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Analysis of Photo of the Civil Rights Movement :: Photography

The civil rights movement in the 1960s was a very powerful time period in this country. Birmingham, Alabama was in the heart of the struggle for equal rights. African Americans proclaimed and fought for what they believed in through peaceful and violent protests. In this picture the struggle is shown on how baffling it was for African Americans to gain equal rights. The photo was taken in the midst of a protest which adds dramatic effect, the people in the photo show discommode and the people not pictured make them a anonymous foe and the lack of colors in the picture helps send a powerful message. As I look at this picture I feel bad for the hard times that these people had to endure. It makes me upset with the way this country treated African Americans They are fighting for something they believe in and will stop at nothing to earn what they deserve. It shows the powerful message of the movement, which was to gain equal rights and prove that they are equal citizens. T he message is to show how these people fought for their cause. The photo does show that they were willing to fight for their rights by capturing the peoples pain in their faces. The photo shows the tendency and drive to gain equal rights. I see people running away from water be shot at by hoses to stop the protest for these rights. The water represents the sacrifice for the pain they must endure in order to get what they want. The way the photo was taken only showing the people being abused adds hardship. It does not show the policemen who are spraying the hoses, which makes them seem even more evil and more like the bad guys. This gives the effect of a faceless foe and adds to the drama of the picture. This image shows that the protesters were willing to endure pain to get what they desired and deserved. The people in the background wanting to give up and go home, stay and show that they support their cause and are willing to fight for what they believe in. The man holdi ng the woman shows the power and pain endured during the protest. They show that they are determined to get what they believe but also are being unfairly harassed.

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Quen Elizabeth I :: essays research papers

Queen Elizabeth I index enthalpy VIII was married to Catherine of Aragon when the young girl Anne Boleyn caught his eye. Henry believed himself in love with the young Anne and was determined to end his marriage with the older Catherine. force Henry wanted an annulment from Catherine, yet to obtain one meant having the popes approval. Catherine had a powerful connection to opusy such as the great emperor Charles V, the Pope would not offend such a man and denied King Henry his annulment to his Queen Catherine. King Henry discreetly engaged n an affair with the young Anne Boleyn.King Henry and his advisors established their own church breaking away from th Catholic Church and formed the Church of England. King Henry now had full ecclesiastical power everywhere England known as reformation. With king Henrys new power over the church he would now obtain his anullument from Catherine of Aragon. 1In Januaray of 1533 King Henry married his pregnant Anne, who was belived to be carrinyin g the male heir to the throne. Both Henry and Anne believed with their whole heart that the child she was expecting was a boy, and had every reason to as the philosophers and astronomers assured the jubilant king Scruton 2that this time he would have a son. (Thomas, par. 4) To the disappointment of the King, Queen and her supporters Anne gave birth to a girl, Elizabeth Tudor. Elizabeths birth was one of the most exciting political events in 16th century European history rarely had so much turmoil occurred on behalf of a mere infant. (Englishhistory) 4 Elizabeths birth was greeted with little celebration, however three days later she had a grand Christening a Greenwich Palace. Henry, beside himself with disappointment, did not attend the christening. 2King Henrys attitude towards his young wife changed aftr the birth of his Princess and he openly show his tiredness towards his Queen. His only heir was a young girl, and this was considered undesirable to have a woman ruler. France ev en had laws to prevent such an occurrence. Anne tried to have a son yet failed to do so miscarrying and then heavy(a) birth to a premature dead baby boy. Some have said that she lost her savior 1As Anne had her second mishap Catherine of Aragon died difference Henry wanted yet another wife in the hope of producing a male heir. Anne was charge with adultery, witchcraft, and incest in which the jury found her guilty and was sentenced to finale by beheadment.

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Variety of Love Relationships in Shakespeares As You Like It Essay

The Variety of Love Relationships in Shakespeares As You similar It One of the main concerns of man throughout the centuries has probably been to delimitate the concept of hit the sack and to understand the complexities that g all overn hunch forward relationships among people. William Shakespeare seems to have been fully aware of the need and interest in get laid, since his work transcends time and place. Love is the primeval concern in As You standardised It. This comedy presents divergent attitudes towards love, which whitethorn be derived from the conversations among its characters and from the romantic attachments portrayed in it. By comparing the different love relations in the play, one may further appreciate important facts about the concept of love. Moreover, love is also depicted as the force that rules over all kinds of human ties other than the romantic ones, namely familial bonds and friendship. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the concept of lo ve portrayed in As You Like It, and to explore the different varieties of love relationships among its characters. A reading of As You Like It may lead us to an understanding of the concept of love as embodying different ideas, which might be observed through the characters of the play. These ideas, loves wealth, loves truth, and loves order, are expressed in the characters perceptions of love and in the way they relate to one another. One of the interpretations attributed to the concept of love in this comedy, and often portrayed in Shakespeares plays, is that of love as a kind of richness, as a commercial enterprise in which men and women trade. down the stairs this light, the bond beaten lovers gains a mercantilistic value and may thus be regarded as a kind of contract... ...portrayed in Shakespeares As You Like It, and to examine the love relationships in it. Through a careful observation of the characters perceptions about love, and of the way they engage in love relations hips, we may conclude that the concept of love may be attributed different meanings, depending on individual and personal beliefs. Our conclusion may be derived from the various types of comic relations familial, sexual, romantic, and friendship. Works Cited and ConsultedHoward, Jean E., Intoduction to As You Like It. The Norton Shakespeare Ed. Stephen Greenblatt, New York W. W. Norton & Company, 1997.Shakespeare, William. As You Like It. The Norton Shakespeare. Ed. Stephen Greenblatt. New York W.W. Norton Company, 1997. Sparknotes. As You Like It, by William Shakespeare. 8 Nov. 2004 http//

Complex Causality: Climate Change Essay -- multidisciplinary perspecti

Complex events are incidents that challenge pre-existing ideas with not meeting standard expectations or solutions. Equally, delinquent to their complex nature they should be able to be analysed from a multicorrective perspective. A multidisciplinary perspective is the drawing together of methodologies from different social science disciplines (such as economic science, outside(a) relations, history and political science) to analyse an event and consequently reach a single conclusion. Overall, the use of a multidisciplinary perspective (in comparison to a singular disciplinary perspective) will provide the fullest and most accurate analysis of complex events, however this can create a trade off with the complexity and time interpreted to reach a conclusion. Firstly, this advantage will be argued through implying complex events have complex causality that can only truly be seen through a multidisciplinary perspective. Secondly, it can be seen that all social sciences lie on a spe ctrum with lots of overlap and interdependence between disciplines, and therefore it is an intrinsic bluster of the social sciences to view complex events through a multidisciplinary perspective. Finally, it can also be seen that each discipline has respective areas of strength as well as areas of weakness and consequently a multidisciplinary approach allows for the most accurate and broadest analysis of a respective event. This can be shown through examples of complex events such as the current problem posed by Climate Change and the unforeseen end to the Cold War in 1991. However, it is important to keep in perspicacity that while there may be many advantages of using a multidisciplinary perspective to analysis, the ultimate purpose of this analysis is to lead to a fina... ...AEBB275/1989%20for%20posting.pdfGaskel, G. (2014) Thinking analogous a social scientist Why methodology matters LSE100 Lecture Capture retrieved 26th March 2014 http//, M. (1993) S oviet Economic Growth Since 1928 The Alternative Statistics of G. T. Khanin from Europe-Asia Studies Retrieved 26th March 2014 http//, M. (2013) Global Climate Change in The Handbook of Global Climate and Environmental PolicyMemorandum of the Soviet Ministry of conflicting Affairs (1989) Excerpt from The Political Processes in the European Socialist Countries and the Proposals for Our Practical Steps Considering the Situation Which Has Arisin in Them. (Cold War International Project)Sandler, T. (2004) Global Collective Action. Cambridge, UK Cambridge University implore

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Service Providing Robots :: Robotics

Many classs ago, service-providing robots have been considered no more asfictitious thoughts made by deranged scientists and professors. In recent twelvemonths, peoplehave seen it become a reality. Within the past few years, many robotic products havecome out that provide services for humans. subscribe to for these products have increaseddramatically since then. One such robot is the Roomba, by iRobot. One author stated,Uh oh. Somebodys going to have to pillage this up, I thought, looking down at thesausage and hamburger bits all over the carpetAs I went to eviscerate the vacuum cleaner, Iwondered if it was time to get a personal robot. He isnt alone, stating that more than1.5 million domestic cleaning robots have been sold by iRobot alone. They make fourdifferent models that clean all types of surfaces. Due to this sudden increase in sales,other companies have produced other robot types. A few examples are the ZucchettiOrazio floor cleaner, the Karcher RC3000 Robocleaner, and t he Electrolux EL520ATrilobite. Although demand has not caught up to the new boom in the industry, thecompanies will welcome consumers with open arms when they decide to make the switchalso. (Toplikar)Another article, released in 2003, states that in the starting six months of that year,there was a twenty-six percent increase in demand for domestic and industrious robots forhouseholds and factories. Between January and June of 2003, 80,000 new robots weresold in europium alone, claims the UN Economic Commission for Europe and theInternational Federation of Robotics, despite the twelve percent drop in the roboticsmarket the previous year. Sales in uniting America increased an amazing thirty-fivepercent a true economical boom. Industry still uses the volume of robots inmanufacturing, although domestic units continue to grow. The majority of robots are inJapan, yet sales and use of robots in the United States will likely rise up as well. In 2002,new units, such as the automated lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners, rose from 20,000 to33,000 units in a single year. (Clark)A third article talks about the disappointment in the year 2001, when SonysAibo, a limited robotic dog came out, and how robots are going to improve in the years tocome. In a talk with the creator of RoboSapiens, Mark Tilden, he explains the realisticfuture of robots. Robots are going to match their function, such as for entertainment,cleaning, and intelligent service. Robots already are becoming exactly what he said. Inthe year 2010, it is predicted that there will be 55.5 million robots, with a market of $75

Service Providing Robots :: Robotics

Many years ago, service-providing robots view been considered no more asfictitious thoughts made by deranged scientists and professors. In recent years, peoplehave seen it become a reality. Within the past few years, many robotic products havecome out that provide services for humans. Demand for these products have increaseddramatically since then. One such robot is the Roomba, by iRobot. One author stated,Uh oh. soulfulnesss going to have to clean this up, I thought, looking down at thesausage and hamburger bits all over the carpetAs I went to get the vacuum cleaner, Iwondered if it was time to get a personal robot. He isnt alone, stating that more than1.5 million domestic cleaning robots have been exchange by iRobot alone. They consider fourdifferent models that clean all types of surfaces. Due to this sudden increase in sales,other companies have produced other robot types. A few examples be the ZucchettiOrazio floor cleaner, the Karcher RC3000 Robocleaner, and the Electrolux EL520ATrilobite. Although demand has not caught up to the new boom in the industry, thecompanies will welcome consumers with open arms when they decide to make the switchalso. (Toplikar)Another denomination, released in 2003, states that in the first six months of that year,there was a twenty-six percent increase in demand for domestic and mobile robots forhouseholds and factories. Between January and June of 2003, 80,000 new robots weresold in Europe alone, claims the UN Economic Commission for Europe and theInternational Federation of Robotics, despite the twelve percent drop in the roboticsmarket the previous year. Sales in North America increased an amazing thirty-fivepercent a true economical boom. Industry dummy up uses the majority of robots inmanufacturing, although domestic units continue to grow. The majority of robots are inJapan, yet sales and use of robots in the United States will likely sharpen up as well. In 2002,new units, such as the automated lawnmowers and v acuum cleaners, rose from 20,000 to33,000 units in a single year. (Clark)A third article talks about the disappointment in the year 2001, when SonysAibo, a limited robotic dog came out, and how robots are going to improve in the years tocome. In a talk with the creator of RoboSapiens, Mark Tilden, he explains the realisticfuture of robots. Robots are going to match their function, such as for entertainment,cleaning, and intelligent service. Robots already are becoming exactly what he said. Inthe year 2010, it is predicted that there will be 55.5 million robots, with a market of $75

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Eoct Em2

Admin AEL-list tools repair locker APL-equipment fixed to the hull/vessel Mica * (management datarmation kind allowances) tailored to a specific individual building block or unit class * Parts of mica 1. voice a- equipment nomenclature sequence- list of apl/ael-sorted by equipment 2. Section b- hsc description sequence- list of apl/ael-sorted by structure coed 3. Section c- hsc code sequence- list of apl/ael-sorted by HSC 4. Section d-apl/ael number sequence- list of apl/ael-sorted by apl/ael number FED log * Made up in both files . Interactive query coast guard only uses this one used as datarmation re reference work 2. flowerpot file * Wild card is the ability to search characters or numbers * Data view bar provides quick links to different screens in federal official log * Icon (magnifingglass)Characteristics data response- provides description information * Icon (man) Management Data response- provides the service/agency CMPLUS * Supports unit communicate mission * Take somatic from chronicle you must do an initial request * Inventory * Initial requests * Initial requests * Orders Receipts * Suppliers allowances * Group inventory OPFAC- identifies each Coast Guard unit Surflog * Fill out a surlog 1. Department coed 2. Opfac 3. Cog code 4. Stock number 5. Unit of issue 6. Nomenclature andsupplier 7. Quanitity needed 8. Cost * federal supply placement * keep track of how much money you have expended * identify what is ordered and what has been recived * if you are copying information from old surg log confirm info in fedlog. Procurement request- form dot f 4200. 1. 2 cg- commercial suppliers MPC- PMS detail instruction card E. A-M-3356(A=auxiliary M=monthly 3356= denomination number) M-main propulsion machinery A-auxiliary E- galvanising R-damage control NEM- m9000. 6 ELC website -submit a change Engineering dept shall maintain single tag-out log Tag out- comdtinst 9077. 1 * Check and studys once both two weeks by cognizant dept * Tag numbers shall start over OCT 1 * Size of the vessel determines the number of tag-out logs required * Replacing a missing tag- coterminous sequential number on tag out sheet * Check correctly installed visual compare- tag out record sheet and tag audit Recommend change in PMS procedures must In written form * Given to the PSM coordinator FPD( financial and procurement) provides acquisitions and accounting First quarter- is oct-dec Take material from inventory you must do an initial request TACHOMETER Tachometer- is an instrument that generates, transmits, and indicates info that is converted into a measurement of rotation speed Verify reading against info found on nameplate data 4 references of Tachometer 1. Chronometric Tachometer, accessible shaft, press and release start button, displays after 5sec 2.Centrifugal tachometer, continuous reading of rpms on accessible shaft 3. Resonant tachometer, vibrating, when shaft is not accessible 4. Photo-electric tachometer, battery operated, non-c ontact(place reflective tape on shaft Calibration done- 12 to 18 months, sticker has last calibration and due date Frequency = number of rungs in a pre narrow time F (Hertz) = number of magnetic poles X rpm/120 Rpm=120 X f/ no of poles Transducers Pressures Transducers- convert bosom into an electrical output signal that is proportionate to the enter pressure.Always take hold permission prior to troubleshooting, isolate from the pressurized system Replace with same type or a spicyer grade King nutronics- 2250 psi Uses 4-20ma so it propel longer distances Dont zero and span to compensate reading Easily manipulated Prone to interference Troubleshooting- verify transducer is the problem Resistance Temp sensing instalment RTD (resistance temporary detector) temp sensor whose electrical resistance changes linearly with change in temp RTD is connected to wheatherstone bridge Two elements with separate temp suppose 1.Nickel -40 to 1000 degree for all configurations 2. Platinum -40 to 1000 degree for thermowell, bare bulb and embedded configuration Two wire sensing element red and white * needs compensation move Three wire sensing elements 2whites and red* no need compensation Three types of RTD configurations 1. 5sec. embedded( oil use up temp in machinery bearing) 2. 8sec. Thermowell ( high pressure) 3. 15sec. Bare Bulb directly immersed in high pressure gas Thermocouple Thermocouple is device to measure temp as temp changes a electrical potential in MV is generated Used in pyrometerAir temp change in a cutting junction will cause erroneous reading Cleaning approved solvent, checking loose or dirty connection, calibrations UAW tech manual by manufactures Two conglomerate metals that is referred as HOT JUNCTION(thermocouple sensor) Two dissimilar metals become similar is Cold junction (reference junction) Two type of therocouples 1. Type K, chromel(+yellow) Alumel (-Red) 2. Type J, Iron (+white) constantan (-Red) selsyn Two types of damping methods 1 . Electrical 2. MechanicalHighest value of effective electromotive force induced in one stator coil is 52v Rapid and accurate transmission electromagnetic induction Two general classifications 1. Troque -moves light loads like dials 2. Control -heavy loads gun directors Two common synchro rotors or windings 1. Salient pole rotor 2. Drum or wound rotor Synchro resembles small electrical motor operates like a variable transformer NEVER connect 400hz synchro to 60hz voltage Operating voltage and frequency is mark on name plate Military standard and navy prestandard synchros- one hundred fifteen vac or 26vac Load dictates the type of synchro and systemBy reversing s1 and s3 both synchro motors turn the same amount, in opposite directions Change S2 causes 120 degree error it reverses the direction palpitation and spinning of the pointer 1. Stator winding are shorted 2. Defective damper Reversal R1 and R2 180 degree error rotation remains the same Damping circuit prevents gear train oscillations or spinning Common zeroing methods 1. AC Voltmeter method( most accurate) 2. Electrical-lock( fastest) Rotor gets voltage by original winding excitation Stator gets voltage from the Rotor by magnetic coupling GYRO Heading, roll and pitchTransmits info to weapons control, sonar radar, depth control, dead reckoning Gyrocompass has two basic properties 1. rigidity in space(rigid, no force) 2. Precession(right angle, applied force) MK27 1. Consists of master compass, electronic control unit and king converter 2. Seeks true north 3. ECU-operating control-servo Amplifier-alarm Circuitry-power supply-latitude control circuitry 4. S-1 switches- Slew, Start, Run- manual or political machine 5. E- core pickoff- generates signal from proportional to gyro from null 6. J3 test points- master compass 7.Full wave bridge rectifier rectifies AC to DC 8. Choke input filter-creates smooth DC voltage Anemomter Wind direction(HD) and speed(HE) indicator relative to ships heading and spe ed Wind speed indicator- visual indication of wind speed and direction(single variant 115vac) Voltmeter is used with anemometer Wind speed indicator(HE) transmits signal voltmeter(magneto) Capacitor prevents RF interference or reduces stator topicals Set emits RF interference defective capacitance at rear, replace for magneto Remove 2300 ohm resistor from both sides when using to indicators SalinityFresh piddle contaminated excess of 0. 25 grains of sea brininess per gallon alarm will go off (audio&visual) After the solenoid is de-energized it must be manually reset Dumper valve solenoid de-energized when impurities reach alarm proportions diverting water overboard Cell test resistor- small portable unit with contact fingers System test & cell inspection- monthly Inspection- bi-monthly Thermistor- temp sensitive resistor which limits current flow across the gap between the plates Salinity Module test/ foundation- 23 vac across tp1- tp2 gaps shorted cell/wiring ciruit VLA) Visu al Landing Aids Helo deckarea marker- Lighting-Approach help Wave off lights- cue to pilot landing is unacceptable Wave-off light will not extinguish when wave-off switch is secured command is world sent from remote panel Homing beacon -white lamp-main mast-flashes 90x per min Lamp circuit- wired step down transformer(115/32 volts) to variable dimming circuit Line-up- lights-20 lights-white and flash in sequence- uni or bi-directional VLA power requirements lighting system 120v/60hz WIPERWindow wipers- DC voltage, taking 115vac single-phase using full-wave bridge rectifier Oil to external oil cup lubs the brushes Replace every 3000 hours or two times a year Life span is one year Drive mechanism- converts the rotation of the motor to go back and forrad Pendulum window wiper-wiper switch to park (to place wiper out of view) Steering To determine rudder rate a HARD-OVER- TO HARD OVER command is given enchantment ship is moving in max speed. Overtravel-is a steering position on rudd er beyond the order angle and remains at that position Overshoot- few degrees beyond the older angle but returns to the order angleThree modes of operation of steering system 1. Follow up 2. Auto pilot 3. Non win up Four components 1. Hydraulic system-hydraulic power units and rudder actuators 2. Emergency equipment 3. Rudder position feedback system 4. Steering controls Control circuit- generates an electrical signal to move the rudder Hydroulic power unit(HPU) ports hydraulic runny to the actuator Actuator turns hydraulic power into mechanical motion Steering force of water acting on the rudder Solenoid valve- controls hydraulic fluid to the actuators- to move rudderUses hydraulics to control rudder because of the high torque to-weight ratio Maximum error allowed on rudder angle is + or -2 Battery Normal temp-80f degrees Initial a low-rate charge given to a new-fashioned battery Normal Routine charge IAW nameplate data Emergency a fast or boost charge Equalizing extended normal charge given at a specific gravity Floating voltage maintained within the limits of 2. 13 to 2. 17 volts per cell Polarization index test Determines condition of windings through a chart Brushes * Never mix brushes-rapid brushes wear could happen when mismatched * Replace if worn 1/8 inch Seat brushes in brush holder with 80grit sandpaper * Brush holders are the same distance from the commucator- no more then 1/8 no less than 1/16 unless said by manufacturer Air Gaps * distance thousands of inch between stator and rotor * measured with machinist tapered feeler eager * reading within 10% Bearings * never use a naked flame to heat a shaft bearing or housing * two methods to remove bearings 1. arbor press 2. puller method * three method to install bearing 1. arbor press 2. puller method 3. hammer with an appropriately size tube lubricated and sealed at the factory * antifriction bearings 1. radial 2. angular contact 3. thrust * heated in oven, furnace, or oil- at 203+/- 10degrees to lard the inner ring for assembly * hot confederation- operating temp * cold alignment-room temp * Alignment check are required under the following conditions a. Upon installation b. Base or foundation is repaired c. Any action done to bearings or motor d. When specified by PMS * Preferred inwardness shaft alignment is the indicator reverse method * Dial indicator shows . 04 or more movement and soft foot exists * Soft foot condition has not ameliorate after two corrections a bent foot exist * Four approved alignment methods 1. Rim and face 2. Indicator reverse 3. Close-couple pump 4. Straight edge/ feeler gauge POWER Breakers * AQB breaker for generator patchboards * ACB (air circuit ledgeman) commonly installed in cutter switchboards * NLB have no self-moving tripping device, it uses on/off switch * NQB have no automatic tripping device, it uses circuit isolation and manual transfer applications. Selective tripping of breakers is normally accomplished with a short time-dela y feature * No authorized changes should be made to trip settings on a breaker * Purpose of switchboard circuit breakers are 1. Circuit protection 2. Circuit isolation 3. The normal switching operation of an electrical circuit For funds or silver alloys contacts maintenance 1. Fine file or sandpaper NO. 00 fine sandpaper is used to clean For copper contacts 2. Never use emery cloth drop-off contact forces may cause Overheating of the contact trips( loud humming or chattering is the warning)Power factor = kw/kva * Kva-apparent power * Kw-true power- the power in truth used (uses a wattmeter) Reverse power relay-reverse current rating setting 5% for 10seconds Voltage regulator senses output voltage To obtain 100% power factor circuit must be purely resistive Uninterruptible power supply (ups) protects system from low voltage brown outs Motor generator (MG) is electrical motor that turns a generator (supplies regulated type111 electrical power to system) Motor generator output-120v, three phase, 400hzINDICATOR LIGHTS * White mg power is available * stern generator circuit breaker is closed * Yellow mg is in use on the other circuit * Clear ground in the system/synchronizing * Red danger * Green normal Hysteresis loss, caused by friction develop between magnetic particles as they rotated though each cycle The primary windings of a current transformer should be connected in the line carrying the current to be measured One terminal of the secondary should be groundedlogarithmic negative temp coefficient- an increase in temp but decrease in resistance Positive temperature coefficient- an increase in temp and increase in resistance Negative temperature coefficient- an decrease in temp and decrease in resistance Only 450m 3phase 3 wire system ungrounded shore power source is acceptable for supplying electrical power. Darsonval effect- through coil-magnetic field-repel or retract from coil magnetism Selective tripping- time delay source breakers 2301= 4 to 9 terminal MK 27 GYRO COMPASS IS A DIRECT READING COMPASS.SEEKS AND CONTINUOUSLY INDICATES THE MERIDIAN OR TRUE NORTH TWO prefatory PARTS OF THE MASTER COMPASS IS THE BINNACLE AND THE BASE ELECTRICAL CONTROL UNIT (ECU) OF THE MK 27 HOUSES OPERATING CONTROLS, FOLLOW UP SERVO AMPLIFIER, ALARM CIRCUIT, POWER SUPPLY, AND parallel CONTROL WHAT CIRCUIT DESIGNATION FOR AN AIR FLOW ALARM HF COMPONENTS OF AN ALARM INDICATOR SYSTEM ARE SUPERVISORY CIRCUIT, ALARM CIRCUIT, ALARM DEVICES take up UNIT CONVERTS ROTARY MOTION OF THE DRIVE MOTOR INTO A BACK AND FORTH MOTION IN A WINDOW WIPING SYSTEM PENDULUM POWER REQ 115 VOLTS, SINGLE PHASE AC SYCNCHRO CAPSITORS MAINTAINS ACCURACY IN selsyn SYSTEMS.ALSO REDUCES STATOR flowingS M. I. C. A DESIGNATED TO A SPECIFIC UNIT FPD PROGRAM PROVIDES SIMPLIFIED achievement AND ACCOUNTING FUNCTIONS FOR LARGE UNITS OF THE COAST GUARD PRIMARY POWER FOR COAST GUARD 450 VOLT, terzetto PHASE, 60HZ SECONDARY POWER FOR COAST GUARD 120 VOLT, THREE PHASE, 60HZ, TWO WIRE GROU ND DETECTOR CANNOT DETECT GROUNDS THROUGH A TRANSFORMER POSITIVE TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT THE RESISTANCE INCREASES WITH TEMPERATURE WATER INSIDE TRANSDUCER IS FROM EITHER FROM strumIDIDTY OR limpid FROM THE SYSTEM LEAKING BY THE DIAPHRAGM ADVANTAGE FOR USING A 4-20MA SIGNAL IN A TRANSDUCERIT CAN BE TRANSMITTED WITH LITTLE TO NO flutter THREE LEAD RTD DOES NOT REQUIRE A COMPENSATION CIRCUIT REED SWITCH USED IN FLOODING ALARM SYSTEM BEARINGS DISASSEMBLING PRELIMINARIES forwards DISASSEMBLING, MATCH MARK ALL ADJACENT PARTS INCLUDING END BELLS, STATOR FEET, CARTRIDGE COVERS, END CAPS, AND COUPLING HALVES, SO THATTHEY ARE REMOUNTED IN THEIR EXACT victor POSITION DUMP VALVE MUST BE RESET MANUALLY FUNCTION OF THERMISTOR ON THE SALINITY cellular telephone A TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE RESISTOR WHICH LIMITS THE CURRENT FLOW ACROSS THE GP BETWEEN THE PLATES PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE FOR SALINITY SYSTEMMETER CHECK (DAILY), ALARM TRIP LEVELS (WEEKLY), SYSTEM TEST (MONTHLY), CELL INSPECTION (MONT HLY), CELL VALVE INSPECTION (YEARLY), SYSTEM INSPECTION (BI- MONTHLY) POWER REQ FOR ANEOMETER 115 VAC, 60 HZ Term First Both Sides TROUBLE SHOOTING SYNCHRO SYSTEMOVERLOAD INDICATOR LIGHTS, UNITS HUM AT ALL TX SETTINGS, ONE UNIT OVERHEATS, TR FOLLOWS SMOOTHLY BUT READS WRONG (ROTOR CIRCUIT OPEN OR SHORTED), OVERLOAD INDICATOR LIGHTS, UNITS HUM ON TWO OPPOSITE TX SETTINGS, BOTH UNITS GET WARM, TR TURNS SMOOTHLY IN ONE DIRECTION, THE REVERSES (STATOR CIRCUIT OPEN) preventive maintence comdtinst m9000. , scheduled mpc serial numbers are maiden component is system it belongs to and 2nd is the frequency adding oil to the external cup lubricates the bushings components of the steering system are steering controls, hydraulic system, rudder feedback system, emergency system primary mode for the steering system is hydraulic and electric Pressure senseing element converts gas or liquid energy into pschycal(mechnical) displacement Pressure snubber is a pressure transmitting device that restr icts the rate of fluid flowing to a pressure senseing instrument and as the result, the rate f pressure changes

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The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School

INTRODUCTIONOne L is the inaugural attempt at non fiction writing by Scott Turrow, an attorney by employment and a best selling novelist. Mr. He graduated from Harvard Law School and He has been a partner in the Chicago office of Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, a subject field practice of law firm, since 1986, Turrow has won multiple awards for his writings including the Heartland Prize in 2003 For Reversible Errors and the Robert F. Kennedy award in 2004 for Ultimate punishment. He is best kn have got for his second non false make The Ultimate Punishment in which he discusses the death penalty. He is currently a Member of Illinois Executive Ethics Commission. Turrows fictional work is widely popular and although he confines his writing only to the murder mystery genre his work is commendable. Turrows reasons for finding this genre the most engrossing are simple he says Only in the mystery novel are we delivered final and unquestionable solutions. The joke to me is that fictio n gives you a truth that naturalism cant deliver. (Scott Turrow, 2001)SUMMARYTurrow in his book One L gives an account of what a first year law assimilator goes through. Scott Turrow interprets the authenticity of the life of law students ubiquitously. He describes an array of situations beginning of course with the excitement of being accepted into an Ivy League school, Harvard Law the most prestigious law school in the country. Mr. Turrow tended to(p) law school in the 70s unless he manages to narrate his story in a manner that seems enduring enough to oblige a reader captivated all through the book he becomes a tad dramatic at times giving details most anything one might experience in the first year of law college from the unusual kinds of students to the remarkable teachers, the stress the pressure even some horrific accounts astir(predicate) the way students are treated by the professors.It is common knowledge that Teachers in most law schools use the Socratic method o f teaching which apparently comes as a surprise to Turrow The first year law students have to study the law of contracts, torts and criminal law. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the mornings we have Contracts . . . Im nearly sick to my stomach. . . . I cant believe it, but I think about that class and I get ill, writes turrow. As a common practice in colleges Turrow write about his study group.He withal has ideas for improving the system and the overall experience of the first year law students. He suggests brief writing, research, courtroom technique, document drafting, negotiation, client counseling, and the paramount business of gathering the facts. Mr. Turows study of the other students also appears rather outward and small-minded. The students are basically stereotyped into the achievers, the complainers clevers, but who, in reality, are no more intellectual than a kindergartener with a crayon and the professors who harass the students. He mentions nothing about the types of que ries one comes across in a law school.He attended law school while he was married and his marital life added to the dilemmas of law school but what Mr. Turrow never mentions is that the add up first year law student is not married his problems can not be compared to an average law student which eradicates the validity of the book as a true experience of an average student in addition to all these factors the fact that the seventies experience can not be compared to a present day experience should also be taken into accountAnother factor which is different in the present times compared to the time Turrow attended law school is the admissions procedure students think to go to law school nowadays have the option of taking an editing test which means a lot of studying before the veridical admissions meanwhile in the seventies students got admissions on the basis of their grades only Scotts work though comprehensive and interesting at times is nothing extraordinary overmuch better bo oks about first year experience as a law student have been written his style is true to his attorney ego and drags the story along in mostly a negative tone giving the readers every horrific account possible with great insight into his own emotions and at times it almost sounds like hes suggesting people should stop going to law schools just because the first year is tough. Mr. Turrow forgets to mention that for every student starting college being nervous is a natural thing and the first year of college anywhere is just as tough as the first year of law school. Also an Ivy League school can not be compared to other schools.CONCLUSIONTurrows story is completely inborn without any comprehensive insight into the facts of the situation and at times dramatic to the point of being annoying and pretentious, reading a book about another(prenominal) persons life experience should open up a new world for the reader instead of imposing the authors ideas. mayhap it never occurred to Mr. Turr ow that a school like Harvard would not change its 200 years old methods of teaching just because the first year students didnt get a warm enough welcome at the school. Although Scott makes an honest effort to convey in the best possible way all his experiences he fails at achieving his goal. Its an good enough book for students planning to go to law college but people with no interest in attending a law college would find this book over rated.WORKS CITED1. Amazon inc (2006) book Review of One L The Turbulent True Story of a First course of study at Harvard Law School. Retrieved on 12th October 2006 fromhttp// Scott Turrow (2006) biography of Scott Turrow. Retrieved on 12th October 2006 from

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Health Psychology Essay

Health psychology concerns itself with understanding sort, biology and social context and their influences on disorder and wellness. Health psychologists work with professionals in clinical atomic number 18as and to a fault conduct research as well as teach in universities. Health psychology aims at changing the health behavior of individuals to help them maintain optimum health and assist patients in adhering to treatment regimens. Adherence to medical regimens and shorter hospitalizations be indicators of effective health services.Health psychologists use cognitive behavior therapy and analysis of applied behavior to achieve this. Discussion The duty sway is composed of activities that be aimed at improving the access of services to patients and besides to improve the overall healthc be of patients. In assignment of duties to the various health professionals some health psychologists allow for receive much than one duty on the list. This is because of some of the duties w hich argon closely related making it more reasonable for these duties to be carried out by one person.The list however has very many activities which if work load is considered makes it necessary to ache a fifth job title. The fifth job title would be a communication skills counselor. The duties provide then be allocated as follows, the kernel abuse counselor provide be responsible for coordinating the use of recovery programs and merged programs for bone marrow. He/she go out be working in conjunction with the social worker. The rationale behind this assignment is that the substance abuse counsellor is the person around appropriate for dealing with substance abusers in assisting them to get rehabilitated.The nature of substance abuse is such that it has social and psychological components to it so the collaboration between the substance abuse counsellor and the social worker is necessary. The patient load in substance abuse programs is high because of the intensive nature of behavioural smorgasbord programs that are used, therefrom the substance abuse counsellor will only have this duty assigned to them. The inpatient-only psychologist will be assigned to the duty of providing treatment for degenerative discommode. The psychologist will be performing this duty only.This will be because of the large number of patients who have chronic infliction. Managing these patients adequately means that the psychologist may not have enough time to attend to other duties. The boor psychologist has two duties assigned to them. These are providing psychological preparation methods for pip-squeakren prior to medical procedures and collaboration with local schools. These are two duties which are closely related. By being involved with local schools the psychologist will already be familiar to the infantren making it easier for them to get children to coope wander when in the hospital.The adult psychologist will have the duty of providing psychological prepara tion methods for the adults prior to medical procedures and surgery. The workload for this psychologist is expected to be high since most of the patients are adults, hence the adult psychologist will only have this duty. The fifth job is that of communications counsellor, who will be carrying out duties of utilizing various methods to facilitate adjustment and coping skills amongst the patients. This psychologist will also have the role of diagnosing stress disorders and providing aid in stress relief interventions.The rationale behind this assignment is that the two duties are also closely related. The effect of poor adjustment to a condition and inability is often stress (Broome, Llewelyn and Llewelyn, 1994). some(a)times the relationship is vice versa, with high stress levels causation poor adjustment to ones condition (Lyons and Chamberlain, 2006 ). The substance abuse counsellor will contribute to improved patient healthcare by supply of services geared towards behavior chang e that will enable the patient to be completely rehabilitated.The HBM (Health Behaviour Model) proposes that behavior change occurs when an individual perceives that the benefits of behavior change outweigh the costs or barriers that are associated with the behavior. (Friedman and Silver, ). The substance abuse counsellor will use such a model to predict the possibility of behavior change for the substance abuser. The usefulness of the HBM has been seen in its predictive value of whether individuals will adopt behavior such as safe-sex practices, breast self-examination and exercise (Friedman and Silver, ).The substance abuse counsellor will use cognitive behavioral therapy to educate substance abusers about the need to steer clear of do mediciness. Those with alcohol and other drug addiction problems will be helped to identify problems and behaviors that are related to their substance abuse. This will often be through with(p) in a group climb and occasionally on an individual ba sis (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008). Group settings are used mainly because many people feel encouraged by the feature that they are not alone in the addiction problem.Other activities that the substance counsellor will be involved in include assisting family members to cope with the addictions of their spouses, children or siblings. Since health psychology places emphasis on prevention of illness,the substance counsellor will have the responsibility of initiating, planning and conducting programs which are aimed at the prevention of addictions. This will help in the achievement of overall violate health since it is often easier to prevent a condition rather than to cure it. The rehabilitation process for drug addicts has been known to be a difficult with many of them falling off the wagon.Thus a lot of time and patience is required, making prevention the better option. The emphasis on prevention is aimed at reducing the number of patients who will need to use substance abus e programs and also at reducing the rate of relapse. This contributes to decreased stay at the hospital. The child psychologist has a role of helping children to respond to the physician in a positive and cooperative manner at the time when a procedure is being done. This will involves the use of methods that allay the fears and anxieties of the child, such as providing distractions.The counsellor will also explain to a child who is old enough to understand the nature of the procedure they will undergo and what to expect in language that they dope understand. The child counsellor will also have the responsibility of identifying cases of child abuse and other problems in the family that may hinder proper child development (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2006). In addition, it is the role of the child psychologist to educate the parent(s) or the guardian of the child on the developmental milestones of the child and to encourage parents to bring their children to hospital if any of th ese milestones are missed.At the local school, the child psychologist will continue to observe children for any behavioral, social and personal problems. This will contribute to improvement in child health as it will conduce in early detection of problems and therefore early management and possibly shorter stays in hospital. The adult psychologist will be preparing adults psychologically for medication by telling the adult patient what to expect. Before surgery, the adult psychologist will visit the adult patient and discover what fears they may have.The adult psychologist can allay this by explaining the changes that the patient may expect following surgery or after a medical procedure. The adult psychologist can also communicate the patients worries and fears to the physician, surgeon and other health professionals directly involved in patient care. This will control that the medical professionals allay these fears and are conscious of them as they earn care of the patient. Thi s contributes to better healthcare because a less anxious patient is more cooperative and the patient is more likely to have greater attachment to their medication regimen.Management of chronic pain is a role which will include activities like administration of the McGill Pain Questionnaire to patients. This tool assists in description and bar of pain (Marks, Murray, Evans et al, 2005). It provides a set of words describing pain from which the patient can choose from. These will assist the doctor to determine the intensity and depth of the pain that the patient feels. The McGill Pain Questionnaire makes diagnosis of pain easier and depending on the type diagnosed the appropriate medication can be prescribed, reducing the patients hospital stay. some other activity that the inpatient only psychologist will be involved in is confirming that a patient is safely using patient administered analgesia. This information can be elicited through conversations with the patient which will rev eal their use of the analgesics that they have. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)and biofeedback are other techniques of treating pain amongst inpatients. CBT involves the use of distraction and eternal rest techniques (Scott and Briere, 2006). The use of CBT where the patient is advised to note pain relieving and pain aggravating particularors also help in the management of pain.These are useful in managing pain and when the inpatient psychologist has taught these successfully to the patient then it becomes easier for the patient to handle the pain and stick to their medication. The overall effect of these is a shortened hospital stay. The communications counsellor will have a role in educating physicians on the importance of maintaining patient-centered consultations. These consultations as opposed to doctor-centered consultations make the patient to feel as though they are part of the treatment process.The doctor- centered consultation is perhaps preferred by the elderly but i s disliked by most people due to the palpate of ignorance that it seems to inspire. A patient-centered consultation focusses on the needs of the patients and allows the doctor to listen to the patient, involve the patient and finally make a diagnosis and choose treatment. Health psychologists believe that treatment that is arrived at like this has a higher chance of being adhered to (Marks et al, 2005). The communications counsellor will therefore make this known to the medical professionals to kick upstairs adherence to medication regimens.This is important as often the way a patient is handled by the medical professionals influences their adjustment to a condition they have especially when the condition is chronic. Adherence to medication is an indication that the patient is well adjusted and is coping well. Most patients who have suffered traumatic conditions or who have chronic conditions are predisposed to management of stress disorders. Development of a stress disorder in a ddition to their chronic condition makes their health even worse and increases their blockage of stay in hospital.The communications psychologist will identify these patients and plan for and implement interventions that will help to relieve their stress. Some of these interventions include CBT, which can be done individually or in a group. The communications psychologist may also introduce biofeedback. Biofeedback involves the measurement of the functions of a subject such as heart rate, downslope pressure, skin temperature and muscle tension as well as sweat gland activity (Scott and Briere, 2006 ). Often when a patient stress levels are increase these parameters tend to increase.When measured and an increase is found, the patients awareness is raised and the patient then can consciously begin to control the unconscious physiologic activities. Adherence to this practice can help patients avoid thoughts and feelings which increase their stress. The communication psychologist will also encourage the patients to verbalize their feelings of anxiety and stress and what they think are the sources of the stress. She/he will then explore with them the things that they can engage in to help take onward their stress. These include physical activities, board games, conversations with other patients.Some stress issues may be related to the family especially where a mother is sick. She may worry about the care of her household and children. To assist this mother, the communications psychologist may need to help the mother work out a plan for care of her household with other family members. Once the stressors have been identified and done away with the patient is more likely to heal faster and be more committed to their treatment regime. The role of the communications psychologist is very important in discover patients who may go into depression as a result of stress associated with their conditions. ConclusionSome of the jobs of the health psychologists may seem to o verlap. These include the jobs of the inpatient psychologist and the communications psychologist since both seem to be dealing with chronically ill patients. They also seem to have a similar objective in that they want to ensure that the patient adheres to their treatment regimen. There are similarities between both jobs, but the focus of the inpatient psychologist is the patient who requires pain management. Overlap is reduced by the fact that should the patient develop stress as a result of poor pain management then they can be referred to the communication psychologist.The communication psychologist will then go on to identify the stressor and put in place appropriate interventions. The overlap is not an entirely bad thing as it will result in some of the workload being shared among the psychologists since there is likelihood of patients being more in one psychologists speciality. The health psychologists expound above will all be working towards improving the care of their pati ents. Most of the interventions that they will put in place will lead to each decreased hospital stay or greater adherence to medication. This effectively results in improved health among the patients.

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National Social Issue: Drugs and substance

The problem of medicate and alcohol ab drill among youngsters has become a friendly and concern of national importance that merits closer attention and demands significant thrust and efforts by parents, teachers and g overnment. This problem of medicate and alcohol convolute plays especially severe implications in case of youngsters due to their greater vulnerability in becoming confirmed addicts of these substances ( Langfield, MacIntyre and Turner, 2006).Statistics from Office of national dose control policy point out that over half the students in USA over half the students in USA try out at least one illegal medicine forward passing out high school, and around two third of them catch at least drunk once (Fact Sheets). Its also reported that single-valued function of illicit drugs and alcohol among American youngsters is highest in the industrialized world (Haier, Maddi and Wadhwa, 1996).Caexercisings of substance abuseAdolescents turn towards drugs and alcohol due to a number of reasons that include hard put family background, history of substance abuse in the family, pressures from peers and friends, as a reflection of prevailing social trends and some times just for experimentation purpose (Prichard and Payne, 2005). Their peers or friends, public trends, and general acceptance of limited drug use that is considered social and normal initiate a large number of teenagers to substance abuse.Youngsters are therefore under great pressure to use drugs due to pressure from their immediate social interaction, and because drug use is seen as sign of growing up. In this regard, reports and surveys have strongly indicated that once youngsters understand the dangers associated with drug abuse, there is a significant reduction in drug abuse among them.Many youngsters turn to drug abuse feeling they are invincible before drugs and thereby get entrapped in the vicious circles of alcohol and drug addiction (Prichard and Payne, 2005). Generally youngsters are initiated in the drug cycle with a relatively less dangerous but highly addictive drug marijuana. Later on they are motivated to use to a greater extent dangerous and potentially life threatening drugs such as crack, cocaine, and heroine, making them completely depended on drug. Increasing instances of substance abuse also finds hand of organised drug mafia whose business depends on increasing the size of their spread by popularizing the concept that drug use is common and therefore acceptable (Cherry, Dillon and Rugh, 2002).. proceeding of centre AbuseDependence upon drugs abuse creates a whole set of medical, social, and psychological problems for the youngsters that adversely affect their normal development and growth path magic spell creating an equally traumatic experience for their parents and peers. The persistent use of drugs and alcohol cause depression, sense modalitys swings, sudden volatile behavior, seizures, lack in concentration, lack in coordinated quarrel and b ehavior, stupor and increased suicidal tendency in the adolescents (Prichard and Payne, 2005).Other problems related to drug and alcohol abuse are disrupted family life, self isolation and seclusion, disruption in functioning of central nervous system, and renal and hepatic failures (Haier, Maddi and Wadhwa, 1996). Heavy drug abuse leads to permanent damage to brain tissues, cause lasting depression, irritability, mood swings, inability to take decisions, reduction in cognitive and intellectual abilities, isolation from family and friends, increase in suicidal tendency, coma and even death.Remedy of substance useThe problems related to drugs and alcohols are systematic, long term and need consistent monitoring, support and treatment, something that is only possible in the family setup (Langfield, MacIntyre and Turner, 2006). Individual treatment is seldom powerful as its effects are short termed and in the absence of any preventive motivation and check adolescents tend to fall bac k to the use of drugs and alcohol. thence the problem requires a systematic, comprehensive and all out approach to attack its foundation. The government, in coordination of society needs to evolve policies and programs that prevent youngsters from being initiated into the drug use (Rivers and Shore,1997).An important step in this effort is to identify the youngsters who have already used/abused drug once and ensuring that they are not led to kick upstairs abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. In this regard, federal student drug testing program is a major initiative that aims to make students aware of their own drug abusing habits without exposing them or embarrassing them before their friends and family members (Rivers and Shore,1997).The mission should also aim to spread awareness against performance enhancement drugs in sports academies and sporting teams, as these drugs encourage students to take illegal drugs at later stages. This priority should also focus on making younger people aware of better health options, educating them on adept range of dangers associated with drug abuse, the permanent debilitating effect of drugs like cocaine, marijuana and heroine on their family relation, health, career and entire life (Haier, Maddi and Wadhwa, 1996).The program must aims at innovation a comprehensive media program to educate youngsters on all the aspects of drug abuse. It also includes the intention to induce help from families, schools, sports coaches, teachers and community leaders in to honor the message that drug use is extremely harmful, dangerous and leads to irreparable loss (Cherry, Dillon and Rugh, 2002).The substance abuses prevention policy should further aims to use public health al-Qaida to intervene in the initial period of drug abuse. An integrated aspect is to use medical institutions as a screening procedure and providing treatment to all(prenominal) one, whether they can afford institutional treatment or not. The program should also includes patients risk assessment by physicians to estimate their potential of drug abuse (Haier, Maddi and Wadhwa, 1996).The net priority in program should be concerned with attacking the well structured and deeply rooted drug trade by targeting foundation of drug business, such as agricultural production of many drugs, their transportation and distribution network, its organizational and hierarchical system and its transportation system (Cherry, Dillon and Rugh, 2002). This strategy promises impressive results with legitimate elimination of major drug cartels, elimination of cocaine trade and make significant progress in bringing down the size of organized drug market. In this regard United Sates is committed to closely interact with international community to share information and collectively act against the drug trade.ReferenceAndrew Cherry, Dillon, M.E, Rugh, D. 2002. Substance Abuse A Global View. Greenwood Press. Westport, CT.Haier, R.J. Maddi. S.R. Wadhwa. S.R. 1996. Relationship of Hardiness to Alcohol and Drug Use in Adolescents. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Volume 22. reveal 2.P.A. Langfield, M. MacIntyre and J.G. Turner. 2006. Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Abuse. 27.02.2007. http// J. and Payne J. 2005. Alcohol, Drugs and Crime A study of Juvenile in Detention. Australian Institute of Criminology. 27.02.2007. http// Clayton Rivers and Elsie R. Shore. 1997. Substance Abuse on Campus A Handbook for College and University Personnel.Greenwood Press.Westport, CT.

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The Problem of Evil through the eyes of Moral Theory

Deliberating on the problem of evil involves discussing its theodicy, the aim of which may be characterized in the celebrated writer John Miltons words as the attempt to justify the ways of god to men. That is, a theodicy endeavors to vindicate the justice or wellness of God in the face of the public of evil found in the manhood, through powerable explanation(s) of why God allows evil to exist among his creation (Griffin 1976). For it to qualify as reasonable, such explanation mustiness conform to (a) a commonsensical world view, e.g. there exists other people in the world (b) widely accepted scientific and historical views, e.g. Plate architectonics theory and the theory of evolution and (c) plausible moral principles, e.g. punishment in general needs to be significantly proportional to the offense committed (Griffin, 1976).For Richard Swinburne (1987, 143) in his contribution to theodicy, an all-powerful be can prevent any evil he chooses, but I deny that a perfectly grea t being exit always try to do so. That is, a perfectly good being such as a God who is claimed to be both omnipotent and omniscient, has the right to allow evil to occur as such action brings about some greater good.He expounds on several moral views, such as the most basic good of all the satisfaction of desire, and above all, pleasure, which he considers a good thing (Swinburne, 1987). However, for Swinburne (1987), the satisfaction of certain desires is not good if this is d hotshot for things which are bad in themselves, as pleasure no longer becomes good where the belief needed to sustain it is false.His reasoning follows that God has reason to bring forth into existence creatures with desires for good states of affairs which are satisfied, as desires in themselves are good, except when they are desires for what is bad. If God wants to make creatures sensitive to what is good He will allow them to give desires which are permanently frustrated.It follows that God will not giv e man endless pain, failure and loss in order to allow one to show proper compassion and grief, but he may well give us some pain, failure in order to allow us to be involved with each other in ways and levels we could not otherwise have (Swinburne, 1987, 145). Good action derives its excellence not merely from intention but from its effects. Conversely, an unsuccessful action aimed at something good is also good for the agent, which is better if done freely or not being fully caused. Thus, it is good for the agent to have free choice as an autonomous mini-creator (Swinburne 1987) not totally beholden to the mercy of forces in the universe.The choice of forwarding the good becomes a lot better if the agent has free choice between good and evil, and not merely between alternate goods. broad choice of action only comes in choosing between two actions the agent regards as equally good, or between two actions which he desires to do equally, or between one he desires to do more and on e he believes is better to do (Swinburne, 1998). God cannot give us the great good of the opening move of intentional, efficacious, free action involving a choice between good and evil without at the same time providing the natural probability of evil which he will not prevent so that the freedom he grants us may truly be efficacious freedom. Thus, the free will defense remains a central core theory of theodicy.In addition, a world where agents can only benefit but not harm each other is one wherein they have only a limited responsibility for each other, and in this sense God would not have given much because he would have then refused to share that responsibility with us. Even more so, it is a blessing for a person if his suffering makes possible the good for others of having the free choice of painfulness or harming him, and if the actual suffering would make possible the good for others of feeling compassion for him and choosing to show or not show sympathy, or through providin g fellowship for others, i.e. blessed is the man or woman whose life is of use (Swinburne, 1998).Various evils and the possibility of their existence, including both moral (the harm we do to each other or negligently allow to occur) and natural evils (animal and human suffering) are thus deemed logically necessary for the attainment of good states. In general, the claim is that we need a sympathetic amount of evil if we are to have the similar amount of good by way of satisfaction of desire, significant choice and serious beneficiary action. Furthermore, God does not inflict endless suffering for there is a limit in time and intensity to the suffering of any individual, i.e. the length of human life.From the locating of eternity, the evils of the world occur narrowly in terms of number and duration, and more importantly, God allows them to occur for the sake of the great goods they make possible (Swinburne, 1998). Getting the evils of this world into the right perspective involve s lengthy long-term and long-distance reflection things outside of life, e.g. cause and effects, makes a greater difference to the value of that life if one does not arbitrarily confine those things near to life in space and time.Given all these, is such a theodicy adequate to account for the existence of evil in this world? Swinburne (1978, 1987, 1991, and 1998) does raise some valid points and offer convincing arguments yet the researcher is of the opinion that in its entirety, traditional moral theory and this particular theodicy by their lonesome cannot stand alone and fully account for the problem of evil. Various objections could still be raised against this theodicy, such as questioning the intelligibility/empirical adequacy of the arguments underlying notions i.e. of free will.Others such as Tooley (1980) and Rowe (1996) propose that just as we have a duty to curtail anothers exercise of free will when one is aware of its use to inflict suffering on innocents, God as well has a duty of a similar nature. Furthermore, it provides brilliant insights but still an inadequate account for the existence of natural evil and its ensuing logical arguments and evidential problem, i.e. the problem of determining whether and (if so) to what fulfilment the existence of evil would constitute evidence against the existence of God.ReferencesChrzan, Keith. 1994. Necessary Gratuitous crime An Oxymoron Revisited, Faith and school of thought 11 134-37.Griffin, David Ray. 1991. Evil Revisited Responses and Reconsiderations. Albany, NY State University of New York Press.Hasker, William. 2004. Providence, Evil and the Openness of God. London Routledge.Hick, John. 1966. Evil and the God of Love, first edition. London Macmillan.Hick, John. 1981. An Irenaean Theodicy and Response to Critiques, in Stephen T. Davis (ed.), Encountering Evil Live Options in Theodicy, first edition. Edinburgh T & T Clark, pp.39-52, 63-68.Hick, John. 1990. Philosophy of Religion, fourth edition. Englewood Cliffs, NJ Prentice-Hall.McNaughton, David. 1994. The Problem of Evil A Deontological Perspective, in Alan G. Padgett (ed.), Reason and the Christian Religion Essays in Honour of Richard Swinburne. Oxford Clarendon Press, pp.329-51.Rowe, William L. 1996. The Evidential Argument from Evil A Second Look, in Daniel Howard-Snyder (ed.), The Evidential Argument from Evil, pp.262-85.Swinburne, Richard. 1977. The Coherence of Theism. Oxford Clarendon Press.Swinburne, Richard. 1978. Natural Evil, American Philosophical Quarterly 15 295-301.Swinburne, Richard. 1987. Knowledge from Experience, and the Problem of Evil, in William J. Abraham and Steven W. Holtzer (eds), The Rationality of apparitional Belief Essays in Honour of Basil Mitchell. Oxford Clarendon Press, pp.141-67.Swinburne, Richard. 1991. The Existence of God, revised edition. Oxford Clarendon Press.Swinburne, Richard. 1998. Providence and the Problem of Evil. Oxford Clarendon Press.Tooley, Michael. 1980. Alvin Planting a and the Argument from Evil, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 58 360-76.

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Film Comparison Reservoir Dogs and the Killing

Directed by Stanley Kubrick and released in 1956, The Killing has resonated through the years as an important and groundbreaking story of a botched bank robbery told through the eyes of each(prenominal) different characters point of view. The scenes are strategically organized reveal of order and lead the story through a maze of game advancements. Quentin Tarantinos Reservoir Dogs opened in October 1992 and draws many influences and themes from Kubricks film. The unorthodox exhibition of scenes accompanied by meticulously crafted development of character side stories bunghole be seen in both features.Furthermore, these films subject matter both have to do with a planned heist gone awry resulting in the deaths of all tho one character that is later appreh winduped by the authorities. The underlying themes in like manner mirror one another quite seamlessly oddly when it comes to faith and character conduct. severally film does a fine job at gripping the interview in suspense until the final cut scene. In both films, there is the initial robbery plan that is presented to a small group of most(prenominal)ly thugs who fagt ask too many questions and would probably turn on one another in the blink of an eye.It becomes apparent quite soon into the arising of each film that something has gone or will go wrong at some point at the hands of a mole at heart the operation. Accidents, such as Reservoir Dogs failed robbery attempt itself, happen within both plots to make the stories move forward at a jarring rate. Each of the films directors were able to take away any and all comprehension of time byside of the image experience and replace it with edge of your seat, non-linear plot installations. Above all, the distinct and groundbreaking writing from both films is what creates the sense of hyperrealism seen within both features.The language and direction used in Tarantinos movie pays court of law to early film noir classics as well as films such as Martin Scorseses Mean Streets and even The Killing itself. The themes found in The Killing can also be found quite easily within Reservoir Dogs as well. Stanley Kubricks film was released in the mid 1950s and has underlying tones that were most likely derived from the uneasiness of the nation at that time. Who to trust remains to be a big theme in the movie, especially after the group finds out that there is a snitch among the ranks.Reservoir Dogs plays off of this same notion and really makes an unapologetic example of how no one can be trusted, even when you rattling believe in them. The Killing goes as far as to imply that, in the case of the window teller and his greedy wife, men should not trust women, especially when it comes to the subject of potential money in the pocket. They send out the message that you can only trust one individual and one person only yourself. The eternal excuse that money cannot provide happiness becomes a recurring theme in both films.Another theme seen in each movie suggests the idea that violence creates nothing but negativity and eventual d deliverfall. Considering the fact that nearly every main character in both films perishes by the end, sightly goes to show the theme that tells us how violence met with more violence can only result in misery. There are many similarities between each of these films. Quentin Tarantino candidly speaks about how he wanted to create his own version of The Killing, and how he did exactly that with Reservoir Dogs.The pervasive amount of violence found in both films also becomes noteworthy when looking for parallels between the two. Reservoir Dogs is violent in many more scenes than The Killing and is also filled with much coarser language, but the sustained violence that occurs during the final 25 minutes of The Killing must certainly have been something seldom seen by the public in the time of its release, especially the graphic bullet wounds seen in the faces of several fallen characters.In both f ilms, violence is something that each character uses in order to get by, but by the end of each feature most of the characters have perished at the hands of someone else. This goes to show that even though the characters were intrinsically geared toward violence, they met their respective downfalls due to their own violent or dubious actions.

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Compare or Contrast Public and Private Companies

In todays highly commercial world, one of the key objectives of starting a ancestry is to make profit. While this might be true and important to every business, most people believe that a business should not focus whole on profitability, but on the quality of products and services it offers to its customers.This essay leave discuss the various perspectives on the topic and will to a large result agree with the view that businesses should not just focus on profit, by looking at customer desire for high quality product and their willingness to pay, and so highlighting how focus on quality can lead to lower cost of product and profitability as well as how quality bend brass instrument to be socially responsible, sustainable and profitable.First, a strong reason to concentrate on modify quality of product or services of an organisation is the fact that customers desires high quality good, and are willing to pay for value added. This was corroborated by (Nagar and Rajan 2001), who found out that poor product quality reduces customer saving grace and loyalty which in turn affects future revenues as dissatisfied customers take their business elsewhere or pay less for the stanchs product. such a product and the firm producing it acquire a bad reputation since poor product quality leaves a lasting impression on the consumer who perceives it as a low quality brand. In narrate for a product to be a perceived as a premium brand, a firm must continually improve on the quality of its products or services. A satisfied customer base lead to good brand perception and will open the door to numerous repeated purchases and referrals which will in turn help the firm to rebel its market share, become more than competitiveness and make up its profitability.Focusing on quality significantly lowers cost of production at long run. Operations Management (Russell and Taylor, 2000) explains that, manufacturing of products to a high quality standard through slaying of quality management system redeem a large impact on overall quality cost reduction, it also argues that it saves time and money by reducing the amount of defective products that could result in wastes, thereby lowering significantly the costs of production, as well as cost to re-work defective products.Without a quality management system, poor-quality and defective products may finds their way into the market, through to the customer leading to warranty claims, product returns and in extreme litigation from product obligation or injury to the customer. This may have a serious financial implication to the company as the costs associated with product recall and warranties would be grand and in extreme case the damages imposed due to litigation could make the company insolvent, leading to a total collapse.However, an opposing view on this is that profit maximization is should be the main focus of the business as long as it pays its taxes and operates within the ambit of the law (Friedman, 1 962). Certainly, this view may have worked for organisations in the 1800s it definitely does not apply in todays modern and globalised world. The perspective is not completely very narrow in view it also fails to take into consideration other stakeholders who are affected by its activities of, but can also affect its initiation.To these types of organisations, making respectable decisions is seen only from the viewpoint costly and profit. Organisations operating for profit alone are yet to appreciate the advantages of good corporate social responsibility and capitalize on it to grow their businesses in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. This drive for profit has led many to slash of employees benefits and salaries benefits pollute the environment and cause unchangeable damage to the ecosystem all in bid to improve their bottom-line and many have earned a very bad reputation, suffer product boycott and fleck their corporate image.In concluding this essay, as much as profit is very essential to the survival of a business, I want to agree that businesses should focus more on the improving quality of its products or services. This can be clearly seen to from the fact customer expects high quality at good value always, and because improving the quality will eventually bring down cost of production for a company. As well, quality focus drives a company to take ethical decisions and operate in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.It may be tempting for a business to sacrifice quality in order maximize its profit. However, it benefits will only be in the short term. A simple focus on profit maximization could destroy the continued existence of the business, not to mention the society in which it operates. A firm aiming extreme profit might purposefully cut corners during a project, knowing it gets the perks of a emend quarter for now knowing a future management team will have to deal with the damage of spill-induced lawsuit, fines, and a hau l-up to it at the Criminal Court.

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A Critique of Frye’s, Jordan’s, and Miller’s Feminist Theories Essay

Marilyn Fryes feminist opening is found on a mix of art and school of thought as well as a presentation of her own ideas in the context of the world. Fryes system stresses among other things, the fact that the power of feminism is embedded in the capability of making wo workforces lives and their experiences soundless by a vast majority of the masses (Frye, 1983). On the other hand, Jordans feminist theory lays emphasis on the womans ego with reference to her congenerical well-being (Jordan, 1991).Closely cerebrate to this, millers theory is based on the view that there is need to denotation womens experiences and make the world get a line them better. Thus, miller suggests that in order to sympathise women, there is need to understand their lives and values (Miller, 1987 Davis, 1999). This paper will examine and appraise the aforementioned theories and draw a conclusion based on the flaws or incongruence depicted by the theories, and will thus suggest whether the theor ies can be utilize together or as separate entities. Fryes Feminist TheoryFrye affirms that in order to understand women fully, that is in terms of their feelings, motivations, ambitions and how they argon likely to react to antithetical situations, there is need to understand their driving force forces, which are the determining factors in various responses (Frye, 1983). Fryes feminist theory thus presents an attempt to apologise the forces and how they apply to different women. While it may be true that there are deciding forces bottom every womans response to different situations, it is everywherely evident that the forces cannot be studied conclusively.This stand is instigated by the fact that women live in different conditions, and these conditions are likely to affect how they react to different circumstances. Thus, a generalization cannot be used to describe womens attitudes. In view of energizeual practice and sexuality, Frye notes that sex roles have inhibited men and women from being in charge of their choices since the activities involved in sex are already predetermined (Hoagland & Frye 2000). However, this supposition fails to address the sex drives involved among same-sex partners.Thus, even though Frye notes that women are sexually oppressed, it is difficult to concur with the argument since sexual freedom has increased tremendously in the world oer the past few years. Fryes likening of women to a birdcage in which if one observes one wire of the cage, she or he is likely not to see the other wires present in the cage (Davis, 1999) presents an interesting evince of discussion. This is true given that in there are instances when women are ignored, for example in restaurants when waiters expect men in company of women to pay the bills.This implies that much attention is paid to men, who are perceived to be a superior sex. Jordans Feminist Theory This theory emphasizes the connections among different aspects of womens lives, which are dev eloped by dint of relationships. It dwells on factors such as sexism and heterosexism, which separate women and alienate them from the rest of the society, thus subjecting them to a lot of ache (Jordan, 1991). In view of this, while it is true that women are more affected by issues that concern sex it is also imperative to note that such issues are not just limited to women.Concisely, men also suffer from issues related to sex. Jordans theory also dwells on the self-condition of women in relation to their relational wellbeing. Jordan emphasizes that approximately Western psychological theories tend to forefront too much on the womans self rather than her relations with others (Jordan, 1997). Along this line, Jordan asserts that men have subordinated women and view them as their subjects, thereby undermining womens relation capacity. This presumption has some substance with reference to how women were treated in the past.However, it may loose significance in the contemporary worl d where women have taken more leadership positions and have better control of their undertakings. Jordan addresses appetency by relating it to adolescent sexuality, noting that it arises from peoples integration with others and creation of relationships (Jordan, 1997). This is true in the context of what people commonly refer to as real love that develops amid men and women through their continued association. On the other hand, since relationships commonly break, there is an indication of a flaw in Jordans theory.Nevertheless, Jordans point of challenging the tendency by men to be dominant over women (Jordan, 1991) stresses the need for equality between men and women. Millers Feminist Theory Miller focuses on the concern of mens domination over women and their tendency to subordinate them (Miller, 1987). She asserts that the propensity by men to be dominant over women causes conflict between the two sexes because men fail to understand women. Miller also notes that in traffic w ith conflict, women, who are usually the subordinates revert to overt conflict, a phenomenon that is prevalent in the present day (Miller, 1987).Miller therefore questions why men should be dominant over women yet women have equal capabilities do what men can do. Millers feminist theory is important in addressing gender discrimination in the world. It also supports women in having voices to do what pleases them irrespective of what men think about them. However, its flaw lies in the fact that it fails to address why men have higher propensity to be dominant over women and why women usually revert to overt conflict when dealing with men. Conclusion The feminist theories by Frye, Jordan and Miller all address issues that though not congruent are closely related.Fryes theory is center on agreement women Jordans theory recognizes the womans self worth and the importance of womens participation in relations whereas Millers theory in centered on understanding women and why men should n ot treat them as subordinates. All these issues are closely related since they address the status of women and their role in the society, which is paramount in eliminating injustices against them. Hence the theories should treated together to achieve the objective. References Davis, F. (1999). woful the mountain The womens movement in America since 1960 Chicago University of Illinois Press Frye, M. (1983). Politics of reality Essays on feminist theory. cutting York Ten Speed Press Frye, M. (1992). Willful Virgin Essays in Feminism, 1976-1992. New York The convergence Press, Inc. Hoagland, S. L. & Frye M. (2000). Feminist interpretations of Mary Daly. Pennsylvania Penn State Press Jordan, J. (1991). Womens growth in connection New York Guilford Publications, Inc Jordan, J. (1997). Womens growth in diversity. New York Guilford Press Miller, J. (1987). Toward a new psychology of women. Boston, MA Beacon.

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Losing Your Identity Essay

People from around the world immigrate to the United States in hopes of fetching the Promised Land. some(prenominal) whitethorn define the promise basis, as a bring in of freedom, a land of abundance, a land of peace, or a land of education. Most define it as a land of opportunity for a better life. America is a land full of culture and diversity, although it is notoriously gruelling to characterize American culture. Is it possible to move to a land such as America, full of culture and diversity, and yet economize your own traditions and ethnic identity? Some believe this to be very toilsome to do, due to materialism, beliefs and verbiage barriers.The counter argument would be that Americans are open to new cultural experiences, are welcome to newcomers, and are willing to help give support. I believe that it would be difficult to move to America, try to find your place in materialistic culture while preserving your own culture and beliefs while learning a new language. The re is a culture in this country whether spoken or unspoken. It is clearly macroscopic in everything we say, do, or think. In the United States, we expect to compete in every aspect of our lives, a daily reminder of our status, the ladder of our success.Americans are materialistic. We want to own the newest iPhone, to wear the newest fashion, to drive the newest and most pricey cars, and to have a big house with a pool. We celebrate holi daylights and forget the true meaning of the day we are celebrating. Our traditions can easily include consuming goods that are un necessitateed or hitherto unwanted. A few years ago my friend fell into great debt during the Christmas season because she and her family made too some(prenominal) purchases that exceed their income, only if because they wanted to please others.I can see how this kind of behavior would be confusing or shocking to someone with traditions that have little to do with material items or status. In addition to many of our traditions world different, some of our religious beliefs may be confusing to a foreigner. They may want to hold on to their beliefs and find it difficult to do so, due to peer pressure. They may even find it hard to practice their beliefs because of racism. When my children were in grammar school, they were allowed to say the pledge of allegiance in their classroom.One of the students was competent to leave the classroom every time they did this because her beliefs were different. As a child, she found it difficult to understand, being the only one in the classroom with those beliefs. Some of the children were open to her leaving and others would make comments. She was move to a land where she was free to practice her religion, but at the same time shamed from her peers. As a result, she stayed at home on many of the school days that holidays were celebrated in the classroom.Besides adapting to the local weather, the food, reverse place and new technology, one must also learn a new language. If an immigrant has trouble speaking the language it could be difficult to communicate their wants and needs in life and on the job. If they order the unlawful meal it could be dangerous if they are allergic to certain foods. If they do not understand the word of honor or cannot read the newspaper, they may find it hard to seek out individuals who have the same beliefs or traditions. For example, this weekend in San Francisco, there is a grand parade for Chinese New Year.If an immigrant from China had moved to Modesto this weekend and could not speak or read English, they may not have know of this event or be able to find their way to the event. Learning a new language is difficult and can be overwhelming. It may take some time to learn the language before being able to communicate properly. In conclusion, many immigrants do succeed in America. Although, I think it is difficult to stay true to their traditions and beliefs while learning a new language and trying t o keep up with the high demands of a materialistic society.Children may feel the pressures of their peers to fit in and be more chief(prenominal) stream. Depending on their annual income, immigrants may find it hard to buy the things that they want or feel the need to buy, such as cars, houses, and clothing. It may also be difficult to find peers with similar beliefs and traditions if there is a language barrier. I am the sixth generation born and raised in California, so I find it hard to relate. But, I will remain to be an American who is open to new cultural experiences and will always welcome newcomers and offer support when I can.

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A Theory of Human Motivation

A scheme of Human Motivation There are five basic hierarchical needs that each somebody must satisfy in order to achieve self- conform toment. These needs begin with physiological, which entangles the automatic drive to fulfill wizs basic nourishment from food, water and air, as well as the choices in the woof of these needs. If these basic physiological needs are not met, all other needs will be ignored until these are satisfied. Second is the psyches need for safety, which yields to short term and immediate dangers forward considering other long term concerns to maintain safety in the future.The motivation to fulfill these needs include relieving physical discomforts such as pain or temperature extremes, avoiding hazardous risks that could potentially cause harm to integritys self, and also examineing surroundings that are familiar. Once the first two needs put up been met, a person will focus on finding acceptance with others, not only with sex, precisely as a sense of b elongingness with a person or groups that has a mutual concern for one another.Failure to satisfy the need for love often results in psychological maladjustments and disconnection in the future. The bordering is the esteem needs, which is the desire for prize from ones self as well as respect from others. The next need for self-actualization refers to a persons desire to become whatever they imagine themselves subject of. If all other needs are satisfied then that person will then seek to improve ones own self in a way that they feel themselves sufficient of, and that varies from person to person.While further needs are seldom pursued, the closing need is the desire to exist and to understand that which has been previously unanswered. This is a need to satisfy ones greatest curiosities in the final stage of self-fulfillment. Once a need is fulfilled and higher needs become satisfied, a person may shift their attention back to more basic needs that have since been depleted or l ost. These needs are only applicable in humans and the study of these needs on animals does not suggest anything about the higher needs of human motivation.

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Descriptive Speech Essay

Well i choose to save singleness of the most important things to me as a tattoo. As you may now i apply a huge passion for dancing and i love to have this passion in me forever. I have a tattoo of a music note that represents dancing because music is very essential to dance. I choose this topic because i bid to share with you my own method of remembering moments forever and because this tattoo is very unique.Body The tattoo i am talking about is my here and now tattoo, localized in my left foot very near to my ankle. It has the size of a quater, so it can be insure pocketable. The tattoo is the musical note sol and has two interlaces the superior one which is thinner than the second loop that is below. I choose the musical note sol because dance is the light that brightens my days just like the sun give us light everyday. Inside the lower loop, which is the thick one, it has a black sm each outlined heart.This heart has the size of a tictac and represents my love and passion to music and to dance. Below the second loop with the heart there is the continuation of the musical note which is a black small and roach curve that forms a filled black circle. Now i will show you a imagine of my actual tattoo. (Picture of the tattoo)Conclusion Well like i said, my tattoo is the musical note sol, that has two loops one thin and the other one thick. Also it has a heart inside the thick loop and is all black. I did this tattoo represents my love and passion to dance. I would like to finish reading you this great quotes.

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Indian Writing in English- Nissim Ezekiel Essay

Indian meter has flourished over the last 4000 years. Today, it is composed and written in more than twenty Indian languages, including inc origin. It has always echoed the voice of the times and revealed the pains and passions of the people. Its growth has as well up as reflected our rich cultural heritage. The history of Indian poetry makes us aw ar of its glorious past in contrast to its present state. Today, as the world is shrinking and the communication net die hard projecting man on the global scene some(prenominal) faster, the past values are getting missed in the difference man is involved with.Issues confronting man have multiplied and so have his efforts for survival. numbers today is confront the test of time. Poets need to be organized more vigorously than in the past to voice in effect their innermost musical themes and interact with from each one other more often. Giving away of awards to some of the few heroic ones is non enough. Poets in India need to b e encouraged in their creativity if we expect their contributions to transform our society. untested animation is to be given to old values which had stood us in good stead for so eagle-eyed. The poets should fuck off to the forefront to undertake this job.As such, organized efforts need to be do to promote the intersection and publication of good Indian poetry. verse written in different parts of India needs to be collected, interpreted and propagated. Indian English literature (IEL) refers to the body of work by writers in India who write in the English language and whose native or co-native language could be one of the numerous languages of India. It is also associated with the full treatment of members of the Indian diaspora, such as V. S. Naipaul, Kiran Desai, Jhumpa Lahiri and Salman Rushdie, who are of Indian descent.It is frequently referred to as Indo-Anglian literature. (Indo-Anglian is a specific bound in the sole context of written material that should not be confuse with the term Anglo-Indian). As a category, this production comes under the broader trustworthym of postcolonial literature- the production from precedently colonised countries such as India. A practically over-looked category of Indian writing in English is poetry. As stated above, Rabindranath Tagore wrote in Bengali and English and was responsible for the translations of his own work into English.Other early notable poets in English include Derozio, Michael Madhusudan Dutt, Toru Dutt, Romesh Chunder Dutt, Sri Aurobindo, Sarojini Naidu, and her brother Harindranath Chattopadhyay. A generation of exiles also sprang from the Indian diaspora. Among these are names like Agha Shahid Ali, Sujata Bhatt, Richard Crasta, Yuyutsu Sharma and Vikram Seth. In juvenile times, Indian poetry in English was typified by two very different poets. Dom Moraes, winner of the Hawthornden Prize at the age of 19 for his first book of poesys A Beginning went on to occupy a pre-eminent role a mong Indian poets writing in English.Nissim Ezekiel, who came from Indias tiny Bene Israel Jewish community, created a voice and place for Indian poets writing in English and championed their work. A significant and torch bearer poet is Nissim Ezekiel. Recent Indian English poetry adds to, what O. P. Bhatnagar terms as, a process of collective discovery, affirming its richness, sensitivity and cultural complexity. If we examine the potential of the poery-making judgment in English, we should now discover aspects of the essentially assimilative genius of the Indian people, snf a celebration of the grand chorus of voices that make Indian literature sing.These poets write with an awareness of their milieu and environment rather than British or American rhetoric or brainual attitudes like alienation or exile. They share the rudimentary core of contemporary realities of Indian life. The Indo Anglian poetry is said to be essentially Indian and everything else afterwards. It expresses the essence of Indian personality and is also very sensitive to the changes of its national climate and it voices the aspirations and the joys and sorrows of Indians. It has been opined, that the Indo Anglian poets are of two factions. The neo-modernists and the neo-symbolists.The outlook of the spring is coloured by forgivingism and irony and that of the latter is imbued with mysticism and sublimity, but a perfect conk is achieved by the two groups in the realms of viewer. A perfect example, of anlndo Anglian poet, who was able to arrive at a deductive reasoning between the two factions of poetry, is none other than Sarojini Naidu, for she took her stance in the neutral, middle ground, between the sacred and deject sphere of poetry she was at home in both the worlds and found them united in the realms of poetry. Nissim Ezekiel occupies an substantial place in post-Independence Indian English literature.He has wielded a great influence as a leading poet, editor and an occa sional playwright. Besides, he is a well-known critic. Sometimes he also emerges as a politician in the guise of a fighter for cultural freedom in India. Ezekiel held some(prenominal) important positions. He was for many years a Professor of English in Bombay University. He is a noted name in the field of journalism. In this capacity he was editor of many journals including rime India (1966-67), Quest (1955-57) and Imprint (1961-70), He was an Associate Editor to the Indian P. E. N. , Bombay.Considered to be the Father of post liberty Indian verse in English, Nissim Ezekiel was a prolific poet, playwright, critic, broadcaster and social commentator. He was born on December24, 1924 in a Jew family. His father was a professor of botany and amaze was principal of her own school. Ezekiel was habituated to the poets such as T. S. Eliot. Yeats, Ezra Pound in his school days. The influence of all these literary personalities was apparent in his early works. His formal use of the Engli sh language was linked to colonialism and resulted in controversy.His first collection of poetry Time To change over was published by Fortune Press (London) in 1952. His poetry has all the elements of love, loneliness, lust, and creativity. Nissim Ezekiel went on to join The Illustrated Weekly of India as an assistant editor in 1953. Sixty Poems was his next book followed by The Unfinished Man. Nissim Ezekiel started writing in formal English but with the passage of time his writing underwent a metamorphosis. As the time passed he acknowledged that the apart(p)ness has its own secrets which accrue does not know.His metrical composition The Night Of Scorpion is considered to be one of the best works in Indian English poetry and is used as a study material in India and British schools. Nissim Ezekiel worked as an advertising copywriter and general coach of a picture frame company . He was the art critic of The Times Of India (1964-66) and editor of The Poetry India(1966-67). He w as also the co-founder of the literary monthly Imprint. Ezekiel was awarded the Sahitya Akademi award in 1983. In 1988 he received other honor,Padma Shri, for his contribution to the Indian English writing.He passed away on January 9, 2004, in Mumbai after a lengthen illness.As a man of letters Nissim Ezekiel is a Protean figure. His achievements as a poet and playwright are considerable. K. Balachandran writes, The post-Independence Indian poetry saw its new poetry in the fifties. Among the new poets A. K. Ramanujan, R. Parthasarathy, Shiv K. Kumar, Kamala Das, Monica Verma, O. P. Bhatnagar, Gauri Deshpande, Adil Jussawalla, Ezekiel occupies a prominent place. His various(a) genius can be found in his poetry, plays, criticism, journalism and translation. Nissim Ezekiel has done a good work in Indian writing in English. He has written many volumes of poetrysA Time to Change (1952), Sixty Poems (1953), The Third (1959), The Unfinished Man (1960), The Exact Name (1965) and others. His plays Nalini, Marriage Poem, The Sleep-Walkers, Songs of Deprivation and Who Needs No Introduction are already staged and published. He has also edited books Indian Writers in company (1964), Writing in India (1965), An Emerson Reader (1965), A Martin Luther King Reader (1965) and Arthur Millers All My Sons (1972).His literary essays published in magazines and papers are innumerable. The notable among them are Ideas and Modern Poetry (1964), The Knowledge of exanimate Secrets (1965), Poetry as Knowledge (1972), Sri Aurobindo on Poetry (1972), Should Poetry be Read to Audience? (1972), K. N. Daruwalla (1972), Poetry and Philosophy, Hindu Society (1966). He has written essays on art criticism Modern Art in India (1970), How Good is Sabavala? (1973), and Paintings of the Year 1973 (1973).His e s s a y s o n social criticism Thoreau and Gandhi (1971), Censorship and the Writer (1963), How Normal is Normality (1972), Tradition and All That a causa Against the Hippies (1973), A Question of Sanity (1972) and Our Academic Community (1968) are varied and auto telic of his broad interest. Ezekiel is an editor of several journals encouraging writing poetry, plays and criticisrm He also asked many writers for translation, affecting the theory and rehearse of the young poets. The writers like Rilke and W. B. Yeats influenced Ezekiel.Like Yeats, he treated poetry as the record of the minds growth. His poetic bulk indicates his growth as a poet-critic and shows his personal importance. Chetan Karnani states, At the centre was that sincere apply mind that wanted to discover itself. In the process, he managed to forge a unique achievement of his own. The poet Ezekiel has already published several volumes of poems. For him poetry-writing was a lofty vocation, a way of life. He treated life as a journey where poetry would be the main source of discovering and organising ones own self.In a sense, poetry to Ezekiel became a way for self-realisation. He calls life a texture of poetry. He identifies himself with poetry. So all of his volumes of verse are well-knit and they are in the poets view, a continuation of each other. Ezekiels experiments in prose rhythms and his fine sense of structure and metrical ability. The verse rhythms of T. S. Eliot seem to haunt hi s mind. Ezekiels Si x t y Poems (1953), his second volume of poems was published in 1953. But these poems are loose in structure and they are less appealing.Night of the Scorpion, in which Ezekiel recalls the behaviour of the peasants, his father, his mother and a holy man when his mother was poisoned by a scorpions sting. Here the sustain is to find poetry in ordinary reality as observed, known, felt, experienced rather than as the intellect thinks it should be. While the peasants pray and speak of incarnations, his father, sceptic, rationalist, tries every curse and blessing, powder, mixture, herb and hybrid and a holy man performs a rite.After a day the poison is no longer felt a nd, in a final irony, his mother, in contrast to the previous feverish activity centred upon her, makes a typical maternal comment My mother only said Thank God the scorpion picked on me and spared my children. The Thank God is double ironic as it is a commonplace font of speech in contrast to all the previous religious and superstitious activity. Ezekiels purpose is not, however, an expression of scepticism but rather the exact short letter of what he saw as a child. The aim is not to explain but to make real by naming, by saying common things.The poem is a new direction, a visionof ordinary reality, in particular of Indian life, unmediated by cold intellect. The new purpose is seen in the poems style, unrhymed, with line lengths shaped by natural syntactical units and rhythm created by the cadences of the speaking voice into a long verse paragraph, rather than the stanzaic structure used in earlier poems. In his poetry there is the true statement of acknowledging what is felt and experienced in its complexity, contradictions, pleasures, fears and disillusionments without preconceived ideas of what poetry should say about the poet and life.Nissim Ezekiels Night of The Scorpion is much appreciated by the critics and it has found place in many anthologies for as excellence, Critics, commenting on its aesthetic beauty expressed different views. In their critical sweep, they brought everything from superstitious ritualism to modern rationalism. One can find that in the poem superstitious ritualism or sceptic rationalism or even the balance of the both with expression of Indian ethos by maternal love in the Indian way, is nothing but scratching the surface.The poem has something more gigantic than its face value, which as I find is the symbolic juxtaposition of the forces of darkness and crystalise that is intrinsically centripetal in the poem. It is Night of The Scorpion with the first word absorbing accent. It seems to have been implicitly slushy here th at Night should stand as a symbol of darkness with the Scorpion as the symbol of evil. such(prenominal) ingenuity in craftsmanship takes the poem to the higher level of understanding. Prof.Birje Patil is right in putting that in Night of The Scorpion, where evil is symbolized by the scorpion, The reader made to participate in the ritual as well as suffering through a vivid evocation of the poison moving in the mothers blood. And evil has always been associated with darkness, the seamy side of our life, in human psyche. It has always been the intrinsical part of theology, in whatever form it has manifested that suffering helps in removing that darker patch in human mind, he patch that has been a besetting sin of mans existence.May the sum of evil Balanced in this unreal world gainst the sum of good become diminished by your pain, they said These lines amply point that the poem aims at achieving something higher than its narrative simplicity. The choric refrain they said in the cha in of reactions made by the village peasants is undoubtedly ironic, but the poet hasnt as much to stress the concept of sin, redemption or rebirth ass he has to insinuate the indomitable force of darkness gripping the minds of the unenlightened. issue through the poem attentively more than once, it cant fail catching our notice that modern rationalism is also equally shallow and perverse.It is also a road leading to confusion where through emerges scepticism, the other darker patch on our modernized existence. The image of the father in this poem speaks volumes for this capsizing contemporaneousness which sandwiches in its arm- space the primitive and the perverted. The sceptic rationalist father trying powder, mixture, herb and hybrid bears upon human primitivism and when he experiments with a little paraffin upon a bitten toe and put a adjoin to it he becomes a symbol of perversion in the modern mans psyche. Christopher Wiseman puts it, fascinating emphasis between personal c risis and mocking social observation neither there is any personal crisis. On the other hand there is spiritual compassion and an intense urge for getting rid of this mental syndrome that the exclusively modern world ha s b e e n caught, the slow-moving poison of this syndromic scorpion into the very veins of creation, the image of the mother in agony nullifying the clear vision of human thought and enveloping the whole of humanity In the darker shades of confusion more chaolic, troubles the poet as much sharp as the sting of the poisonous worm.There is crisis, but it is the crisis of human existence thaat needs lo be overcome. The poet, though a distant observer, doesnt take a stance of detachment. On the exact opposite, he watches with speciality the flame feeding on my mother, but being uncertain whether the paraffin flame would mitigate her of the ugony of the absorbing poison, he loses himself in a thoughtful trance. The whole poem abounds with these two symbols of darknes s and light. In the very beginning the poet has ushered in this symbolic juxta position and then as the poem advanced, built upon it the whole structure of his fascinating architecture in the lines.Ten hours of steady rain had driven him to crawl under a sack of rice parting with his poison flash of diabolic tail in the dark room he risked the rain again. The incessant rain stands for the hope and regeneration where with is juxtaposed the destructive vault to fruitfy that hope. But the constructive, life giving rain continuoues and the evil, having fulfilled its parts, departs. Then afterwards other hurdels more preying than the first, come in. More candles, more lanterns, more neighbours more insects, and the endless rain My mother twisted through and through groaning on a mat.The symbols of light and darkness, candles lanterns, neighbours and insects and rain again are notworthy. But the force of light gains a width handover the evil force and life is restored once again in its joyous stride and this life long struggle between forces of darkness and light reaches a crescendo when after twenty hours It lost its sting. Here, In the above lines, lies the beuaty of the poem, when the ascending steps of darkness, being chased by the force of following light are ripped down when at last on the peak the chaser wins and the chased slips down.The man who has not understood what motherhood is. might be taken in by such expression of motherly love. But I convincingly feel that any woman would have exclaimed the same thing as the mother in this poem did. In my view, it would have been truly Indian had the mother in her tortures remembered her children and though helplessly, had she desired to protect them lest the scorpion might catch them unawres. Anyway, the beauty of the poem remains- unmarred by such revision. The poem is a thing of beauty par excellence.