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Nh?ng note này ch? y?u là tóm t?t t? cu?n IELTS Speaking c?a endeavor Clark. Cu?n này ??c bi?t h?u ích cho vi?c luy?n IELTS speaking nh?ng mình ngh? nó c?ng có th? áp d?ng ???c cho Toefl Ibt trong nhi?u tr??ng h?p.

1. Liking question
I am fairly/pretty keen on
I am genuinely into
I am rather a big cull out of
I simply adore
I am quite vehement about
I generally prefer
I am pretty torrid about
I am quite fond of
I am quite partial to


a. In general I would say that/ Of course I have to say that am (keen/adore…) …, but in particular/Especially/specifically/To be more precise/specific/accurate/exact
b. And I guess this is belike because/this could be because/due to the fact that/the originator has something to do with the fact that…
c. In addition to this/ to add to this … oddly … and this is due to the fact that…

2. Disliking question
I am not so keen on
I am not overmuch a fan of
I am not unfeignedly that fond of
I totally detest
I am totally against
I absolutely loathe
I sincerely cant stand

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Types of question

Lead-in phrase then:
there is quite a wide/broad range of
in that respect is quite a mixed variety of
There is quite an extensive diversity of
There is quite a various mixture of
The thing/ rank with … is that… because…
The basis/explanation for this is that …
The point I want to add is that
The main reason for this is …
In fact /Actually
Besides/ As soundly as/ In addition to
Another form of… would be/ worthy mentioning could be
But I guess/suppose the most ….would probably be
Though I think the most … would potentially be
Yet I imagine the most…may well be
Still I suspect the most…could peradventure be
End line:
And of course, there are the usual things like
And patently you can also find things like
Likewise, as might be expected, there are things like
And naturally, there are things like…

run of adj:

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