Monday, November 12, 2012

Nurse Care for Patient

For example, in research conducted by Calvillo and Flaskerud (1993), the stick was tack to be moderately to highly decent in guiding cross- ethnic research and nursing care. In the nursing plan developed for the instance of Mai Lynn, I to a fault found the mildew to have strong cross-cultural comfort in that the components of Level II estimate allowed for the inclusion of her cultural values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors as part of determining her nursing care needs.

some other profitable feature of Roy's deterrent example is that it allows for an understanding of the contribution of components of patients' self-concept to their intimacy of illness and/or defect (Ryan, 1996). The model further postulates that in some patients, these components can substantially contribute to a non-adaptive repartee producing such negative outcomes as delayed treatment, over-reliance on post remedies, stress, and strain (Ryan, 1996). When this occurs, as it did in the case of Mai Lynn, a nurse's familiarity of this influence can be invaluable as it allows him/her to ask actions to decrease or eliminate this negative influence. This function of the model was very consumptionful in the design of interventions for Mai Lynn.

Another ingredient of Roy's model that has strong heuristic value is associated with its over-arching purpose, this being to settle down p

In other words, the model was useful in determining the functionality of Mai Lynn's reaction to her injury. Also, it should be mention here that the usefulness of the model is not restricted to its susceptibility to allow this writer to understand the response of Mail Lynn. query has shown that this particular function of the model has been confineed as useful in many instances of nursing care (Pollock, Frederickson, Carson, Massey & Roy, 1994).

Ryan, M.C. (1996). Loneliness, social support and depression as interactive variables with cognitive status: test Roy's model. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Nursing Science Quarterly, 9(3), 107-114.

4. The model allows for consideration of the patient's general item as it relates to the family system and the design of interventions that assist in helping the family to be supportive.

Another very useful feature of Roy's model is that it allows for consideration of family reaction and response to the patient's condition (Weiss, Hastings, Holly & Craig, 1994). In the case of Mai Lynn, a great deal of her general discomfort was found to be related to stress over her family. This model, by allowing for an assessment of this influence, helped to feed intervention aimed at remedying the situation, thereby assisting with the development of interventions to guide Mai Lynn toward an adaptive response to her injury.

atient's general response to illness/injury as adaptive or non-adaptive (Roy & Andrews, 1991). In the case of Mai Lynn, the use of Roy's model immediately revealed a non-adaptive response.

5. The model provides for a holistic assessment of the patient's situation.

6. The model provides for concrete ways to evaluate the effectivenes is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

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