Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Explain Why There Was a Rebellion by the Kronstadt Sailors in 1921 (8 Marks)

Explain why there was a rebellion by the Kronstadt sailors in 1921 (8 marks) By 1921, the Soviet economy was in ruins, the commove off system was on the point of collapse. Factories could non besot materials they indispensable and most industrial enterprises had ceased production. Urban workers were angry intimately: - fare shortages- peasants were rebelling against the Bolsheviks so food couldnt get across. militarise factories- workers could be imprisoned or shot if production targets were not reached. The way the assign had taken over unions: it seemed like unsloped just about other way keep the workers under control. Terror regime: Lenin utilize the Red sentry duty to obturate opposition and the secret guard the Cheka (Extraordinary Commission for the Suppression of the Counter-Revolution). The Cheka catch the factories, and rounded up enemies of the State. This caused tensions & fear. People didnt know who to trust. The sailors at the near Krons tadt naval base who were in close contact with the workers back up the strikers in Petrograd. In March 1921, they mutinied in the hope of beginning a rampage against the Bolsheviks. They demanded multiparty democracy and elegant rights.
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As the sailors were heroes of the 1917 renewal against the PG, their uprising came as a shock to the Bolsheviks, especially to Lenin. Nevertheless, Trotsky tell the Red Guard to put down the uprising and lay Tukhachevshy rounded up the sailors, who shot them without a trial. Lenin realised that the peasants and some measure of economic liberalisation were essential for the regime to survive. discontentment could no! yearner be suppressed. Lenin said that the Kronstadt revolt was the brasslike that lit up reality more than anything else. It was clear that the establishment could not bear upon the policy of struggle Communism. So the NEP was introduced to reestablish exhibition and addition prosperity after the chaos of revolution, civil war and War Communism.If you want to get a wide of the mark essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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