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Blindness is the qualification of having a lack in optical lore the can either be due to physiologic reasoning that includes certain organisms, organ systems, organs, cells and bio-molecules that can carry start chemical or physical function that have reality in living systems. Or lacking visual perception also can be due from neurological factors, which is a profession in the medical field dealing with dis strays of the anxious system. (1)
How seeing transpires is with the landing together of your eyes and your brain liberal one the ability to see. The eye is made up of discordant different parts, including the retina, cornea, iris and the lens. These specific parts of the eye work together to focus on light and images. The eye then(prenominal) uses special nerves to send what it is that you see and signals it to your brain to mold what it is you are seeing.(9) This is an instant process for those whom are blessed with decriminalize eyes. To be more specific, in that respect are beams of light brisk off an object you are seeing into your eyes. Those light rays attain the eye through you cornea, which is a thick transparent antifertility layer of the rise up of your eye. That light ray passes through the schoolchild and into the lens.

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As the light rays pass through the muscle called iris, which is the non-white ring of your eye, makes the size of the pupil change depending on the tally of light that you are taking in. This is the reasoning behind the shrinkage of the pupil if there is to much light and the enlargement when there is very little amount of light. Directly behind the pupil is the lens and the lens is what focuses the image of what you are seeing through a jelly-like substance called the vitreous humor onto the back surface of the eyeball called the retina.(7)
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