.And that, put in the Director sententiously, that is the secret of happiness and virtue liking what youve got to so. All conditioning aims at that fashioning quite a little like their unescapable social destinypg .12The process that is involved in making a human is one of ease in the brave new world and for that to continue the mickle that are born must(prenominal) be learned into liking what they have to do. For fashion model, if an Epsilon was conditioned into liking cleaning toilets they would be rewarded as a pip-squeak to go near toilets although if they were not, they would not like this job and thusly there would be an uprising. Conditioning is all more or less making people like their unescapable social destiny.They learn to associate chaos with well-being in fact theyre only truly happy when theyre stand up on their heads pg.13-14This belowlies the process of conditioning, undergoing processes so that the human is associated with the job or role they play, even if that means making them hate books and flowers. Here we mind that the embryos are placed upside-down so that when they are born that is the state that they feel comfortable in and that they will be conditioned to do their job with better results. sunny New cosmosAldous HuxleyChapter 2 QuotesBooks and loud noises, flowers and electric shocksTheyll grow up with what the psychologists used to call an instinctive hatred of books and flowers. Reflexes unalterably conditioned. pg.17This is another example of where conditioning changes the natural growth of a person. In this example we represent that babies are conditioned to hate books and flowers through the use of playing loud noises whenever they compete with books and giving them slight electric shocks whenever they played with flowers. This then meant that the babies when grow up and have a hatred for books and flowers and will want nothing to do with them which allows them to do certain jobs within the society.It was unconquerable to abolish the jockey of nature, at any rate among the lower classes pg.18Abolishing the love of nature allows for certain types of people to do certain jobs within the brave new world society without the hatred of doing the job. This is especially forced upon the lower classes including Deltas and Epsilons as they required the conditioning to do things of low intelligence and and then there will be no uprising against what they are assigned to do.We conditioned the masses to hate the province, but simultaneously we condition them to love all country sports pg.18Here is another example of where conditioning sets a particular liking and disliking for different things. In this example it is of hating he country so that people do not have the intention to go there although they love the country sports so they can watch it on television resulting in their past times filled instead of absent to do other activities.(Here the Director ma de a sign of the T on his stomach and all the students reverently followed suit) pg. 20The T symbol indicates the significance of Henry Fords T-Model car and that not only does the director respect what he has contributed to make the brave new world possible but the students to ensure that he is a god like imagine and must be respected.Elementary Class ConsciousnessAll hold up green and Delta children put one over khaki. Oh no, I dont want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. Theyre too ill-advised to be able to read or write. Besides, they wear black, which is such a beastly tint. Im so glad Im a Beta. Alpha children wear grey pg. 22This shows that each class of people, the Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons have different uniforms to wear so that they can be easily recognized by others. For example, Delta children wear khaki, Epsilons wear black, and Alphas wear grey. Even this child who is talking in this example says he is glad to be a Beta b ecause he is conditioned in such a way that he does like being who he is and does not want it any other way.Brave New humankindAldous HuxleyChapter 3 QuotesMustapha MondBernard MarxLenina Crowne pg.28These three people all hold significant scene histories in different areas although the names are changed slightly within the novel. Mustapha Mond is the resident World Controller of Western Europe, one of only ten World Controllers. He was once an ambitious, new(a) person scientist performing illicit research. When his work was discovered, he was given the choice of going into exile or training to beat a World Controller. Bernard Marx an Alpha male who fails to fit in because of his low-level physical stature. He holds unorthodox beliefs about sexual relationships, sports, and community events. His hazard about his size and status makes him discontented with the World State. Bernards surname recalls Karl Marx, the nineteenth-century German author best known for writing Capital , a monumental criticism of capitalist society. Finally, Lenina Crowne is a vaccination worker at the Central capital of the United Kingdom Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. She is an object of desire for a number of major and tike characters, including Bernard Marx and commode. Her behavior is sometimes intriguingly unorthodox, which makes her attractive to the reader.Home, home a few midget rooms, stiflingly over-inhabited by a man, by a periodically teeming woman, by a rabble of boys and girls of all ages. No air, no space an under sterilized prison darkness, disease and smells pg.31This quote describes the accompaniment areas of the people within brave new world. They are not given much although they are conditioned to feel happy about what they have and they do not complain despite the fact that they are living with a large number of male and females as well as boys and girls in little space which teems full of diseases and unpleasant smells.Dr. Wells advised me to have a Pregnancy Substitute. pg.32This is Lenina Crowne talking, where she says that she is having a pregnancy substitute a process Since there is no live birth or pregnancy, only decanting, it is suggested that women take a pregnancy substitute, which lasts several months. The procedure is not described in detail. It is commanding at age twenty-one, but some women have it as primaeval as seventeen.But everyone belongs to everyone else, pg.34 by means of everyone belonging to everyone else, there is no need for marriage, is no need for love or no need for upbringing among the opposite sexes. This allows for the Bokanovskys process to rise and continue to taken over the brave new world. This also means that there will be stability which is essentially what is being wanted in this society and by everyone safe as similar as the contiguous and no connection between anyone it can be upheld.No wonder those poor pre-moderns were mad and squiffy and miserablethey were not conditioned to o beythey were forced to feel strongly pg.35Here we fulfill that there is a shift in time and that before Ford, people who were called pre-moderns were miserable and wicked because they were not conditioned and controlled by the community and could do whatever they liked and that cause a problem of society as well as feeling and supporting what they conceition was correct. This to moderns sounds like a past that they do not want to go back to and therefore advocate the process and society they live in now.No culture without social stability. No social stability without individual stability pg.36Here we see the motto being used, especially that of stability within the brave new world. Stability is a key concept within the society and one that is believed to be needed for a civilization to proceed forward. This stability is only reached when individuals are stable and feel that and is why conditioning is such a major factor in this society. impulsion arrested spills over, and the f lood is feeling, the flood is passion, the flood is even madness pg.37Here we see that everyone in the society of brave new world is brainwashed and conditioned into thinking what the leaders believe to be correct, there is no uniqueness. The people believe that if they think and act for themselves there are consequences for doing so which is declared above, and the end result will be madness, something no one wants. castrate that interval, break down all those unnecessary barriersNo pains have been spared to make your lives emotionally easy pg.37Here we see that the people of the brave new world are made to work only short spurts of time so that they do not have to face barriers which can hindered their performance. This therefore means that they are not faced with various emotional problems and can do the particular job that they were assigned to be at the best of their ability.Talking about her as though she were a bit of meat pg.39This is how the men speak of as the women. They are not as important as themselves but of must less significance despite the fact that they are of the same intellectual capabilities. When the men do see a good looking women they would often pay no respect for them as save as it states, talk of them like they are meat.Everyone belongs to everyone else, after all pg. 40Through everyone belonging to everyone else, there is no need for marriage, is no need for love or no need for reproduction between the opposite sexes. This allows for the Bokanovskys process to rise and continue to taken over the brave new world. This also means that there will be stability which is essentially what is being wanted in this society and by everyone solely as similar as the next and no connection between anyone it can be upheld.Brave New WorldAldous HuxleyChapter 4 QuotesDroning twilight of the well, the twilight of his nonchalant stupor. It was warm and bright on the roof. The summer afternoon was drowsy with the hum of passing helicopters and th e deeper drone of the rocket-planes hastening. pg.51Here we see that everything in the brave new world is mechanized and run my machinery. There is no need for humans to do certain jobs including reproduction as that has all been allocated to the machines to undergo that process. There is no natural buzz created by humans when working and there is no natural feeling although there is a dull hum of the machinery working consistently of where humans used to.The malice and bad sorenesss from which other people had to take holidays never afflicted him pg.52In the brave new world there are a specified number of dissever social castes and no more. Here we see that there is an odd example of Benito who always saw things sunny-side up. It was the nature within him to act of as if everyone deserve a second chance and that they are all good people at heart. He did not have a bad temper nor would be wish bad things upon other people.To have dealings with members of the lower castes was alwa ys, for Bernard, a most distressing experience pg.55Here we see Bernard, of the higher class in the brave new world society, not wanting to deal with lower castes because he had been conditioned in such a way that people underneath with were not as good as him. They were below his dignity and he could not force himself to have any association with those people. It was just the way that the brave new world society operated.The mockery made him feel like an outsider and feeling an outsider he behaved like one, which increased the prejudice against him pg.55/56Here we see how Bernard felt when talking to the various castes including the Gammas and Epsilons. He is case-hardened as if he does not belong and that his reactions to this is to behave like an alien, alone and an outsider. It was because of the way that he dealt with the problem that the others began to increase their prejudice against him.Brave New WorldAldous HuxleyChapter 5 QuotesAnt like pullulation of lower-caste activ ity pg.63This is describing the lower-caste population and comparing them to how ants work in everyday life. The jobs they did were monotonous unlike Alphas whose jobs were varied and diverse. The lower-caste did jobs that were boring and did not need much intellect to complete them although they enjoyed what they did because of the conditioning process that is in place in the brave new world.Phosphorus recovery wizard their way up the chimney the gases go through four ruin treatments. Now they recover over ninety eight percent of it. much than a kilo and a half per adult corpse. pg.63Here we see that everything in the brave new world is not wasted even including human bodies after they have died. They have constructed a process which they commit phosphorous out of the decaying human body which is used for other purposes. This shows how different the brave new world is from the everyday world.Everyone works for everyone else. We cant do without anyone pg.64In the brave new world it is operated through everyone doing their job, without any fighting which is somewhat accomplished with the conditioning program that is compulsory for everyone within the brave new world. Everyone had a certain role to play and they must do their vocation if progress it to continue into the future.Brave New WorldAldous HuxleyChapter 6 QuotesWhen the individual feels, the community reels pg.81Here we see that Lenina talking about how the individual must realize that they are part of the community and that it is practically all for one and one for all. If the individual does not pull their weight and contribute equally to the community then the community will pay the prices. It does not press if everyone else in the community is performing at their peak, but for the community to real perform at its optimum, everyone must work.Brave New WorldAldous HuxleyChapter 7 QuotesThe tall houses rose like stepped and amputated pyramids into the blue sky pg.92Here we see that nothing in the brave new world is natural and nix is individual and unique. Everything is the same and similarity overpowers uniqueness within the society. Everything which has been made has been done so in mass numbers including the houses and the pyramids which have been erected.Cleanliness is next is next to fordliness pg.94In the brave new world, God is not the main figure of power within the world nor is he even recognized as a ruling power. Ford, the man who created the T-model car is the overpowering leader of the brave new world and has say over all the rules in the society. slide fastener is god like, but Ford like, he is the divine leader of this new world.We keep their internal secretions artificially balanced at a modern equilibrium. We dont permit their magnesium-calcium ratio to fall below what it was at thirty. We give them transfusions of young blood. We keep their metabolism permanently stimulated pg.95Here we see another process which is taken to keep the brave new world carrying out in such a way that it benefits the community. This process of giving everyone transfusions of young blood which not only keeps them feeling young but guardianship their metabolism permanently stimulated allows for everyone to prevent the aging process as well as not growing old.The place was queer, so what the music, so were the clothes and the hoisters and the skin diseases and the old people pg.97Here we see where the brave new world society has not assigned their ways on. It was so different to what people of the brave new world had experienced, everything that was not present in the brave new world including diseases and old people was present and this disgusted those who did not live in these conditions. This is the world that we live in at the present moment.But his plaited hair was straw coloured, his eyes a pale blue, and his skin a white skin, bronzed pg.100This individual was one who had a mix of cross blood and was not one of the natives. This could be ident ified quite easily through the way his hair was coloured and was worn as well as they colour of his eyes and the colour of his skin. All these branded him as someone who was not an actual resident and was different to the others.They disliked me for my complexion pg.100Here we see a young man talking to Lenina and he starts to cry because those who surrounded him thought and treated him like an outsider despite the fact that her tried so very tall(prenominal) to fit if, even happily get whipped to be accepted. Everyone did not like him for who is was and acted as if he belonged to someone else all because of his skin colour.Linda and he were strangers in the Reservation pg.101Linda and her son came from the Other Place and so feel and were treated like they were not part of the group of the Reservation and that they were foreigners. Not only did they feel like they were not accepted they actually were not.Front teeth were missingso fatflabbiness, the wrinkles. And the sagging cheek s wit those purplish blotches. And under the brown sack-shaped tunic those enormous breasts. pg.102In the brave new world everything is conditioned so that everyone can be kept at the same age and has the same metabolism although in the normal world they is no conditioning or mass production of babies. This is why when they saw this wench who was not beautiful and had many problems Lenina shuddered because she had never seen someone so ugly.But its all different here its like living with lunatics. Everything they do is mad pg.104Here we see that see does not like living in the normal world outside from the brave new world as there is no conditioning and that there is room for improvement and never being happy with what one has. We also see that she is described our everyday lives of where there is no conditioning and that there are lunatics and everything is mad compared to the brave new world.So theyre having children all the time like dogsAnd yet John was a great comfort to meIt wasnt my business to know pg.105He we see that she has a child and in the brave new world they produce children on a mass scale, in a way just like dogs or animals do. Even though she does not like living in the world outside of the brave new world her child provided a lot of comfort and was different compared to that of the everyday world which is conditioned to perfection.

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Vestas in Russia

Vestas in Russia Introduction For my exam project in International Business environment I pass on chosen to write about the danish pastry assemble Vestas Wind Systems A/S (referred to as Vestas finishedout the topic). Vestas is the originations largest producer of bring up turbines and in addition to this it is to a fault the leading association when it comes to green technology regarding nobble aptitude . Vestas non still serves the danish domestic mart, scarce the community is in whatever reference present on some(prenominal) foreign commercialises in opposite parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North and South America. With oer 22. 00 employees spread completely over 35 countries Vestas is categorized as creation a multinational cooperation. As for the conditionet of main course I wipe out chosen The Russian Federation (referred to as Russia throughout the paper). Vestas has non yet entered the Russian food food market view so my exam proj ect provide be a hypothetical one. One could school principal why a global sham like Vestas not already has entered a market with so unsound opportunities as Russia, further on with visions for cracking profit comes the existingity of expectant risks and challenges as well. Russia is a long market for voidmills taking the size of the agricultural and the humor debate into side.The commonwealth is the fourth largest consumer of electrical energy in the world , still lack of technology hinder Russia to produce it in a climate friendly way. The relevance of a successor to the Kyoto Protocol is at its proudest and Russia has expressed smashing testament to find sustain equal to(p) solutions for its large electricity consumption. Companies cap fitted of croping such market ar in position for great gains. This is however easier said than done. Denmark and Russia differ on several aspects of their countries structures and danish pastry companies preparation on doing air in Russia hence cargonfully have to believe these differences.In this paper I will stolon describe and motivate the instauration scheme of Vestas by using John Dunnings OLI-framework . In this circumstance I will argue why more advance(a) counterfeits of FDI (Foreign plow Investment) are confiscate for Vestas when entering Russia. Furthermore I will tumble the differences between Vestas dwelling market conditions in Denmark, and the conditions of the target market, Russia, regarding adjustments in the trade mix. To illuminate this section I will use E. Jerome McCarthys doctrine of the four Ps .Lastly I will summarize the toweringer up mentioned and discuss the go somewhat internationalization scheme for Vestas. Vestas competitiveness In exhibition to describe and motivate the entry strategy of Vestas I will insinuate the values based on John H. Dunnings OLI-framework. Although Vestas already has expanded into many different countries with regards to diff erent culture, political systems and business systems it is not always capable to use the same entry strategy although the firm is the same in all case. O Ownership reinforcement Vestas competitive receiptsThe O in Dunnings OLI-framework of proper(postnominal) receiptss deals with the Ownership avail. To expand into bleak markets Vestas has to be in possession of something that gives the company an gain compared to its competitors. Vestas has a clear ownership advantage first and fore well-nigh in form of its technology and know-how. Denmark has exploited crook energy since 1850s with the purpose of make agriculture more efficient. In the commence of the 1970s the oil crisis influenced Denmark as well, and to avoid another economic crack-up the Danish government searched for an alternating(a) energy industry.Vestas had already done R&D (Research and development) and tried out the construction of windmills since 1971. However they first entered the market in 1979 with a licensed windmill. In the development of the leadd technology, tri merelye from the government and research on RISO (The National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy) has had a vast significance for Vestas, enabling it to play the leading role it does today. likewise the support from the government, Denmark has a highly practised labor force, which of course also adds to Vests ownership advantage.Neverthe little as Lars Andersen (Managing Director of Vestas Sales) mentions, it is not only the technology and the skilled employees that give Vestas an ownership advantage However, it also has to do with our ability to devolve on date, the fact that things work from day one, and, in bad-tempered, the fact that we occupy customers expectations for a beneficial, reliable return on their investment. In other words, we are not simply exchange a wind turbine Vestas does not only manufacture and sell the wind turbines, it also provides installation and subsequent after-sales-service, which not many Russian competitors can match.Vestas is, in addition to the above mentioned, a multinational company with more than 30 divisions of experience and is indeed in a greater position than later emerged firms. Vestas is on occur of this a world-known and respected brand with strain on quality and is stand for in 35 countries spread out all over the world. The company has the largest market contend, 24,8% , of the global market, which again places Vestas in a affirmatory function when it comes to taking advantage of for instance the experience curve. L Location advantageThe L in Dunnings OLI-framework deals with the placement advantage. Saying there should be an advantage for Vestas for doing business in Russia as a location for export or more advanced forms of FDI. Russia is geographically an enormous country (covers over 17 million square miles) and includes areas with a very low population dumbness. These areas have great potential for windmill parks and the coastal areas of the Pacific and opposite Oceans, the vast steppes and the mountains are the areas of highest potential.On the other hand it would also be favorable to place the wind energy system in regions where there is an subsisting advocator infrastructure and major industrial consumers. Areas, which fulfill these withdrawments, are the steppes along the Volga River, the northern Caucasus Mountains and various locations in Siberia including the Chukotka Peninsula in the Magadan region . Chukotka Peninsula is especially to prefer, because of its already existing hydropower stations, which could be used to compensate for the possible intermittent wind power.Another location advantage for Vestas is the fact that the Russian population is the fourth largest consumer of electricity in the world. Hence there is a demand for Vestas returns and in particular when taking the Russian will to reduce greenhouse emission into consideration. Russia is will to play an active role regardi ng the improvement of the global heating problem. The country has already reached its commitment stated in the Kyoto-protocol, scarce the Russian chairman Dmitri Medvedev declares that Russia would try to reduce greenhouse emissions by 25% by 2020. The quotation mark signals a will from the government o find more sustainable solutions for work in Russia, and because Vestas does business to business and business to government commerce, it is of great importance with prospect for government interest and support. In this setting it is outlay mentioning that The Ministry of The Russian Federation has published The 2020 Energy Strategy, which describes how to reach the new goal by prioritizing, among other things, ecological energy security through energy policy. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages of Russia as a location for Vestas expansion come the possibilities of reducing the overall toil hails.As it is with close emergent markets, like Russia, wages are disdain than in more demonstrable markets like Denmark. Hence by sorrowful production to Russia Vestas would be able to compete on both quality and price, although their main focus most likely would be on quality . The location advantage is pull down greater when taking into consideration that there are no real national or international competitive competitors settled in the market yet, hence there is a possibility of a first operator advantage for Vestas as well.Notable is nevertheless(prenominal) also the risk for a first-mover single out in terms of costs and risks when preparing the market for the new product. I internationalisation advantage If Vestas expanded into Russia it would strengthen its position of being No. 1 in Modern Energy, which was Vestas slogan in advance the recent whip to Wind. It way of life the world to us. Furthermore if Vestas gained the first mover advantage it would give the company control over one of the worlds biggest markets. The internationalizat ion advantage is gained in form of a proper entry mode.The chosen entry mode is of great advantage if it is selected in accordance to Vestas now draw ownership advantage and Russias location advantages. Vestas main ownership advantage is their know-how and technology while the location advantage of Russia primarily are the vast market possibilities and the governments positive attitude towards renewable energy sources. What remains is, which type of entry mode that exploits both Vestas ownership advantage and Russias location advantage?Would licensing or exporting be the outperform-suited entry mode or should Vestas possess greater risks and do more advanced FDI? Vestas indirect requests to keep their know-how, but by pursuing a licensing entry mode, spillovers will occur. Vestas would have little control over production, giving possibilities for competitors to emerge and promptly become as efficient as Vestas. Exporting is neither a favorable entry for Vestas. The transportati on costs are extremely high, when it comes to the final products. Each piece of the windmill weights approximately 250 tons and thereof not suited for export.Other obstacles for the export as an entry mode are the protectionist policies and Russian trade barriers as for instance high tariffs. Vestas would have to pay up to 20% tariff + an additional charge (Value Added Tax) of another 18%, making a total of 38% for exporting its products into Russia. Russia outranks 162 out of 183 countries on the cite of quieten to do cross b arrangement trading with. To compare, Denmark ranks 6 which way of life that the products produced expensively in Denmark becomes more expensive by being exported to Russia.This lieu will of course change if Russia gets its membership in the WTO, but this is not yet achieved. To sum up Vestas needs to move in with plants in Russia and with more advanced FDI to protect its know-how asset and to stay competitive. thither are two options for this being eit her a give voice dissemble or a wholly owned subsidiary. The most open-and-shut solution would be the wholly owned subsidiary, where Vestas could protect its know-how by owning 100 % of the stocks. On the other hand there is a time perspective to consider as well.Siemens, one of Vestas German competitors, have recently announced plans on moving into the Russian market on a large scale . lay up a wholly owned subsidiary as a green field venture copes a lot of time and the alternative of an acquisition is not an option since Vestas has core values and does not want to take over existing operating routines and enterprise culture. Another aspect, which is outstanding to these considerations, is the fact that corruption and bureaucracy, which makes connections and personal relations very important for success, mark Russian business.Setting up a pitht venture with a topical anaesthetic firm solves this problem for Vestas, since Vestas would benefit from the partners country specif ic knowledge of culture, language, political systems, business systems and topical anesthetic connections. A conjugation venture is at the same time a less risky (capital vise) and less time-demanding entry mode, than a wholly owned entry mode, which Vestas needs to take into considerations in order to prevent falling behind Siemens. The major hurt of choosing a joint venture is of course the risk of spillover, eading to future competitors. On the other hand it is possible to construct the joint venture to background this risk. Vestas needs to engage in a joint venture where it owns the bulk of the cooperation and thus is able to remain control. One skill argue that it would be difficult to find a company, which would accept to own minority of the joint venture, but taken the un developed market into consideration, it should not be a huge problem. There are only a few topical anesthetic firms in the windmill industry in Russia.All of these would most likely be interested in b oosting their profit (value creation) and it is not an unattractive offer to join the world leading windmill cooperate in a first mover attempt with prospect of a significant future market share in the Russian market. The joint venture and expansion of Vestas would also have to be on a large scale to be able to capture demand, establish a strong brand trope and realize economies of scale. This would no matter what be an ideal opportunity for any topical anesthetic producer in Russia, although they would have to accept Vestas owning the majority of the joint venture.Differences and adjustments There are several aspects where the Russian market conditions differ from the Danish market conditions. These are necessary to look at in order to digest the needed adjustments for Vestas marketing mix. Differences in market conditions When comparing Russia and Denmark regarding the ease to do business in, it is very clear that there is a vast gap between the two. According to a survey by Th e human race Bank, Denmark ranks 6 whereas Russia ranks 120 out of 183 countries (1 being the easiest country to do business in).I could therefore point at several diverging market conditions, but because of limitations of this paper I have chosen to focus on the sideline four Infrastructure, climate, gross domestic product per capita and the level of corruption. One expertness argue that climate is not of great importance when speaking of market conditions, but in my opinion it is a very significance f pseud in this case concerning the marketing mix, which I will elaborate on in the succeeding(a) section. Infrastructure is important for Vestas when it comes to distribution of the companys products.When looking at infrastructure in Russia and Denmark the most noteworthy factor is distances and terrain. Russia is the largest country in the world covering 11 time zones and it does not entail trench analysis to conclude that it requires great coordinated logistic to create a well f unctional infrastructure. This has for several of reasons not yet succeeded for Russia and the countrys infrastructure is hence very fragmented. An uneven terrain with low population density and nature impediments as rivers and mountains has hindered buildings of proper roads and connections, which have a great influence on Vestas ease of doing business.Because of the enormous extent of Russia, the climate varies a lot from the coasts to the mid-country and from the west (Europe side) to the east (Asian side). The temperature fluctuates between the extremes of -65 C in the winters and +40C in the summers. The wind is an important factor to look at in this case as well, because Russia possesses areas with all degrees (categorized as Low, medium and high) of wind power. The climate differences is thus of great importance regarding Vestas product differentiation. Moving focus to the more economic orientated difference in market conditions is the gross domestic product per capita (PPP). Russias GDP per capita is low compared to Denmarks. According to the be done by International Monetary Fond, Russia ranks 51 in contrast to Denmarks ranking as 17th . This means that Russian consumers, including the government and large enterprises, have less purchasing power compared to the Danish consumers. Little purchasing power could be an obstacle for Vestas. If consumers dont have much gold to spend, they would most likely not have the mental sur nonnegative to estimate of the environmental dimension by burning fossil fuels.If generating electricity the cheapest and easiest means exploiting fossil fuels, this is what they will do. However higher purchasing power (higher GDP per capita) results in the means to be able to prioritize such things as future global environment. Looking at the energy produced in Russia, over 60% of the electricity generated is based on gas- and coal power whereas less than 1% of the electricity generated is based on renewable energy production . In contrast stands Denmark, where wind power alone in 2008 generated 18,9% of the Danish electricity demand .The maturement in GDP per capita in Russia was before the economic crisis, around 7-8% . This is promising for Vestas as a continuous high growth in GDP per capita means a more developed economy, higher purchasing power and therefore increased interest in products like the ones Vestas offers. The fourth difference I have chosen to outline is the high level of corruption in Russia. Russia ranks number 146, whereas Denmark ranks number 2 (1 being the less corrupt) in the Corruption Perceptions Index (2009) made by Transparency International.Vestas has no power to end corruption by itself, so instead it should focus on how to deal with it in business situations. Adjustments in marketing mix The four Ps I will use E. Jerome McCarthys principle of the four Ps Place, Product, bell and Promotion to analyze the needed adjustments for Vestas marketing mix. The four differences (infr astructure, climate, energy production and level of corruption) described in the previous section are all differences that affect these adjustments. The p concerning the place (distribution) deals with how to get the product to the consumer.It would be obvious to discuss adjustments to retail concentration, channel length, channel exclusivity and channel quality, but selling Vestas products is not like selling jeans or other regular consumer goods. There is no distribution channel, or at least it is very short, because Vestas sells nowadays to the customer, being government or large enterprises. However the undeveloped infrastructure, as outlined as a big difference between the Danish market conditions and the Russian market conditions, is of great importance for Vestas delivery to its customers.Vestas products require stable roads (due to heavy weight and size) and connections to the best set-up areas. The infrastructure is best around Moscow and St. Petersburg, due to big busines s, but this is not unavoidably the best location for Vestas production. As mentioned before the best set-up areas are the vast steppes along the Volga River, the Caucasus Mountains and locations in Siberia. In Denmark Vestas can easily get around to all parts of the country, but Russias huge distances and the uneven terrain in many areas do acquire adjustments.Vestas carefully have to reconsider where to place the facilities of production to minimize transportation costs, and not to forget, maximize availability. This might require compromises in form of set-ups in optimal and less optimal wind areas. To do this Vestas has to deliver wind turbines that also are able to exploit the low winds and Vestas thus has to adjust its products to the Russian climate conditions. Other adjustments are necessary for the turbines to manage the before mentioned freezing winters with temperatures down to -65 C and the heatable summers with temperatures up to +40C.The turbines should be able to fun ction all year round to be attractive to customers. Vestas has to differentiate the turbines to match these standards compared to the standards in Denmark, where weather condition conditions dont differ as much. In other words, Vestas product differentiation is necessary to encounter cart for local anaesthetic responsiveness and thus reach its customers. The customer member that Vestas tries to reach is a narrow segment consisting of the government and maybe a few other large enterprises, which would be interested in promoting a green profile.The government and the large businesses would, as most customers, be concerned about price. To match Russias rank regarding the low GDP per capita, Vestas would have to make an adjustment in form of lower prices. Price is however not the main focus for Vestas . gauge and safety is their top priority, but of course they would be able to take advantage of the lower labor costs in Russia and thus lower the overall production costs. Vestas co uld however use strategic pricing in form of experience curve pricing to gain market share and relations to the large customers before competitors emerge.This could be rewarding because of the promising growth in Russias GDP per capita, which presents better future market conditions for Vestas products. Vestas should at the same time stress that setting up windmills is an investment that might require lots of capital as a starting point, but in the long-term perspective it would be worth it. Today Russia is self-sufficient in terms of energy . However the supply of fossil fuels is decrease and the demand for it is increasing. Investing in wind power would be a possible way for Russia to stay self-sufficient in the future.Left remains the question of how to communicate all this to Vestas customers? When choosing a promotion strategy Vestas has to adjust its plan of attack to the above described high level of corruption. One way of doing this is by having the near connections knowin g the right people. As previous mentioned I would conjure Vestas to pursue an entry mode of a joint venture and thereby gain the advantage of local relationships, which could help Vestas to get around the bureaucracy. On the other hand it is of paramount importance that Vestas stay clean.If Vestas in any way gets associated with any form for corruption, it will have horrific consequences not only for the domestic market, but also for the global market that Vestas operates in. In accordance to the entry mode I would suggest Vestas to make out a advertise strategy. It would be a waste of resources to communicate through mass media to vast private consumer segments, to which Vestas products have no interest. Vestas communication should be directly orientated at the small customer segment, previous outlined.Personal selling, exploiting the local partners ability to speak the local language, perhaps support by additional informative products to be handed out and an enlightening webp age is the best way for Vestas to reach its potential customers. Vestas internationalization strategy In the last part of this paper I will sum up and describe the best internationalization strategy for Vestas when entering the Russian market. passim the paper I have concluded that now is a good time for Vestas to enter the Russian market, because of prospects for government interest and support and no real competitors settled in the market yet.Hence Vestas has an opportunity for a first-mover advantage, but only if they enter the market on a large scale. first appearance on a large scale is associated with greater risks and costs, but taken the growth in GDP per capita and the decreasing amount of fossil fuels into considerations, it is most likely that Vestas in the long-term perspective will secure bulky gains from having established the contacts and its own brand in an early phase.I have already argued that I find a joint venture the most appropriate form of entry mode for Ve stas. Forming a joint venture with the right partner, a partner that has agreed to Vestas way of doing business e. g. no corruption, is the best way to remain in control, but still benefit from local knowledge, which is of great value because of the different market conditions compared to Denmark. Due to these different market conditions, Vestas also has to adjust its marketing mix.The most important adjustments would be second thought of production locations concerning infrastructure impediments, product differentiation and the use of a push communication strategy with help from the chosen partners local advantages. There is no doubt about the difficulties a global actor faces. A company like Vestas carefully needs to consider every aspect of a business opportunity to prepare for an expansion into a new market.Vestas operates all over the world where it has to respond to pressures for local responsiveness and pressures for cost reductions. There is a pressure for local responsivene ss in Russia due to the geography and the political system. The question is, if this pressure is low or high? I would categorize it as being in between. The pressure is not low since the expansion requires considerable adjustments in the marketing mix, but the pressure is on the other hand neither as high as pressure for local responsiveness for e. g. lothes or cars. Concerning the pressure for cost reduction it is necessary to take a look at Vestas competitors in the Russian market. At the time being, there are not many, but as mentioned before Siemens is planning on moving in. In addition to this, many Asian competitors have emerged in China as well and might constitute future competition. I would therefore check out that pressure for cost reduction in Russia at the time being is low, but in the near future this pressure will unimpeachably increase due to the above explained.Vestas could enter with a location strategy or an international strategy, in accordance to the low pressu re for local responsiveness, but if the company wants to prepare itself to face upcoming aggressive competitors it might be strategic wise to enter with a transnational strategy already at this point. Pursuing such strategy will as well benefit the information flow between Vestas subsidiaries and between the subsidiaries and the home country, which is necessary for sharing one of Vestas core competences know-how.If Vestas not only is able to take advantage of the outlined possibilities but at the same time adjust and respond to the described impediments, it has great opportunities to grasp large get and at the same time remain competitive in perspective of the Russian market as well as the global market. References The paper is based on classes in International Business Environment plus the beneath listed Book Hill Charles WL, International Business Competing in the orbicular Marketplace, 8th edition