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Originally, first called the Flavium Amphitheater, the Colosseum still stands as the largest concrete amphitheater in the world. This massive structure’s incredible beauty and ingenuity, is indeed, a true statement of Roman superiority. Considered the intimately powerful conglomerate in the world, the Romans ingenious originalities as well as the modern use of the arch, speaks volumes on the cultures settle in architecture; an influence that they still hold strongly.
During 68 A.D., the current Emperor, Nero, was declared opposition of the state; this lead to Nero’s demise and eventually his suicide. At this time, Rome was in dear need of a leader. everyday among the Romans, Vespasian became the new emperor and builds the Colosseum or Flavium Amphitheater. The first obstacle that Vespasian face was draining the Nero’s lake in order to the start structure Colosseum. Using a drench, The Romans drained the lake very efficiently (38gal/sec). unconnected many other amphitheaters set on the outskirts on the city, the Colosseum was constructed in the center of the city; symbolically and literally in the marrow squash of Rome. Yet, the undergoing of this project, as can only be imaged, was quite knockout and expensive to afford and thus the Romans had to seek funding for their Colosseum.
In 70 A.D.

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, the Romans attacked Jerusalem. In Jerusalem they found success. The Romans seized many treasures captured Judaic residents to be bought, sold, and used as slaves Theses newfound resources were enough for Vespasian to financially back his vision. The Colosseum was well on its way to become the most impressive architectural monuments achieved by the ancient Romans.
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