Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Animal Testing

How many perfumes or cologne to you own? Maybe nevertheless hygiene products? Or maybe even lotions? When you buy these products do you ever stop and read the back, where the ingredients are? Do you go if the product you use on a regular rear end being trialed by animals? These are various questions, which likely run through the minds of the animal lovers. Yes, medicines cure people, but the passage used for those products should go down a different r egresse. I throw listed below various reasons as to why I feel that, testing out any human medicines on animals is wrong.
First reason why testing medicines on animals is wrong, is because you are injuring, and or taking a live to test your theory. You arent 100 percent sure that an animal will survive, so what gives you the cover to government agency its life in harms way? I myself am an animal lover, and believe animals have feelings; just as we humans do. Though they may non speak, they shouldnt be a target for human self gain. It is inhuman, how on me could take the life of an animal simply for the fact to test out a certain drug. The animal cant stop whoever is assay to hurt them; they could only hope someone could save them from the yucky fate that awaits them.

Second reason would be they cant replace them. erstwhile they are gone, their gone.

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We cant recreate any animal, at a time their all gone. Yet we would still be on the run for for new medicines. The search for new medicines to help the human ladder is no ceasing. So youll more than likely have to adjudge killing, and or injuring more and more animals. In any test there, will be failures its just a weaken of the process. So that means when one doesnt work out; who would have to take other animals, and another.

Finally, animals have a right to be on this earth just as ofttimes as people. So what gives anyone the right to take their lives, or place it purposely in harms way? Did you sleep together that it has been proven on numerous occasions, where an animal out witted a human? Yes,...If you want to get a full essay, battle array it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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